Maan went out looking for her and her in a canteen. ‘Geet sorry, I didn’t know.’ she wiped her eyes and just said okay. ‘you never said anything?’

Geet was silent, she was not saying anything. it was the only hollow in her life.

Geet left without saying anything. Maan was very sorry, I did a mistake talking like that to Geet. but Geet is really great. there is only one hallow in both life. i at least have bad memories of dad. but she doesn’t have that either. Yet she never complains about the situation, happy with what she’s got. Lives happily hiding her own misery, and tries to keep every person around her happy.

Shit!! how rude I talked to her. I was not to suppose to said that, and she was saying nothing wrong, it was my fault why every time I did hurt her though unintentionally but I do. She will not talk to me anymore. How to apologize to her. And why should she forgive me every time? ‘

two-three days passed just like that, Geet was feeling very depressed. Maan didn’t know how to talk with her. just then HR department organized the company’s 2 nights 1 day picnic. And it was compulsory for everyone. Geet had no desire to go but all her friends were very excited. Therefore, she did not want to put herself in a depression and ruin her friends happiness. She also showed everyone that she was happy.

Maan finally got the right chance to talk with her, though he was not going for it, but because of Geet he agreed. Because there, she will not be able to avoid him.

unknown of the fact, that his Dadima had done the needful for her grandson. Adi being the loyal to her, he informed her everything about the fiasco and Dadi arranged this picnic thing, without come into notice.

They were all going to leave on Saturday night. Geet’s stop was the last one. And maan’s before her. Everyone left and the Picnic Bus came to Geet’s stop.

the bus was already full, just the seat beside Maan was empty. Geet had no choice but to sit there now. Maan was sitting by the window. it was his first travel like this, but he had to for Geet.

Geet said, ‘Sir, should I sit by the window ??’, ‘Why?’, Maan was please to see her after a while now, he was happy with the thought that she was going to sit near him now, whole travel. ‘I love watching nature.’ Geet innocently replied to which Maan broke into laughter. what is there to laugh? Geet pouted,

how you are going to see the nature at night? what do you see at night? look outside, it’s all dark.’ Yet he let her sit in his place, and he sat by her.

Geet loved this sweet teasing of Maan but she now knew well that his mood changes momentarily.

Maan knew, she won’t say anything. now now i can’t even tease her, she won’t respond to anything. Because he knows that he has hurt Geet deeply. ‘Do you like Nature so much,Geet?’, ‘Yes !! Because going close to it we always get only happiness. He does not hurt anyone. ‘

maan’s face fell, Geet realized what she said, ‘I didn’t mean that.’ ‘Geet really extremely sorry .. Please do not mind what I said that day. I didn’t really know anything about you. ‘, Maan was really guilty.

‘ Sir .. its ok !! I forgot all that now. plz don’t want to talk on this topic anymore. ‘,

Geet but..

sir, please…don’t

Maan realized that how much Geet is hurt because of him. For a while no one said anything. Because of the ac, it turned cold after a while. Maan turned off the fan above him though he needed AC but Geet was feeling very cold, so for her he off it. Geet felt a little better. although she was still feeling cold. And she fell into sleep.

after a while, Geet woke up suddenly, she saw that Maan was sleeping with his head on her shoulder. Seeing him so calm and carefree, she didn’t have a heart to wake him. In fact, she would have been offended if there was someone else in the place of Maan, but she wanted him to just stay that way. Looking at him, Geet began to think, ‘How Innocent and nave he looked, how much pain he has kept hidden inside. How much he is suffering from childhood? I shouldn’t have angry on him. In fact, he didn’t know anything about me. He spoke unexpectedly, even apologizing for being mistaken. Why did I get so angry? That’s not done, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. ‘

In the morning, Both Maneet woke up at a same time. Geet looked at him and gave a smile. There was a beautiful mist outside. ‘How beautiful this morning is! I love this mist, the cold. Our life is similar to this one. Isn’t it?, means future things looks very charming, you can’t able see what is in front, but if you start walking, the road will be automatically found. ‘, Geet said with a charming smile on her face that swipe his heart off.

‘Do you read a lot of books? maan asked. I mean you talk exactly like that..

She looked at the Maan with a little anger. ‘sorry sorry !! I didn’t mean to say that. You are misunderstanding something. I am just saying, in fact, you just said in perfect words.’ Maan definitely doesn’t want to make her more angry.

Its ok sir, why are you explaining so much.

Are you not angry? ‘ ‘Not at all,’ Geet said and both of them laughed. Then Maan continued, ‘In fact, I also love this nature, the fog, so I like to be with every facet of nature. Every form of it is as beautiful and as loving as it is’.

‘oh.. it means, you’re in love with something.’ Geet said.

What do you mean? What is something? ‘,

‘ Nothing ‘, Geet said nothing further. ‘Hey Babaji !! What am I talking? ‘ “What do you mean, Geet speak?” He was stern this time, wanted to really know what was in her mind.

I mean, to speak the truth , seeing your nature, it does not seem to that you like something and i couldn’t imagine that something would be nature.

oh it is! but i just love nature. because he never hurt like you said, he gives everything which has. Maan said.

‘I am really very sorry !! I am getting personal once again. But, not everyone is the same. Once again, try once to believe in relationships. ” Geet said.

Maan became quiet, but he was no longer angry at Geet. Geet thought i had talk too much now, every time i thought i won’t speak more, but it always slips from my mind. Now he will yell back at me. “Sorry sir if you don’t like it, but I spoke what I thought.”

‘Cool Geet, did I say anything to you? I like your advice. Geet kept looking at him, ‘Is this Maan Sir only?’ She thought. “Yes, I am Maan only, Geet”, why should i be angry on you for everything? it is not necessary.

‘How does he know every time, what I think? Now I won’t say anything in my mind also.’ Geet thought. ‘Look, Geet, you are so innocent, so your feelings come onto your face right away. And I can read human faces. 

So it is not difficult for me to identify what is there in mind. 

‘ ‘OMG!!! This is so Dangerous Case ‘, Geet said in her mind. Maan smiled seeing her face and said, ‘There is no danger.’ 

Geet’s face was worth watching. And Maan couldn’t stop laughing seeing her state.

And Maan couldn't stop laughing seeing her state

6 thoughts on “WE NEVER KNOW EPISODE 10

  1. So the cold war between maaneet came to end with the picnic..daadi was aware of everything and arranged it…so both feel guilty for Eachother… happy that maan’s mood is chai waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Nice update.Maan says sorry to Geet.Slowly he is getting affected by geets words.May this picnic bring a change i Maans behaviour and he starts trusting relationships.

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