Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 12

Geet was dumbfounded, but soon found his lips moving softly on her, he was licking her lips like a kid.

Geet is so sweet & soft.. he murmured on her lips making her blush furiously.

She pulled apart pushing him back slightly, naughty baby.. she showed him her big eyes slapping his cheek playfully.

He kept gaping her pouting his lips while one hand holding cheek, making her chuckle.

Oh are so cute..she pulled his cheek making him smile.


Later at night, Geet was ready, she was sent to Maan’s room to take him down.

She walked inside only to frown seeing him sitting on the bed playing with his new set of cloths in hands, one hand held out because it was bandage.

She got the clue, feeling bad for his condition, she walked near him.

Maan.. kya hua baby?? Although she knew the reason but began the conversation kneeling before him.

Maans hand bandaged..Maan can’t change to new cloths. He pouted making her smile.

Is it?? Then what would be done now?? She makes a face like thinking making him do like her as well

She chuckled, yeah Maan got an about Geet help Maan today..


Muchhi..she pinch his nose.

As she removed his shirt, the sight greeted her taken her breath away. His body was the sight of curvaceous art as if..

Wow.. Maan you do exercise daily!?? She was surprised asked him rubbing her palm on his chisel chest.. then looked up at him, he shuddered making her took back her hand, she was highly embarrassed realizing what she did.

Yes, Maan do push ups everyday..his chirping voice distracted her again and she began putting new shirt on him taking care of his hand, while he held her bare waist possessively with one fine hand, she felt ticklish.. and broke into giggle making him laughed out aswell.

maan.. stop it..she spoke out in between laughter.

he wouldn’t stop, he continued teasing her with his one hand, seeing her looking extraordinary beautiful with her free laughter.

if you wont stop then how will I help you honey? she pouted and that worked. he didn’t teased further but held her tight , she sighed and made him wear his kurta.. followed by other clothing.. 

Once done, she couldn’t helped but admired his full smile , the happiness clearly reflecting through his eyes. He was absolutely looking stunning.

She gelled his hairs back which suit his personality, and giggled with satisfaction for her great work.

Maan kept watching her then his own reflection in the mirror.

Do you like yourself!!! She chirp up from behind, then looking both of their image in the mirror.

He nodded promptly, then kept shaking his head making her laugh out, stop it!! She jerked his forehead, slapping there.


Both descended down the staircase, walking towards the puja hall, everyone gasped with the sight, they were looking absolutely perfect together, and then girls can’t stop drooling on him.

Geet raised up her invisible collar, giving girls victorious smirk,

Wow, Geet..he looks amazing..

Yes beta, god bless you, dadi had wet eyes as she patted her head lovingly then cupped Maan’s face, kissing his forehead. You looked handsome son!!

Sachi, Dadima

Yes , off course son, why would I lie to my grandchild..she caressed his cheek.

Dekha Geet, Maan looking handsome.

Offcourse Maan, you look best from all others in here.

Girls glared her as they know where she is indicating..

Maan, touch Dadi’s feet & take blessings from her, Geet ordered & Maan followed like a obedient kid.

Dadi looked so overwhelmed, she didn’t let him bend but engulfed her grandchild in her embrace. 

God bless you, she blessed both of them turning to look at Geet who was having proud smile on her face. 

It was the first time Maan was not violent but behaving nicely like sweet & loving kid in the gathering. She couldn’t help but bless Geet from the bottom of heart, sent silent thank through her eyes to her. 

Dadima, don’t not be senti now.. Geet hugged from other shoulder, she engulfed both while Maan’s hands came in a contact of her bare back, he caressed it unconditionally feeling her softness, next her eyes pop out, feeling his palm pressing her bosom from side.

She quickly pulled back, gazing him, he was still in his Dadi arms unaware of the thing he just did. 

She shook her head & self thought, he is just a kid Geet..

Now Geet, ask your friends to touch my feet, 

What!!!! Everyone’s eyes pop out..her friends fuming on Maan while Geet giggled out.

Why baby.. Geet played along giving smirk to her friends including Annie who was bewildered by her brothers demand.

Because Maan is big from all..come and take Maan’s blessings..he was stubborn.. couldn’t let go he thing..and at the end girls have to bend to his stubbornness.

Her friends cursed Geet silently, while Annie was really enjoying her brothers antics and friends irriatation.

All did the puja, with Maan tailing behind Geet, as she was doing aarti taking the lead as per dadi’s demand. and he too joined her in the puja. Dadi silently admired the couple, and prayed for them.

Geet fed him the sweets which was offering to the goddess, he almost sucks her fingers making her shudder in unknown pleasure,

Maaann.. she moaned , her eyes turning dark with passion as she wiped off his lips, playing with them more than necessary time.

Geet, aur do na.. ( give me more)

She was pulled back from her sinful thoughts , I will just bring, stay here.


After few days,

That night, he was again playing violin, Geet couldn’t help but walked up to him on the terrace, like hypnotized by his tune..she was itching to play it now by herself, would he allow her but..and most of all, will he teach her.

Maan.. she touched his arm pulling him back from his lost state, as he stop playing and looked at his beautiful doll, as she stood their with her small curls playing with the widen touching her rosy cheeks and lips, decked up in beautiful fabric.

Maan, will you teach me also.. I want to play it too..she was really eager, raised up on her toes hopeful he would say yes.

Maan will teach his doll.. he said out promptly happy with the thought, that he will be helpful to someone and that someone was non other than his barbie doll.

Doll?? Now that was new for her, she frowned pouted looking at him quizzically.

Maan’s barbie doll, he pulled her cheeks like she does to him.

Maan, leave me, she giggled..

You are so soft doll.. he pinch her cheeks, his hands moving down on her neck.

Maan..she moaned closing her eyes, as his fingers went down feeling her softness, trying to find her softness more, he touched her cleavage, making her shudder, she moaned and pushed herself more closer to him,

Tune o rangeele kaisa jaadu kiya

Tune o rangeele kaisa jaadu kiya

Piya-piya bole matwaala jiya

Tune o rangeele kaisa jaadu kiya

Piya-piya bole matwaala jiya

She was breathless, her heart beating manically, craving for his touch and something more, he was playing with her bosom underneath while her nipples harden in reaction.

He cupped her curves, they melting in his warm palm, she shuddered and hugged him tightly, Maan…

Baahon mein chhupaake ye kya kiya, o re piya

Tune o rangeele kaisa jaadu kiya

Piya-piya bole matwaala jiya

He was taken a back but hugged her back clueless about the feelings she was arousing in him.

Doll..he murmured scared a bit and hugged her more tight, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

You are so soft and warm.. he whispered, planting kisses on her neckline, then going down, unconsciously.

Maan…her condition worsen but she had pulled herself apart, knowing where this heading to.

She cupped his face, he was all sweaty in cold air, making her look worried for her, you go to sleep, it’s late..she wiped his face lovingly but he held her hand, placing kiss on her palm.

She shuddered in response and pulled apart, I am also going to sleep, good night maan. she turned to go hurriedly but he held her wrist, her heart beating faster and faster , anticipating his next move.

Maan want to teach his doll violin. He said in low voice, fighting with those unknown desires, as he hugged her from behind, burying his face in her hairs, sniffing her scent.

Paas bulaake gale se lagaake

Tune to badal daali duniya

Naye hain nazaare, naye hain ishaare

Rahi na wo kal waali duniya

Geet was breathless, she really had no clue, what is happening, why does he even reacting like that, but she knew well, she is the one who started it at first.

it’s okay..we will do it some other time. She whispered, biting her lips, feeling his hands wrapping around her tummy, he was hoping to touched her more, enjoy her softness and warmth, so he blurted out, No..Maan want to do it now..

What..she quivered as he turned her briskly next she found him taking up his instrument in hands, giving her smile, let’s play it together.

Maan will enjoy!! He grabbed her hand, pulling her in his arms, embarrassing her from behind.

Geet was lost now, she stay like a doll in his huge arms while he started directing her movements, so softly & easily playing with instrument, holding her hand.

Both find it difficult at first, he began to get frustrated, thik se karo na doll..he huffed

She was frustrated as well, first of all fighting with overflowing emotions , controlling them…she tried to pull out but his hold was tighten, he not like her moving away from him.

Maan leave me . She struggle turning in his arms

No..Maan won’t let his doll go..he was stubborn, eyes turning passionate,

She was frightened seeing his possessiveness, she tried wriggling but in vain, finally feeling tired she put her head on his chest,

Alright, let us sit atleast, I am really tired.

Okay..he said and she looked up sighing in relief that he atleast listen to her but it was for a short while as next she fund herself being lifted by him.

She was so shocked with his move…

to be continued….


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22 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 12

  1. Wow yar finally an update! And it was soo beautiful. Maan being innocently cute and Geet getting attracted to him even physically now. He is already smitten so badly by her. Want to see what happens next eagerly waiting for the hot update as well as the future of the story I am so curious to kno where this goes

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  2. Lovely 🌹 awesome πŸ’“ and passionate 🀩❀️ part ☺️.Geet can’t control herself.somtime I feel is maan really like this πŸ₯° thank you 😊

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  3. Wowwww…. finally u updated this one…i was waiting for so long to see innocent baby maan…i was missing him😍😍😍
    U r so great dear…u portrayed their feelings so perfectly…i loved it how maan is attracted towards Geet but confused about what this attraction is…
    Lol… everyone touched maan’s feetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Superb awesome update….
    Finally he gave a masterstroke to her friends, absolutely they were shocked and also have to do as he wanted,that was priceless,and the growing chemistry between maan and geet is 😍, eagerly waiting for further story… Good going…Take care…β™₯

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  5. I just luv the update
    Maaneet bonding is getting intense nd hot
    Maan to aisi aisi harkat kr rha h jisse dek k koi nhi keh skta ki maan ko screw dhila h πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I have a doubt ki maan thik h ya………
    Geet bhi react krti h πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Maan apni doll ko violin teach karega 😜😍
    M sure nxt update will hot hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Waiting for nxt

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  6. Woow u finally did update this was missing it…I loved the way maan obey his doll and dress beautiful for pooja everyone were drooling on him…maan is not leaving geet for a minute..violin scene was lovely passionate scenes are coming up cannot wait to read do update regularly if possible dear❀️

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  7. Nice update n maan is so cute n innocent n he didn’t understand what he is doing but he likes her n geet is also attract towards maan n both are comfortable with each other n thnxx for pm me

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