She opened her eyes dizzily, only to come across his face, Maan,. She hugged instantly feeling still in her dizzy mind set, I was really scared , you know?? She muttered against his chest, only to be push by him bringing her back to harsh reality.

“Here, have it,” he offers her one food plate, which she refused harshly, Hume kuch nahi khana, (i don’t want to eat anything ) her chin raised up in stubbornness, while she waited for him to move away, aur bahtar hoga agar aap Hume akele chod de..( and it will be better, if you leave me alone )

Next moment she felt herself being jerked in his arms, that you forget, it’s never gonna happen..

She looked upon his eyes listening his hoarse voice, he was drowned in her beautiful hazel eyes for a while, when reality stuck them both, not until I hand you to the boss, and accomplish my job.

Just for your so called job, you kidnapped me, she freed herself, holding her tummy with other hand, while accusing him with her teary red eyes.

That’s my job, I need to fulfill it..

That what may cost, even someone’s life, or little life taking breath in her womb..?” she hissed angrily glaring him, down, he couldn’t bear the look nor her words that turned his face away, tumhe khana hai toh Khao or don’t..I really not concerned, saying so he rushed out angrily as her words began to hunt his mind, soul was shaking in terror, what the hell he end up doing..


Dard dilon ke kam ho jaate

Main aur Tum agar hum ho jaate

Main aur Tum agar hum ho jaate

Maan couldn’t rest in peace, or go to sleep , how can he, when his soul was away from him..he don’t know what trouble she must facing, they didn’t even got a call for ransom, still couldn’t get any clue , where is she..and how..

Jaan, .he muttered painfully eyeing the moon as he got flashes of their togetherness, draining himself in the memories of his Jaan to sooth his heart for a while.

Tere bina na aaye sukoon

Naa aaye qaraar mujhe

Door wo saare bharam ho jaate

Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

Be safe wherever you are, sweetheart!! I know you will take care of our baby, but plz take care of yourself until I reach you, jaha kahi bhi ho sweetheart, I will find you, just wait for your Maan..


Maan.. aap kaha ho.. please Hume yaha se le jaiye, I am scared..alone.. our angel needs you..she murmured, patting her belly, she had search every nook and corner, to escape from this cage but it wasn’t easy as what she had thought before.. feeling defeated she roll beside the only locked door, waiting for only one person, her Maan.

Next moment, she yelped in pain, as he just step on her feet mistakenly, pushing the door open.

Ahh… She cried in a lot pain, already her energy was drowning out and Joe this..

Oh.. I am so sorry… Dekhao muze, guru kneel before her, trying to take her hand in his, but she couldn’t budge, tears welling down her cheeks while he forcefully pulled her, she landed in his lap, and saw him blowing on her wound, Geet shivered with his proximity and tried to get up feeling uncomfortable, but she couldn’t reasoning her condition.

He lift her in his arms taking her towards cot, he put her down, fetching aid box, he bandaged her hand, kya jarurat thi, waha baithne ki.. woh bhi is halat mein..

She looked on awe, is he scolding her that too with no fault of hers, it’s not my fault if I am trying to find a escape,

Sitting like that at the door?? He teased and chuckle seeing her cute pout.

Her heart skip a beat, as his smile reminded her of her Maan.

Hume Maan ke paas Jana hai, ( i want to go to maan ) she got up taking him by surprise,with her sudden demand.

Tum nahi kahi nahi ja sakti,sivay mere boss ke pass.. ( you won’t get away , only to my boss ) 

Who’s your boss, who’s that devil who had kidnapped me?? She blasted with tears of anguish running down her eyes.

I can’t tell you, you will see him, he is coming tomorrow.

Geet shivered hearing the piece of news, she can’t stay here any longer, she have to leave, and now she have the great chance to escape, she can just run out from the open door as he is just alone here, as far as there is no one else in her sight.

No..I have to go to Maan, he must be worried for me, and she walked hurriedly to reach the door since couldn’t managed with her baby bump.

Guru was shocked with the audacity of the woman, he ran behind her, but reaching door she turned furiously with the knife in her hand, and before he realized, she slash it on his chest, making him Yelp in pain.

Geet..don’t…he was shock seeing that thing in her hands, when did she take that from first aid box.!?

Stay away, ya phir hum maar dalenge aapko.. ( or I will kill you ) she gritted her teeth, determined move out only to stumble upon four goons standing out awaiting their pray.

She gasped and the knife in her hand fallen down with a shock she received, next moment she was in their clutches..

Leave her, guru demanded angrily walking out,

Sure, we will leave her guru, but first let us feast upon her.

Are you mad!?? He thunders, don’t you see her state..

They laughed manically, why do we care..

Geet glared them disgusted, she began feeling dizzy again, but struggle against their strong grip.

Itni sundar Bala ko koi chode woh bewakoof hoga..

( No one leave this beautiful woman, someone stupid only will do this. )

Guru was mad with rage now, he glanced once at her pleading face, and marched to them furiously attacking all of them, pushing all away from her.

She gasped, seeing him hitting them all like a animal, he pinned that man’s wrist so brutally who dared to held her, and smash each one against hard rocks there, leaving all half dead moaning in pain.

Stay away from her, he warned before turning to her, she was still ready to walked out but he grasp her angrily, pulling her again inside her cage but her body swing and next moment he lift her in his arms, I warned you, dare you again do that stunt again..he scold her with angry eyes, while she just watched him with dizzy eyes.


What did you find out?? Asked impatient Maan running inside abhijeets cabin.

We got the name of person, who we think might have kidnapped your wife!!

Who’s that!?? He was furious, his fist already tighten in a urge to bash the man who dare to hurt his sweetheart..

Before that we would like share something interesting with you.


Here, see this, he handed him one pic, which gave him shock, doesn’t he look like you!!

Offcourse he look alike me, but not my pic

That’s what we got, mr.khurana, other officer barge in to the scene, you sure don’t have any twin brother??

Kya bakwas hai, I don’t have..he just hamshakal of mine..wait a minute, who’s this guy and why you guys showing me this..

Because he is the one who had did this task of kidnapping you on behalf of someone’s words.

His eyes turned red in furious, now will you tell me the name!?? He blasted

It’s Rajveer , aapne Kahi Naam Suna hai, ( have you heard this name before? ) you must be having any enmity with him,

Maan was lost in his thoughts now, yes that’s the same person who was his client, about whom Geet has been scared, he had himself search about him that’s why had put her under security, but what happened after that also, she got kidnapped, and now he won’t leave that guy alive.

He explained all things to officers,

This is from royal family,yaad kijiye phirse, ( try to remember it again )

Yes Maan, I remember, you told me once about mrs Khurana, your wife being from royal family.( Maan once had share little about Geet)

Maan thought about the name and parties they have back at the royal palace, and now he got the hint.

Yes I remember Abheejit, it might be same person, and he said him about the can once show me his image, I might recognize the guy.

And after seeing the pic, maan and everyone got sure about the person,

How cheap can anyone become, he dare to put his duty eyes on my wife, even have the audacity to kidnapped her, now surely I won’t leave him alive.

Calm down Maan, let us handle the thing.

Abheejit try to calm him but he was beyond mad today, he wasn’t going to listen anyone now.

Daya, did you get his information and his whereabouts.

Yes Abheejit,

Then let’s go, why wasting time. maan was impatient.

But Maan, we still need to find about whereabouts of your wife, with our information we collected, she has been kidnapped by this hamshakal of your called guru, in isolated place.

Maan really going mad with each information they provided, didn’t they know she is pregnant, his eyes moisten while Abheejit put hand in his shoulder, it’s okay Maan, have patience, nothing will happen to bhabhi, as far as you stand strong, don’t worry we will find her, just give us few hours , now as we have collected much of will see your wife soon.

Maan was arises with hope again, sure his wife are true, he have to stood strong to get her back, she must be scare, alone, waiting for him hopefully and he couldn’t let her hope down.


Geet unwillingly chew on her food, as he continued to feed her, she was hopeless, tired and scared now, just to keep her baby safe, she has to be alive and safe, she couldn’t let anyone touch her than Maan.

Both can’t speak, lingering the silence in the atmosphere,

You don’t have to be scare from them anymore, they won’t trouble you.he assured scared her, seeing her like this something break inside his heart, his heart started feeling for her.

Kyon bacha rahe hai aap Hume, jab ki aap Hume us haiwan ke paas saupne wale hai..

( why are you saving me now, when you are going to handover me to that Devil? )

her words hit him painfully, his hand stopped while he see her whimpering in pain.

Geet,kya hua..

( What happened? )

She couldn’t speak suddenly her stomach started aching, Hume….she was breathless, putting the plate aside, he was at her side, dard …

He took her on his lap, patting her cheek, he made her drink some water, she felt little better and put her head on his shoulder, Hume Maan ke pass…( i want to go to maan ) Her words left in mid as she was so tired fighting, tears roll down from her close eyes socking his neck just like his vacant heart.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Zz1FjeW.gif

He crushed her in his arms, regretting the act he done for just in the need of money.

I am sorry, he caressed her face, she looked at him tearfully and hugged him breaking into sobs.

Plz, ro mat, ( don’t cry )  it will worsen your condition, we can’t even move out to hospital, they are keeping the tap on our each activity.

She shuddered, scared hearing him.

Don’t worry, main tumhe kuch nahi home dunga, ( I won’t let anything happen to you.) as far as I am here with you. He get that she is so scared,

Kitne haseen aalam ho jaate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

Geet was astonished, seeing this change in him, or is he acting ..

Aap sach kah rahe ho, or are you acting !?? She couldn’t put her thoughts in her hazy mind.

(are you saying the truth?)

He was blown by her innocence, why would I act, I get nothing in return, I have already keep you captive.

Kya aap Hume humare Maan ke pass pahuchaeyenge!?? (will take me to maan?)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1nDkdun.jpg

She was hopefully waiting for his yes.

Guru don’t have any answer, he turned his face away, leaving her broken.

Tell me, will you ? she again urge holding his arm,

I can’t promise you anything Geet, which I can’t fulfill.

Toh Iska matlab na hai,! ? (so, is that mean “NO”)

I can’t do anything now! They will hunt you down if I leave you also..

They will do nothing or no one can able to do anything once I have my Maan with me! She was so sure, having that string believe on her husband who she knew loved her insanely.

Guru was blown away by her trust on her husband, her love for him left him in awe and little jealous thinking how lucky the guy is getting this innocent wifey who love him crazily.

to be continued….

Precap :-

I hope it had come out well and long enough.

I try to make next more long, if you guys don’t get bore.. I just need to finish this off so that I can concentrate on other stories, I will try to finish one by one every hold on story, to start new one for you guys..

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  1. thanks for updating!

    Part 112

    Intense and emotional update! well written.

    feeling for Geet and Maan

    of cos Geet is adamant

    at least she tries to get through Guru

    nice that her words got him thinking

    as expected Maan is tensed and restless

    he is worried about his jaan and their baby

    great that Geet tries to escape

    but it fails

    Guru takes care of her wound

    oh she has a knife….

    Thank God Guru saved her from the other guys

    glad that the Abhijeet got some information and tell Maan about Guru and Rajveer

    Maan is furious

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    Guru feels guilty seeing Geet’s condition

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    loved Geet’s trust and faith in Maan

    hope Maan finds her soon

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  2. Wonderful update loved guru the way he cares for geet and assures her safety what will he do will send geet to her maan… meanwhile maan is worried for geet and the piece of information he got shocked him waiting to read more ❀️😘

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