Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 16

Geet was going crazy, searching manically for him, she got wet, walking inside the water aimlessly looking around calling for him.

Maan..she cried out, I am sorry..plz come back baby..

After a while she heard her name being called by him. She turned around, smile enlighten her face soon finding him there with that cute smile on his face, she walked out , crazy..stupid..I won’t leave you now, how much you make me scare, she shouted and ran to catch him.

But once she reach him, he stopped her showing his close fist,

he was excited to show her something,

Doll.. looked what I got…

Geet stopped and looked at him, having teary smile on her face, she was just looking at his happy face, next moment she saw him opening his close joined hands and small butterfly flied out of it making her gasp, as it touch her cheek Coloring her before flying away from there.

Image result for flying butterfly gif

She let out a small chuckle, while he having big smile on his face, I have something more for you, he added hoping to hear her yes,

Mere liye..!?? She was amazed, after her shouting and scolding , he was smiling and even brought something for her, he is a kid Geet, he forgot how cruelly you behave with him.

He nodded, then stuck his hand inside pocket, doll should close her eyes..he asked sweetly and she obediently obliged, she felt him pulling her hands, opening her palms, something soft touching them, while she smell some fragrance.

Open your eyes, he demanded and she obliged, her eyes widen in delight seeing jasmine flowers in her palm,

Image result for jasmine flower bunch

she smelled them and give him full dimple smile, it’s amazing Maan.

She looked up but found him no where, her heart skip a beat in fear, as she turned around only to see him walking back to her with his instrument in his hand.

Without a word he walked away from her, leaving her in surprise..

She ran behind him, Maan..honey..are you angry with your doll..

He just shook his head, looking her then down again.

Maan is tired, want to go home.

Yes baby, come.she held his wrist, and both rushed back to home.


Geet couldn’t rest in peace, she was restless, somewhere guilt still eating her from inside, she got up and walked out to go the temple.

As it was evening, people were walking in and out, praying to lord Shiva, she saw one young man climbing up the stairs on his knees with burning Camphor in his palms, she looked on amazed, and rushed to priest of temple.

How can he climb up on knees, pandit ji,

It’s called belief beta, our belief on ourselves and God can make you do anything.

Kya meri bhi murad puri hogi,

Kyon nahi beta, sache aur Pavitra man se kiye hui puja(prayers) hamesha safal Hoti hai.

Aur phir, ask anything from lord shiva, he won’t deny your true prayers, as he is innocent.

She smiled in happiness, her eyes glisten in delight, just reminding about Maan’s innocent face, she decided in her mind, and took camphor in her bare palms, the little boy ignite them on her palms, and without wasting a moment,she got on her knees trying to climb up the stairs,

It’s not easy, she almost going to fall but the small boy there held her shoulder, she smile in tears, reminding about Maan’s innocent face, and the way she scolded him, the guilt only gave her power to continue her task.

Chanting om namah shivaya, she was going up, trying to reach her god soon.

Tears welling down her wetting her cheeks, flowing out the pain she was feeling,

Plz lord Shiva, forgive me for my cruelty to him, and cure him soon. She prayed sincerely reaching upstairs, winning smile plastered on her face, as she heard the little boy saying,

Ab dekh lena didi, aapki har murad puri hogi.

She walked up to the priest, and took his blessings, who give her Rudraksh chain,

Image result for rudraksh

Take this and make him/ her wear it, for whom you have prayed.

She nodded and went away to go to him, with her bleeding knees and burn hands.


Geet beta, what happened to you!! Hearing dadi’s worried voice everyone rushed out to see her on the verge of fainting.

Annie worriedly rushed to her, Geet..she patted her cheek, Geet was feeling heavy a head, she was going to lose her conscious soon that Annie and others pushed her at the couch, and she blank out, making everyone scare.

Annie, took the Rudraksh from her hands, and handed it to Dadima.

Yeh toh Rudraksh hai, Bhagwan Shiv ke mandir mein, pandit ji…her words left in mid as she gasped in realisation,

She must have gone to temple for prayers, and she watched her bleeding knees, Annie call the doctor fast.

Ji Dadima…


Yeh Sab karne ki kya jarurat thi, beta..dadi patted her head sitting beside her,

Jarurat thi, Dadima. She got up restless to tell something, she looked up at Annie who understood what she wanted to say, she has been there all the while seeing her shouting on her bhai, she wanted to slap her tight for that but something stopped her.

Beta test back, no need to get up.dadi tried to push her down but Geet hold her hand which was on her shoulder.

Dadima, I wanted to say something, and she narrated all this to dadi, she couldn’t keep it to herself, it wasn’t in her nature.

Muze maaf kar dijiye, Dadima..

Bas itni si baat,..dadi chuckle taking her by surprise. You are being tense for this, kisi na kisi Ko toh unhe datna jaruri hai beta, and I know you are really working hard to bring him back to normal, Hume aapse koi gilah nahi hai beta,

Geet smiled, thank you Dadima, and again I am sorry, I shouldn’t have behave so rude with him.

It’s alright, dear. Take this ,she handed her Rudraksh, Geet smiled.

Tie this to his arm or make him wear in neck, you should do this, you pray for him, so you have to do this.

Geet nodded, and dadi left from there.

Annie, I am sorry..

You should be Geet, because no one speak like this to my bhai..and I mean no one..she pointed finger at her,

Won’t you forgive me!? She pouted looking at her teary eyed,

Tumhe lagta hai, main tumhe maaf nahi karungi, yeh sab karne ke baat.. she wacked her head, taking her in his arms, as Geet hugged her back,

I don’t know what happened to me,

You want to back out from this bet, you can..

Annie’s words left incomplete as geet spoke up determined, no.i won’t back out, it’s question of my prestige now, she spoke determined.

Annie, and friends just kept looking at her, knowing her, she wouldn’t back out whatever happens.


Geet slowly walked into his room, limping on her feet, aaj mere bina hi so gaya, she pouted and bend to his face, “how cute” my baby.. she chuckled eyeing his innocent baby face while he slept peacefully..

She took the Rudraksh and was thinking where to tie, and how.. she touched his hairs, And he jerk off her hand feeling irritated, she giggled and tickle his ear.

He pouted in sleep, and turned around, Geet thought for a while and went to her own room.

I shall keep distance and not made him habitual if me, nahi toh pata nahi kal kya hoga. the thought was painful,

She led down on the bed, and in few meetings she was taken into the lap of sleep, being extremely tired and injured..the medicines made her drowsy.

She was sleeping with her forearm rested on her close eyes, when suddenly she felt her gown loosening on her front, she felt some feather touching her.

She gasped, feeling ticklish, she opened her eyes slowly, to found him there, Maan..her breath increased, feeling him rolling down that peacock feather on her chest,then going down in her whole body, he went down on her legs, kissing her bandage feet.

Image result for peacock feather gif

What…are .you doing ..she stuttered,

Nothing Jaan, bas tumhara dard kam karne ki koshish kar raha hoon. he whispered sensuously, moving up to her thigh pushing up her gown, her breathing increased, feeling his mouth wandering on her knees, he peck her there, you didn’t have to do this Jaan..he caressed her face, laying beside her.

I did this for you, bas tum jaldi se thik ho Jaana, she cupped his face, Maan bend down and rubbed his lips to hers, you are so beautiful, and soft. I felt like eat you raw..he whispered , biting her lips.

She blushed furiously, as he began to kiss her while his hands wandering down on her bosom, he removed her gown, pushing that down from her chest, and cupped her delicious curves in his palm, massaging them harshly,

She moaned like crazy, loving his wild side, oh..Maan.. she jerked his hairs, making him groan in the kiss, and he gives her one more bite on her lips, deepening the kiss.

Doll is so sweet..

And Geet’s eyes pop out, he was normal sometime before, what happened to him, she looked drowsily at her side awakening from her sweet dream but the reality greeted her harshly, seeing Maan lying bearing her.

What the ..what are you doing here, on my bed?? She shouted, pushing him off as he was just kissing her crazily.

My god, my lips have swollen, she touched them, what would I answer everyone if anyone notice this.. she glared him furiously then dreading to look down, but when she did, her guess was true, she was bare, she quickly pulled up her nighty in place, and looked at his pouting baby face.

Not knowing what should she do of him..

Babaji, he is making me crazy..

What were you doing? She gritted her teeth.

He so innocently answer with a sweet smile plastered upon his face, tasting my doll..

Great…she was expecting that only, It’s  really great of you Maan. she taunted giving him force smile.

Sachi doll .his eyes big in happiness.

What sachchi.. first of all get off my bed..

Doll left Maan and sleep alone..he complained with pouting face.

Look Maan, you have your own I have my own..we should sleep differently.


Because you are man and I am woman.

What?? He was confused..scratch his head.

Ab ise kaise samzau..!??

to be continued…

Now how will geet make understand our baby Maan.


22 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 16

  1. Awesome update . Very emotional it was in the beginning… I think Geet has become his deewani somehow N not realized it, to goto such an extent to punish herself.
    My god wat is Maan doing to her in her sleep? And he called her Jaan, behaving normal
    😧😧 what just happened?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely thank God maan is safe and he totally forgot about geet’s scolding. .she was overwhelmed seeing him doing things for her…geet was guilty and offered prayer to lord Shiva she has to realize its more than betting and liking towards maan…I so loved her dream sequence maan was completely normal awww… waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice update
    Maan geet se naraj nhi tha wo to geet k liye gift lene gya gya tha
    Geet ne maan k liye prayer ki aur apne rude behaviour k liye god ko sry bhi bola
    Geet to dream bhi wild hi dekhti h 😜😜😜😜

    Kahin maan sach mai bhi to nhi bol rha tha jaan aur jaise hi geet ki neend khuli to phir doll doll kahne lga 😝😝😝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sweet wonderful update….. She is the same geet who bet on her principal now she is doing this type of prayer for maan 🤗… What she hear was her dream or reality maan is innocent or something else…. So many questions please tell your readers about maan’s real character 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you 🤗
        Yes, she saw that in dream, where he was normal and being concerned for her.
        It’s still time..😉


  4. Interesting it is..good going,omg he and his antics,she will soon turns crazy,how will she manage him,is that really a dream or not, looking forward to further…

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  5. Amazing update dear.
    Star was nice. She was feeling guilty. And she wanted to search him. She wanted to see his face.
    Finally she found him. He was not angry on her.
    He was behaving normally.
    But she was guilty somewhere.
    She prayed for maan and Whatever she did that was unbelievable.
    She loves him.
    When will she understand her own feelings?
    After that when she came back she told everything to dadi whatever happened there.
    Maan is innocent.
    Hiw will she tell him the difference of man nd woman?
    Update soon dear

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  6. Nice update. Story becoming interesting day by day. This Maan is behaving strange. She can’t dream every time. I think he is normal and behaving abnormal. Let’s see. Thanks for the update

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nice update n maan is safe n she is happy seeing him doing things for her n she feels guilty for scolding him n she offered prayer to lord Shiva so he can cure fast n sometimes I feel like maan is not mad n thnxx for pm me

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