Congratulations, Mr.Khurana!! It’s baby girl…

Maans face light up with a smile hearing doctors words, but soon he recovered rushing to her, and how’s my wife.

Woh bilkul thik hai, just need to keep under observation for 24 hours.

Can I see her. Maan asked

Ji bilkul, but dhyan rakhiye ga, don’t disturb her, she have lots of blood loss, need to recover soon. Let her rest..

Maan nodded, with wet eyes and rushed inside to see her first even before he see his baby.

Nurse looked amused as she handed her the baby, dadi took the crying baby in her arms, adoring her. Bilkul humari Geet par gayi hai..

Nurse smiled seeing her excitement.


Jaan. I am sorry for being late, but I thank this almighty for making me reach at right moment, nahi toh pata nahi kya ho jata..he peck her palm softly, she was paled, lying lifeless on the bed.

I love you, jaldi se open your eyes, you have to meet your angel, I didn’t even see her, because how can I Jaan without you. Your right come first on her,

He was talking , when dadi walked inside with the baby in her arms, Maan smiled just adoring his baby from long as he vow to himself to take her in his arms with his jaan only. dadi respected his descion knowing how much geet means to him. 


Maan…Geet slowly opened her eyes murmuring his name,

Sweetheart, I am here beside you, he held her hand, assuring her of his presence,

Maan, she tried to get up, he held her, aaram se Jaan.. he helped her.

Next moment she hugged him, and began sobbing,

Shh..Geet, shant ho jao, don’t cry Jaan, it’s not good for you and then what will angel say ..

Angel..she pulled apart and patted her tummy, then looking down she gasped in realisation.

Don’t panic, come , i have to show something.. he smiled softly seeing her pouting face, worry written all over..

Maan slowly walked her beside the cradle, gesturing her to look inside.

Geet once look at him, knowing what’s coming next, she smiled in tears, he nodded and see Geet, she peek inside, her smile widen in happiness, she chuckled seeing their bundle of joy sleeping peacefully in the cradle.

Angel..she muttered,

He nodded in yes, yes Jaan .. our angel..your angel, he cupped her face, pecking her forehead..

She cried in happiness, he wiped her tears, gesturing her for no.

Geet slowly took the baby with shivering hands, as Maan helped her, and he held her in his arms, supporting her and holding the baby as well with one hand.

She is so cute, and beautiful!! Geet whispered, touching baby’s small cheek with finger.

Yes, just like my sweetheart!! He peck her cheek making her blush, she chuckled,

As Maan helped her in sitting on the bed again with baby in her arms when baby started wailing out,

Dadima walked in admiring the scene, following her Doctor walked inside with nurse accompanying her, how are you feeling now, mrs.khurana.

Good, doctor..

She checked her, and gave instructions to nurse to helped her in handling the baby.

I am her doctor, I will look after my wife and baby.maan said with a pride making her chuckle and admired him.

Dadi shook her head, giving geet look to which she blushed furiously.

Sure, mr.khurana, but nurse will guide her few things to help in manage the new born.

To which both nodded..

Aap thik toh hai na, beta, Dadi caressed her cheek, ji Dadima, she put her head on her shoulder, no one speak anything about the incident happened,


Few days passed, Geet was nicely taken care by Maan in the hospital, all the while he was beside her like shadow looking after her and baby’s every small needs .

Geet was blessed, happy, satisfied..but somewhere not feeling good, as the incident was still fresh in her mind, she was constantly reminded about guru, since he was look alike of Maan, his memories haunted her but with Maan’s presence and baby, she was trying to forget it, and surely she not wanted to see her family worry and sad for her.

That day, Abhijeet and team walked inside, getting time to see her.

How are you bhabhi ji..

Good, she muttered with a soft smile.

This is Inspector Abheejit, he introduced himself seeing her confused, aur yeh meri team..

Hi.. others gave her smile.

Maan smiled sitting beside her, he wrapped his arms around her,

Now see how he is smiling, they looked at his face, or else, he was so scared and tense for you..din raat aapko dhundta raha.. till he found you, couldn’t stay calm.

His words made Geet teary, while Maan glared him for making her remind about the incident.

Oh..sorry, bhabhi, my intention was not wrong..

It’s okay, she assured with a small smile.

Maan rubbed her arm kissing her forehead.

Can I asked you something..

Ji.. Abheejit looked confused

How is he?? Kaha rakha hai aapne use..??

He was silent, Maan looked at her then at him, realizing about whom she is asking.

He is being punished for his crime and he is at his right place, jaha use hona chahiye. In jail.

Geet was teary now, Maan was furious but he control his rage just for her, why she is asking about him, he looked at her.

Hume pata hai , unhone gunah kiya hai, but I like to say one thing, she cried and looked at Maan ,

agar hum aaj jinda hai aur sahi salamat aapke paas hai Maan, toh sirf unki Wajah se..

Maan hugged her close to his heart, aur angel, she looked up, he saved our angel Maan.

Phir bhi uske gunah Kam nahi hote bhabhi, daya spoke.

Par aap hi hume batayiye, ke gunah Jada bada hai ya phir, saving one’s life.

All deeped in thought for a while, silence spread across the room.

Offcourse it is important thing to saved one’s life.. dadi’s voice buzzed as she walked inside.

I agreed son, unhone gunha Kiya hai, but we need to punish the culprit for their deed but we can decrease his punishment, atleast to unburden his debts a little..can’t we??

Alright, Dadi ji.. we will think about this.

Maan looked at Geet then at his sleeping baby, his heart thudded badly with the unpleasant thoughts, somewhere her words were true, what if someone else was on his place, and something would have happened to his both Jaan.

No..he can’t even bear the thought.he was little late to reach her but till then Guru was the one who kept her safe,

No Abhijeet, his sudden voice make everyone jerk their head towards him.

Geet was so tense, she looked at him teary eyed

Don’t think but make sure, he wouldn’t be out of jail soon. If needed, I will look into the matter.

Hearing him dadi and Geet smiled wide, they can’t see anyone getting punish without his whole fault, on that he had saved her.

Thank you, Maan!! Geet smiled pecking his cheek.

Then blushed seeing everyone teasing gazes on her.she hide in his arms as he engulfed her closer to his chest.


AFTER 9 months

Geet sat at one side of the bed and just admired the father daughter duo,

Maan was getting angel ready and she was silently letting him do his work…just like her mamma.

So my little Geet is ready now for her mamma’s birthday party,he pulled her chubby cheeks, she pouted making him chuckle out.and next moment she held his ear, trying to pull it in her tiny hands.

Geet laughed out taking his attention, he gave her stern look, achcha, bahot hasi aa rahi hai!? He approached her slowly, she stopped laughing but smile seeing his face, as he grabbed her waist, pulling her in his arms, you were not helping me, and laughing here alone, ha??

What I do then, if you looking so cute , she pulled his cheeks,

Geet…he jerked off her hands, hearing her giggle.

Let me show you my cuteness then, Sweetheart! He slam his mouth on her lips, kissing her madly.

Geet gasped opening her mouth for him as he deepen the kiss, her cheeks redden hearing their little daughter’s claps,

Maan parted , as both inhaled deep breath, look angel also like that his dada kissed his mamma, kyon angel, he turned around to see their daughter laghuing now clapping loudly, showing her approval.

Maan, ..Geet whined and trying to go but he again jerked her in his arms, kissing her furiously, she tried to wriggle out but at the end gave into his demands.


Precap : Epilogue

I am so hurt with such a low amount of likes and comments on previous update.

I wasn’t well still then I updated such long one, and in return only waiting for your comments and likes, but got so less of them.

It’s so I am gonna locked this FF with PWD.

I updated on readers demand, even then you guys can’t give proper response.

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  2. Nice updates ya but of all this content I got very attached to this Guru guy and feeling really bad about his condition. I hope there’s a closure for Geet & Guru meeting once at the end and want to see Guru showing his affection for Geet one last time. Very nice and loved this ff soooo much from the beginning

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  3. This story is one of my favourites, thoroughly enjoyed this journey from the start to till,their journey is special,and how can someone not like his sweetheart geet,she is such a cutie and adorable one, Don’t know how will u going to end their story,but is there a chance to see samrat and all from there too,

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