Geet was shocked feeling him lifting her in his arms, yeh kahase sikha tumne?? She asked as he stumbled on his feet managing her weight.. stop it ..I am not that heavy..she glared him slapping his chest.

He was still swinging from here to there, Geet was really frustrated, she held him tight in fear of fall, ” you will throw me down, before that put me down, Maan..” she demanded angrily.

No..Maan is managing , look..

Yeah baby, I can really see how well you…managing….she felt herself falling down, just in next moment he managed himself.

MG FF THE DIVINE FLOWER THREAD 4 PART 72 :pg87 Mar 25/2018 - Page 71 | Geet  - Hui Sabse Parayee

First of all tell me, from where you got this brilliant idea? She mocked, as both reach near the swing , on which he slipped her softly, leaving a sigh of breath.

Look Maan did!! He was having winning smile on his face, as he continued, I did better than that hero,

Hero!?? Geet asked confused.

Yes, Annie di yesterday show me that movie,

Now Geet got the hint, and rolled her eyes, ” you don’t have to behave like the movies, or we shouldn’t behave like that honey” she tried to get up but before she do she felt her swing moving back with a push by Maan.

Maan.. she was startled but he didn’t stop instead started pushing her zula making her giggled at the end she broke into laugh.

Stop it…

After a while he stopped, muze bhi karna hai..he demanded like a kid to join her.

She was catching her breath when he push her at side sticking beside her, Maan atleast let me get up .

No..he stopped her, I want to sit with you.

Geet smiled affectionately, both began to swing furiously in the air, their laughter filled the atmosphere.

Let’s played it together..

Are you sure?? She was sweetly surprised by his offer

Sure doll, he smiled big holding his instrument.

Hold like this, this …he shook it before her eyes, Geet just adores him as he began teaching her, after a while, he was so lost, she saw his mature side for those few minutes. Couldn’t help but think about how would it felt to see him normal, it reminded her about her erotic dreams about him..

She shivered, feeling his hands moving on her tummy from behind, as she cuddle into his arms feeling cold wind teasing her senses.

Maan.. she moaned feeling his beard teasing her soft skin, as he deep his face in the crook of her neck.

Violin was long forgotten lying on the floor, while his caressing her neck, shoulder pushing down the fabric to have more access.

Geet never know what’s happening not she wanted to think, just enjoying the moment. Her sixth sense alerted her but she ignored it, pulling on his nape, tilting her neck to give him more access to her softness.

Maan was enjoying this sweet play with his doll, he caressed her curly hairs feeling their softness, eyeing her candy like pink lips passionately, he moved closer, pushing her down on the bench, hypnotized by her.

She felt him hovering on her, and open her eyes slowly to see his face moving, closer, his pouting of lips indicating about his next move.

Geet blushed furiously in duel mindset, should she let him process or stop, she held his shoulder hearing her mind, Maan , but he was stubborn, he touched her nose with his, breathing on her shivering lips, they attracted him more now.

Maan want to taste his doll, he offered shocking her.

No baby.. she was little reluctant, her heart melting with his sweet pleading , it completely melted feeling his licking on her lips.

She gasped, opening her mouth for him, and he put his mouth on her, breathing into her, not knowing what to do further, he started licking her, tasting her sweetness.. Geet couldn’t hold back, she held his nape crushing his lips into her, kissing him softly, making him follow her lead.

Both broke apart breathing highly and Maan break into giggle, finding it thrilling.

She too smiled seeing him happy, before she could comprehend his lips was again on her moving softly like she taught him.

Geet was bewildered , but soon started moaning in his mouth feelings his hands pressing he chest, he was moving his hands on her body unconsciously when felt her hard nipples poking, his hand unconsciously cupped her bosom, pressing it .feeling it softness.

Maan, she moaned, breathing heavily, as he went below on her neck, showering soft feathery kisses reaching her cleavage, her night gown was already losing from her chest, he pushed it more down, accessing her bare chest,

She jolted feeling his mouth in between the line of her curves, she hugged him shivering in the cold wind passing them.

He was feeling her softness, his hands move inside, cupping her bare curve in his palm , both shuddered with the contact.

Oh Maan.. she pushed his face down on her chest, take it into your mouth honey, she guided and he followed her order like always.

Maan wasn’t sure what he was doing, he just follow her words, like a command as well as getting intoxicated by her femininity.

He was thrilled once touching her nipples with his lips, without further guidance he took them in his mouth, like a baby, trying to feel that in his mouth.

Geet gasped, twisting her body under his weight, she felt goosebumps all over her body, as he played with her teats,

Suck on that Maan, bite it baby.. she urged burning in passion, as she pressed his face on her mounts closing her eyes trying to feel his warm tongue circling around her teats.

He bite her, and suck them harshly feeling heavenly licking her chest, soon his was latching on her one breast while other was at his large palms mercy.. which was molding them as per is wish enjoying her softness.

Switching to another he repeat her taught thing, leaving her sweaty and breathless in cold wind.

He was also tired, still couldn’t stop playing with breast,

After a while Geet led still breathing heavily, while he put his head on her open chest, hearing her heartbeats.

She shuddered feeling his tongue licking her middle line. He pressed her both twins together pressing his face in between enjoying her softness.

Geet clutched his hairs, piercing her nails in his skin, he winced and she instantly pulled his face up, Maan, I am sorry.

Why it is so soft, why I feel like this,doll..he hold breast asking her and she blushed furiously having no answer to his question, she was already feeling embarrassed for what she did and what transpired between them, still her heart have no answer to her feelings which was jumping inside her with his touches.

Till now, she never let any boy touched her, she had only girls in her friend group as well but today she lost her senses completely to innocent Maan.

Let’s go to our room, yaha bahot thand hai, she diverted his attention, but he stop her, no ..Maan want to feel it again, Maan want to touch his doll,

Geet gaped at him with open mouth, and soon found him latching on her breast like a baby.

Oh making me insane…she moaned feeling his mouth doing winders down on her chest, she rubbed her body with his, opening his shirt to feel him..

But as his hardness poked her down, she realized about his condition, she should stop or don’t know what will happen..

And what she is doing is totally wrong, he is insane Geet, what you are just taking advantage of him..

Aisa nahi hai.. she countered back to her mind which raise that question.

He too like me..

What do you expect from the person who has child like mind.

Ahh…her thoughts halted with harsh bite he given to her nipples, he was sucking them madly enjoying her soft mounts, making sounds.

Geet was while red, she tried to pull him, and grabs his face, Maan listen..

Maan, she as stern and he looked at her dizzily, you won’t tell anyone anything happened here? Do you get me, she cupped his face.

He shook his head still confused, why doll..he grab her breast in hand, pressing it not having enough of her soft and warm skin.

Do you want anyone scold and badmouth your doll?? one can scold Maan’s doll. maan won’t let that happen.

Geet smiled hearing him, her heart jumped in joy, then plz baby, don’t tell anyone about this,

about…?? He innocently look upon totally forgotten what she refers to.

Geet was so shy but she recollected her courage to speak up, for she knew it was needed, you won’t tell, that you touch me like this bare without cloths. She finished with a sigh feeling him pulling her closer holding her bosom.

I won’t..then I get to touch you here…

His demand made her blushed scarlet Red, she found herself nodding to him, not meeting his gaze, you can touch me and I can kiss you whenever you want but only alone, not in front of others but plz honey , you promised me to not tell anyone about it.she caressed his lips with thumb making him close his eyes feeling his insides busting with new unknown feelings.

Let’s go to room, she pulled out abruptly pushing lost him away, she quickly pulled up her gown and run away before he catch her.

Doll…doll…he shouted from behind running to catch her, as both rush inside his room.


Next morning,

Maan slowly opened his eyes to greeted with the pleasant sight of his sleeping doll, he found her half bare with gown misplaced on her body, his gaze went to her half open chest, and that reminded him about yesterday night.

His face broke into big smile and he proceeds to slowly opened the knots of her gown which as at front, he pushed the fabric down, Geet stirred but slept again.

And he continued to gaped at her huge mounts, and taut nipples, in daylight twins were glowing in their own glory, he found them more attractive than night, and full in his sight.

He slowly, cupped one bosom in his palm, pinching her nipple, ripples of pleasure ran through his body while his eyes turned dark in passion, he slowly hovered onto her, taking other mount in his full mouth, sucking and latching on to it like his doll guided him.

Geet got up with a startle , her quick reaction was to push him away . He became furious and so hurt that turned his face away from her in anger although wants to taste her more but was so stubborn.

Geet was dumbfounded realizing what he was doing, and now turned scarlet Red, she wasn’t wearing her inner wear last night as well and that give him more access.

Maan.. honey..

She sweetly called out but he couldn’t budge, Maan is angry with doll.he pouted his lips making her chuckle.

And why?

Doll pushed Maan away.

If you do like this then what shall I do?? She twisted her lips.

I was just licking and tasting that huge soft thing, you also liked that yesterday.. he complained cutely but making her shock with his statement.

You stupid… She threw one pillow at him, that hit his head and he was so upset now..

Doll is very bad, she hate one loves Maan..he pouted getting up to walked out.

to be continued…

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  2. Ha ha that was super cute and hot passionate update ever so it was the reality so geet is getting lost in maan’s charm how she wished she would be normal…maan too cannot resist his new found feeling with geet… waiting to read more ❀️

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    Chapter 13

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