Geet woke up at the morning rays. as she opened her lazy eyes she ,her blanket move slightly from upper body to downwards and she gasp in big realization coming out of her sleep fully.

hey babaji…ye humari saree…she run towards washroom being all red as flashes of last night come in front her eyes.

good morning son..come have breakfast first,then we have to speak something important.

dadima wished him seating on the dinning table

nope dadima i am in hurry..he rushed towards hall started to go outside.

its about geet.she utter finally seeing him not listening her.and it did 

dadima’s next words stop him preventing him to go outside.as he turn towards looking quizi.

its already late for his regular schedule reasoning there romance last night in moonlight.he only knows how he had managed to sleep without her after there moments.he sp wanted to check on her, her reaction, her red cheeks in the morning, but he don’t wanted to invalid her privacy, already she would be so shy to look at her image in the mirror.

what.he asked her coming towards her.

first have your breakfast,then we can talk..she smirk seeing him coming towards her in a moment listening geet name. hmm… a big change..her angry egoistic grandson,fill with attitude,never listen anyone just listening her hearing her name.. dadima thought happy ever to find this.

geet got busy herself in the kitchen preparing for lunch.its last night playing inside her mind nothing else.she even forgot about her going back to her home,just got in the love of her saheb..even dadima..she didnt come out of kitchen when he was there outside having his breakfast. 

what is it dadima ? he asked impationtly as soon as they step inside dadima’s room.

calm down son…dadima spoke up seeing his behaviour. he is going beyond control..she thought.

i have to asked her if she wanted to go to her home back,its been…but before she spoke maan broke through her..

no. dadima, she is not going anywhere.he thunder as dadima gasp hearing his loud voice.

maan, just low down your voice,you are giving me heart attack,she speak dramatically putting her hand on her chest.

she is not going anywhere and to her that hell..he spoke further ignoring her drama.the thought itself leaving his breath,scaring him to hell remembering her miseries. its other fact he dont wanted her to go far away from her though she will be coming all day to his mansion only for him. but as he remember her crying two days back only for not wanting to go back to her home. he shiver with anger .

maan behave..its her home…

not home dadima..its living hell for her..he shouted yet again in anger remembering her pain,its giving him heart wrenching pain in his heart.

maan..dadima gasp in utter shock hearing him.

yes dadima ,living hell.where she got beaten being that innocent , don’t know from whom. but yes it is her home only..that hell..reason for her being that fragile..to break by anyone, or scared by anyone..that fear of hers on every little thing,that fear of her from darkness that all from that home of hers..a living hell. he bang on the wall furiously as he remember the wounds and red and blue marks on her whole body almost.her painful cries at the time he came back from business tour. 

what..she stand up from her seat listening  his big revelations about her lotus..she thought about her hiding something,her pain..but this much pain she was bearing she don’t know that. but who torture her innocent child to this extent…her home.. all thoughts clouded her mind making her stumble on her steps in big shock..

dadima.. he rushed towards supporting her..

you dont take any tension dadima. i will look after it. you just take rest. he assure her making her sleep on the bed .

but geet.. she hided it from me.. my child bear so much. she spoke looking at him with teary

 eyes remembering her pain.

no,its not her fault in this anywhere,dadima, she didn’t hide it purposely, its her insecurity or fear dadima,nothing else.and how she was gonna told us about her problems when she is just maid here.

he try to make her understand her side aswell.

dadima just nodded in agreement.

just dont make her remember anything about this, she will be again go in this doom.

he speak further where as dadima just nodded ..


it was late night, he didnt come yet .she was worried , what if he came again drunk. 

jaan…he called out breaking her reverie.

geet..her happiness was knew no bounds ,her eyes twinkle becoming wet as if meeting him after years,yes it is years for her not seeing him from the morning.

she turn towards him and rush to him seeing him opening his arms for her, for her only.

aapne to bahot der kar di..hum to aapka kabse intzar kar rahe the…she spoke softly hugging him tight from his neck as he hug her back feeling the peace surging through him, his all tiredness goes finding her in his arms.

achcha…he teased her seeing her face going red..

hum to bas… she try to speak but nothing come in her blur mind which was lost in him.

hmm.. main sun raha hoon. he again teased her.

kuch nahi… hum aapka khana parosate hai..saying so she rushed in the kitchen.

maan smirk as he goes inside his room to freshen up.


geet quiver seating infront him in his hungry eyes which was staring at her as if eating her along the bites which he was taking from his plate. she wriggle on her seat few times adjusting her saree feeling conscious in his hot gaze.

saheb.. aapka ho gaya? she asked finally feeling his torture. 

hmm. he was lost first the come out of it smirking at her being all red seeing her moments that was making him hard with his desires..

kyun geet. kya hua.. tumhe kuch problem hai mere khanese…he asked with seriousness from inside enjoying this sweet play with his jaan. its from so long he get the moment to share with her alone, its late night, so one was here sleeping inside there room.its both them only alone giving zeal & excitement to him to enjoyed this moment with his lotus.

nahi..nahi..humne aisa kab kaha..she startle at his accusation feeling bad for her behaviour.

geet..its ok jaan…he started to cough suddenly ..

saheb..geet rush at once at his side patting his back ..

ye lijiye.pani pijiye.. she made him drink it with her own hands.

geet.its ok…i am fine jaan.. he try to make her calm seeing her teary eyes.its touch his heart seeing her worried for him this much.

geet..he hold her hand jerking her on his lap seeing her still worried.

aap..aap thik ho..she asked again cupping his cheeks which makes him surprise as he hold her hands on his cheek bringing that towards his lips he kiss her palm bringing her out of her worry and she clasp  her hand out of his hold.

she try to stand up but he jerk her again on his lap banging her on his chest.

geet dont know how she did come here on his lap clutch his collers tight in fist looking at him innocently. 

his hands travele on her bare waist feeling its softness he press it in his rough hands 

saheb…she moan out closing her eyes in pleasure.

he caressed her soft cheeks tucking her curls behind her ears.he leave wet kiss on her chubby cheek not resisting more .her cheeks turn crimson red as she hided her face in his neck.he smile caging her in his arms as his hands travel on her bare back , he opened the dori of her bl****. she gasp pulling herself away from him she try to stand again but he not let her move as his hands reach inside her bl****. 

geet i want sweet dish..he asked her seeing her going lost in his touch with her half open eyes.

ji… she try to concntrated on his talks as his hads wonder on her bare back inside her ******.

muze kuch meetha khana hai..he asked her again .

ji..abhi to kuch bhi nahi hai. wo to kahtam ho gaya jo nakul kaka ne banaya tha. 

she reply innocently unknown of his intentions. 

maan was so awe at her innocent jerk her closer his thumbs carrased her lips.

abhi to ek sweet hai jaan, yahi.. tum muze de sakti ho.

(there is one sweet here only, you can give it to me) he reply further all lost in his act.

ji… kya.. she asked getting all confuse with her saheb’s talks.

hmm. your lips…tumhare hoth  he added seeing her reaction..

she turn shock going red again look at him blank and dont know when his lips take hers own in his kissing her furiously.

maan kissed her fast and hungry quenching his all desires in the kiss not caring her reaction he lost himself in his uncontrollable desires which she was waking in him day by day from the beginning.

geet on the other hand turn so scare that tears roll down her cheeks feeling his harshness, it hurt her as he started to press he b***** in his passion kissing her breathless, she gasp for the air as he was not leaving her.

geet started to bang his chest finally going breathless, maan at once come out of it finding her tears and her banging.

he leave her suddenly where as she gasp loudly breathing hard taking air inside.

geet… are you ok jaan.  he shock of his behavior cupped her face hurriedly ..dont know when he goes beyond control in his wild desires that today hurt his jaan.

geet started to cry furiously scaring to hell seeing his behaviour today.

geet..jaan.. i am so sorry..jaan.. are you ok..jaan ..please dont cry..

geet was lost in her fear didnt acknowledge his words .she turn vulnerable didnt look at him.

jaan please…i will not touch you again..jaan.. i am so sorry..

he hug her shivering body tghtly asking for forgiveness again and again.

he patted her head to make her calm,lifted her in his arms he take steps towards her room, 

geet clutch him from his neck coming  out of her shock she stared at his worn out face with her moisten eyes,seeing him in great pain it made her miserable ..

she cupped his face with her shivering hands as he make her seat on the bed.he hold her hands on his cheek, he again asked sorry from her looking at her with great pain.

dont know when she got into deep slumber staring at his face. he look at her thinking of her innocence. he himself become the reason of her fear today..he caressed her cheeks softly kissed her forehead asking for forgiveness again from her.



9 thoughts on “HPPHM | PART 61 | MG

  1. Awesome update n maan stop hearing her name n he told dadi about her suffering at her home n maan teasing her n maan can’t control his desire for her n she scared of his act n he apologized her n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Each chapter that I have read of this story.. keeps me captivated in that moment… at first I actually hated maan’s advances towards geet.. but as the story is progressing maan’s care could not be ignored… its a natural behavior of someone… really takes time to change…that too for good… I am happy that he is taking consideration of geet’s feelings to and controlling his desire.. loved the concept dear…. just curious how dadima got such a sweet baby to work in mansion as a maid…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Glad to know…
      I think , I have mentioned in first Chappy itself about how Dadi gave her work and about her family as well.. also read CS, if you have missed it..


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