Wedding pheras were going’s last pheras, Kunal looked at his side, it’s still empty…his longing eyes yet again searched for her through the crowd but she was no in his sight.

He once had tried to go in her search but Riya has been so nostalgic having only him as her brother, he couldn’t leave her side from the time Geet disappeared.

But now his heart began getting restless, he feared for something and without further delay went from the place to hunt his wife.

Where she can be?? Why is she not here beside him on the first place.he knew Geet was responsible person, couldn’t neglect her any responsibilities. but then today what happened..he also going mad with the thought.

He checked his cell again and notice her msg, it was 40 minutes before.!? He cursed himself for his own negligence and now worry and rear for her safety started consuming his mind.


Maan crushed her against his broad chest, really concerned for her, are you okay?? He comb her hairs, soothing her.

Geet was in great shock, she moaned with the contact of their bare bodies, and parted instantly, she cried and tried to hide herself from him.


Maan was taken a back by her behavior although he was sure it’s coming, he cupped her face but she jerked his hands angrily, nahi. dur rahiye humse..she sobbed…I told you but you never…look..what happened..

Maan was although worried seeing her breaking down, he was angry as well, kuch nahi hua hai..he jerked her close, Suna tumne.. you are still virgin..he muttered huskily, his eyes going dark with passion as he mold her bosom in his large palms.

Geet shuddered, this time having full conscious, she jerked off his hands from her body, and hurriedly got up.

He held falling her, sambhalke Geet..

Hume Jaana hai .

It’s okay..

Hume yaha se bahar jaana hai..plz.she felt suffocated to get out of this room now which have witness their passion, her sin..

Her heart deep in great pain and suffocation, she found it merely difficult to breath even now thinking about her husband, who don’t know what would think about her, and how she will face him or the people out.

Geet, relax..he cupped her face, she was crying furiously now.

His heart sadden seeing her condition, he blamed himself somewhere for doing that to her, although she too responded but he initiated it..

I am scared..she hugged him putting her head on his chest, really scared..

Maan wrapped his arms around her shaking body, hearing her words, he got to know her kind now, his jaw tighten as he replied firmly, no one will say anything to you nor will know about it..

She looks up, at his face.

He was blown by the look she gives him,

Believe me, I won’t let any of that sort happen!! He cupped her face tenderly pecking her shivering lips, then kissed her forehead calming her.

He helped her in wearing her cloths, controlling his all urges seeing her condition,

Geet looked at his back, which was filled with her mehendi and few scratches..

I am sorry.. she muttered, so guilty

You don’t have to..he assured , taking step to walk inside shower leaving her in fear again.

He stopped suddenly while she held his palm, jaldi aaiye..

He smiled softly walking in..

As he washed off his body, there was only their passionate moments running behind his close lids, when he again heard a light banging on the door,

Suniye.. plz jaldi aaiye, Hume bahot dar lag Raha hai..

He closed the tab, wiping himself hurriedly, thinking about her, how he wished to just rush out and take her in his arms, sooth her fears and calm her down, hiding her from the whole world.

As he walked out , she couldn’t help but gaped at his bare torso, then look away, her eyes drooping in shame..shame on herself..he couldn’t bear that but thought to ignore it for now, since they don’t have much time.

As soon as both walked out, they came face to face with Kunal.

Geet almost forgot to breath, she unconsciously was about the hold maans hand but just in a moment she stopped herself.

Geet..?? Kunal was beyond shock turning his gaze to Maan, he looked quizzically at both waiting for his answers..wrong thoughts starts hovering his mind.

Kunal, hum.. she began walking up to him, leaving Maan behind, just like her heart..

فخمين _fire__hearts_️، ، ، ، - - silsilabadalterishtonka - shaktiarora - drashtidhami - silsila

Tears streaming down her cheeks, making him worried, as he cupped her face. woh hum..she don’t know what to tell him and how, she wasn’t even in her proper senses.

She was stuck in that room, the lock got stuck. Maan lied, lied only for her, or he wouldn’t scare for anyone or from anyone. But seeing her stressing so much..

Both stopped in their track, and looked at him simultaneously, Geet was numb to think more now but little fearful hearing his lie now.

It was by god’s grace, I was walking by sane corridor, I heard her shout.

Is it Jaan.. I am so sorry, Geet..he pulled her in a hug, just realized about her worn out condition seeing her state. I was busy downstairs, couldn’t come up early looking for you.. he went on explaining, drowning her in more guilt. Her whole body shook up with a sob making both alert.

Maan walked near her, having that bad urge to crush her in his arms, why the hell she is crying so much.. his fist tightened seeing kunals arms around her body, he patted her head, rubbing her back..

The same body, which he had worshiped sometime before and now he couldn’t seem to bear someone else touching her, be it her husband.

It’s enough!! He blasted making both jerked to see him.

Geet has stop crying, she hick up now making Kunal angry on Maan, it’s not the way to talk to my wife, Maan!!

Then ask her not to cry much, it only worsen her health. He glared back turning to look at Geet, who clutched kunals shirt, seeing his anger.

Geet,he is saying right, stop crying now, everything is fine. I got you!! You are safe with me, so why now those tears..hmm.!?? He gives her warm smile wiping her face that calm her down. She nodded wiping off her face, from sari pallu.

Chale. ..

She nodded walking with him, he stopped and looked at Maan, thanks a lot maan, today, you again saved my wife!! He proclaimed so possessively holding her in his arms.

Maan nodded curtly, eyeing his hold on her shoulder, she followed his gaze and shuddered badly,

Kya hua, you okay?? Kunal asked losing his hold,

Ji..I am fine.. her voice was throaty, as she look down and both walked away, from his sight..

But going little away, she glance back, when Kunal wasn’t noticing and that was her last longing gaze he had capture in his mind, after that she kept ignoring him, not coming in his sight atleast not alone,


Back to Present

(After two months of their making out night


As the evening came, Geet began to get restless again not seeing him anywhere in office. Kaha hoge..kis halat mein honge..only babaji knows,( god knows) plz babaji keep him safe, I know his anger, which burns others as well as himself also..he never thinks once before harming himself also..

Humara toh khayal bhi unhe nahi hota.. why even I am saying this, he never know about me nor about my feelings. She clutched her chest, feeling unbearable pain in her heart as she remembers their night together, she was on the boundary to lost her precious possession.losing in her emotions.

But not anymore, I have to keep away from him, whatever that may cost, be it her heart pain.

She had tried always, in those two longs months, hadn’t she?? Even he had given her much needed distance in those months then why again yesterday that has to happen. She landed in his room.


Maan was much more furious, he drank too much in anger, his ego had crushed down by the woman badly, he had bear her tantrums, ignorance..and resistance..

What does she think herself, koi Noor..ya koi pari.. I am behind her , that’s why she is showing me that much attitude.


If she want me stay away from her then fine, that what will happen now.. he crushed the glass in his palm mercilessly , his eyes burning in fury as he lash out his all anger on the girl laying below him. She moaned in pain but he could only hear Geet’s voice.

Plz leave me. The girl whimpered really bruised with his animalistic behaviour.

But those words only reminded him about her, is dizzy eyes saw her reflection in the woman, laying below and he **** her non stop.


Geet…what happened to you, pinky dash to her friend worriedly seeing her kneeling down on the floor, she was having painful expression.

Woh Maan.. Geet realized what she blurted as she looked at pinkys sudden confused expression

Nothing.. Hume ab niklna chahiye, she got up wiping her face, masking small smile, I was saying Maan sir kaha hai, we have to inform him before leave , na..

He isn’t at office today, don’t know from lunch time where does he go?? Aur tu kabse unki permission lene lag gayi Geet.. pinky asked changing the tone, she got it , that geet hiding something, her pain but she couldn’t investigate on that seeing her mood swings.

Woh bas.. you know na, I left with him, when he exits the

You are his assistant!! I know darling.. why getting so anxious..relax a look so tired.

Geet left a sigh of breath taking sit on her chair, as pinky put her hand on her shoulder, it’s nothing, I just.i was sick yesterday.and her words disappeared soon, getting flashes of him.

Then why did you come office today??

I can’t be at home without him( Maan) and with him(Kunal) she thought to herself.

Ghar rah kar kya kar lete hum..she muttered absentmindedly thinking about Maan. Itna naraaz hai humse..wapas nahi aaye abhitak.

Aaram kar leti stupid, pinky jerked her out if thoughts poking her forehead.

Geet smiled,

Atlast you smiled, muze toh laga, aaj tera crying face dekh kar hi ghar jana padega..

Pinky!! She poouted.

Dekha(look)!! Pinky pointed making her chuckle now.

Now let’s go…she held her wrist pulling her up from the chair,

But Maan sir.. woh gussa honge.

Koi na.. don’t you know he won’t come now.


You forgot about his night life..she whispered coming closer to her , making Geet stood numb on her place, she did really forgot.

mqdefault (1)

And now how much she cursed herself for doing so…




Precap :-

New entry..



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  1. Omg so they completely avoided eachother after that night happy that maan handled the situation infront of Kunal.. present started geet is missing maan now but decides to stay away from maan…and there he started his night routine…geet knowing it from pinky worried her more waiting to read more dear❤️😍

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      1. Excellent update.. Could you please tell me from which part you start narrating past I am just bit confused here…… By the way part was awesome one side geet want to stay away from maan other side she missed him… She needs to take stand for her what she want…… New entry me koi girl nahi honi chahiye 🤞

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      2. Thank you 🤗
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        About past, it’s started from chapter 3 or 4 I guess.. you see, after Diwali party , Geet stay at night in Maan’s room then next day in office she denied to go with him for lunch, that angered him , he rushed out of office, and from their past began which ended in this chapter, where Geet is worried about Maan.

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  6. They are in so much turmoil being apart from each other. She is worrying for him and he is angry on himself and her for keeping away from him. They need to be together.

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