Maan was just looking at her, but according to him, it was Geet’s mistake, and he was not used of listening others, , “Geet, don’t you think you are talking little too much?” 

Maan shouted at her.

Not much but I am talking, what is right! and why shouldn’t I speak? and why are you expecting from me? we have nothing to do, we have no relation. who are you to speak to me like this and ask anything from me? you have no right on me!

Maan became very quite. he did not even dream that he would have to listen something like that, ‘yes! it is right, who am i to you?

the thing is , sir, you have build some kind of wall around yourself, you don’t come out of that wall and not let anyone inside it either. and because of this, you have no one near your of your own! Geet as if put finger on his wounds, now he became so red in anger.

look Geet, you are crossing your limits! you have no right to speak anything. If i Have anyone or not, you don’t need to worry about that. who are you to gives me free advice? you have no right to say anything on my life. i am like this and will remain so forever. Got it? now get out, i really don’t want to talk to you.

‘I am not giving some free advice..’

Geet, just get out. i don’t want to hear a word.

i don't want to hear a word

“this is sir.. you just don’t listen.”

Geet, don’t you know what i told you.. just get lost , if you don’t leave, then don’t regret afterwards if i push you out and you know that i can..so just get lost.

Geet was very angry but could not do anything, because she knew that maan does what he says. she stepped out.

Adi saw this from the outside and immediately he went in , realizing that something definitely had happened. “what happened maan? why are you so angry? do you have any tension?”

this girl who had just came yesterday teaching me that i have no one near me.. etc.. what does she know about me? so easy talk anything, for people! my brain had stop working. i am leaving for home now, you handle the work in the office now, okay! saying so he left.

Adi also came to know now, that Geet had messed up with Maan on the thing which she shouldn’t have. now it is difficult to calm this flaming volcano. he decided to talk to Geet on this.

Adi called Geet in his cabin. Geet wonders why did Adi call her. she thought maan sir must have terminated her from work. sir what happened? i have been called? Geet asked entering inside his cabin.

come, sit down. how is you work going on?

it’s going well.

do you know why i call you?

no sir,

hmm… coming directly to the point, what did you talk to Maan, do you know he left for home. he never goes like this in office hours.

what?? Maan sir went home? but i was just explaining to him that they should not be alone, we need people around us to live and he have no one, that’s it. 

because of this so much anger? what wrong did i talk?

because of this so much anger? what wrong did i talk?

Geet, from how long you known Maan? since joining the office, yes, isn’t it? and so soon you have make an opinion also. i am his childhood friend. i know him very closely. the environment around us build the person it affect on us deeply. get it??

means.. i don’t get what do you mean exactly.

look Geet, the atmosphere in our home is very normal, very lovely.. this not happened with Maan.

means.. ?? asked Geet , her heart beating fast dreading to know further, for she dont want to listen anything bad about him.

Maan had only one person in his life, that is his Grandma, just two of them live. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was a child, after that his mother died with that shock, and since then there was no one of his.. he was raised by his Grandmother, and no relatives of his own have helped them. he never received his father’s love, or you can say, that he did not get love form anyone apart from his Grandmother. though his father is alive still he did not come to even ask how they are doing? now tell me, how can he believe in relationships and humanity after facing such an difficult time. Adi told her.

An unexpected truth had come before Geet, which she had never even imagined. Now she knew what blunder she did. OMG! “Adi sir I made a very big mistake. I was not supposed to say that.” ‘Geet, although, you have not said anything wrong, but Maan cannot understand this. let it go, you don’t think to much about it, now.but henceforth, be careful while talking… not this topic again. and don’t worry about Maan, he would be normal till next morning.’ Adi told her.

Geet came out , just muttering soft okay to him, but her attention was totally blown away, she was no more in her senses, she was lost feeling his pain, what did i say? how much hurt maan would have! he must be so hurt. she pouted her lips feeling restless suddenly thinking so. whatever, i must apologize to him.

The next day Geet arrives at the office. She looked at Maan’s cabin, he had arrived. Geet immediately went to say sorry to him. 

‘good morning sir, actually sincerely sorry for what I said yesterday. I didn’t want to say that. ‘ Geet kept talking but Maan didn’t even look at her. He was listening but ignore her. 

‘If you are done Geet, then can leave,’ he said. ‘Sir I can understand how must you are feeling’, Maan got up and approached her, Geet was scared. “What do you understand? what do you know about the feelings of child or person whom was deprived of his father’s love from childhood?

will people always be sympathetic? do you know how much it hurts? they all say that only, we can understand but no one can understand anything. These are just things to say, Geet! ‘

Geet eyes filled up, she said, 

‘No one can understand this pain more than me’ and she left. ‘Geet, wait ..’, Maan tried to stop her but she left. ‘What happened to her? And why was she saying that? No one can understand this pain more than I do? what did it mean? ‘ He had no idea what Geet had said.He had a doubt and immediately made one call , he now knew all the family background of Geet. 

“Oh my God! So Geet also don’t have father! how must be she feeling? that’s why she went out crying.” He went out looking for her.

6 thoughts on “WE NEVER KNOW EPISODE 9

  1. Aww so geet told everything in one breath and maan was hurt thankgod adi made geet understand everything and geet apologized to maan next and he hurt geet to and later got to know about her background and was worried for geet waiting to read more

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