I forgot to mention about Rajeev character, you guys check the character sketch again, and if i forgot to mention he is friend of Maan from teenage, and their families are friends .. 

about Geet, and her behavior , the reasons will disclose soon after past ends,, i guess.. and only few chapters to go to finish the past, then story will come on present track, till then enjoy maneet romancesmiley2 you never know then what twists and turns story gonna bring…smiley15

I  am always replying to comments on blog and forum as well.. although sometimes i missed on forum but do always read you guys.. so comment wherever you want.. i loved to read your comments that encourage me to post next chappy for you guys, despite in whatever mood i might be..smiley4 


Geet kept watching him, drowned in the work, with adi & Sasha on toe , around him. While the file put in front of her on the table, she couldn’t once concentrate as his touches has awoken deep desires in her, she couldn’t forget but left crushing him under breath.

Hume takleef de ke, khud aaram se kaam kar rahe hai, leave it geet, unhe na jaane kaunsa maza aata hai, hume yun tang karke.

Now look at him, how perfectly he is doing hi work, after what he tried to do with me inside room..

Geet couldn’t help, or notice even her cheeks turning pink reminding his touches, the way his fingers playing with her body, and lips devouring her..

She was breathless, as she gulped another glass of water beside her,

Geett… His sudden harsh call made her coughed out the water, as it stuck in there throat, bringing Maan rushing towards her.

He jumped from his chair, rushing to look after her, what the hell you kept doing?? dhyan kaha hai tumhara..!?? He was worried as he rubbed her back to sooth her but that only worked in opposite direction for her.

Aap mein….was her quick answer to his question.

What!?? He shouted giving her frustrated glare leaving her fumbling then realizing what she blurted..

Aap. Leave me..I am fine now.. she pulled apart glancing around at the staring staff, who kept gaping at the scene.

She saw Sasha ma’am gritting her teeth, her face red in anger

Why!?? She didn’t know, she pouted turning back to watch him.

You called me so suddenly..that..she turned Maan only to see him putting front his palm stopping her.

I need no explanation, I  called you to bring coffee for me..

Turning around.. “everyone else, back to work..I want this file to be completed in next half an hour!!is that clear!??” He said with finality that everyone have to obey.

Yes sir!! Everyone sang in unison before departing to work.

Coffee??? For you!?? You don’t have working staff in your whole huge outhouse!?? She blurted before even realizing..and when she did it was late enough to saw his furious face,

I ..woh…she bite her lips in nervousness

Hai Raah Mein Jo Meri,
Thi Hi Wo Rehnuma Hai,
Boloon To Kya Main Boloon,
Tu Hi Meri Zubaan Hai…

You are the guide  who is in my way 

What can I say are my dialect language

Why hurting yourself sweetheart!?? He whispered seductively, walking closer, without anyone notice, and touch her soft lips, pulling them out from her teeth making her gasp, she clutch her saree pallu, began getting breathless.

I will bring your coffee!! She rushed out if his sight, before he could pull one more stunt to seduce her and get touching her here & there .

Maan kept watching her running away, sighed with a teasing smile on his face, and turned back to his table.


It’s been more than few minutes, she couldn’t bring him just one mug of coffee!!? Irritated he got up to rush towards the kitchen at downstairs.

Standing at the entrance he watched her thinking deeply just standing still with a mg in her hand.

Geet.. he walked inside making her startled, as she turned to look at him.

What taking you so long! ?

Um..I was just thinking, would you like coffee with milk or without..!??

What..!?? He was hell angry as he pushed her aside to do the task by himself.

Why are you getting so angry suddenly!? She held on to his arm to stop, let me do..just tell me..

You would have asked me , he glared her, but no madam here lost in thinking only.he spitted making her pout her lips.

After awhile, he took a mug in his hands, I preferred without milk

Black coffee!? She makes disgusting face..making him stopped on his steps , looking at her devilishly, he brought his mug towards her mouth, giving her a smell of it, want to have some!??

No…she pulled back, but he held her nape making her gasp, I want to share it with you!! He whispered sensuously making her scared.

Inayaton Mein Tu,
Ibadato Mein Tu,
Tujhi Si Hai Milli,
Tujhi Se Hai Suru…

{You are in my grace ..

you are my grace .

You are my worship ..

you are in my prayers }

Scared to listen his husky voice, scared to see his passionate gazes, scared to lose again to him..

But I don’t want.. she meekly replied.

Seeing her scared like a kitten he let go of her, fine.. I will have it myself, if you can make me drink it.

What!?? She was so confused.

Just help me darling!! Nothing much I asked, do I!?? He raised his brow already walking towards the chair at dinning table.

Geet stood thinking for a while, then seeing him waiting she walked slowly near him,

He pulled out his leg, and she stumbled upon him, straight on his lap, she held him tight.

Maan who had deliberately pulled out that stunt, smirked devilishly hugging her tight, he massage her scalp, playing with her hairs, making her dizzy..sure, he knew how to play with his innocent seductress.

Are you okay!? He asked huskily, smelling her scent through nuzzling her jaw, to ear..

Umm.. she shivered pulling out with great control, I don’t know, it’s just my foot get stuck.. and..

He bite her soft flesh burying his face in her neck..

Maannn… she clutched him as a reflex, he was rubbing his face sensuously on her soft skin making her crazy, oh Maan. Plz….Hume chod dijiye… She was breathless.

He obliged pulling her apart, I am waiting,


He eyed towards the table, she looked at the direction, to see mug if got brewing coffee was there, she tried to get up but he stopped her, you not need to…

Par hum aise kaise..

I want like this..

Yeh kya karne ki koshish kar rahe hai aap, Hume chod dijiye.. she tried to peeled of his hands which was tighten around her small waist, holding her closer.

If you are stubborn, darling then I am more stubborn than you, I want my coffee like this.

Bilkul nahi..first let me go, she started slapping off his arms, but he jerked her closer,

Soch lo Geet, he whispered on her face, rubbing her lips with thumb, complete your task and go, or stay like this forever in my arms.. he warned her seriously, rubbing her jaw…

Geet struggle again but he wouldn’t let go, fine..she accepted defeat making him smirk but he hide it, looking at her with those dark passionate eyes which was melting her however she protests.

Geet took mug of coffee in her hands bringing to his lips, he took a sip lost in looking at her, and next his tongue got burned making him wince.

He hissed in pain making Geet panicked, Maan..!?? She put the cup down on the table, cupping his jaw, it was burning hot, and you just drank it ..she scolded him, blowing on his lips, which were turning red by now, I … What I do..she was panicking, looking here and there, then at his face,

Nothing.. and he slammed his mouth on her, she licked his lips, soothing his pain making him astonished non the less he was cherishing the kiss, and her response.. she sucked and lick him holding his nape, crushing her body to his, making him groan in the kiss, his hands playing with her skin, holding her waist, he fingered her belly button earning a moan from her mouth and he got the chance to deepen the kiss.

They kissed for a while sucking each other’s mouth,

Are you okay!? The first question Geet asked after catching her breath.

Ruhaani Aarzooo..
Ruhaani Aarzooo..
Ruhaani Aarzooo..
Ruhaani Aarzooo..

{ Sacred wish ..spiritual wish }

He nodded lost looking at her, observing her strange acts, when his cell rang, it was from adi, asking for leave as the work was already finished they were waiting for him.

Put those files on my table , and ask everyone to leave.. he was talking but his eyes were continuously watching her facial expressions, he saw her getting up .

Where are you going!? He put her down again, breathing on her face, did I asked you!?

She innocently nodded,


Now what were we doing!!? He come back to teasing mood..

She looked blankly at him, realizing what she did in a flow of her emotions, seeing him in pain, she couldn’t tolerate one thing..and that’s his pain..his one moan of pain gave her severed ach.

Sweetheart, I am waiting..look.. you too want to leave, don’t you!??

No I don’t want to … She said in mind, looking at him earnestly but she have no reason to stop either.

She just nodded and began with the task of feeding him with his coffee, how stupid of his demand, her mind scolded her, stand up, just rushed out but heart wanting something else..

He was sipping his coffee but watching her intently she was lost somewhere, he didn’t liked that sad look on her face, he wanted her to stay to close to this forever..why he don’t have any answer,

Maybe his lust for the woman overpowering his all senses, that he putting stupid demands before her to make her closer.. just one-night.. maybe after he have her fully…he would be satisfied unless & until he would be doing stupid things.

But she also not denying his touches, he mind counter back, looking back at her, his eyes caught the sign of her marriage, something snapped inside him, his heart burned, he didn’t know..never before he felt like this, his fingers went on her forehead caressing her, then in a blink of moment, he wiped her vermilion without her notice,

She has her eyes close feeling his soft touch, her breath increased feeling his fingers going down on her cleavage. He put down her pallu to access the marvelous view before his eyes, his hands snake onto shivering her, pulling out the cup from her hands, he out that down on the table, holding her palm,

Maan..she called out huskily, holding his collars, looking at him with droopy eyes.

You want it, Geet!? He asked huskily thrusting his hand in her already loose blouse, her bare flesh come in his contact making him halted.

Suddenly memories of her throwing down her u*********ts , flash into his mind.

He eyed her torso,  hiding behind lose blouse, his hand cupped her nude breast, under the garment, making her arch to his touches.

I …she couldn’t speak , feeling his sinful touches on her body, it was her time, someone had touched her so close.

You liked it, Jaan!!?? Words flow out from his mouth, as he pinch her nipples, making her squirm on his lap, her core throbbing with forbidden needs she was unaware. Something poking her down, she was unaware.. She just closed her eyes, drowning in his touches, her face deep into his neck, trying to open his shirt.

With her innocent response, hearing her cries of pleasure he realized about her purity, she was definitely untouched, virgin..the thought encourage him and gives him enormous pleasure.

Very soon make you mine Jaan…he whispered huskily, kissing her near her lips making thirsty for the kiss, while he could feel her body’s each reaction time his touches, he kept on increasing pressure on her bosom, until she couldn’t take anymore, she was breathing heavily on his shoulder..while he took the opportunity and remove her saree pleats wanted to touch her forbidden area…

to be continued…

Will Maan be succeed…!???


You smell different today…!??

Her eyes widen in horror hearing him ..

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  1. My god hot hot 🔥 !! I’ve been waiting for ur updates yaa and it was sooo worth it. So nice, Geet’s innocence, Maan’s naughtiness… its all making it really passionate between them. They r crossing all limits and glad that Maan now very sure she’s untouched! I think Geet knows him and loves him from childhood or something that’s why she became sad at thE thought of going home. He’s calling her Jaan and both haven’t realized it yet. Wat More is he going to do with her now ?! Can’t wait. Pls update sooonnn ..

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    1. Thank you 🤗
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  2. Nice update n geet is lost in his thoughts n he call her asked her to bring coffee for him n love his cute demand of coffee n they share passionate moments n maan knows she is pure n innocent n hope they understand there feeling for each other n thnxx for pm me

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  3. So maan thinks only as lust geet is feeling with her strange desires and fighting between the reality too…in flow maan uses the word jaan wowww ❤️❤️❤️that was such hot and passionate update dear waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  4. Suddenly memories of her throwing down her u*********ts , flash into his mind.

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    1. When maan has turned his back to her, he asked her to trust him, read that last bit of piece in update where Geet changed her cloths in the room in Maan’s presence. You can find that same word and stars😜😂😂😂 it was previous update, ch.21

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