{ I forgot to mention in last update.. after hospital scene.. leap of 9 months has been taken in the story }

Both walked down hand in hand, while Maan held angel in his arms, who was struggling in his arms to let her go as she saw her Dadi at downstairs.

Both smiled, and Maan let her down reaching at last step, baby, come here angel..dadi open her arms, gesturing the little baby to come up to her, angel cradled towards her but she stopped suddenly, her eyes on the door behind them.

All three followed her gaze, and gasped in surprise seeing the person standing there.

Da..Da…angel looked behind her at her father then again at the door, little baby was confused seeing her dad’s look alike before her eyes.

Guru…Geet whispered, and Maan looked at his wife to see her having tears of happiness in her eyes.his fist tightened , he couldn’t approved the scene, the person just took attention of his daughter and his wife immediately.

He stepped ahead to take his daughter, who was craddling up to reach guru now crossing Dadi as well.

Guru bend down to take her in his arms but before he even touch her Maan scoop her up.

Little baby make an o shape of mouth, making sounds, Da..da..she patted his cheek making him smile. called out , admiring the baby, when his eyes went up to geet, who was looking beautiful in red saree,

he couldn’t Stop admiring her.

How you come here?? Maan asked sternly.

Humne unhe bulaya , beta! He had done so much for us, I wanted to thank him personally.

dadi walked up .

I did nothing much Dadi, infact I am culprit.

Aisa nahi hai, Geet joined them., you have saved my baby, guru.

She is saying right, and you have suffered your desired punishment also, beta.

Maan turned back to walked inside, not liking the scene at all..

Maan rukiye..

Geet’s voice stop him, give angel here.

No..come his prompt he gave he furious glare for demanding something like that, in no way he is going to let outsider touch his daughter, already he was burning from inside seeing his gaze on his both Jaan. They are his possession, only his.

Maan, don’t behave like a kid, let him hold her once, afterall he is a savior of your child, don’t forget that.

I am not forgetting it, Maan spitted back, but you also don’t forget, he kidnapped my wife, it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t done that sin.

Maan, agar unhone nahi toh kisi aur ne yeh kaam kiya hota, why don’t you understand, if someone was in his place, he might have done the thing, even worse . Hum yeh bhi nahi pata sakte, ke hume humari bachchi sahi salamat mil bhi pati ya nahi… Dadi caressed Geet’s head, who was in tears now, thinking about the incident.

Nothing would have happened, he crushed his daughter in his arms, his eyelashes lower burning in guilt.

It’s okay, dadi.i should get going..just you called me, so I came I am leaving..he gave her last glance, and turned to go,

Ruko… His steps halted and all turned to look at Maan, who silently walked up to geet, handling her moment he rushed upstairs.

Geet don’t know what should she do, she kept looking at dadi then at her angel.

Dadi silently took her from Geet’s arms, and called Guru, he looked at the little angel being handed in his arms by dadi, he smiled, just admiring her, who felt the difference in touch, and started wriggling, before she start crying he handed her back to geet,

She is so beautiful just like you. He said softly making her smile, she blushed as dadi patted her head, I feared I might hurt her as well like you..

To this Geet looked up seeing his eyes filled up with pain, forgive me Geet again for what I did, in this year I have tried to change myself just because I might not again end up doing sin.

Humne aapko kab ka maaf kar diya hai, guru..aapne humari jaan bachahyi hai, aur humari nanhi si Jaan ki bhi.. you fulfilled your promise. She smiled in tears at the end making him smile as well.

After a while he went, and Geet looked up to see Maan standing in the corridor looking down at he in fury. Seeing her gaze, he rushed inside room angrily.

She sighed and turned to Dadi, Dadima hum abhi aate hai,

Jaldi aaiyega beta, guests will start coming, they would ask for you.

Ji Dadima, she assured her and rushed upstairs to manofy her possessive hubby.


She saw his standing in the balcony, furiously clutching the railing, she gulped hard before walking up to him, Maan..she called out softly putting her palm on his shoulder, he stiffen, his jaw tighten.

Pls shant ho jaiye, she rubbed his arm, but next moment he jerked her around in his arms, crushing her lips in his mouth, making her since as he gave her harsh bite brining out the blood.

He was kissing her crazily, almost making her chock on her breaths, she struggle to leave her and he left her at the end feeling wetness on his cheeks.

Geet was coughing badly, with tears strimming down on her cheeks, she gave him cute glare.

He breathed heavily trying to calm his rage, not knowing how to wiped off those images of his wife with that dplicate of his.

Bahot bure hai aap, she hit her fist on his chest, only to be clutched by his hands angrily,

Now I became bad, ha..?? And that guy became good for you..

Geet gasped loudly, trying contemplating his words, what are you saying??

You very well know Geet, what I am speaking about?? He gave her mean look, she frowned and jerked out of his arms, aap aisa soch bhi kaisa sakte hai..

Geet..Maan realized what he blurted in the flow of his anger, he saw her accusing eyes, before she turned around walking inside room,

Sweetheart, listen..he grab her wrist.

Chodiye Hume, Hume aapss koi baat nahi karni…

You know me, Geet, bahot pyar karta hu tumse.. I just got so possessive for you.

So possessive that you pointed on me, my love for you..

Geet, his voice was husky, deep in pain, she slowly turned around in his arms, cupping his cheek, hum samaz sakte Maan, how do you feel but sometimes we have to do some things against our wishes.

I don’t like to share what is mine, and you and angel are mine, he grasped her close, holding her hairs ,

I can’t share you with anyone, not at any cost, he licked her lips , soothing her cut mark, I am sorry for this, he sucked her lips making her blush and he deepened the kiss , his hands began to open her sari pleats, Maan, she tried to stop him but he threw down her pallu from her body, I want you now..

Geet pulled back, Dadima is waiting downstate,

I don’t know anything I just need to feel you now to make myself sure, you are only mine.

Geet shuddered with his possessiveness..

I am yours Maan, only your, she cupped his jaw while he lifted her in his arms carrying her towards the bed.


Geet stood before the huge cake waiting yet again for their special guest, kaha rah Gaye,

Relax Jaan, bas thodi der aur .Maan held her shoulder, himself getting impatient but he can’t show to her, to make her upset again on him.

Just then ,

Happy Birthday Rani!! His voice boomed in the hall as he walked inside with his royal attitude, followed by his Wife holding little baby girl in her arms.

Samrat, finally you here!! Geet beamed, and both walked upto the couple, he took Dadi blessings, and both men hugged each other.

After a while, Geet looked at Maan eyeing him to join her, he smiled and held her hand, while Geet took angel in her arms, holding her little hand, both cut the cake.

After the party, only family members were present, when Samrat got up, have to say something,

Everyone looked up at him, while both babies clapped in amusement, making everyone chuckle.

Maan, he turned towards him, while Maan looked at him awaiting for what he have to say,

You stolen away my wife, bhagage ke le aaye use..

Now the atmosphere turned serious, everyone thinking what the hell he is speaking,

Offcourse I am talking about my Queen, Geetanjali..he added.

Maan blood boiled, Geet held his hands, fearing for his outburst, she gave Samrat look.

What are speaking??

I am saying right Rani..

He steal away my wife, now ..he took angel in his arms, how about I took away his daughter.. and broke into loud laugh..

Everyone sat dumbstruck, it took time for them to realise he was actually joking, pulling his leg.

Look at his face, ..Samrat teased.

Geet giggled seeing him getting up to take his daughter from his arms.

If you can steal my daughter, Samrat, then let me remind you king, your daughter is here also.

Maan warned him making Samrat stopped in his place, Maan smirked devilishly, approaching him to take back his daughter.

While everyone broke into laughter,

Now that’s called tit for tat…

Hearing her dad’s words angel coo, clapping her hands, followed by samrats baby girl.

As the day passed, Geet couldn’t stop teasing him while he kept giving glares to Maan who only smirked on his victory.

And this ends here, thank you so much for the love you guys showered on this FF, I am gonna missed it, it’s my second long gone FF, and it’s been years I am updating this..😍


  1. Loved it…
    Happy to see samrat,their teasing and bromance is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜,missed their nok-jokes…this one is special…
    All the best for ur other works…

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  2. Awesome story ☺️ and lovely ❀️ epilogue. thank you β€οΈπŸ’• for give us lovely stories of maaneet.
    Always waiting for your stories and update. aap jase writer’s se aaj bhhi maaneet are with us.after Geet series ends we are sad but after reading maaneet FF, ss,os. We enjoyed it keep writing 😊❀️
    Sorry πŸ’“ for grammar mistakes 😸

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  3. So guru gave a cameo Today and loved maan’s possessive side…Samrat entry I loved it What a fabulous journey of mehbooba completely different story line and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it..and u always kept to our expectations in each update…will miss this beautiful story lots of love to you ❀️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice epilogue. Maan doesn’t like Guru coming to see his both jaan.He is so possessive. At last Samrat entry is nice.every one 8s happy and a happy ending.Hope to see you write more maaneet stories.

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