The morning couldn’t be more pleasurable than this, thought Maan as soon as he woke up, in the arms of his darling beauty.

He kissed her jaw, trailing kisses down on her neck, he looked at mark there which turned bruise now. His blood boiled and he remembered something.

He tried to get up but she snuggle in his arms, it’s been ages she have this peaceful sleep in the arms of her beloved, now how could she let him go.

Geet..his velvety voice teased her senses, and she opened her eyes slowly, her hands cupped his face, as she came close to him, just narofying his gorgeous face for a while.

Maan looked amused, he kept mum enjoying her attention, as he felt her soft lips caressing his forehead,she left a feathery kiss there and dragged down to face him..kya yeh sapna hai, aap sach mein humare paas ho!?? She asked still in daze.

His smirk pulled her back to reality, she jerk back, realizing what she doing and what she did, she clutch her mouth,

Maan saw her change of behavior and pinned her down quickly, pulling off her palm from her mouth, he slam his mouth on her,shocking her.

He sucked her mouth hungrily, sticking his tongue inside her open mouth, giving her morning kiss, she moaned with his eagerness, and cupped his nape, her hands going down on his bare chest, trying to feel him.

Maan pulled back , both were breathing heavily,he held her hand which was on his chest, giving her naughty smirk, I very much loved to love you sweetheart, his husky words made her shivered, she blushed furiously looking away from him.

But I have some important business right now to look after first, he nuzzled his nose on her cheek, going down, he peck her bruise mark again making her hiss.

And he was determined again to finish this task now, he got up, laying her back comfortably, he cover her with duvet, take rest, don’t hurry to get up, I will ask Dadi as well.

But..she began, but his finger shut her which he put on her lips, shh , ek aur shabd nahi, you are going to obey my order, clear!?? His authoritative tone made her shook her head slowly,

He chuckled, Good!! He patted her cheek and rushed out of room with a hidden smile on his face,

Gosh, she is making me crazy!! He thought rushing for his morning excercise, how can someone be so innocent and sexy together.

He smirked but then his smirk turned into evil, eyes burning with fire, eager to burn that person who dare to hurt her.

He wiped his sweaty body and took his cell to make few calls , everything ready!??

Hearing other side, his smirk widen, hmm, keep everything ready, I am coming.

He shut the call with an evil smirk, thee was evil glint in his eyes, thinking about the punishment he was going to give to the culprit himself.


Geet took bath only thinking about him, she couldn’t stop blushing then walking out she realized, she don’t have any cloths to wear, her sadden gaze went on her torn suit, memories rushed to her mind, making her eyes teary.

Kitne pyar se Kunal ne hume diya tha, although she doesn’t liked the heavy designer material, she adore his feelings. She caressed the material in her hands, and felt anger surging through her reminding about Rajeev.

She clutched it tight in her fist, how she wish to punish him but she couldn’t and her helplessness only making her crazy.

She thump on the bed, and when her gaze went on the packet put beside her, she took that in her hands, and pulled of the chit stick to that, who’s it..

She read the small note,

I just remember darling, when I was changing my clothes..

This is for you!


She blushed , smiled, and then giggled to herself feeling his care, she opened the packet and her eyes shined seeing the soft color material, the color only pleased her eyes, she ran her hand on the dress.

It’s so soft…

Like you!!

She shivered feeling his breath fanning on her neck, as he nuzzled into her nape,

Maan…she moaned closing her eyes, but when she opened it, he wasn’t there.

dhatt…she hit her forehead , blushing furiously, then got up to get ready.


Maan looked at the person tied to the chair, his face became almost unrecognizable but he couldn’t care as he punched his face again making him Yelp in pain ..

I told you…MK.. I haven’t done anything to geet…God Promise..he spitted blood but Maan only smirked, don’t take God’s name from your filthy mouth, answer me, wasn’t you present at that party?? He asked again, pressing his cheek inside, giving him immense pain.

Leave me…ahhh… You…aren’t doing good….

Don’t tell me what I have to do , he jerked his head back furiously holding his hairs, just answer my question.

You won’t believe, still I am telling you, I didn’t do anything, yes I was invited but I left for other work, not that boring party..he was losing his conscious now.

Spit out, !! He pulled his hairs harshly but Rahul blank off leaving him to groan in anger.

Just then his one of guards walked in, Boss, he wasn’t there last night. The man you hired , he inform us, that guy was at xxx hotel enjoying with other girls.

Maans eyes burning red, then who’s that guy…


Geet beta, thoda sa kha lijiye, aise empty stomach nahi rahte, Dadi urged her again but Geet pouted couldn’t say her no nor yes, she was in a fix, first of all she was waiting for Kunal desperately, because the unpleasant look in Annie’s eyes , she was glaring her furiously ready to burn her in ashes, she couldn’t bear this unwanted guest in her house, specially she was taking attention of her little sis ( dog) Lisa. Who was just tailing behind her from the time she walked downstairs.

Dadima, if she don’t want to eat why forcing her so much, aapne kabhi muze bhi itne pyar se nahi Khilaya, annie complained.

Dadi and Rajveer rolled their eyes while Geet felt embarrassed and feared for her outburst now.

Dadima, you have your breakfast please, I am really fine, and Kunal must be coming anytime soon.

So let him also joined us beta, you can eat peacefully no need to seat ideal and wait for him.

Ma is saying right Geet, go and eat’s my order, he turned stern and Geet have to oblige silently, however she ate slow and only gulped few morsels, since Annie’s gaze was only on her and she couldn’t even eat properly.

Just when she finished her bf, her cell buzzed with his number, she excuse herself and attend her call, when are you coming to pick me,

Na hello..he chuckled, itni betaab ho muzse milne ke liye??

Geet realised he is taking wrong meaning of her words,

It’s not like that,

I know you wont accept.


You missed me..

Geet stopped suddenly realizing she didn’t really missed him, but was missing Maan , it’s only an hour, he wasn’t there, and she is missing him but not Kunal.


Leave it, I know you won’t confess..he was sad a bit but then recover immediately, I have to tell you very important thing.

First come here, we can talk on the way.

No Jaan, listen me carefully, and he told her about the important work come up for him, he have to leave out of country urgently.

Geet gasped, you telling me this now, she was so disappointed.

I am sorry,Jaan..really sorry, but I just got to know this now, I have to leave Jaan, it’s very important.

I understand Kunal, but you would have first drop me to home before leaving. I am here waiting for you so long.

He sighed, how to make her understand, you can’t go home now..stay there till I come back.

What!! What are you saying, I have to go back our home, I can’t stay here more Kunal.

Listen Jaan, please for few days, for me.. I am doing this for you only..for us..

His words sadden her heart, what do he mean, she is not completely dependent on him.. !?

She was really angry at him now but couldn’t spoke a single word, she gulped the knot that forming in her throat at the thought to face humiliation again.

She wasn’t comfortable to stay out at any place apart from her home , then how could he think like that, she thought he understood her really, he loved her, don’t he?? Or is it only his she had assumed.

Why can’t you stay here??

She jumped on her place, with sudden voice behind her, as she turned to back only to see him standing behind her with menacing look on his face.

Aap…?? She shuddered seeing his angry posture, then he was sweating badly.. garnering courage she slowly neared him, kya hua aapko..

Maan was just looking at her, making her lower her eyes in fear, his silence only made her scare.

Seeing him not making move at all, she looked up, again same look, she gulped hard, and took the corner of her dupatta in her hands, before wiping his face.

He sighed in pleasure, her fragrance soothed his senses, he forgot his anger, and enjoyed her soft touches of care.

She strolled down her hand from his jaw to neck, seeing his open shirt buttons, she wiped off his chest, then looked up to see him calm now.

Kya hua, aap itne pareshan kyon hai.?? She asked softly, and began pulling back but he grab her wrist, jerking her close.

Chodiye..she tried to wriggle out, her eyes moving around in fear, she looked around, no one was in view still someone can appear any moment, koi dekh lega..

You started it first, aur jab tum khud mere najdeek aati ho, tab tumhe dar nahi lagta.. ?? He mocked angrily, pulling her behind the pillar, hearing footsteps.

Geet gasped in fear, seeing it’s Annie, as she was finding her dear sis..

Lisa..Lisa .where are you.??

Both were completely hidden behind huge pillar, with long curtains surrounding them, flying sometimes in the soft breeze.

Maan put his palm on her mouth shutting her gasps even, it was the moment he actually notice her wearing that new dress gifted by him, she was definitely looking out of world , beautiful.. adorable…and what not..

Geet looked at him, to see him lost in her, seeing his admiring gaze it made her blushed, her cheeks began heating up under his palm, he felt the hotness and smirked removing his palm slowly, caressing her soft skin, he rubbed her lips with his thumb, pulling them down, she began breathing heavily.

He bend down near her face, kissing her cheeks one by one, breath darling..breath..

She clutched his collar, feeling tremendous pleasure, just with his soft kisses, as he rubbed his beard against her jaw deliberately making her insane, his lips burning her skin, she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel..

her core tickled with the need, he was about to kiss her but when his lips touched shivering here,

Romantic scene of Maan and Geet

she began giggling suddenly..and open her eyes.

Maan stopped pulling apart, he looked at her amused having small smile on his face seeing her smiling.

Geet… His words left in mouth when both simultaneously looked down at her feet, hearing small sound.

His smile turned into frown and anger ….

to be continued….

Precap :-

Romance in the air

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  1. Lovely update. Maan has caught Rahul assuming he is her molester.. but realized heโ€™s not. Geet Is showing less shyness in her passion for Maan. Loving their romance but also eager for it to move forward

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  2. How come Kunal is so irresponsible about her and claiming to be in love with geet and she is worried about his behavior meanwhile loving to be with maan and getting overwhelmed with his maan wants to find about the one who hurt geet…and Annie is quite possessive and jealous about geet gaining more attention…from her family and cute Lisa… waiting to read more โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  3. Superb excellent wonderful update. Maan is close to geet and kunal is out of country wow. Don’t bring that kunal from his business tour๐Ÿ˜œ Maan is going insane behind geet and thats the fun to see what he will do in his madness to get geet. Superb thanks dear

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    Kunal phir chala gya geet ko chod kr acha h wapis hi na aaye
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