Maan decided to took her to Khurana Mansion, since it wouldn’t be safe at her home alone, she must be facing emotional trauma.he thought watching her sitting beside him lost somewhere. As he drove to Km.

He held her cold hand, she was startled, “relax Geet” “main hoon.” He assured her pulling her closer, she rested her head on his shoulder, tears stinging to her eyes.

Koi aur hota toh samaz lete, but it’s my own brother. Unhone rishta na mana sahi, par humne toh unhe apna bhai maan Liya tha. She thought as she shivered thinking about what he tried to do today, even before.. she clutched her eyes tight, letting the tears to flow out of her close eyes.

Geet, bas karo cried enough, he looked at her worried.

She wiped her tears, thinking he’s saying right, it’s no use of crying now on things happened already.

She couldn’t thank Maan enough for being her savior yet again, she hugged him tight feeling safe just close to him.

Maan was taken a back with her gesture, non the less, he kissed her forehead showing his affection.

She smiled with close eyes, why do he show so much care, why do he saved her always from troubles, when it should be only Kunal,

At the other hand, she can’t tolerate him being Casanova, why would he go to other girls,

She can’t hate him neither love him, she can’t claim him, neither able to ignore him now.

Maan stopped the car at KM,as gatekeepers opened the huge gate, he raced his car inside.

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling still heavy, hum Yahaan..!??

He got down, locking his car, I thought it’s better for you to be here right now rather than stay alone back at your home, he explained to which she nodded silently accepting his decision.but then again stop, Kunal..!??

I will inform him.. he assured her before walked inside slowly, he softly put his hand around her, making her feel warmth and secured.

But both were startled soon seeing Dadima walking down the stairs, she was taken a back with the scene, it didn’t give good vibes to her.

Geet felt her eyes burning already, she felt ashamed to face Dadima right at the moment, with Maan holding her.

Feeling her silent awkwardness he remove his arm, facing Dadi, aap itne raat Gaye kyoun jag Rahi hai Dadima?

I was waiting for you son, leave it for now, say me what happened to Geet?? Aur yeh yaha is waqt aapke Sath?? She was surely unpleasant with the view.

Maan heard her muffled sob, and clench his fist tight, keeping his anger in control, Kunal has to leave for his urgent work suddenly, he looked at Geet,

You did good thing, son. Accha hua aap inhe yaha le aaye, it’s not safe for staying alone.

Hearing dadi’s warm words something broke inside her, tears well down on her cheek, maan closed his eyes not bearing her pain.

Geet..?? Maan, what happened to her, she turned to him.

Bete aap to kyon Rahi hai?? Dadi walked closer, and cupped her cheek,and Geet bust in tears hugging her,

Dadi was taken a back, she looked at him for answers, Dadima first take her upstairs to room, she nodded, and all three went upstairs.

Maan narrated her shortly, making her gasp, poor thing, have to faced so much, what’s it with Kunal, kya unke kaam jaada jaruri hai unke biwi se badhkar?? I will talk to him.

Maan held her hand, Dadi first of all don’t be so tense, now it had gone happening, she is safe here, don’t bring the topic before her..

Ha beta, I will take care about that.

Aap jaake aaram kijiye, main hoon yaha,

No beta, first let me check on her then I will go to my room.

Alright, he knew how stubborn she is,

Geet wasn’t in a condition to speak anything, she has led down, wearing his shirt, and that more comfortable than her previous suit, she snuggle herself fetching his warmth and trying to forget the happenings.

But is it so easy, with Rahul’s incident it took her two days, but she forgotten but today, it’s not any random stranger but her own brother.

She felt ashamed now to even call him her brother, she shouldn’t, or it will make her feel worse, he is just stranger to her, who loathed her like anything.

She don’t know, someone can hate you so much to this extent, just because they were living on their money, !?? She was so small years back to understand his ill intention bit as she grew up, she started to realized everything, even reason behind his hatred.

She sobbed silently feeling miserable for hidding everything to herself, no one to share her pain…

Geet, dadi very slowly held her shoulder, Geet still couldn’t turn back and face her, crying furiously now.

Dadi sat beside her, patting her head for a while, and she turned around in her womb, crying silently.

Ro lijiye beta, jee halka ho jayega,

Geet looked up to faced Dadis lovely face, with teary eyes, aap sach kah rahi hai, her voice became hoarse, kyon ki issse pahle, no one asked me this ..she pouted, as she remembers everyone scolding her for her crying, even Kunal and Maan, he hated tears.

Dadima chuckle, if everyone stopped you, they must be worried for you darling..

Geet smiled, hearing that endearment from her mouth same like maan called her, she blushed silently.

But sometimes letting out our pain through tears is very important to let down the burden, you will feel good. She caressed her hairs, Geet cried again,

Hum aapse yeh nahi puchenge ki kya hua tha, but I will suggest you to forget it, keep remembering it, it will only give you more pain.

You shouldn’t worsen your health for keeping thing of someone who doesn’t deserve a bit about it.

Yes, he doesn’t deserve Dadima, she spitted out.

Dadi looked at her, she wanted to asked her about the person as still they don’t have any clue but she pushed back the thought again.

Par ismein humari kya galati hai Dadima, sirf yeh humari khubsurati, just because I am beautiful everyone behind me, ( she reminded about Rahul and both men of her life)

She looked up at dadi with tears rolling down her cheeks, Dadi had no answer, for a while she kept looking at her, awaiting her outburst.

Yeh nahi samazti ki hum ek aurat hai, a human being having heart and soul. Yeh nahi samazte ke hume kitni chot pahochati hai, just with their one touch, here inside, she pointed at her heart, poking her chest,

I died thousand deaths just with their one assualt, koi nahi samzata Dadi, unhe has yeh samaz aata hai ke hum behad khubsurat hai..kisine humare andar jhankne ki koshish hi nahi ki.

She cried along with making dadi teary hearing her painful words.

Isliye Hume nafrat hai is khubsurati se, Hume nafrat hai Dadima, she suddenly became vigorous, as she got up with a startle, Hume nafrat hai khudse, she pointed to herself, Hume gheen aati hai apni aurat hone se. I can’t bear it dadi..

Geet..dadi got up facing her, she jerked her holding her shoulders, you can’t say like that, date you say it again, you know womanhood Gods blessing for every woman, every woman have to be proud of themselves for what they have been blessed from nature.

Geet was still crying looking down, she cupped her chin forcefully, look at me Geet, if anyone trying to molest you, if he is bad then it’s not mean whole world is like same, it’s not Jan either for you to gate yourself, you despite those persons who make you feel like that but don’t you dare to do it to yourself.

Aap samaz Rahi hai, hum kya Kah rahe hai?

Geet looked at her, realizing the depth of her words,

You can’t curse yourself, but fight for yourself, show them your power, next time if someone try to bad behave with you, you have to show them what power you own, woman don’t know themselves what power they possessed sometimes.

Geet was pleased hearing he encouraging words which reminded her about Maan, she went in her arms as dadi engulf her dearly when her eyes darted to the door where he was standing listening everything, their eyes lock for a while, she could see his red painful eyes, making her heart flip flops,

She couldn’t get the time to think further as he rushed back to his room.

I am sorry Dadima,

No need for that dear, it happens, I am glad you let out everything, now you will feel better.

Geet was ashamed of her outburst, but she couldn’t stop admiring the old woman, how can be someone so soft, tender and loving..even her mother lack this tendencies.

Dadima, can I say something..she was shy not meeting her gaze.

Offcourse darling , she cupped her cheek.

I love you, Dadima, she peck her cheek, hugging her tight.

Dadi chuckle, love you too beta, she patted her head, always remember my words, and you don’t have to worry about anything, till I am there for you.


Maan couldn’t rest in peace, he walked back and Forth in his room like a injured lion, her painful cries still ringing in his ears, Maine kabhi yeh nahi socha, how deeply my actions must be affecting her , she is so innocent, and her heart so pure..

What did I do..he comb back his hairs in frustration, wanted to rushed back to her room and crush her in his arms, asking sorry from her. But he had never done it before, not utter this words then how can now do that..??

Other thing which making him mad is that person, who tried to force her today, they can’t able to see him and Geet still didn’t talk about that. How he is going to find out about him…he was thinking deeply strongly wanted to punish the culprit , it was making furious, feeling helpless..

How dare he try to do something with her, he badly wanted to go back and punch his face, beat him black and blue till his death, wished he could have seen his face.

He was thinking something, when he suddenly stopped, there is one way..he called Sam & instantly got the list of guests of the party.

He stroll through the list and his eyes turned furious catching the person name in that, he gritted his teeth in anger, soon devilish smirk plastered upon his face thinking about the punishment he decided for him.


धीं त धीं धीं त धीं धीं त धीं ता ता त धीं

Love, love is all that I need ता ता त धीं

Love, love is all that I want ता ता त धीं

Life and the moment we share let’s groove (ता ता त धीं)

You you are all that I care ता ता त धीं

Geet tried to sleep but it was gone already,just thinking about him, she loved the thought he care for her , he feels her pain but then seeing him in pain because of her, that something she never desired.

Neend nahi aa Rahi..

She was startled hearing his voice, that got up instantly to see him sitting beside her on the bed like any dream.

Aap sach mein yaha ho..

He chuckled hearing her innocent question,

Offcourse Darling,he caressed her face, tucking her hairs behind her ear softly,admiring that small blush appear on her cheek.

How will you sleep ,

She looked onconfusd..

With this pain, he rubbed his fingers on bruise mark on her delicate neck, which had appeared because of the person’s brutal act.

She hissed in pain, looking at him painfully holding his hand, he pulled back his hand, his anger raising again as he jerked her closer, tell me the name of that person, ( he still want to confirm from her) I will punish him severely.

Her eyes widen in horror, no she didn’t care for the punishment he will be giving to Rajeev, she cared about the family, she scared about the consequences. Her uncles debts were uncountable on her,and her family she don’t want to put him through Shame letting him know about his own son and then break the family further.

And will he believe her if he told about his own friend’s name.

Geet?? Tell me Jaan..he shook her , his eyes turning furiously red.

She shivered, hum nahi jaante..

He confused looked at her,

It was so dark, I couldn’t see his face, she let out a painful sob for lying to him when he was so helpful, and caring to her always.

Alright, just stop crying..he whispered, getting up he come back with first aid kit, she looked on awe admiring him silently, somewhere loving his care.

He slowly put an ointment on her wounds, aur Kahi hai..

She was shy, blushing with his touches, and how to tell him.

He thought for a while seeing her blushing this much , he smiled softly opening her shirt buttons.

Yeh ap??

She stopped him startled with his act.

He instantly back out reminding about her outburst to dadi, what was I going to do again..he cursed himself.

Will you able to put medicine on your arms, he got up asking her directly.

She gasped in amazement, how did he know, she nodded silently when he turned his back giving her time. She struggle to open her shirt as wounds were little painful, her eyes stinging again but she stopped herself from crying reminding dadi’s words.

She put on medicine slowly but on her shoulder she couldn’t reach, hearing her struggling through her chiming of bangles he slowly turned around, can I help.. slowly offered.

She blushed and pulled on blanket at front, hiding from his eyes, then nodded softly.

to be continued….




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Dheere dheere sapno ki

suni suni duniya basa ja.🎶🎵

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