Geet stood at the cupboard arranging his files as per his order, when all of a sudden she heard the sound of door clicking.

She turned around only to gasped , as she saw him walking inside locking the door behind him, he took steady steps towards her with that passionate gaze on her making her tremble on her place.

She stick to the cupboard, clutching her palms tight to furniture behind…

He smirked seeing her scared like a deer, not soon he was caging her in between his arms and cupboard..

Aapki kashish sarfarosh hai

Aapka nasha yuhn madhosh hai

Kya kahen tumse jaanejaan 

Gum hua hosh hai (x2)

[ Your attraction is exhilarating

Your appeal is so intoxicating

what can i say to you my beloved 

I have lost all senses (x2) ]

He grasped her in his arms holding her delicate waist, and his lips caged her soft one in his own, she startled got no time to think what’s really happening.

He was sucking on her mouth like crazy, biting and licking her lips, Geet became dizzy with his passionate kiss, she held on to him, pulling herself more closer to him.

She heard him groan in her mouth, as his hands roamed on her tummy, he pulled out her belly chain with one snap of finger, breaking it on the floor.

Geet gasped, with a sudden pinch from him on her belly, and he entered his tongue in her open mouth deepening the kiss thereby.

His hands slowly moving up on her body and mouth started wandering down toward her neck then cleavage, he cupped her bosom in his large palms, pressing it.

She continues to moaned in his arms with his sinful touches while only responding to him.

But her moans halted feeling his finger tucking on her wedding chain..he tried to remove it.

Her breath stuck in her throat, unable to think about her next move, what should she do..??

He pulled her chain in one snap as that became hurdle in his passion,

Geet cried out, seeing those black beads scattering on the floor.

Jaan… Look at me..he whispered, holding her jaw tight, but she couldn’t move crying furiously looking down…

Jaan.. open your eyes..Jaan..she felt hard patting on her cheeks this time, and she raise her head to look at his face, to her surprise there was no Maan but it was Kunal.

Jaan.. thank god, you awake.. he engulfed her in warm hug, as he was trying to wake her up from long, she was again having nightmare.

Geet couldn’t move for a while, contemplating on what she saw in her dream. Sure, she has no feelings for Kunal but then why she was crying in her dream.. she felt relax with his warm hug and hugged him back tight.

Plz…save me, Kunal.. don’t let me go.. she whispered crying out,

Pagal, where are you going?? I won’t let you go away from you, if you want also.. he hold her head close to his chest, making her shivered hearing his confession.

Where she is stuck, and why!?? She even don’t know where to take step, which path to choose.

As the days were moving, she was finding it more difficult to resist his touches, even his presence was bothering her. Maan never leave a chance of touching her and coming close when both would be alone. She don’t know why he was behind her when there are umpteenth girls he can choose when they are behind him only.

The thought was only piercing her heart. me, If I am doing any mistake then plz punish me not Kunal nor Maan.. she stopped suddenly as his name escape in her heart.. he heart racing faster, while her hug only tighten on him.

Kunal was really pleased with her hug, she is accepting him slowly, that’s what he began thinking.


Next Day,

Geet was so relieved with the thought of not going to office today, as it was holiday and she can be safe at home away from her harassing boss at least.

But that was for short while because, just in the afternoon her cell buzz with Maan’s number.

She gulped hard, as her heart started beating faster just seeing his name flashing on her screen.

How much time takes you to receive my call!! His booming voice piece in her ear, she jumped on her place.

He sighed controlling his rage as he could make out from her jingling bangles , and that belly chain..uff…

Dooba rahoon sada tere khayalon mein

Uljha rahoon sada tere sawalon mein

He knew he scared her but he was already furious with his staff negligence towards work, because of that he had to call his staff at home with urgent basis.

Tell me Geet, it’s only me or you do it with everyone.?

Geet’s eyes widen hearing him asking like that, nahi.. I was just busy.

Busy!?? On Sunday??

Kya matlab hai aapka hume koi kaam nahi ho sakta office ke sivay.

He chuckled hearing her sweet voice, then cute complaint.

Alright , come to Khurana Mansion , we have some urgent work to complete.

What!?? Now!?!

Then when do you think? Why would I call you now!? Abhi..isi waqt Darling..

Geet fumed at other end hearing his endearment.

Okay, I am coming. She cut the call, sat for a while thinking something, then call Kunal who was out for his work, he couldn’t seat back and rest even on Sundays since his company needs to look after more these days. That what he thought.


What bhai!? You can’t be serious.. work on Sunday!?? Annie pouted

Annie don’t need to fuss around baby, you know your brother, when it came to work , Sunday ho ya pharak padta hai.. dadi mocked peeking above magazine she was holding.

Maan shook his head hearing their drama, he looked at his dad for help but he give him look back as if saying ” it’s your problem, solve on own” and he swear he saw that hidden smile on his face.

How he cursed his father, !! He pulled sadden Annie on the couch beside him .

You know it’s our family time, and you always do this, Annie turned her face.

Annie, you know it’s urgent or why would I disappoint my sweetheart, he pulled her cheek.

Don’t sweetheart me..she threw his hand away. about you pick my card and go shopping, take your Dog with you..and next he knows he is dead.

As expected, Annie was fuming to no extent hearing that ” Dog” word from his mouth.

It’s LISA… You hear me BHAI.. it’s my sis..don’t you dare again..she pointed forefinger on his face making Maan step back,

And yes I am taking your all cards..

Sure baby..why not.. he said sweetly not wanted to make her more angry as he handed her his whole wallet.

As soon as Annie was out of sight, the hall boomed with laud laughter of his grandma & father. He was surely mad, before he could bust on them Nakul walked in informing about the arrival of his secretary.

Just then Geet walked in slowly vanishing his whole anger , as her anklet and waist chain chimed with each steps she took inside.

Aapki kashish sarfarosh hai

Aapka nasha yuhn madhosh hai

Kya kahen tumse jaanejaan

Gum hua hosh hai (x2)

Geet was surely nervous first of all hearing elderly laughter, then his gaze hooked on her like always.

Her heart was beating faster, as she tried to look around to avoid the attention.

And she was left awe seeing the royal interior of huge mansion.

Dadi stopped her laughter and looked at the young woman walking inside, her walk was graceful and elegant, innocence oozing out from beautiful face, and the lady was surely Gorgeous.

Namaste Dadima!! Geet finally spoke, seeing the atmosphere suddenly silent.

Aap…!?? Dadi tried to remember where she had seen this married girl.

Geet, Good afternoon dear!!

Good afternoon, Sir! She replied to Ranjeet with a sweet smile on her face.

Is that you Geet, Kunals wife!? Dadi beamed suddenly getting up from the couch.

Ji Dadima,she replied with a small face being upset that she forget her.

Oh dear, don’t be upset , it only in marriage I saw you, and you know Indian weddings means hustle bustle..she let out a small laugh taking her in warm hug.

Geet hugged her back , feeling really at home just with her embrace.

That’s my Dadi, stay away !!

Both broke apart, as all looks at the voice to see fuming Annie as she barge in and hugged dadi tightly,

Namaste Annie.. Geet tried to ease the situation. me maam. She replied rudely snuggling into her dadi’s arms.

Annie, that’s kunals wife.. and keep your mannerism.. dadi inform her as well tried to put some senses in her possessive grandchild but before anyone could converse more they heard running steps like horse and not soon Geet was screaming out of fear.

She was so shock with huge animal running on to her, it straight jump on her, making her fall on the ground.

She relaxed when she realized it’s non other than sweet dog. It started licking her whole face , she broke into giggle.

Lisa..get up ..come here.

But her dog was nowhere near listening her, come here, NOW!! She blasted trying to pulled her away.

Lisa whined & slowly walked back to Annie, who held her possessively close to her making everyone shook their heads.

Annie, you keep your D…he quickly corrected himself, sis close to you, it shouldn’t happen again..

Bhai.. you dare not speak anything against my shona..

Annie, behave yourself..Maan is saying right dear, dadi scolded her sweetly.

It’s okay, Dadima.. Geet got up with the help of Maan, as he hold her, Are you okay!?

Ji.. hum bilkul thik hai.. it’s not Lisa’s fault,she said with a small smile,

They happened to smell people, and she welcomed me in her home.. what say Lisa..Geet sweetly asked from the pet, who in return shook his tail, struggling in Annie’s clutches to let her go buy Annie wasn’t willing to.

Aapko toh bahot kuch pata hai, Geet! Ranjeet asked amazed

Ji sir, because I have one back at my parents home. She replied turning nostalgic reminding about her home.

Are you okay!? Asked Maan holding her palm behind her saree.

She nodded ready to pulled off her hand but she clutched his hand more tight with her eyes widening in horror next seeing the intruder.

It was Rajeev Handa, her cousin , if he wants enough there stood his huge pet(dog) . Well, Geet wasn’t scare of dog but except this one, Rajeev had deliberately trained his dog against her, he couldn’t even let her pamper it in case it go behind her like her own sweet pet.

And Geet was damn scared of it, as the dog had once attacked on her on rajeevs words.

She quickly hides herself behind Maan, clutching him tight, her body began trembling getting flashes of that day, the way his nails and teeth made her bleed.

Geet..!?? What’s wrong!?? He clutched her palm which was fist upon his shirt, he was shocked seeing her red teary eyes as he looked behind at her face.

His gaze followed her towards the huge dog standing few feet away at the entrance with Rajeev holding him.

I thought you was not scare of dogs, !? He mocked teasing her.

Plz… I am really scared of that one.. she mumbled burying her face in his nape, her tears sock his shirt making him aware of her condition.

He could feel her shivering badly,

Rajeev,!? You here son!??

I called him Dad, we are going on a walk with Lisa,& Ron .


Geet beta..dadi called her, and she somehow managed to pull apart walked near Maan, not wanted to create a scene.

But rajeev smirked seeing her there, so my little sis is here.. he watched her as how much she was scared from his dog but trying to compose herself before khuranas.

He took a step inside to walk, and Geet flinch holding Maan’s hand tight.

You go upstairs to guest room and clean yourself dear, sorry for the little trouble,dadi apologize.

It’s okay, Dadima..

Nakul take mam to guest room..dadi sent Nakul to show Geet desire room.

Dadima, I am going bye..bye dad.. saying so Annie to rushed outside with her pet follow by disappointed Rajeev.

Maan silently sneak away and straight ran upstairs towards guest room.

Precap :- Shower…..someone get drench….and……and…. someone get naughty…….


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