Saheb…Geet gasp with big realization as she take in her surroundings and her Sahib was standing staring at her with his arms cross on his chest.
Maan heard her gasp and knows now she is out of it to her normal state that was her shyness.he closed the shower and stand staring her waiting for her next move.
Geet stand there as if not daring to move even a bite hiding herself from her Sahib as she realized her half bare state.started to shiver .
He shook his head on her state and came closed to her as he take her shivering form in his arms.she glued to his wet form with her own wetness .
He made her seat on the bed and wiped her head first.
Sahib. ..hum. .Kar lenge. .
(I will do it) he heard her meek voice with he shivering hands thing to hold the towel from his hands.
He look at her with stern face of his. She is not in a condition and demanding it.he chuckle softly on her innocence. It’s only warm water then too she is shivering this much..he sigh 
Its fine..let me.. as he looked at her staring him confuse he corrected himself in her language. .
Jaan..main hoon na..muze Karne do.he said with finality and she sat there in her daze as thinking of what happened previously that she landed herself with her Sahib in that condition. .she was so confused soul seating there with her head shaking as he was rubbing it to dried her hairs.
Sahib. .hum..waha …hum…kaise..
She stammer trying to look at him with towel coming in the middle. 
He sigh as try to locate something for her to wear bit didn’t find suitable for her.
Geet sat there waiting for her answers but he was going frustrated now ..it’s seems standing there keeping his hand on his forehead. 
She stand with her wet cloths sticking to her body as take steps towards him slowly shivering still and he heard her sniffing. .
Aaachoo…she sneezed finally making him more angry.
Damn…he BANG the side table in anger making her jump on her place.
That was what making him tense and worried.she needed to come out of that dried cloths soon..if it’s not then it will turn worse. Already she was weak and fragile to catch that soon.
Her tears rolled down seeing his anger .already she was so confused and trying to find out what had happened here..
Maan turn suddenly hearing her muffling .
God..he combed his hairs in frustration before taking steps towards her and pull her in his arms patting her head.
Geet..calm down…he try to calm her somehow.she just nodded in his arms silently at whatever he is saying. wasn’t in a state to think anything more.it’s making her so dizzy .her head already feeling heavy..don’t know still why and what is she doing there in shower.
She still was unknown of the room she was in.
Geet tum yahi ruko. .main Abhi aata hoon. 
To which geet pull her face from his chest staring him..scare to be alone now..in this condition. 
Jaan. .it’s needed. .muze Yeh batao tumhare kapde kaha hai..i mean tumhari sarees. He asked softly cupping her face..
Ji…woh..Aachoo. .she sniff again.her nose turning red him more worried now.
Jaan..tell me fast. .he urged her.
He look at her small  zola(bag)containing just her three sarees in numbers and his heart twitch with the realization that he have his whole cupboard or even he  can get more but she has nothing..
It’s his love that with that this thoughts of his came across .wanted his love get all this things in this world ..
He rushed back to his room quickly.
She was alone there maybe scare.
Saheb. .geet rushed to him as soon as saw him there..she was hell scare here waiting for him desperately. 
He pulled from himself and saw her holding her head in hands.
Kya hua..he asked worried. 
Yeh humara sar thoda bhari lag raha hai..
(It’s my head feeling little heavy)
Aachoo. .she again sniff.
He give her her cloths and try to pushed her inside washroom when she protested. 
Saheb..Yeh to gile ho jayegi na. .humari saree. She look innocently at him stating her fact.
To hum yahi badal lete hai..aap please waha mood jaiye na..she added in her own innocent way making him dumbfounded. .
Geet..he gasp with his desires waking inside him as star her with open mouth.
Aachoo. .aah. .saheb. .she again urged him rubbing her nose.
He just did as she said not wanting to make her condition wors.
As she take out her skirt follow by her blouse he clinch his fist tight closing his eyes..his body started to turn stiff hearing her movements along her bangles sound.that was making him aware of her all movements. 
Geet was unaware of her effect on him busy in her own world.
He finally rushed towards balcony not able to control himself.don’t know what he will do with his burning desires..
He take in a cool air as much as possible. 
Here geet changed with difficulty as this sniffing started to turn worse. Her whole face had turn red in this cold which she is for sure had catch now.
As she turn towards back and fear engulf her on not finding him there.
Saheb..she called out loudly..and he rushed inside only to came face to face with his innocent angle looking all gorgeous in her saree with wet hairs flying on her waist.
Before move further she crushed herself in him clutching him tightly.
Maan engulf her tightly burying his face in her hairs.
Aachoo. .she sniff again making him come out of there hug.
Jaan..he pulled out her face and stared at her face turning worried to see her condition getting worse as per his assumptions. 
How did this all happened. .ask worried dadima seating beside sleeping geet.
And he narrated all cutting some of there private moments. 
Dr.gupta had just taken there leave after checking geet. she was as hell worried as them.
She had catch terrible cold with growing fever that was little down now but she had strictly order her to take bed rest seeing her condition. On that she was already weak with her previous medical conditions. So it’s her that condition made her to catch illness soon.
He was hell frustrated and worried for her .that all happened be caused of that bhang. .
Who the hell brought that bhang ,dadima. Or that idea even. .he bursted not able to control his frustration more. 
Maan..it’s natural and it’s the thing that came along every holi along that..son..we can’t blame anyone here..as well it’s custom ..
He just rushed out of there frustrated to see her like that as he remembered her all innocent stunts sometime before in his room..how she was being all free in his arms gigging and laughing and here she is sleeping being unwell.that is not so good ..not at all.he can’t see her like.he can’t. .
He bang his hands on his car bonnet letting his anger out.
Dadima caressed her forehead lovingly seeing his anger. 
He need to tame his this behavior. .here she is unwell and look at her grandson..
He had to accept as whatever come our way..not all things in our hand… 

He look at her glowing face that was brighten with big smile of hers.she was happy..too happy to said out one word even.words not come out of her mouth in her excitement. 
Geet look at her saheb with her hazel eyes streaming tears on her chubby cheeks.
Saheb..Yeh. .hum…she didn’t know what to said or how to.
Jaan..he wipe her cheeks but more come from her eyes making him worried. 
Geet..but before he spoke she just crushed herself in his protective arms breaking in her cries of pain.
Geet.kya hua (what Happened).
He turn frighten on seeing her condition. Did he said something wrong .
He patted her head sometime to let her calm down first then she herself will tell him.
He made her drank some water and keep her on his lap seating himself on sofa in her room.
Geet kept her head on his shoulders feeling so peace there in his arms as he embrace her petite form in his own.
Saheb. .hum bahot khush hai.she blurted out finally reliving him as well as making him amuse.then why did she cried.
He pulled her apart a little waiting for her further reply.
Hum..Padhna chahte hai aur bachpan se Padhna chahte the.saying so more tears rolled down on her chubby cheeks flowing her craving from it.
His heart twitched in great pain.it’s for his jaan as he wipe her face again with his hanky nodding her for no..no more tears.
Geet..his words again broken by her. 
Hume ..Padhna hai..Hume. .no more words came from her mouth as she hided herself in his neck feeling so vulnerable to think in getting some happiness which never happened before which today she got because of her saheb..through him..her long lost desires.
It’s him today came to her saying that some teacher is going to came for to teach her.
First she didn’t get but when she did, she didn’t know why and how did he managed to did that full fulling her long lost desire from childhood .
She just let out her all emotions and broke down in tears on finding her big happiness.which had brought by only him, her saheb.
It’s always him.
She knows in her sub- conscious state even that he was there beside her when she was ill.she still didn’t came to know that what happened to her that holi day and she had forgot that  long back.
Now when she is fit and fine her saheb had gave her good news of her big satisfaction. 
It’s not done by anyone before which he had done today and her respect for him had multiply even more if that could happen more..
Love..that never came a question. .it’s always there for her angle.yes he is and always was..her angle that always protected her in his arms today giving her big happiness. 
Geet…Geet..where is she.? He asked from rajeev who was passing by there to go out when he came back from his office early for his jaan.
Rajeev was amused on finding him in evening instead of night time but dare not to asked anything to his big bro.
He was more amused and some what not like that fact of him asking about his sleeping beauty.
However he just answer to him seeing his eyes getting red in anger for making him so much wait
She is in kitchen..maybe..but his words remain unheard as he saw him rushing towards kitchen and dragging her out.
His eyes widen in shock in seeing this ..he is dragging his sleeping beauty..how dare he..
Oh..his big brother can dare anything but he can’t stop him because he dont have that dare..
Rajeev make a crying face left from there in hast not wanting to see further.
He will get her soon..Yes. .he will.
Geet gasp with sudden pulled and look at him dumbfounded feeling conscious of her surrounding. It’s was only nakul kaka there in kitchen with her helping her and he just smile seeing his behavior that he was always uses of it.
But geet felt so much scare as thinking of anyone seeing them.
But he didn’t care just drag her inside his room and lock the door.
Geet.he called her ever lovingly that came from him natural and she brought that.
He smiled caressing her chubby cheeks. That he couldn’t resist more and leave a audible kiss on her chubby .
Geet gasp and snap open her eyes to see his mischievous one.
You are too chubby geet. he said with smiling away cupping her cheeks .
She turn confused as what he is saying..
Means…armmm…he didn’t get how  to translate that for his jaan.
U mm. Leave it geet..you will understand that soon.
I mean..chalo mere sath. Chalo
He grab her hand and open the door again coming inside her room.
Geet flinch a bit on finding some mid age lady in her room seating on chair there.
She was uncomfortable and conscious with new people around.
She clutched his biceps tightly in fear and try to hide behind him.
He look at her worried seeing her reaction but she has to get use of it.it’s for her good only.
Geet..Yeh tumhari teacher hai aajse. Woh tumhe sikhayige. Ok..
She look shock at him  first then towards her new teacher who seems to too tough and strict with her looks .
Hum..nahi..she nodded in no to him as sweats of fear appear on her forehead. 
Geet..he look at her once and then towards her new teacher who was going to teach her.
Mrs.Singh.you can came tomorrow @ 4 p.m.now leave.
He order her in his high and rough tone and the lady just rush from there agreeing to his words.
He look at her face that was so much frighten.
Jaan..look at me..he cupped her face in his hands .
She was hell scare and shivering literally on remembering what he said.
She had to be with that lady who was going to teach her.
Yes she wanted to study and learn many things but still not ready to do that on that line.once she thought her saheb will teach her but she was too frighten on seeing that tough unknown lady.it’s remind her of her mother who beat her always will she also going to do that with her.
She didn’t even send her money this month.on reminding all that it’s bring on fear inside her.
She clutch his callers tightly in fist  trying to told him but..she didn’t as if her voice lost in fear.
She just shook her head furiously asking him to not to do this .
Maan just turn more worried for her ,seeing her condition. Her lips trembling trying to form a word but no word came from her mouth.
Geet..shant ho jao.Jaan..
Woh..Hume. .nahi..she try only with this and he got her meaning.
He sigh in defeat and frustrated. 
Her fear was more powerful thanew anything reasoning her all miseries and torture she had gone through. 
He just leave her and turn to control his frustration on her so called family and himself off course for not being there for her in past.
He clutch his fist tight on hearing her hiccups. It’s enough..it’s going unbearable for him now.
Enough..he shouted  in big fury and turn furiously towards her.
Her hiccups stuck in her throat as she stood numb or statue on her place that couldn’t move even a bit fearing from her SAHEB.
To be continued…

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  1. Lovely so maan took care of geet and made sure she doesn’t catch cold and their passionate moments was nice…so maan is also to make geet learn English and arranged a teacher how sweet..but geet is feared of her home waiting to read more ❤️

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