Part 71
She sat there numb with his high shouting. Her sobs stuck in her throat as she look at her saheb widen her eyes in big fear.
Enough ..it’s. .Enough ..now.
He storm towards her in great fury leaving her bewildered. 
Do you get that..it’s enough now.he shouted yet again on her face pulling her harshly. 
His anger has reached to high now not able to see more of her tears or that fear. 
She gulp hard her all tears seeing so much  furious after long time.recently he was always soft towards her.
Maan glance at her scared hazels buy that nothing does to decrease his fury even a bit instead it got worsen seeing her state.
Dont ..just don’t show me your this face .do you get that geet.
His voice was still hard.his hold was going tight on her arms hurting her but she didn’t dare to wince a bit fearing from his anger that seems to be loosing all control going behind boundaries
Why can’t you understand the simple things geet..
It’s not going to help you anywhere Being this fearful..
His hot breaths fanning her face making her aware of his extreme fury.
Ahh …and she let out her hard sob finally not bearing anymore of his tortures.
This was not her saheb..no..he is not.
She started to wriggle in his hold furiously turning hyper.
It’s angered him more.
Geettt. .he clinch his teeth tight .holding her more tight in his arms if that was possible. 
Not liking her way of going away from him.why can’t she understand. 
he totally forgot in his anger that he is speaking in English with her that she can’t understand any of his words that is coming out with his venom.
Aahh. .chodiye. .Hume. .she sob hard still trying to came out of hurting hold.
He just let go her furiously that she almost stumble on backwards and landed on her bed.
Bas yahi aata hai tumhe. .
Yeh aasu bahana. .
(This only work you knows,of shedding tears) 
He spited furiously with his red angry eyes scaring the death out of her and leave from there furiously. 
Geet sat there shock on thinking of what happened here.it’s all so sweet and dreamy till now..but everything changed in just few minutes. Her dreams crashed down which she had share with him, there moments..his softness ..but that was never ever her dreams or nothing happened like that.it’s seems to be her great illusion. 
About that study or his assurance.
That never happened. 
It’s all started from that..which was just her big illusion.she forget that it’s not in her cruel destiny to study and learn new things like other children.
She faLl back on the bed with extreme pain running her whole body with his harshness and her stopping her tears.
But she didn’t cried this time.no tear fall from her eyes.it’s blank , devoid of any emotions. 
She will not cry.Never .her saheb had just scold her about this.she will not made him upset more.
She will ..but before she think more her eyes got closed..
Where is Geet ? Dadima Asked Nakul who was in kitchen but geet was nowhere in sight. She wonder where is her child as she would be present here always at this time of night.
I don’t know dadima. But in evening she has gone with maan beta.after that I didn’t saw her.
Dadima just smile softly thinking of her Grandson and started to go towards his room while asking nakul to set the dinner. 
The sight left her horrified as she glance at her innocent child laying on the bed in darkness of room.
She had just came from checking in his room but he was not there nor she.so she came here in her room only to witness this.
Geet..she fasten her steps towards her bed in extreme fear for her child.
Geet bete.Geet ..she patted her cheeks few times to make her open her eyes but she was not opening laying her head on dadima’s lap.
Geet bete.please aankhe kholiye. Few tears rolled down on her wrinkle cheeks seeing her not responding. 
As her tears touch her cheeks she wriggle a bit making dadima alert.
She patted again and geet blink her eyes softly before opening them fully only to see worried dadima with tears in her old eyes.
Dadima. .she instantly sat up not linking her sad face.
Dadima. .aap ro kyon rahi hai.
(Why are you crying)
She ask innocently forgetting her own worries. 
Geet..she hugged her closed to her heart finding her all fine.
Aapne to Hume dara his diya tha geet , please aap Aise mat kijiye. .aapne Hume bulaya hota. .
She continued her chanting of her worries making geet squirm in great respect and love for this old lady…her Dadima. 
She just smile softly ..non emotions touch her eyes though they were still blank just the way he had left..
He furiously broke the ice cube follow by other one and another blasting his anger out in his gym away from her.
He had enough now..enough of her all tantrums and that damn tears..
Why can’t she just understand. .why..Dammit. .he punch hard on punching back holding that again tight.his eyes red spitting fire. 
As he remembered all the happenings in her room.
Her fear..her scare face..and he closed his eyes tight in his fury that not reducing even bit today.
Again that fear..hell..
He pushed the punching bagain again kicking it furiously. 
It’s all over now with his softness side which he had shown her.he had to be tough with her only..that rude MSK that was before and even now with outer world or leaving his jaan beside.
But not now..she is not coming out of her that damn fear..
He broke another wood plank with his bare hands making them more injured but that pain was nothing infront his heart that always felt that pain seeing her scare face .
Maan kaha hai? Unhone aapse kuch kaha toh nahi.
(Where is he ?did he said something to you?) Asked dadima being worried for her child. 
Nahi dadima ..sahebne Hume kuchh nahi kahA .Unhone toh humari padhayi ka intzam kiya hai.she spoke blankly with ting of respect glistening in her eyes for her saheb.he dI’d thought about her ..
Kya.? Dadima gasp with big surprise as she never think on this line before but maan did.
She was proud of her Grandson unknown of the pain he had blisten on her .
Bete..aap khush to haina ab.
She hold her cheek with her hands seeing her blank eyes that was fearing her from inside but she nothing ask on that not wanted to broke this new found happiness of her lotus.
Ji..Dadima. .hum toh yahi chahte the.she was lost in her own pain hold her hand on her cheek.
Toh aap behosh kaise thi.Ask dadima again remembering that.
Ji..woh kuch nahi dadima ..woh Bas hum thak gaye the. 
(It’s nothing dadima. I was tired so .)
Dadima was not convinced but let it go for the time being..
Geet bitiya ,woh aapki teacher aayi hai outhouse main aapka wait kar rahe hai..
Nakul inform her and her hands became sweaty frighten to the core.
It’s not easy for her to face new people suddenly that too that tough and strict looking lady just like her mother.
It’s reminded her of all her tortures she had gone through.
Being inside an home apart from KM all the time just in work ..going through that tortures of her brother and mother..in that mental trauma..she was not prepared still. its all different and new things for her.
But he never understand  nor anyone..how could they when they didn’t face the hell which she had and still facing even in KM as well. 
Before her saheb  and still his sister along her badi malkin(sumitra)
She gulp her tears but never brought that in her eyes owning to her saheb. 
She takes slow steps towards outhouse scaring to step inside but she did.
And big relief ran through her whole body on finding her saheb there seating in his all glory.
She smile ..she did hiding from him.but that not stay for long as she heard his hard voice sending shivers in her spine.
Geet..Yeh aajse tumhe sikhayige. .
Tum tayyar ho..
(She is going to teach you from now onwards. Are  you ready. .)
He asked roughly not giving any hint of his emotions.
He is asking her now or ordering her to get ready for another hell which she has lived in her house.
Geet..he called her harshly again breaking her thoughts.
Ji..hum..ha..she jerk back to harsh reality where her saheb is going away from her pushing her in that darkness again from which he was pulling her outside. But..now. .
She just nodded silently with her head downwards. 
Thik hai. Toh aajse se hi shuru karo Mrs.Singh. he asked the teacher glancing her way.
Her eyes was blank devoid of any emotions. .Did he gone too much in his harshness yesterday. .but its needed for her.she was not ready to let go her tears ..
Tears..there was not one drop also in her eyes even they were blank.why..his heart pain with the thought but he made himself strong enough to not to turn his softness side towards her for her only.
It’s for her only..what he us doing..
She had do understand that..
But he forgot to understand her..her situation. .her pov..her pain and fears..
he didn’t..
Geet..hum aapse kuch push rahe hai..aapki parivar  (family )ke bare main bataiye .her hard voice Banff on her ears making her numb.
It’s her hard voice and second is her question.
What she would tell her..family that word never exist in her life though have place in her life too.
It’s like hokar bhI uska koi nahi hai.
That word brought all her bitter memories ..she shiver..stumble backwards falling on the chair behind her.
Geet.aap itne dar kuyn rahe hai..Yeh lijiye pani. .
She made her drank some water. 
It’s making her confuse to see her frighten this much on hearing her family. 
That did sooth her aching heart though on seeing her new teachers gesture. 
She smile softly toward her gulping her all pain inside with water.
Aap thik hai ab.she askedin humble way to which geet nodded silently. 
Part 72
He look at her she was looking so damn scared frightened with her new teacher as well. It’s not make any difference even though it’s female..
He sigh in big frustration  not knowing what have to do with her fears now.
He glance at the screen before him.it’s pain him to see her in that condition but one fact he got to know that she was controlling her tears..her eyes were blank devoid of any emotions. His heart felt it’s beats stop for few seconds to realized this things and he is just got swiftly from his sofa and rushed out towards outhouse. 
He knows she will be there only as it’s just few minutes from her classes or turion get over now. Mrs.Singh maybe on her way back home.
He came almost with his long strodes towards outhouse and lights goes off making him more worried for her. 
Damn..he eventually ran towards her as knows of her phobia. 
Geet..Geet..he called her but there was no response .he lighted his torch on mobile and try to locate her anywhere and that’s when he heard soft muffles from one corner as he takes steps towards the sound his heart skip a beat seeing her condition. 
She was seating in corner curling in herself more and more trying to hide herself in the wall behind her and tears had made there way from blank eyes despite her efforts to stop them. She knows her saheb didn’t like it.so she was trying to control holding her mouth tight but he cries come out in the form of her muffles.
Geet..he gasp as rushed towards her and take her shivering form in his arms.
She clutch him tight holding his neck and let out her cries which she was holding from long time.
Hume..hum. .e. .yaha. ..yaha..se..le…jaiye. …hum..aur nahi Roenge…
Take me away from here..I will not cry)
she try to talk in between her hard sobs fearing from his anger that he would burst on her for crying again but she cant control herself when fear of darkness engulf her in itself. 
Shh ..geet .it’s OK jaan.lights will come soon.ok.don’t worry.he engulf her more hearing her pleading. 
He come to know now how his words had effected her deep inside leaving her blank for hours to control her tears for him.
His eyes turn moist at the rememberance of his harsh behaviour towards her.
His anger takes worsen out of him. 
He closed his eyes to control his emotions as he take her in his arms with slow steps he reached near 9n etc if sofa and sat there holding her on hiz lap and lights came lighting whole outhouse .
He look at her ,she was hiding inside his arms still her body was trembling with fear.
Geet.dekho lights aa gayi hai..
He pulled her face forcibly to see her tears striker face .
He wiped it softly with his hanky and look at her lovingly whereas she was still in the effect of his harshness yesterday that she looks timidly at his face expecting him to scold her for her crying. 
Geet .are you fine now.he asked her holding her cheeks. 
She was still daze just kept looking at his face.
He sigh seeing her lost.its all because of him .he needed to take it slow and in soft manner the she is so soft from inside and out.
He smile softly on his own thoughts and asked her about her first day .
He knows all what happened in her tution as he has cameras fix in outhouse and he can see in his room on screen in his room but he wanted her to speak out to him so that her fear can be out from her little bite little.
She shiver remembering all the events from yesterday that was not from her mind still.
But didn’t spoke a word still sat there daze staring at him.her eyes turning blank again giving him enormous pain and regret of his doing with his innocent jaan.
He sigh in pain looking her condition and take her towards mension.
She rushed towards kitchen still lost ,later he goes towards his  gym to let out his all frustration on himself for giving her pain again. 
Maan..Do you know what had happened to her.Dadima Asked out of blue. 
They were busy in there business conversation but suddenly dadima Asked him feeling clueless about her behaviour from 2 days.
Maan sigh in helplessness as he knows about what dadima asking. 
It’s been 2 days from there or his bashing to her and it’s been a day her tution had started but still she is not responding to anyone in house leaving nakul kaka and her new teacher..Mrs.Singh.it’s also when needed. Before this she was so talkative with her never going smile with dadima and servants but that didnt seen on her face now days..it’s all has changed and soul reason is he himself.
Pata nahi humari bachchi ko kya hua hai ..dadima’s worried voice broke his thoughts.
Maan I  am happy you decide to tutor her.
He just nodded silently. 
But she didn’t spoke any word related to that to me.leave about that but she never did talk to me from last 2 days..
His insides burn with guilt as he stare at her worried face.
They shared that special bond and she didn’t talk with her.it’s so amusing thing.
It turn into week and then month but nothing changed except that geet started to talk with dadima normally like she does with her teacher and nakul kaka..but still its remain only little bite.
She would do her work getting lost in that fully and remain aloof not even try to go near him.
It’s like she forget that what had happened in her life from the time he had step into it.
She would do his all works silently sometimes in his piercing gaze but that didn’t affect her now,it’s her emotions became blank like her eyes. 
It’s all going unbearable for maan.his male ego can’t take it but he never spoke any single word to her even.he would always burst his anger in his gym on himself reminding himself the reason behind her change or persona. But he never go near her as well in fear of would hurt her again.and beside he wanted to leave her for sometime to herself alone, she can get time here for herself in her tutions which she didn’t got till now in her work.
He would see her every day and night in his room on big screen. Her studies with Mrs.Singh.
He was glad the he got Mrs.Singh for her tutor. He had seen changing geet on everyday with her in her flings. 
Mrs.Singh was strict with her humble Ness towards her.
How couldn’t that be seeing her innocence. It has to be come out for her.
She had seen her innocence and her fear as well and had talk with MSK.
He didn’t spoke much just few words that bring her out of that fear till her basic education  all complete as well make her ready like other girls at her age..capable for her further education. 
Mrs.Singh on the other hand had knows him well had given her words to him to make her ready as he had advice .it’s her duty after all despite his orders she herself had to her work in proper way.she is that loyal and sufficient in her own work.
She had seen that innocent girl always quivering in fear and trying to hide her tears..that tried too much to come out but she didn’t drop them out of her but her hazels displayed her pain and hidden tears with her moisten eyes.
But..why…there is only this three words..answer she didn’t know till now .but only one thing she knows that the girl who is her student now is very much needed protection from every single thing in this world..she is feeble, meek,fragile to crush by anyone..even MSK. 
And she need to make her strong to present her to stand in this outer world in her own glory.


Geet turn restless on her bed not able to sleep without him.though never met or talk in last month but he was always near her in this mension. His presence was enough for her to feel secure here in khurana Mension.
Koi Aise Ruth ke jata hai kya..Babaji. .she pouted with wet eyes missing him so much.
Geet let’s go out in the garden.Mrs.Singh asked her as she had lost her gloomy face from yesterday. 
Geet looked confused at her mam..though she little understand now still its not clear.
Bahar bagiche main. .aaogi na..she asked her again pAolitely to which geet nodded silently and both started to walk in the garden that was blooming with different flowers along that her face started to Bloom seeing the beauty of it.
Mrs.Singh saw it and smile at her.she is trully innocent beauty. 
They take some classes in the garden itself refreshing there mind and geet got lost in her studies forgetting sometime other world. 
Annie saw the scene and her whole burn in jealousy. How does this mere maid is studying inside her property. 
Who allowed her, her fist tighten piercing her nails in her soft palms.
It’s not goes degestable for her to see her studying happily even getting all the facts in right way.
She will not let that happen..she have to do something..
Two more weeks pass,  she started to came out of her feeble shell and she started to get strong in whatever Mrs.Singh teach her. She could grasp it quickly learning new things it’s her dream and long lost desires so while doing that she used to gping lost in them catching them quickly .it’s became easy for Mrs.Singh to teach her while she was opening up to her leaving her family behind. 
It was 2 weeks from the time he goes for his business purpose abroad but there was no peace for him.
He would kept himself busy in his work and meetings that was lined up to complete but her thoughts never leave his mind.her behaviour, change of persona,there moments or his harshness towards her all coming before his eyes when he would closes his eyes to get some peace but that was not here but far away from his reach in India.
Dont know how she would be managing there with her new teacher and studies. Though dadima is there still the possessive lover inside him not ready to stay in peace without worrying of his love.
He sigh as finally he would be back towards her. His all work got completed here so he had asked adi to booked the tickets to go back as early as possible.
Geet stirr in her sleep feeling so restlessness. It’s breaking her sleep now and then.dont know it’s making her anxious as if something going to happen.her saheb. .when he will be back. Her thoughts broke along her sleep as she heard her softy making sounds in his sleep.
She instantly got down from the bed and goes near him in worry for that little puppy.
Shona. .kya hua aapko. .she asked out of worry in so sweet coated voice broking his sleep as he was licking his tounge in his sleep being child it’s his habit .
Oh..Shona. .kya humne aapki neend kharab ki..she looked at his sleepy face eyes red..she felt very bad for doing so.
I am so sorry..Shona. .kya kare Hume bhI neend nahi aa rahi. .pata nahi saheb kaise honge waha. .she talk to him in her lost state to which softy just shook his tail hearing her and goes to sleep in her hands again.
She looked at him lovingly remembering how she had got him today morning only..
***********Morning *************
Geet was lost in her surroundings looking after flowers in the garden which were blooming there.thats when she heard some sound and after following that she didn’t find anything, as she thought to go back inside but heard soft sound again .she try to look through small flower bushes there and gasp finding some small creature there, it’s small puppy as if of one months age maybe..
She quickly bring that out that was little bite injured due to bushes and little dirty but she get that inside her arms and looked at it curiosity as it’s first time she had saw some creature being all the time inside home.
She felt excited to saw him so near,looking at her with his round eyes.
She carrased his small head softly to which he snuggle more in her warmth tickling her.
He he. .shona..aap toh bahot his soft soft ho..she gigles playfully touching him.the puppy just make a sound and remain snuggling in her arms.
Geet was so excited to find this cute little creature that her all blankness goes making her live again with his touch. Her eyes brighten in excitement and happiness on finding something new live creature all for her..of hers..she excitedly ran towards dadima’s room to show her this little bundle of joy of hers.
As she near the main door but stop in midway seeing sumitra walking down. She hided that puppy instantly in her pallu and litterly ran towards dadima’s room.
In between sumitra did heard something weird (that was puppy’s voice) as she looked towards that direction only to see geet running towards upwards on stairs.
This girl ..she mutter being irritated on her.after her argument with her sasumom she is feeling anger inside her seeing her.and today also she look at which direction she is going ..it’s her sasumom’s room only.
Dadima was seating reading some business magazine that she saw her rushing inside straight towards her with her huffing breaths.its seems she had came running .
Dadima don’t know how to feel or what to to seeing her child back to normal jumping in joy as she saw her face blooming bright with big smile. It’s first time in last 2 months she had saw her this much happy that her smile reaching you her eyes brimming that little wet.
Dadima. .dadima. .dekhiye Hume kya mila hai..her excited voice broke dadima’s thoughts and she looked at her to see her taking out something from her saree and next moment she gasp seeing little creature in her hands.that was snuggling more Into her seeking her warmth. 

Geet..Yeh kya hai beta? Aapko kaha se mila? She asked bewildered as it’s so small on that little dirty. And if maan saw it or even her whole family leaving rajeev aside then it will be more worsed condition as anyone from family didn’t like it in fact hate it..leaving Rajeev and herself aside.
But to keep peace inside home they never brought any creature in home. They would surely burst in big volcano on finding any creature here.
Dadima Yeh toh Hume neeche garden main mila. She spoke out lovingly carrasing his head that was too soft she cant resist herself from doing that again and again.dekhiye ..Yeh kitna soft soft hai.saying so she take her hand in her hand kept that in softy’s (puppy ) head.
Ha hum iska naam softy his rather hai..hai na dadima. .she jump in excitement making dadima more worried as she she took her hand back finding him dirty.
Are Yeh toh dirty hai beta..dadima said making her sad.
Toh kya hua dadima Yeh bhI toh ek jaan hai..woh bhI nanhi si..
(So what happened dadima. .it’s also some life who is so little)
Kya aap humse bhi door bhagti hai jab hum kitchen main ya garden main kaam karke gande ho jate hai..
(Did you run away from me also finding me dirty on doing work in kitchen or garden)
Nahi na…phir is masoom ki kya galti hai.
She was really sad on this behaviour of dadima. She never knew dadima will do like this.
Nahi..bete Aise nahi hai..
Hum toh ise wash bhI kar salted hai na dadima. .geet broke through her..
Yes geet..you are right bete. .but maan ko Yeh sab pasand nahi hai. .nahi sumitra aur annie ko..woh bahot Gussa ho jaenge ise dekhke she added her worry seeing her taking all things in different directions.
Phir hum ise chupake rakhenge na dadima. .please..dadima. Yeh dekhiye kitna chota hai ..ise chot bhi lagi hai.she make her look at softy .
Geet came out of her thoughts hearing some sounds outside but nothing came in her vision.she was little fearfull on hearing the sound but she looked at her softy ignoring all and remember how she had monafy dadima for keeping it here only inside her room whereas dadima was instanting to her to keep it in outhouse only away from her Grandson’s eagle eyes.she and dadima washed him softly not to hurt him further and had done aiding to his injuries also.
Geet kept her softy inside his small basket and wrap her long duppatta on that hiding it from everyone.
He entered inside her room that was not lock. This girl. When she will look after herself and her safty. .he mutter under his breath stepping inside. He had already came after freshn up in his room wearing his tracks and vest.
He saw his angle sleeping soundly on her comfy bed taking his sleep away from his eyes.
Her saree was as always mess up falling falling her pallu down on the floor.her blanket was on her legs till stomach.
He groan on his innocent seductress. In sleeping also she didn’t leave any chance of seducing him.
As he sat beside her taking in her view.he missed her badly and terribly. .Did she..? But why she would as she was so blank and don’t knows is she still is angry on him.
He lay beside her taking her soft form in his arms crushes her inside his hard form.
Geet gasp looking at him.he came back..he came back to her..her happiness was knew no bounds as her tears rolled down from her eyes..finally she broke down in her furious crying breaking all her shell. .
Hugging him tightly she cry her heart out whereas he engulf her in his arms tightly getting solace from which he was longing from last 2 months.
I am sorry..i am so so..sorry..SAHEB..
he dumbfounded looked at her taking her face out from his chest he cupped it lovingly looking at her.
Said it again.he asked her mesmerised by her speaking..
I am. .sorry..humse galti ho gayi. .
She repeated again on hearing his question.
Jaan you learn it finally. .
Ji…she looked confused at his question though understanding it.
Tumne toh apni angrezi sikh li.
(You did learned your English )
He spoke out smirking where as she just hided her face in his chest blushing on his statement.



Part 74


Geet was lost in her saheb shedding her tears that’s when both of then heard some soft voice.it’s very meek but it did reach his sharp ears first..
Geet yeh kaisi aawaz aa rahi hai..
He stated turning her alert as she murmur softly..
What..what did you said ? He glance at her face to see that frighten little bite.
Oh..kuch nahi..hum toh Bas. ..
Aap yaha kya kar rahe hai ,aap apni room main jaiye, koi dekh lega.
She frighten at the thought of if he seen her softy then don’t know what he will do..or can throw him out also.
Maan turn amused at her behavior, sometime ago she is the one hugging him crying her eyes out but look at her now. .pushing him out of her room.it did not go well with his male ego,he at once turn angry caging her in between bed and himself  came on  top of her.

Saheb..she gasp at sudden turn of events.
Tum muze bahar bhez rahi..ho..
What’s your problem hmm.?.
He asked her glaring her furiously and got lost in her serene beauty once again.


she heard her shona’s voice again and turn restless pouting her face at her saheb, whereas he was lost in her trying to decrease the distance between there lips .it’s been whole 2 months they were away from each other.
it’s take out all his desires for her today as he place his rough lips on her to quench this long thirst but to his dismay geet pushed him suddenly standing from the bed. 
He turn more frustrated on her behavior he glared at her furiously .

What happened. He asked impatiently grasping her closed in his arms yet again.
Woh.kuch. .nahi..she shiver in his hold.
Geet..baat kya hai? He urged her again seeing her strange behavior today..first of all its after so long they are this closed to each other..he was away in abroad from her..she was angry not talking to him and now she is behaving weird to his irritation. 
Geet don’t know what to say her all attention was on her softy.

Let’s get back to sleep he pick her in his arms laying her on the bed he led on other side and soon drifted to sleep being hell tired of his journey. 
Geet look at his face making sure he was in deep sleep she slowly got down from her bed and goes close to his basket.
She open the duppatta and glance him sleeping peacefully but why he was doing sound ? She wonder.

Soft smile played on her lips seeing her shona looking cute while sleeping .she caressed his head softly and wrap him neatly in small blanket therefore securing him from cold.he is too small ,can feel cold immediately. 
She wrap the basket with duppatta again and came to bed where her saheb was sleeping peacefully looking so tired .
She made a worried face seeing him so tired and she too behaved rudely..she quickly get some warm oil and started to massage his feet.
He opened his eyes early in the morning feeling something on his foot and looked downwards to see her sleeping on the floor near his foot ,her head was on bed  holding his legs.
He jerk from the bed slowly and came to her , wondering what she is doing here.
Geet..Geet..he called her softly caressing her head.
She slowly opened her eyes to came face to face with his worried face. 
Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho.? He asked her making her to seat on the bed. 
Woh hum toh aapke pairo main malish kar rahe the..pata nahi kaise aankh lag gayi..
(I was massaging your feet but dint now when my eyes got closed in sleep)
She stated innocently making his heart warm with her care.

He looked at her lovingly falling more for his angle.
Jaan..why did you done that..it’s not necessary. .he asked her softly holding her face in his hands.
She blushed away with his intense gaze before answering him softly.
Aap toh bahot thake hue lag rahe the..toh ..humne socha ,aapko aaram milega.
(You were looking so tired. .so.. i thought its will get you some relief)
Its OK. .main ja raha hoo ab..you take rest ok..
He said smiling at her blushing face he peck on her forehead lovingly. 
She just nodded and he goes out of room quickly before anyone could see him.
She glance at his retreating figure.wondering how could she take rest now when it’s her working time. 
She rushed towards basket suddenly remembering her shona..
She was mesmerized with the scene as soon as she open the basket.
Softy has just woke up from his sweet sleep and yawning with his little mouth and his little tongue showing.


She giggle softly seeing his cuteness as she pick him up in her arms and let him stand on the floor and she started to go towards washroom but soon find him following behind her sticking to her foot.
She chuckle as looked behind her at him and saw him hiding himself in her saree feeling cold maybe.
She got that he wanted warmth because he is too small now seeking her warmth.
She pick him in her hands and looked at his innocent face ..
he was again yawning. .she giggle seeing him.

Shona. .aap humare piche kuyn aa rahe hai..hum toh bahot kaam hai aur hum aapko bahar nahi le ja sakte Abhi. .

she saw his small face feeling sad for him. 
You don’t worry shona..hum aapko bad main humara kam khatam kar ke le jaenge..ok…shona. .she peck his small forehead softly before keeping him on the carpet again so that he don’t have to be on cold floor when she was out of the room.
Geet goes downstairs and her steps became slow on seeing whole khurana family seating on dining table having breakfast.
Hey..babaji..hum toh late ho gaye.she murmur to herself seeing the angry glares annie memsab was giving her.
Toh ab time mila maharani ko.annie taunted to her as she take last step of stairs.
Why are you late today..sumitra fire her with sudden question .


Dadima looked at the scenario and don’t know how to stop this due who were ready to made her cry today seeing her pouting lips she get that geet was on the verge of crying now  but she have to find the right words to stop them .as can’t defend her now being her late today. She too was wondering but why did she became late today.
Woh hum..her voice quiver fearing from the due.

She was with me ..helping me.his loud thunder buzzed in the whole hall making all silent at once.
When did you came back ? Sumitra asked her son who descended the huge staircase passing by her who was standing with her down head.
He didn’t like the way they were bashing her.his fist was tighten to control his anger.he sat beside his dadima who smirk at him.
I came in the early morning .he answer curtly not in the mood of talking when she was upset.
He glance at her pouting face ready to shed her tears.
Damn..when she is going to stop them from shedding.but he can’t asked her anything ..if then so she will back to her shell again.

He saw her going into kitchen silently when felt dadima’s hands on his own trying to calm him down.
Dadima aapko kuch chahiye ? She asked softly keeping his black coffee along bread infront him.
Ji nahi bete..humara ho gaya. .she smile at her .
Maan you take leave for today ,you must be tired. .
Nope dadima. .I  fine..more alright today..he answer glancing at his lotus’s beautiful face remembering her massage she had done to his foot.he is really feeling good even better.his all tiredness was gone even his jet lag.
Dadima smirk inwardly getting the meaning though don’t know about which he was talking actually. 
Hey sleeping beauty. .will not you asked me..Rajeev flirt with her giving her charming smile.
She glance at him nervously at his fast talking though little bite understanding she smile softly.

Rajeev. .behave..sumitra caution her son. .flirting with maid before his whole family. She is already frustrated on her and sasumom that couldn’t digest his statement now.
Oh come on mom..it’s just..

Mom is right. .you better behave yourself..his angry voice came again making him silent..he was hell frustrated on his bro for calling her that..how dared he..she is his jaan.only his.
rajeev made a face looking him he just shut him before his sleeping beauty. It’s truly insult for him.
Annie sat fuming looking at the ongoing scene.
Geet was busy in her studies as always getting lost in it.Mrs.Singh couldn’t stop herself from staring her innocent face continuously .
She was looking like a child lost in her studies.
Why Not it maybe..she is studying first time only.
Humara ho gaya..kya ab hum ja sakte hai mam.? She asked excitedly waiting to go towards her softy.
Ok geet.you can go..but first translate it in English. .i mean about English main Hume bolke dikhaiye. She added seeing her confused face.

Hum..hum..geet suddenly turn nervous playing with her pallu. 
Ha geet I am waiting dear..speak up.then you can go..nahi toh hum izazat nahi de sakte. .
She turn little stern seeing her nervousness. 

What..? Geet asked out of her shock making Mrs.Singh smile at her but she hided it waiting for her to speak up.
Mam..she try again but don’t getting how to make it. 
She stared at her .her mam was busy in her some book not glancing her way. 
I have finished. .this…i…can I go…now..she completed finally fighting with herself.
Ok geet..you can..you spoke it..but next time I want it to be near and plain. .you understand she asked her making all sentence slow so that she can understand it.
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 8 - August 05_ 2015 - Full Episode ( 360 X (3)


Ji..hum..but she stopped seeing her glared.
She gulp hard before answering her..
Yes..I have understood it.
She smiled cheerfully glancing her approve smile on her face and ran out of the hall rushing to mansion.
Mrs.Singh smiled at her innocence. 
She is improving.. she utter loudly.
Yes she is..he repeated being satisfied seeing all from his lappy. 

He just came from one of the meeting to his cabin when he decide to check on her ..she must be in outhouse for her regular tutions. So he opened it and saw all ongoing support and soft smile appear on his lips to see her nervousness, excitement or her smiling away and running out of outhouse.
he sigh feeling peace inside his heart as he rest his head behind on the chair.his all tiredness goes flying away to see her happy and improving.
She came in the room hurriedly bringing milk from kitchen.as she open the room door the cute sight mesmerized her .
She hurriedly towards her softy who was trying to climb the basket of his but always failing in his task still was trying.




Aww. .shona..aapko apke basket main baithna hai..she pick the puppy in her hands making him to face her and puppy turn happy seeing her after long time that he started lick her face making her shock first with his act as she wasn’t aware of this but soon it’s started to tickle her ,his little tongue, she started to giggle uncontrollably. 

images (2)

Aww. .stop..shona.Hume gudgudi ho rahe hai, she try to take her face away from him but he was coming forward in her hands and was pushing his head on her face playing with her.
She was all awe with his all acts be caused it’s all new for her.
Koi hume bhi toh bulaya khelne ke liye.dadima said smiling softly entering inside her room .
Aap toh Hume bhool hi gayi geet ..aapke naya dost aane ke baad. 
GHSP 111 HD_8977



Dadima stated the true fact seating beside her on the bed whereas geet was on carpet with her shona.
Nahi..dadima Aise baat nahi hai..woh toh hum kaam main busy the..toh.
Rhne dijiye geet ..Hume pata hai aapka busy kaam..she stated teasing her but her innocent lotus didn’t catch it instead she looked confused.
Dadima sigh seeing her innocence. 
Hume apne naye dost se toh milaeye. She asked her picking that puppy in her hands to which puppy started to wriggle softly not wanting to be in her hands but dadima keep him firmly in her hands making geet restless to see the scene.


Dadima use dekhiye neeche aana hai.she stated restlessly.

Geet..ise meri aadat ho Jane dijiye ,yeh ruk jaega thodi der baad. .dadima said her seeing her restless face.
Geet nodded half heartily still looking at puppy.

Dadima just shook her head on her acts.it’s just have came yesterday and she was all glue to him.
After sometime they goes in garden to make puppy to play in there.
Geet had just finished her preparation for dinner saying nakul kaka to do all finished up.he wonder though who she us in so much hurry today.she herself made all the dinner everyday with little help of him.
Dadima left her and her shona in the garden and left for her room take some rest.it’s got her all energy to play with this due.

She chuckle seeing her giggling along her puppy who was playing with her.she was happy for her ,seeing her happy.

images (2)


It’s late evening almost turning dark when his car entered inside the khurana Mansion Gate.
Geet was busy in playing with puppy didn’t notice it and suddenly felt a pulled from behind landing herself in her saheb’s arms.

…Now..What..He is gonna see the puppy..her Shona..Her softy. .Is he.?





Part 75



As he step down the car his eyes landed on her,his lotus who was playing inside garden though he can’t able to see the puppy that was too small in between bushes.

He storm towards her and pulled her in his arms from behind .she landed straight on his hard Chest clutching his waist coat tightly. she looked upwards to see his face.it’s her Saheb. 


She turn happy on finding him forgetting about her shona she smile at him showing her dimple. 




He was mesmerized by her smile caressed her chubby cheeks sliding her curls behind her ears.
Softy who was waiting for her behind her started to nuzzle on her bare feet sniffing her.
And she started to giggle suddenly feeling ticklish. Maan was amused at her behavior. He didn’t do anything till now and she is giggling. 
What happened. ? Tum itni has kyun rahi ho ? 
(Why are you laughing this much )
Geet then realized about her shona being there as well as her saheb. 
Her eyes turn big in horror that she try to cover up nervously.
Woh..hum..yaha ghoom rahe the..Bas. .she said out whatever come in her mind.she in fear for her shona as she try to remember backwards so that her saree can hide her shona from her Sahib. 
Maan get suspicious at her behavior. He can clearly see her fearful eyes.but why and from him..? 



Maine tumse yeh nahi pucha geet.tumhari hasi ka karan pucha hai.(I didn’t asked you this ,i have asked you the reason behind your laughter)
Woh..hum..woh dekhiye..kitne ache phool khil rahe hai..hai na.she try to fake a smile gesturing him towards bunch of red roses. 



He looked at the direction and though he didn’t like this flowers and all but he do loved his jaan too much to dislike them.he goes towards it and try to plucked it out but before he touch it he heard her.
Rukiye. .Yeh aap kya kar rahe hai ? He looked at her confused to see her frowning face showing dislike to his act.
What ? He asked her clueless…didn’t she told him before sometime about fer liking about roses.
It’s not good .woh.yeh accha nahi hota ,Aise raat ko phool todna nahi chahiye.nahi unhe haath bhi lagana chahiye.
(It’s not right to plucked out the flowers in an night time nor it right to touch any plant in night.)
She clarify him making him wonder on her strange kind of knowledge. He sigh but he wanted it for his jaan. 



Let’s get inside. It’s turning too dark.he asked her coming beside her.
She stop ,didn’t moved making him frustrated on her behaviour now. 
Now what ? He asked controlling his anger.
Aap itna gussa kyon ho rahe ho ? She pouted scare of his red eyes.
He just closed his eyes to calm himself seeing her face .he never wanted to scared her and from himself, never ever.



Chale.he asked her softly to which she just said him to go and she will bring his coffee. He agree half heartily don’t want to drag this further. 
As he was out of her sight she turn at her back and saw downwards , her face became sad as she saw him sleeping on the grass maybe waiting for her he goes into sleep.



She softly pick him in her hands .he open his red eyes that was because of sleep and again closed it going to sleep in her warmth .
She hided him in her pallu and rushed to her room first. Making him sleep in his basket she rushed downstairs towards kitchen to make his black coffee. 
Come in .he has just came from shower and wiping his wet hairs wearing his tracks. 
Geet came inside bringing his coffee along with her and stop dead on her spot seeing his condition.it’s been forever it’s seems to see him like this that too in her initial days with him.
after gaping him sometime she turn hastily her back towards him.
Hey babaji…she closed her eyes tightly feeling so embarrass to see him like that.her heartbeat raised as she try to stop its erotic beatings keeping her palm on her chest.



Maan smirk on her innocence. He goes behind her keeping his towel on the bed .he caressed her hand till her palm that was holding the cup of coffee. He keep that softly on the side table and pick her instantly in his arms.
Saheb..she gasp loudly holding him from his neck she glued to him.
Yeh…aap kya kar rahe hai ? Her voice quiver in his proximity.



Romancing with my jaan.he answer her slowly looking deep inside her big hazels which was widen at his act.
Romancing..she looked quizzically at him as he sat on the bed taking her in his lap.
She didn’t know that word..what is that ? Her mind turned quizzy at new word.she never came face to face with it.and her innocence is that she didn’t get a clue with his acts.
Maan chuckle inwardly but kept his straight face to enjoyed the moment. 
She looked at him and seeing him silent she turn restless to know about this.
Hume bataiye na..iska matlab..


( please tell me the meaning of this ) her request left him surprised. Is that her innocent is that deep that she didn’t got the clue with his acts as well.
But she need to come out of her that innocent. It’s not safe for her own. he looked at her face.eyes still have that question ..turning restless to know from him.
Let me tell you. Saying so he jerk her closer in his arms and she willingly bind her hands on his neck getting excited to know new thing from her saheb.




He suddenly buried his face inside her crook of neck making her shock as she stop dead didn’t moving at all.strong sensation ran through her whole body making her go weak as he started to kissed her everywhere on her bare neck to her chin along his growing beard rubbing on her soft skin making her vulnerable. She jerk he face sideways giving him more access lost in the new sensation. 






Maan hold her from he nape and started to go upwards reaching till her lips he lock them in his rough own and started to kissed her hungrily to his heart content .it’s been almost 2 months he didn’t touch her.let that he didn’t even be there close to her.
Geet don’t know what’s happening with her.she was lost in him.totally.let him kissed her but she did nothing just lost in him.



Maan broke the kiss pulling her lips in his teeth whereas she gasp for air clutching him tightly from his broad shoulders.she kept her head on his chest trying to make her breaths normal.he hugged her softly to himself feeling bliss after long time.
When did her breaths got normal ,her senses got back and she turn shock after remembering there kiss.her dumb mind get that current of his doings.
Her face turn red at his doings and her dumbness that she didn’t get at the first place.
Her hugged turn tight on his bare torso can’t able to pulled her face out of shyness.
Geet..ab tumhe pata chala..what is romance..but before he complete she wine hiding herself more in his neck .


He chuckle pulling her forcefully he looked at her beautiful face ,her eyes was closed not daring to meet his own.
He peck her petals once again not resisting the urged.that she snap opened her eyes to saw his mischievous ones.
She try to stand from his lap but he didn’t let her making his hold tight. 



Geet.muze bataogi nahi tumhare tutions kaise chal rahe hai..aur tumhari nayi teacher kaisi hai ? He asked her softly trying to divert her from her shyness and that did work as she started her blabbering on everything whatever she studied and about Mrs.Singh.
He missed it..too much. He missed her everything.he missed her.his jaan. In this 2 months.
Maan got to know with her talking Mrs singh had don’t her job well till now at least. 
Thank you.geet suddenly said making him to come out of thoughts.
Why..he asked her looking at her glowing face because of happiness. 



Woh to aapke wajahse hi Hume sikhne ko mila na..? Her eyes turn moist while stating this.he was her angle who fulfilled her long lost desire but she turn upset on him at the starting but now she knows that all he did was for her only.for her betterment. 
Maan crushed her in his tight hug not wanting to see tears in her eyes.
No need to thank me geet.it’s your right.he stated slowly caressing her back. 
He looked at her face as she looked back him feeling overwhelm. 
He placed his lips again on her petals feeling thirsty to gave them and she willingly gave in in her happy moment. 




They kissed again or he kissed his jaan hungrily caressing her bare waist .she was moaning in his kissed feeling his hands roaming on her bare body.



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