Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 14

Doll is very bad, she hate one loves Maan..he pouted getting up.

No Maan, everyone loves you baby, she held his hand before he could walk out.

Doll too love Maan..he asked making baby face for which her insides melted, she cupped his face, yes..her heart rejoiced getting the words to her feelings.

Dil deewana ho……….

Dil deewana naa jane kab kho gaya

Tune aise dekha key kuchh ho gaya

Doll loves Maan, he again muttered, holding her waist, and hugged her dearly putting his head on her cleavage.

She gasped, with his sudden move, and felt him rubbing his face in her chest, she felt goosebumps all over her body as his lips rubbed against her soft skin..with his beard teasing her senses.

Maan..she moaned feeling him nipping her skin, then he began licking her.

Stop it…she giggled, what are you doing? Held his hairs and pulled him away.

He giggled holding her hand, now Maan won’t leave doll.. doll feel gudgudi…!?? He smiled and forcefully pulled her,burying his face in her neck, began teasing her by rolling his tongue on her warm skin.

She giggled then started moaning, as he started going down, pushing her gown below, before he could bare her again she stopped him.

Maan, stop it baby.. you need to have bath, she somehow distracted him, pushing him inside washroom and made his bath tub ready, she was walking out but he pulled her inside, I want to bath with you..

WHAT!! Her eyes and mouth widen in shock, no baby, first you take bath..I will go to my room.

No doll.. this is your room also,

When did it happen, she wondered

Look baby, girl and boy bath different, and separate, they can’t bath together. She tried to make him understand.

But he wasn’t ready to listen, I want bath with you or I won’t today.. he pouted

Geet thought for a while and decided something, alright, Geet will help Maan today in taking shower, how’s about that.

And his eyes twinkled, he readily accepted by vigorous shake of his head making her laugh out.

Let’s first do your shave ..

He wondered what’s it about when she came with the bleed, his eyes widen in horror, he tried to find out the places to hide himself.

Maan, you are big guy, stop fearing, it won’t harm you, but clean you, like yourself that day on Diwali..don’t you..she make him understand and he listen her carefully.

While she went on blabbering different things to him, he tentatively listen to her, being lost in her charisma…until his face was clean, she out on aftershave, and look at his handsome face.

When saw his passionate eyes just looking at her,

Dil deewana naa jane kab kho gaya

Tune aise dekha ke kuchh ho gaya

What are you looking at, she asks blushing a hit, never know when he started affecting her in that manner.

Dil deewana naa jane kab kho gaya

Tune aise dekha key kuchh ho gaya

Kuchh ho gaya

Kuchh ho gaya

Kuchh ho gaya meree jaan

You!! He replied lost in her making her astonished with his prompt reply, first time he was saying as “you” instead of her name..that broke her face into smile.

You won’t go away leaving Maan,will you!? Doll will be there always to take care of Maan, hai na doll???

Maan.. offcourse honey, she get nostalgic hearing him as she caressed his jaw, I will always there for you..

He bend forward and put his lips on hers, while she began the kiss, it’s became normal between both now.

Nayi bekhudi hai, nayi aag hai

Labon pe labon ka haseen daag hai

{ There’s new intoxication and a new fire

There’s a beautiful mark of the lips on the lips }

She pluck her tongue in his mouth, relishing him, he groaned in response clutching her more to him.

Lost in the kiss he pushed her back, and she hit with the shower tab, bathing both in the rain of shower.

Both startled parted, and broke into giggle, slowly her gown began sticking to her, showing her perfect curves.

His eyes roamed on her body, sticking on her boobs which were visible through transparent cloth.

Geet shivered, seeing his gaze turning dark as they hook on her body, she cross her hands on her chest and was about to walk out but next moment felt jerk on her, and he slam her against the wall of washroom.

Geet was breathing heavily, scared a bit seeing his change of persona, as he continues to eyes her body hungrily, Maan..she whispered.

But he caressed her teats stood against her wet cloths, making her moan out, she closed her eyes, and felt him playing with her curves with one hand while he began pushing her gown down from other shoulder, she arched her back and moan giving him access, as her curve stood out to his awaiting mouth.

Meri jaan kaise nikalne lagi

Teri ik chhuan se pighalne lagi

My life is leaving me

I’ve started to melt with your single touch

As his mouth covered it, she couldn’t take it more, she hugged him tight, pressing herself to him. He latched on it like a baby, sucking and biting it..while shower continued to drench both in passion.

Ho kuch ho gaya, kuch ho gaya Kuch ho gaya meri jaan

Something has happened to me, my beloved

Geet was in hazy mind set, she wanted to pull apart, stop him but her body reacting against her, it wanted him to continue loving her.

Plz stop baby..or else…her words left breathless, she pulled him hugging him tight, while his hands started exploring her, pushing the gown down, now both were bare, and clashed against each other, rubbing sensuously.

Look Maan removed his dolls cloths now we both can bath together, came his chirping voice making her come back to harsh reality. She looked at him to see him giggling out, as if making fun of her crazy she can become, he is just insane Geet, she cursed herself somewhere hurt with his stunt, she almost felt her eyes crying out, she pushed him apart angrily, he couldn’t understand any emotions, he can’t…she pouted controlling her tears and rushed out wrapping the towel around herself. can’t leave me.he was upset, mad seeing her running away like that.

What did he do..he confused tried to think but couldn’t come to conclusion.

Geet pulled out his set of shirt pants and wore those before walking out of his room angrily to her.


It took her few hours to calm down and get back her proper senses, she is seriously getting too much involved into him and becoming crazy like him..she thought and got up to walk out, she saw Ramu kaka walking in.

Kaka, Maan ne naha liya?

Ji nahi beta ji.bhagwan jaane kya ho gaya hai unhe, he is being adamant that he want you.

Geet sighed , alright Kaka, I will look after him, you worry not.

Thik hai beta, jab se aap aayi hai, Hume toh koi worry hi nahi.. he praised her making her smile and went off..

Geet shook her head thinking something and rushed to his room determine to keep herself in control now however the situation may come.


As she step inside, her eyes widen in horror seeing the state of the room, the condition of the room has become like as if some tornado had just passed, her eyes gazed up to see bare him doing push ups , from behind she could really see his angry posture.

She gulped hard seeing his perfect body, babaji save me.. she prayed to her god for both, first his anger then the way he looking attracting to her eyes now,

She walked out slowly, gazing his body hungrily, she couldn’t stop admiring him as there is no one to see her doing so..not even he..


Her anklets sound attracted him and made him stop, she hurried further, touching his beciep, ruko carry on..she whispered sensuously, making him carry on with his moves.

After while he felt little weight on his back, then her soft and warm hands snake upon his back reaching till his neck, carry on, Maan..she encourages him, and he like been hypothesized by her, started his exercise again, it was difficult for him at first carrying her weight, but having her close that what he desired the most, not wanted to make her angry and incase she leave him again, in fear of all that he followed her orders.

Geet was having really difficult time now, it became unbearable after a while, she threw her dupatta away and hugged him tightly, showering kisses on his sweaty back.

Maan stopped and slept flat on his tummy, before pulling her down below him.

He looked at his barbie doll, taking in her beautiful sight, she was wearing bindi today on her forehead, as that’s going match with her ghaghra choli.

He smiled, as he loved her look with that bindi, he bend down and kissed her forehead showing his appreciation.

He is changing Geet, may be will cure soon, new hope arised in her heart making her smile as well.

You didn’t have bath yet, and that’s reminded him about his anger on her again. He became angry, and turned face away,

It bad manners Maan, she cupped his jaw pulling him back to face her,

You left Maan, how man suppose to have bath alone, you broke your promise.

He blabbered out, angrily getting up.

She too get up tailing behind him, I am sorry baby, but you did wrong thing also.

Kya Kiya Maan ne.. he turned to look at her awaiting his answer.

Geet was tongue tie now, she thought not to pull this talk now. Let him forgot it and it will be easy for her as well.

You did noting honey, it’s completely my fault, she rushed to him cupping is cheek, now I will help you to bath, let’s go..

He was happy, he rushed inside washroom before she could ask, and she followed him giggling to see his excitement.

As he sat inside bubble bath , teasing her in between with splashes of water, or putting foam of bubble on her head, she pouted, scolded but there was no use , at the end she too joined him and copied his tricks to him making him pout now.

Before he could walked out nude, she clearly warned him, throwing towel on his face, he had to obey not making her angry.

And Maan, you are big guy now, know dadi also say the thing, hai na .

He nodded thinking about when his dadi said, but wanted to maker her happy he just followed her each words.

So now onwards you have to take bath yourself, not act like a stubborn kid, okay darling??

He nodded giving her smile, she sighed in relief..

Precap :- Twist..

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  1. Wow that was streaming hot update…maaneet are too passionate together geet cannot control her feelings anymore and is worried that maan will not reciprocate her feelings hurt her…maan was mad when geet was angry on him… waiting to read more ❤️😘😘

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  2. Wow you updated! Superbbb update ! My god he is getting close to her every where now. She started expecting from him n so got hurt. precap is interesting but also scary. I hope its a good one

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    1. I have good mood so updating this..😋
      Yes, now both are getting comfortable with each other doing romance..😉
      Let’s see..😈


  3. Wow hot hot update 🥵
    Maan want to bath with geet 😝😝
    Naughty maan 😜😜😉😉
    Kaisi demand h iski

    Poor geet ek tarf usko acha lgta h aur ek tarf usse guilt hota h ki maan thik nhi h

    Waiting for nxt

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  4. I loved the update. This one us very different than other stories. Love the way geet taking care of Maan and having feelings for him other side Maan is not in sense hope he get cure and remember geet

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