Hum Tumpe Marte Hai.. Chapter 15

Geet was really happy today, as she had seen changes in Maan, may be he would be alright soon..normal like others, she thought happily taking blessings from dadi, copying her steps Maan also bend to take her blessings.

I can’t stop thanking you, Geet. I am seeing huge changes in him..

Dadi patted her cheek blessing her yet again.

Today, I want to celebrate this day,.. rukiye hum Nakul Ko Kah kar kuch sweet banwate hai .

No.. Dadi, let me make it today, I will make sweet today for everyone. She jumped in happiness and rushed towards kitchen.

She was making sweet dish humming her own tune, when her friends rushed inside giggling, in a intention to tease her, Geet what magic you did?

Magic, there was no need to do any magic, without my magic it happen?? She spoke excitedly widening her eyes, referring to Maan’s condition.

Is it..Tasha teased her , while others hummed behind her,

But, Maan would give this much fast response, I have never thought on this, but my fate.. I am lucky,. ..she danced in joy,

While others inhaled the smell of sweet, it was delicious..

We want halwa ( sweet dish) ..we want halwa..they screamed in unison,

But Geet was having other plan, she decorated the dish with dry fruits, No..No..first offering is to Bhagwan Maan..she chuckled taking the dish in her hand, so excited to feed him first.

She securely made her way out through her circle of friends who were behind her like a bee.

They sighed making puppy faces and ran behind her to see what does Maan do now.they just waiting for a chance to pull her leg again.


Geet happily rushed up to his room in mansion.

Maan..look baby what I brought for you..

Halwa.. he shook his head excitedly, relishing the smell.he was about to have it but Geet stop him. have to wash your hands before you eat, I have taught you, hain na..??

She turned to watch her friends sneaking inside from the door,

She ignored them and turned to Maan, wash your hands Maan, go..

He got up confused then took glass of water put before him and next he washed his hands in the bowl of halwa.

Her smiled turned into frown, she was so shocked.

“Maan wash his hands,. Can I eat now…” he said cheekily unaware about the blunder he did.

Geet furiously got up, stupid wash your hands in that..she poited to the bowl angrily.

Maan was so scared, he back up, kitne aarmano se Maine banaya tha..just for you , she shouted, I even didn’t let my friends have a bite also..just to let you have first.

Maan was taken a back with her anger, he was just watching her blankly while she continues to let out her frustration on him,

Crazy, stupid, mental, you won’t change , will remain forever like this…crazy.

Looking at me now..she gritted her teeth in anger, her anger was only increasing seeing his blank face.

Get up, get up.. she pulled him up seeing him not moving , get up first, get out from here now..

Go.. she pushed him angrily, he stumbled looking at her angrily, hurt..with pouting face,

Get lost from here, I said leave. Seeing him still standing, she bust on him, throwing the bowl of halwa at his way, which landed in his feet, he stumbled back still not knowing what happened to her suddenly, and walk out.

She let out a frustrated cry only to hear her friends laughing out in her, they were enjoying the scene not acknowledging the pain she was going through.

She turned to give them teary glare and rushed out, running to her own room. She shut the door angrily, walking back and forth in her room angrily.

But her anger was not taking a name to calm down. She sat on sofa, crying out, pulling out her hairs but no use,

Thinking a lot, she got up furiously, no..I won’t stay here more, or else I will became mad like him. She pulled out her bag harshly from the cupboard , and began sticking her cloths inside angrily, wiping her eyes, pagal Kahi ka..

Pagal, kon pagal..??

She heard the voice and looked up to see her own reflection in the mirror.

You or he?? What right do you have to raise hand on him, her reflection was asking her angrily making her think for a while on her words.

He doesn’t understand but you? He hadn’t invited you to come here and cure him? Hadn’t you seen, how much he became upset, he was on the verge of crying even..just for one little thing, you scolded him.?? Her reflection was talking angrily to her putting some senses in her, while she looked listening to her,

Why?? Just because you taken a challenge..

Geet heard her, now started realizing her folly.

You will play game of this betting but he will end up losing his life.

What if he will do something bad to himself now??

Who will be responsible for that? You!! You will be.. she pointed finger on her.

Geet sat on the bed, sweating profusely now, as her words buzzed in her mind.she realized her folly and got up with a jerk wiping her eyes, she rushed out running to Maan’s room, opening the door, she gasped seeing it’s empty.

Without losing a moment, she rushed out of mansion, running straight to the temple to find him..hoping and praying to find him there.

She ran up the stairs of temple madly, searching inside everywhere, behind those pillars..where he had played hide seek with them, first time they had visited the temple.

She chuckled in between her tears and began her search again, she peek into the cave of lord Shiva but he was nowhere to be seen.

She walked out when her gaze went up to the river side, her eyes widen in terror as she run closer to see his violin lying on the edge of river.

She cried out now, her heart was burdening with immense pain and guilt , her eyes aching to get just one glimpse of his.

Maaann…she shouted walking into the river, she walked around till the water reach up her knees, madly calling out to him,

To be continued….

Will Geet be able to find him, or she lost him forever..???


21 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai.. Chapter 15

  1. Omg her friends always make geet go out of mind.. seriously she was excited to give him halwa poor maan don’t know what he did..he cannot see his geet bursting out him now… thankgod she realized her mistake…now maan is no where to be found…omg hope she saves him waiting to read more ❀️😘

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  2. thanks for the pm!

    Chapter 15

    splendid! greatly written

    dadi is happy some changes in Maan

    wow Geet wanted to make sweet dish

    Geet enthusiastically makes the dish

    of cos she wants Maan to have the halwa first

    oh no Maan washed his hands in the halwa

    Geet is furious

    hate that she shouted at Maan and tells him to leave

    she failed to realise that Maan is not normal

    her own reflection makes her see the light

    she has indeed taken a challenge

    she is there for her own purpose

    great she realised what she did

    at least she went to look for Maan

    she sees his violin near the river

    where is Maan?

    she is terrified

    hope he is fine!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohh poor Maan. Geet said so many things to Maan which he don’t deserve. Now realize it but its too late. Hope he don’t do anything bad in his sadness. Waiting for next

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  4. I kept refreshing, how did I miss this update 😳 wow wow superb update. This was sooo emotional 😭 he is like a baby and she lost her temper on him which is natural ..but later realized her mistake but it looke like she’s late. I’m waiting eager to see what happens further in the story. Waiting for the story to progress

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, me also got confused seeing post date as it’s after proposed day, but got replace before that .
      I don’t know what happens sometimes with WP..
      I have posted it currently only before MEHBOOBA.but date is showing of 7th..


  5. Omg
    Maan missing
    Will maaneet understand each other
    Or all will happen in the bet between Geet and Annie
    Also shocked with Geet realizing her folly
    Cont soon

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  6. Geet khush k kyunki usne maan mai kuch changes dekhe h
    Dadi is also very happy
    Ussi khushi mai geet made gazar ka halwa bt maan ne sab khrab kr diya
    Omg geet ka gussa 😯😯 kitna kuch sunaya geet ne maan ko
    poor maan khn chala gya ?
    Ab akal aayi geet ko ab dhoodo khn gya maan
    Waiting for nxt

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    1. Yes, she stated expecting more than could get from mental Maan..he isn’t normal yet..
      And from the beginning Geet was egoistic and full of attitude now it’s coming out again in the form of anger, she couldn’t see her attempts failing..

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  7. Nice update n geet made halwa for n he didn’t understand anything n geet scold him n she wants to leave from there but she understands her mistake n she thought to go to him but he is nowhere to found n thnxx for pm me

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