We Never Know Episode 5

Geet’s work was done, but she does not want to go to Maan to inform him about it. She did not want to see his face. Her gaze went towards his cabin, she saw him, and he was ready to go home. She made a call to him through the extension in her cabin and informed him about the work done by her. Maan only listened but didn’t reply her anything, and leaving the phone, he left.

This guy has such an attitude!! Exclaimed Geet in frustration, first do his work only, then listen to him, from where did I get this Boss, babaji? If did not do work, then yell, if decide to do it then do it tomorrow. First decide yourself what do you want to do! Geet blabbers to herself frustrated to the core with her new boss. she too left as well for her home.

Maan was taking out his car, he notice Geet’s scooty was not there, means today also she doesn’t have her vehicle! And he stopped in the parking lot itself.

When Geet came into the parking lot, she remembered her scooty had been picked up by the service center which would get by tomorrow afternoon, shit.. how did I forget about it.. no scooty today.. babaji.. she pouted her lips thinking so. Now what??? And she remembered about yesterday’s incident. Just then she saw Maan’s car was there.

Geet, get in the car, although you have no habit of listening but you do remembered about yesterday, don’t you?

Geet twisted her lips hearing him for she was still mad on him for making her cry. She does not want to see his face and then going with him was last thing on her mind. But then she could not say no to him.

In the car, no one said anything. Both of them were very angry on each other. Geet was feeling a little dazed since morning but she had neglected it in her work. But now she started to feel really hot, it seems she had caught bad temperature. She felt like to reach home soon enough, she couldn’t able to sit inside. Maan’s anger on her was still not reduced a bit that he deliberately turn on full ac. Geet got to know it but she wasn’t in mood to talk to him, so she kept mum, taking his silent torture, she felt worse with full ac when she was really in a bad temperature.

Finally they reached her home, she got down silently, both didn’t talk still. Neither of them looked at each other. Maan just made a mad from there.

Geet, after coming home, she had dinner and immediately went to bed to sleep.

Maan was still in anger reaching home, he didn’t say anything, had his dinner in silence, had a little talk with his Dadima.

Dadi got to know about his spoil mood, she knew something is definitely wrong today but she was habitual of her grandson’s this behavior, he will be normal in the morning, thought Dadi before going to bed as well.

Geet… wake up, not going to office today?? Wake up fast!! Her mother tried but Geet did not wake up so she checked on her only to get tense, as Geet was having bad temperature.


Maan came to the office but Geet has not come yet, after her office time also. He was angry on her again, but as the time went on, worry replace his anger. Why didn’t she come yet? Does her vehicle giving her problems yet? Is something happens to her?? But she needs to inform then, if you are going to be late, doesn’t she have the courtesy to inform, don’t she understand this simple thing? He was not able to concentrate on anything or his work.


It’s been a long time since Geet has not arrived. Finally, Maan called the HR department and asked if Geet had a taken a leave today. But she did not even informed them. How irresponsible is this girl. There is nothing called responsibility.

At last, without holding himself back, he called Geet, hello Geet, where are you? Did you see the time?

Excuse me, I am not Geet but her mother, rano had pick up her call.

Oh extremely sorry, I thought It’s Geet. By the way, where is Geet, I want to talk to her. I am her boss talking.

“Oh I wanted to do inform in the office but whom to call, I did not know. It happened well that you call yourself. Geet has a high fever today, she will not able to come,” Rano said, still worried for her child.

What? Maan was shock. She was fine yesterday, what happened suddenly today? He couldn’t believe.

Geet does suffer from cold from childhood, she couldn’t take it, if cold increases a little, she have such problem, and she will recovered soon in a couple of days. Her mother told him knowing well about her child.

Maan’s heart sinks, okay, take care of her, saying so he kept the phone down.

Now, he wasn’t able to think properly, it was because of him, her condition became like this, he thought ruefully. I am the responsible for this. If I had not done the ac full yesterday… but now what is the use of repent now? But now what is the use of thinking about it also, jo hona tha, woh toh ho gaya!! Should I say Geet sorry? Because her this condition is because of me. But calling her is no use. She will not pick up the phone. I can’t even drop the message because it will not reach her.

I should go and visit her. Yes, this is the right thing to do, I will go to meet her.

Maan left the office little early today, and he went directly to Geet’s house. He rang the doorbell, Geet’s brother opened the door who was 2 years younger than Geet. ‘Whom do you want??’

‘I want to meet, Geet!’

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