Maan gasped realizing what she just said..his heart pain big time as he glance at her red face fill with her all miseries and pain she was going through all this time all alone.She was shivering in his arms like a leaf as if reminding all the happenings. 


Jaan…calm down…I am here now.no need to worry about anything.He assured her as if assuring himself more than her to protect her from now onwards from all the pain.Woh..woh..hume..she shiver holding him,her eyes not ready to stop tears shedding them continuously. It’s ok jaan..calm down now.he take her in his arms hugging her tight to himself. 


 His eyes started to turn red in anger and pain for putting his Jaan in so much pain.he is not gonna leave that women for sure.How could a mother can be that rude to her own child..Woh..hume. .hume…choote hai..she again started he murmuring turning hyper in her intoxication. 

Jaan…he try to calm her cupping her face in his hands. Woh…hume…choote hai…yaha…yaha..(he touch me here and here also)she again try to spoke in her worse condition wanting to tell him her all miseries today which she was going through all alone. Today she got the desirable shoulder to went out her all pain.Maan turn more shock and furious hearing her further as he saw her gesturing to her shoulders and waist. 

Geet…kaun hai woh..he turn furious on her next info as he try to asked her.Hume..achcha nahi..lagta…woh. .bahot hi…ganda. .lagta…hai .(I don’t like his touch..it’s feels disgusting and dirty)She started to rub her waist and shoulders and her body as if trying to take out his dirty touch of her step brother. He turn shock seeing her behavior but soon get that what is she doing.Jaan..he called her softly holding her hands.Geet..ruko…she wriggle to free herself.


Geet. His voice got higher scaring her as she stop dead in her track before falling in his arms crying her heart out.His heart pain to see her like that.it’s what she was going through all this days till today..and don’t know from when.Who was that person who ..he clinch his teeth as his hold tighten on her body.Don’t worry. .main hoona ab..ab tumhe darne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai geet.(I am here now.you don’t need to be scare now)She calm down  after sometime after emptying her heart infront her saheb. Geet. He called her softly and she look at him with her droopy eyes that was still moisten. 

He wiped her all face with his hanky as she keep her head on his shoulders feeling tired of everything.


He hold her closed to his heart giving solace to his heart .he led on the head post behind taking her in his arms.his hands circle her bare waist and she shiver with his touch.Maan suddenly felt something soft on his bare chest, that passes current through his whole body.His eyes turn big seeing her kissing on his chest.He turn shock,his innocent lotus doing something like this..it’s unbelievable .that bhang surely had that thing..Jaan..he utter in disbelief as he seat up right taking her along with him.Umm.hume..wo karna hai..

She pouted her lips , showing irritation lines on her forehead. Maan sat dumbfounded on his place.Kya Jaan ..he asked disbelief knowing the answer.Woh..woh…chumma(kiss)

She try to find the words forgetting his teaching some days before. What. .he didn’t get her certainly. It’s alien word to him.Geet just move close to him and peck on his lips giving him current of her shocks. Yahi karna hai hume..she giggle swinging in his arms.


MAan was just seating dumbfounded, his cheeks first time turn slight red in embarrassment because of his jaan..and her antics.But her giggles and laugh did sooth his heart.he turn happy and relax on finding her normal and happy.Achcha jaan..he pulled her in his arms clasping her waist.Muze bhi batao use kya kahte hai. (Tell me also, what that called) He asked her turning naughty with his jaan.Saheb. .aapko Ye bhi nahi bata..hume toh laga aapko..toh sab kuch..aata hai.. she reply innocently turning more childish .(You don’t know this..I thought you must be knowing all the things)Maan smile on her innocence .Nahi..jaan ..muze batao na..He urged her enjoying her innocence. (No..jaan.in don’t know this.tell me also )Use chumma kahte hai.she pouted her lips saying so lisping the words. 

images (6)

He glance at her juicy lips turning hungry to have them in his thirsty mouth .

GHSP 169_4923

Kise jaan…he again asked softly lost in her lips that were moving , chewing and doing lots of things which was making him hard with desires.Are baba ise..saying so she again place her lips on his rough ones trying to make him understand with action.And time stop for him so as her lips On him..she too felt to have them in her mouth..her body started to turn vulnerable to his touch.


She clutch his shoulders tightly in her desires inviting him.as her lips shiver on his own,unknown to herself she started to lick him softly .

Maan’s whole set on fire feeling the innocent action of his jaan.that too it’s first time she had initiate  it.How CAN HE Let GO THIS CHANCe.He JUST Take HER PETALS IN IS OWN hungrily  AND STARTED TO Kiss HER MADLY . 


To be continued. ..

Part 68

Both were kissing each other madly .she was all in the effect of bhang wanted more and more of it and he was lost in his jaan.her this innocent act had ignite big fire in him of his unsatisfied desires.
He was kissing her hungrily as if quenching his thirst from long time.

She layed down on bed taking him on her still lips glue to each other.

He broke the kiss after long-time smooching it last time. 

Maan look at her face that was all flush with her droopy eyes gigling still in the effect of bhang .

Jaan.he caressed her face lovingly seeing her innocence. He have to take her out of this bhang..it’s not good leaving her like this and he is going along with her.

Damn. .maan…he seat up near her.frustrated on his own act.how can he just forget about her condition and he was enjoying it.

Umm.saheb…hume aur chahiye…de do na..

He heard her soft murmuring. His breath stuck in his throat hearing her demand. Here he is trying to control himself and she is hell bend on breaking his control. 

But this was what always had happened. He smirk reminding there past all that happens till now.

Hume..de do na..

(Give me..)

Geet kept repeating laying giggling in her own world.whereas maan just called Dr. Shah..asking him about what to do .he said it was his friend who needed this help.

He cut the phone and look at his side to see her giggling as she look at him staring her she quickly got up and swing in his arms hanging on his neck sideways .

Hume…chumma chahiye. .she demanded again kissing him on his cheek leaving him baffled.

Jaan…he try to calm down her. She is going too much in this bhang. 

Nahi..hume..aur chahiye..she pouted her lips asking him to kissed her.

He just closes his eyes tight to control himself.

Geet..tum yahi raho I will just come.

She make a face..

Maine kaha Main bas abhi aaya tum yahi baitho. .

Nahi. Aap kahi nahi Ja rahe..she demanded like a stubborn child holding him tight on his becieps. 

Geet..Main tumhe wo de dunga ..just seat here jaan.muze abhi jane do. He finally get the idea to leave himself .

She frown ..woh kya. .but suddenly giggles. 

Aap hume chumma bhi de doge na..she ask in excitment. 

He stammer first time in his life before his jaan and because of her only..

Ha..mai. ..main…de dunga  .Tumhe YAHI BAITHO THIK HAI.

SHE Nodded QUICKLY IN Excitement TO GET HER Chumma(Kiss )

He Came Up With A Glass Of Lime Juice And Look For Her But She Was Nowhere To Be SEEN . He kept the glass on side table.


When suddenly he felt her behind and..

Pakad liya..( finally Catch you)

She hang on his neck from behind making him to bend backwards .

Jaan..he called out to her softly seeing her childishness.

She came infront him pouting. 

Aap kaha chale gaye the.humne aapko bahot dhoondha. 

(Where we’re you had gone,into find you everywhere..)

Her eyes turn moist.he can’t bear it as he hug her tightly to himself .she hug him back with same intensity there was fear inside her of his leaving. 

Soon his hands came on a contact of her bare back and he just groan in frustration as he remember her state. She was just in her skirt and blouse prices that hiding nothing bt revealing too much. 

Jaan ..came out of hug he made her seat on the bed covering her with blanket .

Hume yeh nahi chahiye ..she take off the blanket from her body much to his annoyance. 

Geet..he again try to cover her.

Hume nahi chahiye..humne kaha na..bahot garami hai.

Geet …his voice turn high and stern as he made her wrap it on her all body .

She make a face on him silently seating there.

Yeh lo..jaldi se pilo.he order her in same tone to which she gulp it one go silently angry on his rude behaviour. 

He got up Nd went to washroom to make warm water for her to take shower so that she can be out of this bhang. 

As he came out he saw her still seating there in grumpy mood with blanket still on.

He shook his head on her childishness as he came near her.

Chalo geet..he hold her hand but she snap it..turning her face away.

Geet ..meri baat nahi sunogi 

(Will not you listen to me)

He asked her lovingly to which she just got up and goes with him towards washroom slightly stumbling on her steps .

He support her inside washroom and made her stand under hot water shower that was cascading down on both of them.

Aahh ..she scream little before coming out of it..

Yeh kya hai..saheb .hume nahi jana..yeh to bahot garam hai.

(What is this..i will not go there.it’s too much hot)

Maan just huff in frustration on her behaviour as he comb his wet hairs back.

He pulled her angrily inside shower again angrily .now it’s going on his nerves.

She maybe will fall sick with this condition of hers as she was not use the this on that .staying in shower for long time that is not good..

Umm.hume chodiye..aap bahot bure hai…

She started to bang on his chest with her small fist as her eyes turn moust. 

Jaan. .stay here with me sometime he hold her from her waist her blanket was off and she was all drench just know her skirt and blouse making his condition worse.

His hands stared to rub her bare waist .geet stop in her act and shiver with his touch.

Her hands goes on his neck caging him in her arms she hugged hm tight.

Geet…he groan in his desires clinching her tight to himself he almost pick her up in his arms burying his face in her neck.

Its was almost 15 minutes both were lost in passion. He was kissing her madly on her bare upper body and she was moaning continuously giving him access. 

Atlast he take her wet lips in his mouth to satisfy his raw desires.

He kiss passionately where as she respond to him trying to match his passion. Her  small nails scratch on his neck .

He wince in her mouth before coming out of it.

Gosh. ..he have to take her out and here he goes again in his passion. 

He leave her softly unclasping his lips from her and saw her face that was all flush and eyes closed taking shower.

He stand there for 2 minutes staring her where as she started to feel the water blocking her eyes.her hands caressed on her arms and she look around in little confusion before she look at him and her eyes got bigger in shock.

Saheb. .she gasped..


  1. Hurray geet told all her miseries of life…maan was hell worried for her and was angry on the person who made it worse…their passionate moment and this innocent geet was so cute maan is trying to bring out her from bangh effect and controlling his desires more… waiting to read more ❤️😘

    Liked by 1 person

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