After talking with Geet, Maan was relax, more than that he was happy hearing that he will be coming to the office tomorrow. and he started working with relax mind. Geet was a little surprise after getting Maan’s call. but now a day Maan’s behavior ha changed., and she was definitely relived with it.

Geet felt fresh today, had some weakness but felt much better today than the last two days. and since Maan’s call had come, it seemed to be even better.

She was just leaving for the office, when sam came, i will drop you to the office today!

I can go on my own.

yeah, you are feeling good today only.. in fact there is no need for you to go to office today, but you won’t listen! and i will not let you go alone, Sam was not ready budge knowing his sis.

but while coming back, we face problem, you have class and we don’t get anything sooner from there, Geet pouted.

then maan will drop you back home

what do you mean? Maan will drop , why will he? 

said Geet.

now you know that!!

all right, don’t eat my head, let’s drop me off quickly. Sam leaves Geet in office and he found Maan right there in the parking lot.

how are you Geet?

Fine sir!

hi sam, what are you doing here?

i had come to drop sis, sam smiled greeting him back.

yeah!! you did it good!

Sam left from there biding them bye.

let’ s go Geet!

Geet nodded and both entered inside the office. Adi saw both of them walking together in office. he immediately followed Maan into his cabin. ‘what the hell.. have you turned some pickup drop facility? i know, you had went to leave her at home day before yesterday, brought her along with you today. so, what exactly are you doing?

“Look, he didn’t having her vehicle that day and how he would go late alone, so i dropped her that’s it! and today also i hadn’t gone to pick up her. she met me below. done..?? Do i do my work now? or do you still have questions?

Maan was so frustrated with this explaining things.. he hated to do so,, but then it was Adi, his friend, only person to whom he did so.

I will see you later but something is really wrong, boss! leave it, he won’t tell anything, i will do my job, thought Adi looking at his friend and went to do his own work.


Maan was really taking good care of Geet since the morning. he even called her two to three times and even gave her less work today. Geet feels a little overwhelmed by getting such special treatment.

at the lunch break, Geet was in no mood to eat anything but Sasha was urging her to eat. but Geet was not listening to her. Just then Maan arrived there, what is this Sasha, what time pass you are doing? have your lunch quickly and got back to work!

sir, I am have been telling her from long while, to have a quick meal but she’s not listening to me at all.

Geet, don’t you want to eat?

I really don’t want to eat at all. Sasha, plz go!

why don’t you want to eat? have your lunch fast! and you wont go out of this canteen until you finish it, got it!?

Maan gives her one stern look, will not you listen your boss’s order?sir but!? before she could he stop her in the middle and said, Geet I do not like, listening to any reasons. Geet’s face fell, Sasha controls her laugh seeing her pouting face, do you want to eat or not now?

geet was really angry on sasha at this moment, let’s just have a lunch. 

Geet makes an irritated face, with her cute pout and they sat down to have lunch.

Sasha told everyone about the whole fiasco that how Maan orders Geet to have lunch. Rajiv said, overall your boss cares about you. sasha told him, then.. all the girls in the office have a crush on him, it’s not just like that! he is basically great.

don’t praise him so much, his anger can flare up anytime, said Geet making faces.

yes, that’s right, said sasha.


At evening, Geet was just about to leave the office, just then she heard his voice, he called her, Geet, how are you going? have sam come to picks you?

Geet was startle, she composed herself and answered him, no, he has a class. he won’t come, i will go.

oh wait then, i am also leaving, i will drop you.

Geet knew, she have to agree with him today for it was good for her own, she went along with Maan.

Today, Maan did not put the AC on. Geet did notice it, she turned happy, realizing he did it for her. she was loving these little things of him. somewhere in her mind, those little worries of him which seemed to unnoticed though, touching her deep, her heart flutter, soft smiled touched her lips as she stole few glances at him.

Maan is really like a jack fruit! only from outside looks tough and hard ( thorny). she said in her mind. just then, Maan’s phone rang. he just said, coming and keep the phone down. then he said to Geet, Geet sorry! but without dropping you to your house we have to first visit Khurana mansion, is it okay? it’s a little urgent so,

It’s okay sir, if you can, leave me here, i can easily go from here, and it’s not that much late now, we left early from office today, i will go.

no no.. it will take only 10 minutes, just tell me, you won’t be late, will you?

no, nothing like that.. but…

come on then, now not buts or ifs..

and he turned the car over to go to KHURANA MANSION.

and they reach before the huge gates of the Khurana Mansion. the gates opened by security. Geet, her breath hitch in her throat as she continue to gap at the huge magnificent mansion of Maan sir.

maan sir, your mansion is so beautiful, Geet confessed innocently making maan smiled at her.

he quickly got out of the car and rushed inside mansion, Geet followed him silently upstairs as he reach up to his Dadima’s room.

Geet stood at the doorstep not knowing what to do, as maan seem to forgot about her at the moment he ran inside mansion. she sees Maan sir so worried for his grandma, she looked at the old lady laying in half position on the bed and doctor was checking her.

she smiled softly seeing this caring side of her rough and tough boss, he was holding dadi’ hand and getting the details about her health from the doctor, Dadi was making cute faces and blabbering something to maan and then doctor, which makes Geet giggle out, that’s when all three look back at her, she turned alert and stops her giggling.

Geet, come here, Maan called her, she went in, Geet, meet my Dadima ( Grandma), CEO of KC and she runs NGO.

Geet gives her sweet smile touching her feet she takes her blessing which left all three surprise with her sweet gesture, Dadima was already floored with her sweet attitude and beauty. she gives look to her Grandson who was busy in staring at Geet lovingly for her sweet gesture, it was broken by his grandma’s voice who bless Geet lovingly patting her head.

Dadima, this is Geet, just now had joined the office, she works under me. they both looked at each other and smiled.

they both looked at each other and smiled

bete, come here.. why are you standing? Dadi asked to come near her and sit, Doctor left from there giving maan medicine strip for dadi and few instructions.

geet sat beside dadi, both quickly gel up because of their jovial and bubbly nature. Maan was watching them and he smiled seeing them lost in their own world forgetting about him. he sat on the other side of dadi just listening to both ladies.

dadi, what happens to you? why doctor was here, and maan sir brought me here! geet asked all questions rapidly.

it's nothing new dear, my BP problem, nothing much, my grandson loves to trouble me, so he brings doctor for me , because he knew i hate it

it’s nothing new dear, my BP problem, nothing much, my grandson loves to trouble me, so he brings doctor for me , because he knew i hate it. Geet was listening her sincerely that Maan and Dadi broke into laughter seeing her face.

oh Geet, don’t take her words seriously, she is real devil, maan smiled seeing her innocence.

Geet pouted first realizing the folly and broke into sweet laughter along with Dadi.

he always checks with the doctor personally about my medicines and all things about my health for he loves his Dadima so much! Dadi told her lovingly.

Geet gives Maan smile, her respect for Maan increased in her heart getting to know this new side of him.

Chapter 8

Maan must be yelling at you too much, hai na? Dadima suddenly asked, Geet looked at her startle not knowing what to speak, ‘you don’t pay attention, he is just like that.’ dadi told Geet, eyeing Maan, knowing her grandson well. Geet just said yes.

What is it, Geet! what are you saying, do I get angry?

Geet gulped hard hearing Maan’s stern voice this time. now she was in good trouble.

Dadi and Maan looked at her and smiled, ‘relax Geet, oh dear, look at her face,’

Sir.. you too.. Geet make faces seeing their teasing her again, in between all this, Geet realized she has been late today. Geet said to them, OMG! it’s too late, i want to leave. mom will be waiting for me.

all right, dear! it was nice meeting you, come back again to meet me, bete!

all right, dear! it was nice meeting you, come back again to meet me, bete!

Dadi told her lovingly giving her warm smile.

yes, will surely will come to see you dadi, saying so Geet peck her cheeks lovingly and rushed out quickly leaving both maan and dadi dazzled and shock with her gesture.

awe.. my sweet child, son,bring her back! dadi told maan who came back to senses hearing his dadi, he just shakes his head in yes giving her small smile, he also left to drop geet at her home.


what a wonderful job dadima does, geet speaks excitedly referring to her NGO work as both walked towards maan’s car.

i mean, i feel really proud of the women who runs such NGOs, geet said making maan smile, he was adoring her without his own notice.

yes, she loves to do this work, maan was talking about his dadi endlessly. from this Geet realized that how much he loves his grandma, he didn’t mention anyone else in his talk and Geet didn’t even ask him about the rest of the family member. He drop Geet at her home and came to mansion.

you came dropping Geet to her home?? what a sweet girl she is, isn’t she? maan just said yes.

maan, i am talking to you,

dadi argue seeing her son's behavior

dadi argue seeing her son’s behavior.

look dadima, i don’t judge people so quickly and she had just came yesterday. having said that, he left. but his concern about geet did not escape her old mother eyes.

maan now started to think, ‘ I have no reason to be so caring and affectionate about her. also i still don’t know her properly. and we have no relation, even though i have no belief in any relations or relationships. because i have faced only betrayal in every relationship. if Geet also will be like this, no!! i do not want to involve with anyone.

Geet was feeling really good after meeting with Maan’s dadi at his home. maan is not really like other guys. how responsible and caring he is. he got a lot more at a very young age. but he not tough as he looks.

Geet was intelligent with beautiful looks that she had received many proposals at the time of her college

Geet was intelligent with beautiful looks that she had received many proposals at the time of her college. but she had kept herself away from all this, and now she was knowing it that she is getting too much involve with maan. but somewhere she started to loved it.

today, Maan come to office, deciding to himself, no matter what, i should keep Geet away. Geet came to office. she went to Maan’s cabin, Adi was also there.

she wished maan a good morning but he did not reply. he almost ignore her. and as he was looking into laptop, Geet thought he did not hear she she wish him again.

He almost shouted at her, don’t you know Geet, if you did not get any response, the person at the front must be busy in work, you should not disturb!

sorry sir, i thought you didn’t hear me!

you may feel anything, but can’t you see i am busy!

Maan chill!! how much you are getting angry! Adi stopped him in the middle and said to Geet, Geet, go out, start you work, Adi sent her out.

what is it, maan? what are you doing? why did you shout at her? and what important work you are doing? just checking mails from how long! just get angry at anything! what mistake she did? if you have uttered just few words nicely, nothing wrong ha...

what is it, maan? what are you doing? why did you shout at her? and what important work you are doing? just checking mails from how long! just get angry at anything! what mistake she did? if you have uttered just few words nicely, nothing wrong have happened!

look, Adi, she is junior here. i am the boss here, i will see how to talk with her, you don’t come between, got it?

till yesterday how much you were taking care of her, even went to drop her at her home. she did not come to office, so you were restless, and you shouted at her today, how must be she is feeling?

whatever she may have felt, I don’t care. maan said.

you know maan, what is your problem, you never trust anyone, you never start any relationship in the fear of betrayal. not everyone are same, maan!

look Adi, please, don’t give me lecture on this topic early morning. already we have been talking about this topic many times, no matter how much you say, my opinion is not going to change. So stop this topic here and you should start your work and let me do mine. Well, leave now. ‘ Adi had a habit of dealing with this behavior of Maan. so He left. As he passed by, he looked at Geet, and he felt sorry for her.

Geet was angry with Maan, ‘how nice he was behaving till last night.. what happened suddenly today? and what was my mistake, yelling at me without reason, she pouted angrily talking to herself. But then that care .. that affection .. what was that? that was true maan or he..?? but how much loves his dadima, they way he look after his grandma, behave with her, that maan at that time is completely different. so why he is like this form outside.

it was my mistake, i thought so much about him. But not now, I’ll just focus on my work now! ‘

Maan was feeling bad for shouting at geet like this, but he had decided that no matter what, he would not get involve.

Infact Adi was saying nothing wrong, not everyone are same! but then i shouldn’t’..!!

Maan was hoping somewhere, Geet would come back and talk to him, but she did not do anything like that, and he was getting angry on her this behavior.

Geet was very practical that she made herself normal again quickly. She used to be happy with everyone around, laughing and smiling always. this went on for two three days. Geet was showing a very normal from outside but somewhere she felt that maan would say sorry. but nothing like that happen.

on the other side, maan was getting hurt with Geet’s behavior . how can she be unaffected, nothing matters to her, just once, she would have try talking to me. why am I expecting even? it doesn’t matter to her. maan was being annoyed with this things more, he was becoming more irritating.

Geet’s work was done, she came to maan’s cabin to check it out. he was shouting at her pointing out her small mistakes. Geet, however had became habitual to this behavior of Maan.

Maan was expecting that, she would say something at least once, but Geet was just listening silently.

Now maan shouted at her, does it matter to you?

sir, there will be mistakes in my work, form next time i won’t do!

So you do not really know what I am talking about?

asked Maan.

Now Geet went out of control, I don’t know, I really don’t know what you are talking about, without any reason getting angry on me, what is my mistake? Why do you yell at me all the time?

What’s wrong did i do with you? I do not really know this. When you have a good mood, you will speak nice to me, when your mood will be bad, went out your anger on me. what does it mean?

Maan just kept gaping at her with his mouth opened slightly for he had never imagine that Geet would speak something like this.

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  1. Nice update.Maan actually liked geet but seeing betrayal in relationships he had he is not ready to accept his liking towards geet.Hope Maan changes his opinion

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  2. Woww superb so maan took geet to visit his daadi too I loved this Caring side of maan…so he decided to maintain distance with geet and hurt her to when she reciprocates same he is disturbed…I loved this geet who pour out her angry too waiting to read more ❤️😘

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