He wanted to treasure her hidden secrets, in a intention to do so, he very sensuously ran his hand over her sexy waist, then belly, removing her saree pleats.

Just when he was about to touch the knot of her skirt they were disturb by again a high pitch ringing of this time the intercom in outhouse.

Argh….how he cursed the intruder who break his fantasies moment.

Seeing her getting up hurriedly, with those deep red cheeks, he was let awe and gaping at her for a while with almost half open mouth.

Beautiful, beautiful,

you are so beautiful

Beautiful, beautiful, jaanam ( beloved )

Never in his life he encountered someone like her, so vulnerable…so delicate & fragile, it as if his one touch would make her fall back if he wouldn’t be there to hold her.

The thought was only arising the protective instincts in him..for her.

He saw her, putting on the saree hurriedly to escape from the situation, escape from him.

He rushed to grasp her arms, jerking her around to face him, aap… !?? Chodiye…I need to wear it..

Maan wasn’t in a mood unless the intercom started buzzing again loudly making him irritated that he left her rushing out.

Maan, I know about my workaholic grandson but don’t you think it’s bad to make that poor woman to stuck with you whole day.!??

Came dadi’s sarcastic voice coated with worry for Geet. As she got to know about everyone exits except of Geet.

What!?? What are you speaking Dadima!?? He asked nonchalantly irritated to hear her taunt.

Geet, I am talking about her, if you forgotten then let me remind you, son..she is married , have responsibilities at home as well as her husband must be waiting for her

Cut the crap, Dadi!! And if that so, it doesn’t mean she could ignore the work..and if she wants to do so, she can just seat at home .

Maan,!? What has happened to you son!?? I think you need good rest from your work..

Fine..I am just fine, I am closing my office, you soon. And he put down the receiver furiously..

Geet almost jump on her place, with that loud voice , she want use of it, seeing him turn around she instantly look down clutching her arms across her chest, holding her saree.

Maan was so mad at her as well, for making him behave like that, making him rattle out like that to his Dadima.

He took steady steps to reach her, making her shiver but soon she was confused seeing him abruptly stopping in mid and he just turned..” let’s go” ” I drop you home”

Hu..!?? It was after a moment , she walked fast out scared to be left in the huge house alone.


Drive back home was silent, trying absorb their own thoughts, both don’t know where everything was leading to .but the things happening back to back.. Geet shivered badly with the thought of what must have happened if that phone ring would not have happened!??


Maan pulled up the window shade of her side only to come her quick reply, don’t.. I want to see out, plz keep it open. She pleaded sweetly.

You were shivering in cold..

But still I want to watch out .

What’s there to watch in the dark night.

It’s just sooth my mind, ” and I can be lost for a while in the darkness”


she murmured last line to herself but audible enough to be heard by his sharp ears. He kept staring her now & then, thinking on her words, trying to find the hidden meaning behind them but however tried, he fail..

The woman was mystery & new zeal has came to him to explore her, he was getting wildly and irresistibly attracted to her.


Geet…he called out huskily, seeing her sleeping on the glass, he surely made her tire, small smile tug at the corner of his lips thinking so..

GHSP 180 HD_5641

Ho jiska jaadu mujhpe chala hai

Jiska jaadu mujhpe chala hai

Woh dilruba hai woh dilruba hai

Haan dilruba hai woh dilruba hai

{ The one who has cast her magic on me

She’s my beloved, she’s my beloved

Yes my beloved, she’s my beloved }

Geet…he touch her shoulder to move her but she seems in deep sleep by now, just turned around and moved closer to him, resting herself completely in his open arms.

He startled with her move, wrapped his arms around her small body not in a mood to let her go today.

She opened her eyes slowly feeling herself floating in the air, not soon her sleep was gone seeing herself carried by him.

Maan sir..!?! Hume neeche utariye..she struggle but of no use since he wasn’t in a mood to leave his stubbornness.

Keeping stern face he reach her door, open the door.. he ordered and she followed silently fetching the key out of her purse which was on her lap by now.

She was relieved once he step inside her home carrying her, as she was really frighten with the thought what if someone see her like that with her boss, he was stubborn , wouldn’t listen to her,..

As soon as he put her down, he saw her distancing herself quickly away from his reach.

I believed, you won’t pull that stunt again!? She was speaking looking down fail to notice his devilish smirk.

Dil karta hai tujhe apna bana loon

Dil karta hai tujhe dil mein chupa loon

Dil karta hai tujhe tujhse chura loon

{ I wish to you make you mine

I wish to hide you in my heart

I wish to steal you from yourself }

‘If I say, I would like to…’

She looked up shocked with the audacity of him,

‘repeat..what happened today….’ he completed getting closer to her, his fingers trails down on her neck so sensuously,

Sabse dilkash jiski ada hai

Sabse dilkash jiski ada hai

Ek dilruba hai ek dilruba hai

Haan dilruba hai ek dilruba hai

just when he was tugging at her wedding chain nonchalantly, both heard coming in footsteps..

Her heart beat raised anxiously, feeling she slowly pulled apart putting distance between both.

Both turned simultaneously to the sound of the person stopping just behind them,

Kunal…!?? Geet let the name slip out of her mouth more as if saying out loud to Maan to stay away…

Hey Jaan.. how’s your day.. did you attend your any classes today..!?? He asked affectionately to approaching Geet that fail to notice Maan…forgetting completely about her work schedule.

Mera dil jis dil pe fida hai

Mera dil jis dil pe fida hai

Ek dilruba hai ek dilruba hai

Haan dilruba hai ek dilruba hai

{ Yes my beloved, she’s my beloved }

Geet only shook her day with a small smile, Kunal woh… She pulled down his hands from her face which were holding her lovingly to give him glimpse of their guest.

Maan..!?? What a pleasant surprise, how come you at our home today!?? He asked chirpily walking upto Maan.

Maan reciprocated his brotherly hug , his words torturing him to such extent, ” our home”..”Jaan”..!?? The affection he showed to his wife before him just staggered him further, he didn’t have time either to ponder over the only question that why it’s bothering him so much, his eyes all the while stay on the woman.

Feeling his dark gaze not moving from her face she decided to leave the place as both men began the business talks , While Kunal was so passionate describing about his work, Maan now and then turned his gaze to kitchen where he seen her disappearing.

After a while his eyes which were thirsty for her, got rewarded by her sweet glimpse as she walked out carrying the tray contenting coffee cups for both.

Oh my Love!! Thank you Jaan!! Kunal explained chirpily fetching her offering cup , while Geet only gave small uncomfortable smile, mention not Kunal .

She turned towards Maan with raising heartbeat in fear he might do something before her husband for she had come to know him well in those days.

And as expected, he grasp her hands on the cup instead of holding the cup,

Please..leave my hand, she struggle glancing fearfully at Kunal who was fetching remote from the table as he turn on the TV.

You looked tire, you didn’t need to do this, just after coming back .

His whispered of words almost made her cry, how can he show this much care…for her!?? why?? 

Even Kunal didn’t notice it, he was busy in his own headache that was due to the work.

I am fine, plz..she pleaded and he reluctantly left her hand, taking the mug of coffee,

Wont you have anything, Geet!?? Maan asked while Kunal offered taking his seat, she won’t have Maan, because she don’t like any tea or coffee, she prefers direct dinner, isn’t it my wifey!??

Maan just nodded, giving her one glance, he got up to go, I am getting late.

Geet wanted to stop him, her hand almost raising up to do so, but she hold on to herself somehow before Kunal.


Kunal walked inside to see his lovely wife was lost somewhere, as he looked at the overflowing glass of water in her hands,

He rushed behind her, and turned off the tab, you shouldn’t waste water, Jaan!? His fanning breath on her neck left her startled as he took hold of the glass from her hands putting that aside, he held her in his arms from back.

His hands were caressing her silky hairs, as he pushed them at one shoulder, burying his face in other shoulder.

Jee karta hai teri zulfon se kheloon

Jee karta hai tujhe baahon mein le loon

Jee karta hai teri zulfon se kheloon

Jee karta hai tujhe baahon mein le loon

{ I wish to play with your tresses

I wish to take you in my arms }

Kunal…she shivered feeling his lips on her nape, then nuzzling of nose, she closed her eyes tight , as flashes of her & Maan washed over her senses , putting out the differences between both touches..

Now it seem impossible to replace his touch, let be it’s her own husband, she can’t.. however sinful it was, what mattered is she liked that, she reciprocate because she too loved his sinful touches.

Kunal felt shiver out of pleasure instead of it was her discomfort,

You smell different today….

Her eyes widen in horror hearing him..

To be continued..

© Mugdhaa M.

Precap : –

What I was fearing that is happening now, hum ab aur humare jazbaato par kabu nahi kar sakte….

2. Marriage 


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