Geet flushed badly hearing his remark, getting the hint of his words, she turned to walked away but he slam his hand harshly on the wall beside her head leaving her startled, she looked up to meet his passionate gaze.


He put his finger on her shivering lips, making them doodle more with his sensuous touch.

I don’t allow you to say anything, Geet! Just feel it, he cupped her jaw running his hand below on her neck, she was trembling badly attracting him more towards her, he smirked devilishly cupping her bosom suddenly, making her gasp, her eyes pop out ..

She wriggle to let go, but he jerked her closer, even air couldn’t passed between them, his lips pressed against hers, why do you pulling away yourself, infact I know you like it kisses, isn’t it geet!??

He asked huskily rubbing his lips on hers, she gasped breathing heavily, and he entered in her mouth kissing her carnally.

Geet was so ashamed herself hearing his open words, he was saying right but she couldn’t accept, not to him.. there by she pushed him apart harshly, he almost stumbled upon her glaring her down furiously.

She cringe back sticking to the wall behind seeing his angry glares, as he walked up to her rudely only to be halted on his place hearing the knock on the door before Rajveer Khurana walked in leaving both in great shock.

Maan..!?? His eyes darted towards Geet whom he saw quickly trying to manage herself, did he noticed her red eyes, she wiped her wet eyes. He frowned and looked at Maan, trying to understand what’s happening here before he walked out.

Dad, why this surprise visit, !?? Maan greet him giving him quick hug.

There is one imp. Meeting I need to attend if you forgot son!?? He was astonished, first time Maan forgot something related to the work.

And his suspicions got green signal, as soon as geet went out excusing herself, he turned his attention to his son, I am wondering how come my son today forgot about it.

It happens dad, no need to pull my leg for that!?? Maan irritated went to his table but his step stopped hearing his dad stern voice, did he guess, it’s anger.

“But I would like to warn you son, stay away from her, ” he did noticed that girls condition, and couldn’t tolerate the thing his son planning to play with the innocent.

Maan jerked his head to meet his dad’s angry eyes, you never say me anything before , specially regarding about my girls.

Keep her out of all this, she is not your type, nor she is single.. do you even know what you trying to do with her, you just scared her to death.

Maan was just looking at his father astonished, why so much sympathy for that woman, suddenly dad?

It’s not sympathy or you assume whatever you want.. but that’s Handas girl, niece of my friend, whom I had assured about her safety and welfare.

Maan became silent thinking on his words, he have nothing to say more nor wanted argue with his dad and let him discover hidden things.

Rajveer sighed assuming his son understood him, look son, she is innocent and married, don’t do something about which you will regret later.

Shall we move out for meeting, we getting late dad, Maan started walking out.

Rajveer sighed, knowing his egoistic son, he must have understood, he assumed and left a sigh of breath before nodding his head in approval, and both walked out for the meeting.


Geet looked at the closed blinds, and bust in tears, his words ringing in her mind, although it was true,she couldn’t accept, first of all she was bounded in a relation and she knew, he only listed her like his other flings, not more or less, the thought was so painful.

She wiped her cheeks hurriedly composing herself, still in a shock with sudden entry of RK, God knows what would have happened if he would have walked inside earlier, he would have caught them in that position..

her thoughts halted with the ring of phone, and she got up to joined the meeting, the father son duo was attending.


The meeting passed, and Rajveer went back to home, feeling relief about the fact, that his words affected his son and not once he had look at Geet, his whole concentration was only on the meeting.

Geet felt weird but somewhere relax with the fact that Maan didn’t once trouble her, nor grab her once the conference hall was empty.

She too walked out hurriedly giving him stealing glances, only to stumble upon her steps.

We must look ahead while walking not at back, !?? He taunted still not looking at her and she just ran out with her cheeks burning hearing his taunt.

Maan chuckled working on his laptop, he closed it after a while thinking on his dad words.

Sure she is innocent dad, but only for me, I want her only for me.. he thought to himself, unaware about the reason behind his sudden raising possessiveness for her, why this burning passion… He want to have her, and he one would stop him nor even she.

He smirked with the thought reminding about her response to his touches.


Next Day evening, there was one business party held in the Honor of Malhotra’s only daughter, Sameeksha, who was back after three years to her home..

Maan wasn’t interested nor Geet, but both was pulled to it forcefully. Rajveer took his son along with him to the party. While Geet have to tag along with Kunal being his wife.

Once introductions happened, all indulge into their own world.

His eyes all the while dancing on her way, drinking her beauty, she was looking ethereal in that blue suit she wore, and that beautiful smile lingering on her lips.

Love give me love!

Love give me love!

How he wished to kissed those juicy lips, took her far away from everyone, even from her husband’s reach.

He walking around following her every step just looking at her, soon the dance floor was opened for the couple, and Sam dragged him on …

We dancing our lifetimes a way

And living our lives for today

Sharing the dreams that we have

Life of eternal hues

Sam followed his gaze halted on the couple dancing at the corner, lost in their own world, the couple looked beautiful, they are made for each other, aren’t they? Sam added fire to his jealousy and got the desire effect as he jerked her close harshly.

What do you mean?

He harshly whispered, his eyes daring her to say the truth,

We burning our passion

Leaving old for the new

The hot blooding sideways

Tempted by fire

The Only(?) dreams will be true??

Geet looked at them painfully, then turned her gaze back to Kunal not bearing the scene.

Are you okay? Comfortable!?? He asked softly, holding her feathery in his arms, she was like delicate flower flowing in his arms, he was pleased with her smile, least known about the hidden pain behind it.

Give me love

Give me love

Take my passions and bring me love

Love give me love!

Love give me love!

What I mean is,MK, you are unfortunate in this case, she is already married…but I am surprised to know that first time it’s other way around.

Maan arched his brows not liking her comment, still interested to hear further,

Maine Suna hai, puri duniya ki ladkiyan aapke piche hai..aur tum…behind that woman, let me correct, Married woman, she let out a chuckle which angered him further.

Sameeksha, be in your limit, he pushed her harshly, pulling her back to his chest.

Sorry MK, she apologized, as she was only teasing him.

Soon partners were changed and Kunal left Geet, so as Sam, leaving Maneet alone, Maan without wasting a chance, pulled her in his arms.

The story of love can be told

Two hearts together romance alone

He dreams of the girl in his heart

Sensing the feelings that new love has brought

Geet sighed but gave him cute frown look, she was angry seeing his close dance with Sam but couldn’t voice out.

He was confused seeing her angry face, he mistook it for her dislike to be in his arms, thank angered him and he jerked her in his arms, pressing his hands on her waist,

She shivered with the contact of his hands on her bare waist, as he pushed her slide cuts aside to access her skin.

Its so easy to see

All the love when you feel

Free from the world

Right from morning alone(?)

Last thing I need, your ways

Give me love

Give me love

As the dance floor was dip in the darkness, he found the opportunity and took her at lonely corner away from others.

She didn’t realized lost in his proximity, as she cupped his nape, enjoying his harsh ways around her body..that’s crazy, she chuckled silently.

Maan admired her soft smile, little blush lingering on her cheeks, you look beautiful, he confessed cupping her cheek, his thumb pressing on her lips, he pulled them down sensuously, making her close her eyes, he bend down and kissed her softly, she stopped without doing anything, not responding, nor pulling as fear to get caught yet enjoying those lonely moments with him..

Atleast it’s better than leaving him alone with that vamp woman, she thought about Sam and responded him softly.

Take my passions and bring me love

We sharing the dreams that we have

Life of eternal hues

The hot blooding sideways

Tempted by fire

The Only(?) dreams will be true??

Give me love

Give me love

Maan was so pleased as he pulled her softly more closer, and both share a hot kiss before parting apart to catch the breath, Geet hide her face in his chest, shied and scared partially.


Geet looked bewildered at the cell in her hand,still try to realize the fact what just her husband told her.

“Geet, I am sorry Jaan, there is an emergency at company, you have to plz come with maan. he will drop you home, is it okay Jaan!??” As he has requested her, and waited impenitently for hearing an yes from her.

It’s okay, I will..Geet mutters, insides jumping in joy , with the fear lingering at the corner.

And now she was waiting desperately for Maan, after a while, she decided to walked out herself since the lonely corridor started to make her scare.


Maan was impatient to reach her, and took her away from this crowd, just to spent time with her alone.

But was held back by few associates, he grumpily followed his dad’s order to keep his clients entertain.

And as the party began to wrap up, hall was almost empty, he turned to fetch her but found her no where, he frowned and went to sam, did you seen Geet anywhere??

Sam smirked, I can’t believe Maan, you still behind her,

Stop nonsense, Sam, I am seriously trying to find her, pata chala agar koi musibat mein hi toh, she can’t managed herself alone..koi na koi use chahiye sambhalne ke liye..he was getting frustrated, wandering his eyes around while Sam just gaped at him, for the man like MK, no girl matters to him, apart from s** and here is he is getting extremely worried for the woman,

Relax Maan, yahi Kahi hogi, but why would she be here on the first place, in my guess, Kunal has left the party.

Yes he left , leaving his wife behind alone,he barked out.

Oh..that’s the case, then let’s find her.


Geet turned around with a smile hearing approaching footsteps, thinking it might be Maan.

But her smile soon turned to frowned then horror expression finding the person stood before her with that evil smirk on his face.

Aap..Yahaan. she stuttered looking around , already finding the way to run away.

Ji ha hum..Mrs.Khurana, why don’t please on finding me here,

Aisa.kuch.nahi…hai..she began sweating walking out but he grasp her wrist, making her startled.

Why walking out on me, Geet, here I come to meet you and you..

Bhai..plz leave me…she shuddered couldn’t speak even properly as the memories of the past ran through her mind,

He jerked her in his arms, and bend to fetch a kiss from her lips, today you looking hot, his alcoholic breath fallen in her face, making her twitch her nose,

He is drunk, now that was horrified, she thought struggling in his arms to let her go, aap hosh mein nahi hai…plz.. she pushed him back, in that process, her sleeve tore away coming in his hands, he smirked looking at her running away.

Today no one save you geet from me, he ran after her, Geet stumbled on her high heels, cursing Kunal in her mind for making her wear it against her will.

 next she falls on her knees, yelping in pain, as her ankle twists badly.

Rajeev laughed out, approaching her, he began Bending down on her level, she tried to back no…plz..aap humare bhai hai..Kam se kam..itna toh lihaz rakhiye..she whimpered.

You are nothing to me, other than charity case of my Dad..he hissed out , pulling on her dress, his face dipped in her neck, biting her harshly.

Ah..leave me.she shouted losing her senses completely, she pushed on him angrily.


Both of them heard the scream and got panic, Kahi Geet toh nahi..Sam looked at Maan , he confirmed her guess, yes it’s only geet, it’s her voice..he ran in the direction followed by worried Sam.

Plz..leave me.

They heard her crying sound in the dark corridor,

Geet..Maan called out and rushed towards the direction, he held the collar of Rajeev and jerked him punching on his face in the darkness.

Sam rushed to geet , she couldn’t get up, however she tried as her ankle twisted badly.

Maan was beating the person in darkness without any mercy, he moaned in pain, and collecting some strength pushed him back furiously, running out from there.

Maan was about to chase him but heard her hard sobbing followed by Sam’s voice.

Maan…she can’t walk, not even get up..

Geet..tum thik toh ho..he rushed to her and she threw herself in his arms, crying out furiously.

Whos that person, usne kuch kiya toh..

His words left in mid, as her hiccups increased, it’s I am here, calm down..he rubbed her back and looked at Sam who gives him a look saying you are impossible..

Maan, I think you take her back home now, don’t ask her anything. Sam fetch her dupatta from the floor covering her while Maan scoop her in his arms, she snuggle in as a reflex, sobbing against his chest.

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  1. Sameeksha’s entry! She looks like a positive character atleast for now. Geet was being molested by her own step bro and Maan just missed him. Sad that this is the second time she is in this condition. Waiting for next

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
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