His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 65-66


Part 65
Both were lost in each other.he had literally pulled her blouse down opening her knot despite her futile protests. Was showering her bare body with his wet and hungry kisses that’s when she heard voice of someone’s steps.

She gasped opening her eyes wide.someone coming this way and here saheb is all lost in her.
Saheb..she try to called him who was all lost in the beauty of his lotus.she again try wriggling in his arms and he brought back to his senses .
look at her at the same time he heard footsteps. As a reflex he make quick move pulling her behind the pillar where there romance was on before sometime.
He felt her shiver in his arms as he saw the person coming.it was his mom.he looked at her scare face as his hands caressed her face lovingly which pale with fear as sweat drops were all over face.
Jaan.don’t worry.wo chali gayi hai.
Saheb..she murmur in great fear for her .it’s sometime before only she had asked  her about her going.she felt as if she is cheating her .it’s hurt her innocent heart.as few tears rolled down her chubby cheeks that was colored .
Jaan..please..why are you getting this much scared..he hug her in his arms.
Wo..yeh..sab…she try to talk but he quit her ..shhh. .jaan..it’s ok…calm down now..he patted her head lovingly. 
He made her saree neat controlling his desires seeing her face.
With one kiss on her forehead they come out in lawn from where he goes towards his room and she goes where dadima was sitting in other lawn where party was still on full swing.
Are bete aap toh pure rang main rang gayi hai.
(You have fully colored now)
Geet’s cheeks turn red remembering there moments and dadima had before hand got it but behave as of she don’t know.
She is all happy to find out that her lotus gets the chance  to play in colors and she us proud of her grandson today to giving this happiness to geet.
Geet seating sometime with dadima stand to fetch some water to her burning throat .
Here on the other hand Rajeev was all lost in the color party busy in playing with his friends. annie had gone to her friends place as always.
Geet goes in that direction unknown of the danger.his friends saw her and thought to play with gaw ki gori (beauty of village/village girl)
They got the glass of bhang from the table and make there way towards her unknown to Rajeev. 
Hey girl…want some. ..they gesture her with the glass.
Geet at first shiver with there advance and there look that was full of colors looking scary .
She thought them to be good maybe seeing Rajeev there,thinking  that of water she took that .
But as soon as she saw the white color she make her face. .
Yeh kya hai…she asked confused. .
The boys laugh seeing her innocence and got to know she is unknown of this.
Rajeev come there in intoxication of bhang .
Hey sleeping beauty. What’s up..you are in fully colour..he commented seeing her look.
Geet started to felt uncomfortable there she try to go but one of the boy hold her hand preventing her from leaving. 
Geet gasp in great fear.
Ji.humara hath chodiye..she pleaded in her innocent voice.
Nahi..babe it’s just started now.
Rohan leave..her now. .Rajeev fume in anger to see the scene.
His friends leave her seeing him angry.it’s fist time they are seeing him fuming this much.and it’s this girl.
They don’t wanted to upset there friend aswell on holi party.so they leave her aswell leaving little far from them enjoying in there own colors play. 
S.B. are you fine now..he asked her genuinely concern for her.
Hmm.she nodded silently started to leave from there along the glass.
And without her notice she drank it all in one go in her burning thirst.
S. B.where are you going. Let’s play some colors na..with me also..he stop her as hold her hand.
Geet on the other hand started to felt dizzy in the effect of bhang .
He pulled her along with him to play in the party. .
Nahi..hume nahi..aana..hume chodiye. .
She try to struggle in his hold but he didn’t let her go instead pull her in his arms.
Hume. .chodiye…hume aapke sath nahi khelna. She started to bang on his chest fibelly. Swinging a little…he looked at her innocent face pouting lips…as he caressed her cheeks keeping her curls behind her ears. 
You have to play with me..also…lets start..
And he got the color in his hands and brought his hand forwards to apply on his sleeping beauty but his hands got stuck in between by the hold of his brother. .
Maan stared at him with his eyes spitting fire on him.his hold becoming tighten and tighten on his hands making him wince in pain.
He leave geet instantly making her fall in maan’s arms..
To be continued. … Evil Smile


Maan was burning in pure rage to see the scene .it was his jaan in his brother’s clutch and she is pleading him to let her go but he didn’t. 
He stormed towards them in great fury and hold his hands before that reach his jaan.he clutch his hold tighten on his hand making him wince in pain.
Aah ..bro..Rajeev look at his angry bro swinging in his intoxication. It’s hurt him more in this bhang. 
Geet fall in his arms feeling dizzy aswell .
Saheb. ..dekhiye na …Rajeev ..Saheb. .hume jabardasti …kar rahe …hai..
(Look..Rajeev saheb is forcing me..)
She pouted cutely looking at him.her eyes droopy. 
Maan look at her feeling worried at her change of persona. .it’s different her behavior. 
Unke sath rang khelne ke liye...she completed the sentence
(To play holi/colours with him)
 complaining him about Rajeev. 
Hey..sleeping beauty. .lets play na.
From behind Rajeev called her again .maan darted angry glare on him.how dare he calling her again in front him.



Geet clutch on maan’s shirt more tightly holding it as she hided herself in his chest.nodding in negative in his chest itself she said him..
Nahi..hume..nahi aana..
(No.i will not come)
Maan hided herself in his arms more as he look angrily all around him.all bunch of boys .his friends  (Rajeev’s friends who were before sometime teasing her offering her bhang )
Its all intoxication with colors .who give them damn permission to come in  his property and do this dirty play.
He just ignoring all crowd around bring her out from there taking her in his arms.

He heard her murmuring something in his neck as her face was hided there. Her soft petals was rubbing to his burning skin which she was unknown to doing sweet torture with him.he look at her face as she look at him with that droopy eyes of hers.
Hume Nahi JaNA . .Aap Sun RAHE HAI Na.
he look at her with great concentration getting the fact that she had drank that damn bhang.
Who dare to make her drink that.
Saheb. .aap Sun RAHE hai na.
she clutch his shirt tight to make him listen to her.
Ha..Geet..I am listening. Jaan.he reply softly knowing her condition.
Phirse woh angrezi. .
she make a face wriggling in his arms.
ha main sun raha hoon..tum kaho.
he assured her softly getting amuse at her behavior but it’s all that intoxication of bhang. He have to handle her with caution now.
hum kya kahe..
she make confused face as he made her seat in the bed in his room.
kuch nahi..jaan.he reply in huff at her turning questions .

kuch nahi ..kaise…hume toh kahna hai..she argue with him making pouting face.
hume. .hume nahi JaNA ..she turn suddenly sad making crying face. Jaan..kya hua.he turn worried for her .
he thought she was saying about Rajeev.
But here it’s something different going inside her mind as her dizzy mind take her towards her home that living hell with few words she utter to him now.
hume nahi jana…waha. ..maa…hume...she tried to speak with her current condition. .
ha jaan..bolo…main Sun raha hoon.he urged her to speak further as he got that she was talking about her home or living hell.
hume nahi..JaNA. .she repeated like small child making him frustrated to hear more.
ha tumhe nahi..jana…tumhari Maa..
he make her remember her words wanted to know her all miseries and secrets of her life.
maa..she turn frantic ..so much fearful..to remember all the torture ..
her face turn red as tears started to flow like river.


jaan..he gasp seeing her condition. .as take her in his arms .geet clutch him tightly for her dear life fearing someone may take her away from him.she hided in his arms as her tears wet her neck.
its all right.jaan .calm down..now..
he patted her head softly. He don’t want to give her pain making her remember this.
Woh ..hume…bahot marte hai..
(she beaten me so much)
she murmur in her intoxication state.
he heard her soft murmur, didn’t get what she is saying he make her face him.
Woh hume..bahot marti hai…
(she beaten me so much)
and her words take his breath away..

6 thoughts on “His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 65-66

  1. Ohh Rajeev stay away from her … she’s ur bhabhi u idiot….hayee Geet is such a cute drunk…. finally Maan came to know about geet’s evil mother… waiting to see MSK in action 🤩🤩🤩

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  2. Woww lovely Rajeev friends thought to harass geet but Rajeev saved but he himself want to play with her on holi geet feeling uncomfortable..maan possessive munda came to save his geet..she being in bang effect told her life miseries which shocked maan waiting to read more

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