HPPHM | PART 62 – PART 63 | MG

Part 62

It’s been 2 days from there passionate dinner or his passionate one.he never try to go near her instead she on hers own come to him realizing the reason later in the morning when she woke up that morning. She had remember his passion or his pain later seeing her crying like that.how she could remain upset on her saheb.its her fear nothing else which got fly away the moment she saw his face expressing his deep pain for her.

It’s 3rd day morning, geet had forgot the night when he had scared her like always she does.her innocent heart or mind keep remember his love or her love for her saheb. 

She saw him going to office in hurry trying to knot his tie along phone was on his ears. She rushed towards him keeping coffee cup on side table .

Maan startle for a moment relax sniffing her natural scent in his arms. As she softly try to bound his tie which was not possible as she don’t know how to do that unknown of it till now.she just come in hurry to help him but didn’t having knowledge of it.

Maan chuckle softly seeing her attempt of tying the tie on his neck with her pouted and frowning  face. He keep his phone in pocket as he pulled her in his arms from her bare waist. 

Geet gasp banging herself to his hard self she looked at him smirking at her. 

Humse to yeh nahi ho raha hai, saheb.she complaint to him innocently frowning looking at him.

He just nodded his head and buried his face in her bare neck not controlling himself as it’s been 2 days he was away from her.though she was always there beside him when he was at home but he never try to touch her like always remembering her tearful face that night.

Saheb. ..aap…she moan feeling his beard  rubbing on her soft skin. A soft giggle left her lips making his day as he continued to do so making her laugh in his pleasure. 

His heart feels peace to hearing her soft laugh .he was so much in worry after that night seeing her scare and all crying.

He started to smooch her leaving wet kisses on her throat towards down on her    upper chest.

She shiver feeling the intensity of his passion.she started to sweat feeling hot all over. Her pallu fall down leaving her beauty for his hunger.

He goes upwards again smooching her with wet kisses all over her face finally he came to her lips.

He stare at her beautiful heart shaped face closing her eyes in his passion taking deep breaths burning in his hot desires. He place his hungry lips on her own for sometime just like that feeling it’s softness.  He wanted to make her adjust with him first. He felt her lips moving softly ,quivering for him to take them in his own .

He started to lick it softly not wanted to scare her like Previous night. She moan feeling his toung on her lips.

Saheb. …ummm. …

He softly smooch them with his own feelings them all over started to nibble it softly and atlast bite her that small blood drop come from her lips .he lick it.where as geet just wince..

Ouch…she opened her dizzy eyes to frown at him.she pulled out her lips from his rough ones. 

Yeh aapne kya kiya…she place her finger on it to saw the little blood on it.she gasp loudly.

Dekhiye khoon. ..aap hi ne hume kata abhi yaha..she make him look at her lips where he had bit her in the kiss .she gesture it with her eyes and holding her petals in her finger arousing him further to kiss her hard till she got breathless. 

Argghh. .geet…he grumble in desires seeing her innocent act of arousing him.

He take her finger softly away from her lips holding her hand he like her lips yet again licking her blood .she gasp seeing his act.

She pushed him yet again frowning at his act.

Yeh aap kya kar rahe hai saheb.ek to aapne hume kata yaha pe..aur.

Maan was staring at her amazed at her innocent. He answer her playfully cutting her..

Its just a kiss jaan..its like this only. it happened in the  kiss ..biting like this.you can also bite me ok..see..take it..saying so he forwarded his lips towards her scaring her with his weird act.

Saheb…she try to push him away from his cheeks. He looked at her smirking. 

Jaiye hum aapse bat nahi karenge. Pahle aap hume katate ho Phir apni khudki wo angregi main bata  nahi kya badbadate ho..hume Samaz nahi aaye isiliye na..she pouted upset at his behavior.

He looked at her standing with her pallu still down on the floor with only skirt and blouse on her body .it’s her acts like this and all blame on him crying her eyes out infront him.he nodded his head thinking of her innocence. He rushed to closed the door of there room and return to her.whereas she still standing angry on him forgetting about her saree.

He came from behind grasp her closer as his hands come on her bare stomach carrasing that softly sending shivers in her spine.

Saheb…she closed her eyes in pleasure feeling his rough hands on her bare waist.as tilted her neck to give him access as he buried his face inside her crook of neck wetting her yet again with his hot kisses. She was all over on him lost in his passion. 

It’s called kiss jaan..

He utter softly breaking her reverie. 

Ise kiss kahte hai.he repeated again softly placing kiss on her ear as she opened her eyes seeing in his own .

Ji…kiss. .she look confused. .ye kaisa shabd hai..she turn in his arms aur aap kya baat kar rahe ho.

Maan stared at her shock literally,  she just forgot about her own questions about English. God..this girl is one of a piece. 

Abhi batata hoon jaan..saying so he take her lips in his own startling her and kissed her hungrily yet softly not wanting to make her cry.

After the kiss ended geet turn all red without meeting his eyes she hided herself in his arms. 

Abhi bata chala kiss kise kahte hai.he asked her naughtily .

Saheb. .she turn more coy hug him tightly..


Geet came down holding the pooja thal in her hands for the holi pooja as per dadima’s instructions. It’s again crowded with dadima’s relatives just as it’s just small pooja going to take place.its Tomorrow holi.on it going to be big party to be held in khurana mansion. 

She stared at him standing ogling her hungrily her lashes goes down in shyness. As she come close towards dadima giving her thali.

Arey humari bacchi to bahot sunder lag rahi hai..she caressed her cheeks eyeing maan smirking at him gesturing him.he smirk back eyeing geet blooming in his love.

Geet blush red in both of there stares as she take her blessings touching her feet. 

Jiti rahiye beta. She bless her.

All the people started to rounded up for holika dahan around fire but geet stand at the corner staring lost at the dahan taking place infront her.maan stared at her confused as why she is standing far but seeing her standing along with other servants it’s realized him of the reason making his heart stir in great pain .he furiously take steps towards her coming across dadima. 

What happened son.just stand here for few moments just. I know you not believe in this things but just for a minute son.

Dadima urged him seeing him going.

Maan turn more furious. 

Dadima waha geet Akeli hai .you are not inviting her here making her stand there aside .he fire at dadima as they both come aside.sumitra and annie  stare at them confuse.whereas Rajeev was busy staring continuously at his sleeping beauty. Wanted so much her to be here with them but knows that’s not possible unlike his big bro.

Maan.i know it son.but I can’t do much here.its society and there thinking. 

Maan turn his fist tighten in fury to think of his lotus miseries as he stared at her standing alone keeping smiling face but he can see her moisten eyes hiding her pain as always. 

He just storm from there inside mension not able to meet her questioning eyes.

Geet stared at him confused as why he is so much angry and goes away without seeing her.her face sadden.

Yeh lijiye bete,  prasad kha lijiye. She offer her making her eat with her own hands her fingers brush her cut and geet wince in pain.

Kya hua bete. Dikhaiye. .she looked at her cute on her lips.

Yeh kaise hua.aapko to khayal rakhna chahiye na bete.

Geet turn crimson red and dadima got the hint quickly,  her eyes widen in disbelief. She never though her grandson is so fast.she smirk unknown to geet.but she knows her lotus is so fragile and Innocent for this things but maan himself knows this things even he is the one who blasted on her 2 days before.


Son.be away from my child. dont you dare to do that act of your with her before wedding. Dadima threaten him in her hard voice .

Maan turn astonished at her sudden talking. What she is talking at about what.why.now.he looked at her quizzing his eyebrows. 

Ohho don’t act as if innocent it’s your lotus who is Innocent for this things.

Maan look more shock or angry hearing that word for his lotus.yes it’s lotus. Only he have the right to called her that.how can she called that and how did she knows that word.he didn’t even called her with that word in privacy as in between 2 of them let alone infront her.

How did you know that. He asked about lotus word.but dadima thoughtabout her lips.

Oh.i am your grandma son.my hairs not get white just like that.she smirk .

Oh..I see..but don’t you take her name with that word.its just my right dadima to called her as lotus..she is only mine lotus.he declare in his hard voice holding the chair in his study. 

Dadima now turn astonish. It’s her name he was talking about.and how on earth he came to know that. .she just smirk further realizing the actual fact.

It’s not the word.its your act I  am talking about which resulting in her cut on her lips.you knows her condition aswell as I know it.still..

Dadima it’s not like that..he embarrassed turn his back towards her realising about what she is talking about.

Whatever it may be you are not going to come close to her till your wedding happened. 

What..he turn in shock.firsr it there staying away that was not bearable for him when she always look that inevitable with her oozing innocence and second it his marriage. How that thing come in the middle of this conversation. .but soon he got the clue about what she was talking. It’s made him shock. he stood stun staring at dadima. He never think about that before.marriage. with his lotus.that thought sounding so pleasurable with immense happiness surging through his body.he till come with disliking this idea.never believe in love or marriage or relationships but his jaan make him realized what love is.what that feeling felt to heart.just like that this marriage thing was acceptable from him now for his lotus.just his jaan.

He smile making his dadima happy aswell with his approval. 

She cant believed her rude egoistic grandson just agree for it who was Casanova with different girls but she had saw he was just at home after office not once gone to any girl after she had caught his feelings for geet.


Saheb..geet gasp feeling him pulling inside his study.she looked at his passionate gaze.her cheeks turn red  .

Geet..he called her softly as she slowly looked at him with her hazels boring into his chocolate one.

He kissed softly on her chubby cheeks making it more red with his naughty acts.

He cupped her face staring at her innocence .he knows now what he had to does so that his jaan can does everything as her wishes.no need to scare from anything or anyone.she will having all rights.even to stand with those people outside in any function or festival.

He kissed her forehead lovingly making a silent promise to her.


Maan woke up at the rising sun remembering there moments last night before going to sleep. He did knowing all dadima’s warnings turn naughty with his lotus reasoning there romantic atmosphere. On that she was looking too beautiful to resist. He had kissed her hungrily yet softly relishing her giving her pleasure along side.she was moaning continuously in his hot mouth seating on his study table.

Arghh..he grumble remembering there passion or his and she was lost in it feeling the pleasure.he can’t believe they had that moments in his study room where he not allowed anyone without his permission or apart from his family that too if it is very much important.


He had led her on the table coming on top her still not leaving her soft petals. He had let her breath in his mouth itself not wishing to leave her lips soon. It’s just licking , chewing or sucking her lips making it swollen in his passion. She seems also was enjoying it.He smirk remembering her beautiful face , eyes was close enjoying there closeness, breaths was high making her half bare chest goes up and down. Her face was glowing with red shade on it reasoning his passion. Her saree was mess up as always leaving her bare for him.


He had buried his face inside her neck licking her hungrily whereas she was all lost in him with burning desires that was making her quiver with unknown pleasure that she was wanting more and more from him grasping him from his neck she was moving her face from side to side wriggling in unknown desires.

Holi mubarako…

he heard desired voice of his thoughts breaking his passionate thoughts about last night.
But next second he started to fume in anger feeling the wetness on his cheeks with her hands still on his cheeks. He just pulled her front harshly in his anger only to hurt her as she wince in pain.


Aahh. .Saheb .her moisten eyes met his furious one.she shiver to see his red eyes. What she did now.its been long time she is seeing him this much angry.
Maan don’t know what happened to him.he just hate this colors making us mess.on that this wetness and geet just apply it on his cheeks making his fuse bursted but as soon as he glance at her fearful face with her moisten eyes his all anger vanished in air leaving him worried for her now.
As geet started to muffle softly scaring from his anger holding her wrist in pain which he was holding sometime before harshly.
He banged his hand harshly on the side wall for hurting her.geet jerk towards the voice and take his hand in her own to see it had turn blue looking bruise.


Yeh …aap.. kya …kar… rahe hai. Aapko ..kya ho…Gaya hai…? She asked between her sobs seeing his weird behavior today which was giving her pain along with himself.
It’s nothing jaan.tum pahle rona band karo. He wiped her all face with his hand thereby smearing the little color on her face. He smile softly looking at her face.
She looked confused at his smile wiping her eyes.Maan just take her infront the mirror standing behind her he make her to look in the mirror .geet gasp with sweet shock and told him excitingly.


Aapne to hume bhi rang laga diya..she chirp coming to herself. Looking at him through mirror .
Maan left a sigh of relief finding her again chirping like before. He pulled her closer from her bare waist sliding his hand in her pallu on her bare stomach. She arched her back sticking on him from her back as he rubbed his cheek which was having wet color on her soft own.


she leave a sigh of pleasure feeling his beard along wet color rubbing on her cheek.she arched her face sideways more as his face come more forward going inside her crook of neck .


he started to kiss her hungrily leaving wet kisses on her bare neck as he pulled her pallu down to get more access to her soft body.


He turn her quickly slamming his lips on her only to be push by her.
Maan turn shock at the audacity of his lotus.she just pushed him from herself. It’s didn’t make him angry but he was amused aswell as happy to see she is coming out of her fearfully state of mind opening up to him.


He clench her waist tightly pulling her closer and closer whereas she had started to wriggle in his arms turning her face sideways not letting him to kissed her.
He was getting angry on her weird behavior now.
Geet..he gritted his teeth seeing her tantrums.
Geet without looking at his angry face just said her problem.
Saheb. .aap pahle brush karke aaiye. Aapke mooh se to badboo aa rahi…
(You just brush your teeth now.its smelling bad your mouth without brush).
But before she complete she glance at his face which was all red in anger glaring at her.

images (7)

Saheb..she quiver ready to burst in tears now seeing his anger.
Maan can’t believe what he heard just now.and from whom.its his that innocent lotus pushing him from her and asking him to brush his teeth.
Beside that he was before with many girls but that never happened Venice with anyone this brush thing.its always…argh. .leave it aside.he not wanted to remember that now, his sins.yes he is so regretting to did his that acts today when he is having his lotus with him.but that was before…
He calm down looking at her face that is again gloom.god..this girl..so crazy along with her making him also crazy.
He just sigh and turn to go towards washroom leaving her sad but turn again and kissed her forehead lovingly saying her he is not angry on her.she smile.her beautiful smile showing him her all teeth. he just chuckle on her innocence before going inside washroom.


Geet was standing at the side in shelter looking at all the guests was busy in playing holi along with khurana family .dadima was greeting some of the guests in between. She had come here wrapping her all work for a day. dadima had asked her to play as her wish alongside. As it’s function of all.beside all was mixing up playing holi. anyone’s faces doesn’t even recognizing in dark color. Geet had refuse politely despite her desires.she very much wanted to play in colors but how could she goes in between them whereas she is just a maid here. She don’t know all the servants where got disappear. She didn’t saw anyone beside nakul kaka who was busy in looking after guests.


She was feeling uneasy standing here from an hour now.all men and boys were staring at her hungrily wanted to bounce on her as if in between party. She has wear the white saree adding more beauty to own self with her choli was bare aswell giving her feel of uneasiness buy she cant tell always to dadima. She have to handle it on own. Her saheb was also still not come down.

GHSP 111 HD_8977

Geet bete, jaiye maan ko bulana laiye niche..itni der kya kar rahe hai woh..dadima asked her to go towards maan’s room to bring him down in the party.
Ji, dadima. .geet just sighed in relief thanking her inside her heart.



Geet stood rooted to see her saheb looking so handsome in his white cloths.she blush on her own act of ogling him.


Kya hua jaan..tum itni laal Kyon ho rahi ho. (What happened jaan.why are you turning this much red)
Geet turn towards him coming face to face with him.she stare at his handsome face so close to her own. Hold him from his shoulders tightly as he grasp her from her bare waist pulling her closer to ownself .he stare at her innocent beauty blooming in white today.she is looking as if some angle. White color was making her more beautiful and gorgeous.


Her curls were left open flying on her waist.her earrings were dazzling on her chubby cheeks that were red in his passionate gaze.
As he was busy in his staring she inform him about going downwards in the party.
Saheb, dadima ne aapko niche bulaya hai.sab mehman niche holi khel rahe hai.
(Dadima is calling you downstairs for the holi party as all guest are playing holi downwards. )
Maan come out of his staring and turn frustrated to hear this.he just hate that festival infact all the festivals reasoning this crowd. And dadima is asking him to come downwards so that he would also become mess like everyone downstairs.
Geet look at his irritated face getting confused she ask him.


Kya hua..
Muze yeh sab pasand nahi hai geet.i just hate all this. He said out to her making her amazed as everyone must be
Loving this festival then why not him.
Par kuyn..she asked further getting confused.
Maan just sigh in frustration hearing her questions .


Geet muze nafrat hai in sab se.wo rang muze ache nahi lagte. Wo sab..just leave it..geet. he concluded in frustration. He never explain anyone .he hate it.but it’s his jaan..


Geet turn more amuse hearing his explanation stared at him awe. That’s what he had turn angry in the morning because she apply color on his face.he must be hating this mess because he must be feeling dirty with it.
He pulled her more closer seeing her lost in gazing at him.


Par hume to yeh khel na chahiye Rangon main .Yeh toh sirf har saal ek hi baar aata hai.sabke sath hume bhi to khelna chahiye na..
(WE have to celebrate this festival with joy and happiness with all people .it’s come only one time in a year, we have to enjoy it leaving all inhibitions aside. )

He stared at her hearing her innocence.

GHSP 169_1964

Achcha tumne enjoy kiya. He asked her looking at her intently.
Geet stop dumbstruck hearing his question. How she could play in between all downwards when she is just a mere maid here.


Ji..hum…she gulp her pain inside not knowing how to answer him and what.he himself knows the reason.
Geet..tum fikar mat karo..main sab thik kar doonga. .
(Geet you don’t worry.i will make everything fine )
he gaze her face reflecting her inner pain which she was trying to hide from him.he kiss her forehead lovingly. She just hug him feeling so emotional hearing his words.

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  1. U made holi the best loved the way maan is changing for his lotus…the way he claimed the word lotus from daadi was super cute so maan is planning to get married to geet woww waiting to read more ❤️

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