Geet was so sadden and lost just thinking about him, as she tried to sleep but sleep was no where near instead she kept changing position, that night swam through her mind ,and then Pinky’s words today she spoken in office.

What must be he doing now?? Kya hum unhe ek call kare?? She almost take her cellphone in hand,but again put it down, no.. I don’t have any right.. what stupidity I was going to do..zalli..she slapped her own forehead.

She got up , and switch on music system in low voice,

किसका रस्ता देखे, ऐ दिल, ऐ सौदाई

मीलों है खामोशी, बरसों है तनहाई

भूली दुनिया, कभी की, तुझे भी, मुझे भी

फिर क्यों आँख भर आई

किसका रस्ता देखे…

Whom are you awaiting?

Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.

For miles around, there is silence

and for ages, loneliness

The World has long forgotten you, as well as me

Then why do the eyes tear up?

O, whose coming do you watch for?
Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.

Getting up slowly she watched his face breaking into small voice, she was startled for a while, Kunal..she called him softly but there was no answer, instead he turned and switch his position, turning his back to her.

She sighed and walked out in the balcony, as sleep was far away from her eyes like other nights.

तुझे क्या बीती हुई रातों से

मुझे क्या खोई हुई बातों से

सेज नहीं, चिता सही, जो भी मिले सोना होगा

गई जो डोरी छूटी हाथों से

लेना क्या टूटे हुए साथों से

खुशी जहाँ माँगी तूने, वहीं मुझे रोना होगा

ना कोई तेरा, ना कोई मेरा, फिर किसकी याद आई

किसका रस्ता देखे…

{ What do you care of the nights that have passed?

What do I care of conversations that are lost?

If not a bed of roses, a pyre will do. Whatever we get, we must sleep in

Once the thread has slipped from our hands

What have we to do with broken relationships?

Where you asked for happiness, that’s where I shall have to cry

There’s no one who is yours, nor anyone, mine; then who is being remembered? }

Why should I cry, when he even don’t care..she wiped her eyes slowly but tears wouldn’t stop from flowing, just like her heart won’t stop aching thinking about him, he must be busy with other girls.


She slide down in the balcony, breaking into hard sobs, not able to share her feelings with anyone.


She was startled as she pulled up her head to meet his concerned eyes.

कोई भी साया नहीं राहों में

कोई भी आएगा न बाहों में

तेरे लिए, मेरे लिए, कोई नहीं रोने वाला

झूठा भी नाता नहीं चाहों में

तू ही क्यों डूबा रहे आहों में

कोई किसी संग मरे, ऐसा नहीं होने वाला

कोई नहीं जो यूँ ही जहां में, बाँटे पीर पराई

किसका रस्ता देखे…

{ There is no shadow whatsoever on these paths

There’s no one to rush into these arms

For you, for me, no one is going to cry

A false relationship doesn’t even exist in my desires

Why then are you immersed in your sighs?

That someone actually dies alongside someone else, that isn’t going to happen.

There is no one who simply, in this world, shares and understands the pain of others. }

Kunal got up to see empty bed and the soft rhythm of music, he instantly slip down the bed in search of his wifey, feeling the silent room.

Seeing her like that, it broke his heart, he rushed forward and she as if waiting for a shoulder to cry, broke into his open arms.

He wouldn’t ask anything, knowing that will only truffle her pain, the thing bothering her, instead he let her cry out, rubbing her back and head, shooting her pain silently.

Subpost 2 - lovely edit today _relieved__heart_eyes__heart_eyes_ beauty _hea


Next morning,

Geet was highly embarrassed for crying like that in his arms, she couldn’t meet his gaze, while Kunal really understood her state, he got ready himself and walked up to awaiting her as she was also ready for office.

Let’s go.. he offered gently.

After a while, Geet realized it was different route not going to office.

Where are we going?? She asked confused looking around.

Your mayka aur mera sasural.. as he finished with a sweet smile, she was dwell into her thoughts again, should she feel happy or sad, didn’t know with the thought of going home.

Let me call ma and inform her, she pulled out her cellphone and dial the number.


Maan was furious, restless and what not , finding her absent in the office as it’s passed lunch time , he found himself craving for her presence around, he needed her intoxicating fragrance to breath in the air.

He stood up from the chair angrily, as he got to know about the leave she had taken for a day.

He had decide to stay away and ignore, just the way she want and act then why his mind isn’t at peace today.

His cell rang loudly braking him out of his reverie, he picked up the call and soon got busy with lines of meetings.


Geet was anxious, somewhere scared to meet her parents, knowing they would read her inside out, her baba will really recognize that she wasn’t happy with her husband and new home, while mother, she was so lost in her thoughts, fail to notice the step and…

Ouch…she was going to fall but Kunal wrapped his arm around her body, protecting her from the fall, “sambhalke Geet”

She shivered, feeling his hands on her bare waist, as he raised her up softly , she pulled apart, pressing the door bell.

Not soon both heard a loud barking, making them startled, Geet broke into sweet smile, looking at his face, as his eyes widen in…he shook his head, I completed forgot about her….. He said out fearfully , she couldn’t help but giggled and the door was opened

She couldn’t even put first step inside, as her dear dog dashed onto her, making her stumbled upon Kunal, who was really scare with that huge creature jumping upon them.

Geet..Geet, tell your darling honey to stay away..plz…Jaan…

He was breathless..

Honey..honey… sweety, here I am..let go of him, here come baby…she walked away, and honey ran into her arms, jumping upon her, Geet kneel down, and soon she was laying on the floor flat, with honey all over her, licking her madly..

Missed you too baby, she cupped his hug face, kissing his both sides jaw,

Kunal make a kind of face, and turned to see his mother in law waling to him, he bend and took her blessings.

Geet, won’t you meet your ma, kunals voice pulled her up although she wasn’t willing to leave her little sis(honey) , how could anyone leave their soul, yes, she has became her soul sister, her baby, it’s only open his little eyes to see this huge cruel world, that time they had bought Little her, not them really it was Rajeev, who had brought little puppy for his spoiled sis, who couldn’t keep the him safe and pampers, that it’s given in Geet’s care to take care of by her uncle and from that time, she couldn’t see a small scratch even on her baby’s body.

Sada suhagan raho, beta, and what a pleasant surprise.. she took her in a hug, while Geet reciprocate slowly, then broke into soft cried in her mother’s warmth.

Kya hua Geet?? She patted her head.

I missed you, ma.. ( s.t. I really didn’t want to leave you, then why did you sent me away from you, my home, and my little baby) she cried loudly speaking nothing further but saying everything in mind.

Stop crying Geet, aise rote nahi are woman now, not little girl..madhu( Geet’s mother) wiped her face, offering her water.

Where is baba? Asked Kunal making both turned towards him simultaneously.

Geet looked at her mother who answered promptly, he has gone out for some workbeta.

With one look Geet knew she was lying, her heart sadden at the thought again as she get her mother’s hidden glare.


As the day passed, Geet completely forgot about her office, and MAAN.. though somewhere he kept lurking around her mind but honey kept her busy most of time, with kunals antics and fear from dog.

You laugh as much you want Jaan, let’s go home then I will show you, he warned her in teasing manner taking her around corner, Geet gulped hard seeing his eyes filling up with love and passion again for her, she couldn’t bear it and tried to wriggle out, chodiye..koi dekh lega..

Let them see, I am holding my wife..not others .

She was mum, getting the meaning of his words. She was lost in her thoughts soon, as the words kept hunting her, pulling her back to Maan’s memories.

Kunal slowly put his lips forward to kiss her but she abruptly turned her face there by getting kiss on her cheek, her cheeks instantly redden, and she pushed him apart making a run from there.


As the day passed, he was damn tired, fighting with his own feelings which has recently started arising .. he looked at the moon outside through the window, thinking about her, closed his eyes, but there was only one face poping in, it was her.

He furiously open his eyes, no..he couldn’t let her rule him, no.. he got up and climb down the stairs furiously only to bang on his father.

Sorry dad..

Not bother son, but I was bother about where are you going at this late hours.

Um.. just some work.

I know about your don’t try to hide from me.

Just going out for a night, dad.

Look Maan, I let you enjoy your life in youth, now even I let you lead your life..but when your marriage happen then what would you do? He pressed his shoulder asking him so.

Maan was clueless, there was nothing on his mind about marriage thing , even his dad knows he felt nothing about those family things then he asking

You know me, dad,

“Yes I know you son,” Rajveer didn’t let him complete, but everyone has to settle down once in a life, and no wife will bear her husband going out like this at late night.

Then that’s should be her problem, not mine, and first of all I. Not going to marry and get bound in those nonsense responsibilities..I have my own life, my family dad,

Alright son.. here the talk ends,

Thank you dad, I am going take rest, no need to worry about me saying so he was running out.

I don’t worry son, it’s your Dadi dadi’s job.

I hear you..

Rajveer smiled and shook his head knowing his stubborn and egoistic son.


Geet hugged her father tight, complaining him about everything and anything, why did you drink baba?? You know ma, don’t you?

He only smiled, how’s my daughter, tu khush toh hai na . ?

She wanted to shook her head in no but just nodded in yes not wanted to make her father sad, already he was going through so much.

After a while she got up bidding him bye, Kunal must be waiting for me outside,

She with heavy heart walk out not turning back as it will only make her cry.


As soon as she step inside his cabin , next moment heard the sound of lock, she gasped seeing those blinds closing on, looked up to see him getting up in his trademark style and walked up to her like a hungry lion.

She stood rooted not knowing what’s coming next, and what should she expect, but soon her questions were answered with his quick advance.

He grasped her in his arms, pushing her to nearby wall,

Ahh.. she wince with his harsh behaviour.

He instantly left her but grab her nape, cupping her jaw tenderly, kaha thi tum kal?? Why did you taken leave??

She looked into his eyes to find them burning , that she instantly look down, it’s personal sir, she pushed his hands away and tried to go but he held her waist tight, almost crushing her soft body in his palms,

Hume chodiye, it’s paining.


Then answer my question first, don’t give those silly reasons, he was furious hearing her.what she mean by personal..his thoughts darting towards Kunal and her.

Hume sach mein bahot Dard ho Raha hai, chodiye Hume..she cried and he lose his hold still caging her in his arms,

I was just missing my home, so him Wahi Gaye the, ma papa se milne.. she confessed seeing his stubbornness. Then looked up to see his face soften, with warmth filling up in his eyes.


Her heart melted instantly seeing his concern for her, she held his coat tight, closing her eyes in submission while waited for one kiss from him.

He smirked, breathing on her lips teasing her senses, his hands cupping her bosom making her sighed in pleasure,

She gulped hard wanted his hands on her body, touching her hidden secrets, wanted him to explore her, while lips shiver in anticipation of his kiss.

He caressed her nipples making them go hard, she arched to him, waiting for his one pinch to them but nothing sort that happened..instead she found him parting apart.

Opening her eyes dizzily she saw his evil smirk, and that broke her lost senses pulling her back to harsh reality.

I must stay away from you, hai na Geet???

to be continued…

I know, you guys must have got bore with this Chappy, but it was need of the story, still I fasten up the chapter including Maneet scene at the end..

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As the story proceeds further, secrets start revealing, with Maneet passion increasing, with you will see romance getting more intense and atmosphere will be steamy soon..


So stay tuned…


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  1. Geet breaks down in private but Kunal caught her. But instead of asking her he assumed she’s missing home n its so sweet of him that he took her there. Here Maan is going mad without her. He’s teasing her n she’s also expecting him to proceed with her. Waiting for more romance

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