Maan and geet came down at where the holi party was going on. Dadima just admired the couple coming towards her.whereas boys or men continue to ogle at her and girls/ women was burning in there jealousy to see her beauty beside that she was coming with the MSK.

You became too much late, son.dadima commented finding them near.geet was so nervous to look even upwards.


Dadima I don’t like this all, then why do you even called me. Maan turn irritated looking at the party going on or more precisely the dirty gazes at his lotus.he wanted to hold her protectively in his arms claiming her as his  there by telling everyone that she is his and no one had the right to even look at her way.he was going to do that even but sumitra came on the right time to stop his act.

Dadima sigh in great relief fearing for his hurried act as she saw his hands stopping on its way away from her waist.he was just going to grabbed geet from her waist in his furious state.

What happened to my son, why he is looking angry and how did you come down for the color party. sumitra fired him with her questions amazed at finding him downstairs with white cloths for colors whereas he don’t like this all.

Oh.mom.now you don’t start it.i am already too much irritated with this all.furious he storm to other way.

Geet don’t know, what to do just started to go behind him only to be stop by sumitra as she question her.

Where are you going..she look suspiscious at her seeing her going behind her son..


Wo hum…wo hum wo..saheb.. geet stammer not knowing what to answer to her feeling miserable at her sudden enquiry.

She has to look at the other things aswell sumitra…dadima just managed to answer her.

Geet bete tum jao..aur maan ko bhi leke aana.bata nahi to wo phirse kaha chale gaye.she added cleverly and geet literally ran from there.


Sasumom,  now I am understanding your intentions too well and don’t try on that line even.how could you…just how could you think on that line even. .she busted on her clearly seeing as what is going on her mind…she was trying hook him with that maid of them…arghh. .just how could she think even like that…why not…afterall she is her ladli. .her favorite innocent child…

This girl on the other hand , however she managed to come in her good books but her behavior or what is this going on now in front her eyes never let her to think of her to be that innocent or nave that she was looking..

Dadima on the other hand turn shock to the core . Her Daughter in law is just too clever to underestimate her..she don’t know what and how to managed this situation now.she look at her with her stern expressions.she never wanted anyone to bash her lotus. afterall she is the head of khurana’s. She have all the rights to think for her Grandchildren’s life.for there good and bad..in past his path was wrong and that time his sweet mother never try to stop him on his disgusting acts and  now everything good is happening ,he is coming on the right way and here she is now objecting it.

Listen sumitra.its my right to choose the right bride for him and I am still alive to take the decision for this family even my grandchild.

Sumitra just gasp further hearing her future plans.

So you have planned it all..she sarcasm. ..eying her.

How could you thought of her as future daughter in law of khurana’s. She press the surname furiously to make that old lady understand.

GHSP 133_4242

Why not…sumitra..what’s wrong in her…she is also human being. A girl..a women..capable to be khurana’s Daughter in law. She increase her voice glaring her furiously now hearing bad about her lotus.

No.sasumom.she is not…she is just a mere MAID..

Sumitra…dadima fume more hearing further..



Geet tried to locate him coming on other side of the lawn but he is not there. she turned upset seeing his anger.he was not ready to play in colors. .she upset mindly take steps further that stuck in something below..

auchh. .she wince and bend down to look her toe and her hairs come down sideways baring her back that was tied with just one knot .the boys playing there started to whisper

looking at her with dirty intentions.

He just fumed in anger to see the scene going infront his eyes which turn red and he glared at the bunch of boys furiously that they run off other side .

He storm towards her and grab her to make her stand but she stumble in his arms as his arms come along forward to hold her.


Why are you wearing this …he blasted on her. she looked at him painfully seeing his rude behavior,  it’s making her vulnerable.

aahh. She moan in pain at his harshness..

What happened. .he turn soften at once.

She turn her face sideways pouting with her wet eyes.

Geet..kya hua..jaan. he asked softly seeing her face cover in pain..

Aapko kya farak padta. .Agar hume kuch ho bhi jae toh. .

(Is that matter to you if something happened to me)

Geet..he gasp his eyes red in anger and pain hearing her words..

Nothing gonna happen to you till the time I am there…with my jaan..he added huskily cupping her face making her to look at him.


Firse apni angrezi badbada rahe hai…she mutter pouting again turning her face away.

He chuckled softly seeing her antics. .

Acha geet..batao kaha chot lagi hai.he asked her carrasing her hairs behind her ears.

Woh kuch nahi..hum ab thik hai…

Geet..Tell me..

She just nodded in negative as try to wriggle out of his hold.

Geet..he again uttered. .

images (6)

Hume malum hai humara naam geet hai…saheb. .she mutter turning angry at his behaviour today.

(I know my name is geet)

Maan turn amazed at her chatter.

Achcha muze to malum hi nahi tha. He reply sarcastically clenching her waist .

Saheb. She whined clenching his kurta in fist as both of them stumble and pushed the big thali there with colors. thali fell down thereby making them drench in colors..

Both stood shock before geet bursted in her giggles .

Maan gazed at her happy face forgetting his hatred for colours and holi he got lost in her soft giggles.

He rubbed the color on her cheek lost in her and geet stop her giggles feeling his touch , she closed her eyes in pleasure pressing her cheek on his palms..just finger goes on her lips rubbing it.

Geet..he husk in her ear sending her goosebumps as she pushed him away and run away giggling.

Geet…he run after her chasing her as he take the wet colour from one of the thali place there.

Geet …Geet..he called her coming in  secluded corridor where she came running…

Geet bahar aa jao..jaha bhi Tum chupi ho.

(Geet came out from your hiding place)

He warned her trying to locate her .

Geet muffle her giggle holding her mouth as she sneak out from behind one of Pillar. He catch that along her payal sound. He smirk as take steps forward slowly to catch her and came from behind pulling her from behind as his hands with wet colors come on her stomach rubbing the color there.

Saheb. .she gasp feeling wet color on her bare stomach. She turn sideways and look in his passionate eyes that was gazing her hungrily. there breaths mingle face coming closer.

He got  more color from another thali place there and make it wet with rose water place there.she look at him awe seeing his act.

Yeh aap. ..her voice broke as he came from behind again sliding her all hairs he saw her bare back tied with just one knot.his eyes turn red in hunger and desires looking at the pure beauty infront his eyes.

He hold  her tightly from her stomach with one hand whereas his other hand started to apply wet color from her nape to coming down and he rubbed his hand passionately  on all around her bare back coming below on her waistline behind.

Geet just held his hand tightly which was on her stomach clenching her eyes tight in pleasure feeling his naughty touch.

Saheb..she moan in deep husky voice adding more fuel to his already burning desires as he harshly turn her towards himself her body stick to his own as of own skin.there nose tips touch each other , breaths mingle as both of them gasp for air in hotness of there desires.

He cupped her own cheek sliding her curls.both of there eyes drooping , his lips come on her petals as he started to lick that hungrily. Geet gasp loudly as her chest started to heaved in to take the needed breaths in his hot mouth.

He started to kiss her passionately yet in soft way taking her full lips in his mouth as her hands clutch his shoulders clutching his shirt tightly.

He hold her from her waist sticking her on his body his hands doing there own acts rubbing her bare waist all along with wet color.

Ummm.she moan in the kiss as he smooch it hard before leaving her.geet turned all red after there hot kiss.she hides her face in his chest clenching his kurta.

Saheb…she mumble softly on his chest..

He didn’t stop.he there after she calm down he started to rub her again on her bare hands that going upwards till her nape ,

He turn her back as she hold on to the pillar .her pallu fall down as his hands come down on her half bare chest .

Saheb…geet gasp as his hands came on her blouse going down sensually his face was buried in her neck lost in his passionate act..

He come down on her flat tummy rubbing wet color there and he pulled her more closer from behind taking her in his arms.

Jaan…he uttered huskily still burying his face inside her bare neck smooching there..


Geet fall in his arms feeling dizzy aswell .Saheb. ..dekhiye na …Rajeev ..Saheb. .hume jabardasti …kar rahe …hai..(Look..Rajeev saheb is forcing me..)She pouted cutely looking at him.her eyes droopy. 

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