I am Maan singh Khurana, Her boss!

Sam , her brother look on at a big personality before him, oh, come inside, sir, Geet is not well, she is taking rest inside.

can I meet her? 

maan asked desperately.

yes, off course, she is in the room.

maan went into her room behind him. you both talk, i will just come, saying so sam went away leaving him alone in her room.

Geet had fallen sleep, seeing her pale face maan felt very bad, poor girl! it's all happened because of me

Geet had fallen sleep, seeing her pale face maan felt very bad, poor girl! it’s all happened because of me. he sat down beside her and call her in very low voice, Geet, she opened her hazel eyes, for a moment both were lost in a eye lock, before Geet realized, its really him, she couldn’t believe it, Maan sir, you here?? she was really scare at that moment, oh babaji, i did not inform in the office today. is that because of it , he is here??

Geet, there is nothing as you think. you did not inform, because of that reason i had not come here to scold you. relax. Maan as if read her thoughts, but she never know he could read her each expressions and so her beautiful hazel eyes.

how do he always get to know , what i am thinking?

Geet, your face tells everything. 

he was having soft smile on his face seeing her expressions which she did not notice lost in her own tension.

Sorry sir, but i could not able to inform.

enough Geet! did i say anything to you? Leave it, how is your health? feeling better now??

yes little bit, if i feel fine little bit, i would join back immediately, Geet said.

No need! unless you recovers completely, there is no need to come. first of all take rest fully. maan said in his stern voice.

Geet couldn’t believe is it really Maan who was talking, because today’s his behavior is so different, this is the same Maan, isn’t it who scolds her so much yesterday, almost made her cry so much.and today’s he, how different he is??

But she was liking this Maan somewhere.

Meanwhile, maan took her hand in his and said, sorry Geet, geet did not know what was happening. sorry for what? Geet asked. Nothing, saying so he was leaving her hand when he realized, Geet, you still have a heavy temperature. should we visit the doctor?

No, i went in the morning only, and i have taken medicines as well, i think i will be fine in a little while, Geet spoke hurriedly though somewhere loving his care.

are you sure??

yes sure!! told Geet.

just then Geet’s brother came there with Coffee. here is your coffee, sorry, it became little late, mom is not at home, so it get late. he offered to Maan one , and then turned towards his sister, Di, take it !

don’t…, i have no mood now, will take it later.

look sir, she is not gonna listen to me, tell her yourself. because no one can say no to the boss’s order. right isn’t it??

now all three of them laughed whole heartily. 

Geet looked at Maan, I am watching him laughing for the first time, how beautiful he looks while laughing! thought Geet lost in him for a while

Geet looked at Maan, I am watching him laughing for the first time, how beautiful he looks while laughing! thought Geet lost in him for a while.

Maan took one cup and handed it to Geet. And Geet took it because she knew it, she couldn’t say no to him.

They both had coffee and then maan was ready to go, in his heart he did not want to leave geet in this condition but he could not able to stay there longer.

okay Geet, sam bye.. i am leaving now, Geet, take care and call me if you need anything! i will be there! saying so he left half heartily.

sis, how cool Maan sir is, isn’t it?? i did not think he was the boss, i thought he was yours friend.

what to tell him about Maan, how is he?? 

Geet talks to herself. she just said yes to sam. sis, you take rest, i will be outside.

After Sam left, Geet was lost in the thoughts of Maan. how nice Maan is, hoe much he is caring, i thought he was bad but not that bad at all. but the way he was holding my hand for just few seconds but why did i felt like never to let go of it, keep holding it forever. till today no one has ever felt so confident. i feel better with Maan’s arrival more than any other medicine! why did it feel like he should never go away, but he should stay here with me at this moment, in this situation at least.

till today , it never happened, why i feel so angry on him and there is that unknown pull also. why?? Geet had many such questions in her mind, but due to the effects of pills and anemia, she fell asleep.

Maan came home , he was feeling very refreshed.. it felt like huge amount of stress has been removed from his mind.

He was feeling nice after meeting Geet. How innocent Geet is, she didn’t kept any grudges or anger about yesterday in her mind, if she could, she could have insulted him in her home, but no. Geet is not really like other girls. She is different. Different from others. There is really something different about her.

Dadi seen him lost in his thoughts, which was so unlike him, she walked up to him, Maan, what is it today, my son looks so fresh today?

Maan was startled finding her near all of sudden, he replied her, it’s nothing, dadi, for the first time ever, I came asking sorry for my mistake

OMG! You did a mistake, and you apologize for that also, great!! 

Dadi was so surprised, means there must be someone really special!!

No one special, Dadima, I did a mistake and I apologized for that, that’s it!

Now before his Smart Dadi could ask any more questions, he changed the topic immediately, I need to make an important call, excuse me! Saying so he rushed upstairs to his room.

Dadi was very pleased to see him this much fresh after a long time now, it means, now he is began to became like a human, and she laughs on her own thoughts.

Next morning, Maan was ready to go to office, just then he remembers about Geet, how will be her health today? I must call her, thinking so he calls Geet, but she didn’t receive it. Is she okay?? Or her tempt. Didn’t reduce at all?? Why she is not picking my call? What to do? I must have taken Sam’s number yesterday only. Should I visit her now but I have an important meeting today in the office, that can not be postpone.

I will do one thing, first will go to office, attend the meeting and then will go to see her. Till then will see, if her call comes back.

Maan was so professional otherwise, he couldn’t let anything interfere his work.but he was worried for Geet because of not getting her call yet.

He successfully handled the meeting and came out. Adi immediately followed him outside discussing some issues with him. He noticed him being restless, what happened to you? Why do you look so upset? Is everything all right? Is there any tension?

Oh nothing, I am all right! a little work tension only.

It is?? From when did you started to get tense for work?? Adi really knew his friend well.tell me what happened?

Oh Adi, nothing really happened! And what time pass you are doing here? Don’t have your work??

All right! If you don’t want to tell , then don’t, I am going.

Just then Maan’s phone rang, and his face light up with happiness.

Who’s call it is? Asked Adi curious to know the reason behind his happiness.

You are still here? Now should I tell you about my every phone calls? Maan was irritated now.

Okay, I am going, don’t tell, and Adi left from there making Maan left a sigh of breath.

Hello, how are you? Why didn’t you pick my call? Are you fine now? How is your health?

Geet was really surprised with his back to back questions, she finally speaks after listening him,

Yes sir, I feeling absolutely fine, today. Just a little weakness. I will come to the office tomorrow. Is it fine?

Why not? It’s fine, when you will feel better, then come and take care, let’s meet tomorrow, bye…!

Precap :-

maan sir, your mansion is so beautiful, Geet confessed innocently making maan smiled at her.

4 thoughts on “WE NEVER KNOW EPISODE 6

  1. Loving the care of maan… towards geet the way he asked sorry was super cute daadi was happy seeing him change adi is doubting who’s call is that😁😁 superb waiting to read more ❀️

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