Maan looked at her through the glass door that was parting his love from him.yes love.its his love.she is his love.his jaan. atlast he had came to know,its his love.the broken girl laying there inside on hospital bed.she is his life.

…Few hours before…


Maan stand there horrified or shock with  the scene. It’s his jaan laying unconscious yet again in his arms.he remember the previous events happening around him.her kidnapping or that Chawl. His anger reach to its peak, body shiver with great fury,eyes got red in unbearable pain to see his jaan’s condition. He throw one dreadful glare at the two responsible for her condition. Both almost stumble backwards seeing the devil standing before them ready to suck there blood off from body.

Maan glance once at her face before keeping her on sofa securely. Nakul come near to help her but he didn’t let him touch her.he storm towards them furiously breaking every bone in there body that all outhouse buzz with there screams.

How dare you to touch her.you b******* .


She is my jaan…my love his heart utter finally the truth which he acknowledge as broke them into pieces more than they had Broken his love. His heart started to beat fast acknowledging true feelings of it.in all wrong time.

Nakul stand there shock not knowing what to do or how to stop him.he seems to be in too much fury or mad that he can even kill him if he goes between them.

Maan was beating them to quench his heart thirst for giving pain to his jaan.they almost got unconscious with bleeding but he didn’t stop.he almost turn mad seeing her condition.

Mr.Khurana stop…the police who were following him ran towards him seeing his madness.

Leave me .I will not leave those ******he scream in utter fury as they pulled him backwards. But he was not in his senses now.its his jaan he was seeing her condition now and then.

Maan sir..look geet Bitiya is calling you. Nakul called him as soon as he heard geet.

Maan at once got to his senses and rushed to her.

Geet opened her eyes half in subconscious state .

Saheb. She called him yet again seems to be in so much pain.its getting difficult for you keep them open. She closed them again leaving him scare for her.

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara (x4)

Aaj Khamoshiyon Se Aa Rahi Hai Sadaa

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Just listen…

Listen carefully, darling

Today, a voice is calling out from the silence.

My heartbeats’ going away; my heart’s saying something to you.

Geet..jaan.i am here.  Open your eyes..geet.he called her again patting her cheeks. She once try to see him.he is looking blur..calling her maybe. She try to smile but couldn’t able to open her eyes full.

We have to take her to hospital, maan sir.nakul yet again advised him.seem like he is not in his senses.

Maan scoop her in his arms securely going inside car as his driver sped up the car towards hospital.


Mr. Khurana. do U know them.police inspector asked from him breaking his reverie.

I don’t know them or what we’re they doing in my property. His blood bile at the mention. of goons

P.I. : they are professional thief’s Mr khurana. They are wanted goons from long time.

So what were doing in my property he busted on officer.how they got inside my property in that tight security of mine.his eyes blasted red as he glared at the officer in utter fury.

Calm down Mr Khurana. That’s what I am saying it’s there profession and there are more in there group.and it’s easy for them to take the info about royal houses to stole them.in your case also it’s same.you can check your cc TV if there any. Officer try to make him understand the gravity.

Maan sir,there is no security around outhouse. Nakul reveal the thing which made maan stand shock.

What he utter in great shock turning towards nakul.

Yes sir .he nodded.

How can that be possible. Maan asked still couldn’t believe.

The outhouse remain empty from long time or not in any use.so you didn’t check that to keep any security there.its always khurana mansion.

Nakul’s revelation turn him silent.

Look Mr.Khurana it’s mistake from your side aswell. Officer said making a point.

But we have enough proof to take them.he added seeing him getting angry yet again.

Yes officer make sure all of them rot in hell behind the bar or I will make sure of it.maan threaten the officer in dangerous voice ,his muscles tighten in great fury ready to punch them again.

Oh..relax Mr. Khurana. .dont worry. We have our own treatments. Officer smirk..

Giving some peace to his burning heart .

He goes off getting urgent called on his mobile.


Maan stand there staring at her with nakul standing behind him.he can’t leave his maan sir or geet in this condition. He had already inform in mansion to all servants to take care there.  annie still didn’t come busy in her lifestyle. Though Rajeev came late but goes to bed without any info.

Maan sir, aap baith jaiye. Nakul try once again though he didn’t heard before few times.

Nahi.i am fine.you can go home now.hw didn’t listen instead asked him to go home.

No.i will stay here with you.nakul said.

I don’t need anyone.he blasted on nakul getting frustrated for her.

You can go home now.he added angrily not wanting anyone near him.he just want his jaan.but she is not listening him.not opening her eyes.

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara (x2)

Aaj Khamoshiyon Se Aa Rahi Hai Sadaa

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara…

Dr. Has said him,she will be in conscious in 24 hours.not to worry.its blood loss and  she needs rest.yes she needed that.but anyone didn’t let her to take that.always behind her.he close his eyes in pain remembering all the events from the time she entered in his life.


He can still heard her soft tone saying him her innocent love.

images (7)

Kyonki,Hum aapse bahot pyar karte hain, Saheb.

Beete Lamhon Ke Saaye To

Bas Yahin Tham Gaye Hain

Yaad Mujhe Aaye Teri Baatein

Palkon Ki Surkh Chaadar Pe

Ashk Bhi Jam Gaye Hain

Teri Aankhon Se Na Hat’Ti Aankhein

The shadows of past moments have come to rest here;

Memories of what you said come blazing into my mind…

Tears have frozen beneath a red sheet of lashes.

I can’t take my eyes off yours.


I love you too jaan.yes I love you.he said as he rushed towards her bed taking permission from Dr. to see his love.

It’s got his too much time to realized his love for his lotus but now she was in hospital bed. He knows now she is his life.he can’t live without her .it’s his ego didn’t let him listen to his heart.its his stupid mind ignore his innocent jaan.

He cursed himself for not accepting it before. Yes I love you jaan.just once open your eyes.he pleaded yet again to her holding her lifeless hands.

Bebasi Ka Hai Aalam

Kya Karoon Main Bata

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara (x2)

Aaj Khamoshiyon Se Aa Rahi Hai Sadaa

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara… (x2)

Tell me: in my helpless state, what can I do?

My heartbeats’ going away; my heart’s saying something to you.

Just Listen…


Saheb,  he heard her calling him.he snap opened his eyes. don’t know when he got in sleep beside his jaan.

He stood up  seeing her opening her eyes.

Jaan..he utter softly caressing her head.

Saheb. She called with her dried lips trying to hold him.

images (4)

Yes I am here only geet. You lay back .he said softly holding her hand making her relax.

How are you feeling now miss geet.Dr. come inside getting to know from nurses.

She has opened her eyes now only.maan inform seeing her pale face.

Don’t worry geet. Bas aaram karne lena.sab thik ho jaega.ok dear. Dr.gupta came inside caressing her head lovingly.

Seems like you knows her well. Other Dr asked her seeing there bonding.

Yes.yeh to humari pyarisi Bitiya hai. Dr.gupta.smile lovingly still her hand on geet’s head.


Geet smile her cute dimple smile stealing everyone’s heart present in the room with her innocent smile.

Maan smile.his heart turn at peace seeing her smiling face after long time.he felt more happy with Dr. Gupta loving nature towards his jaan.

Choom Ke Apne Hoothon Se

Tere Gham Ko Chura Loon

Laake Tujhe De Doon Khushiyaan Saari

Apni Har Beqaraari Ko

Seene Mein Hi Chhupa Loon

Meri Chaahatein Jaayein Tujhpe Waari


He kissed her forehead with all his love.she closed her eyes in great peace. She was in so much fear then in outhouse waiting for him .it’s send shiver in her whole body remembering that dreadful events. Tears rolled down her soft cheeks.

Geet..he wiped her tears nodding her no.she looked at him painfully. That was not going from her mind. It’s just a month from that Chawl incident and this happen.


Kya hum itne bure  hai ke ye sab humare sath ho raha hai. Her innocent question make him rooted on his spot. Yes it’s the truth though.but what is her fault in this.

Maan thought yet again turning furious remembering all this.

Aisa nahi hai geet. Tum to bahot masoom ho in sab cheezo ke liye. Dr.gupta entered inside again hearing her painful query.

Tum to bahot pyari bacchi ho humari. She added carressing her cheeks lovingly.

She gives her medicine before leaving geet the room.

Saheb, aap mension nahi gaye.she asked him seeing his tired face. He didn’t sleep for a moment in the fear to loose her.it his heart that was worrying fir her continuously. Still it is.

Main thik hoon tum aaram karo.

Par…he place his finger on her dried lips silencing her.

Chup…tumhe aaram karo.main yahi hoon.

She nodded silently going into deep slumber in the effect of medicine.

It was early morning of next day in hospital that she woke up screaming.

Nahiin. ..saheb. …she jerk seating on the bed gasping loudly in fear.

Maan at once present at her side waking from his sleep..


Geet..what happened. ..jaan…he took her in his arms cocooning her.she quiver crying loudly.

Wo hume. …choo rahe. ..the…

(They were touching me)

Maan closed his eyes in pain and anger hearing her miseries. It’s again started .her fear.her nightmare. From which she has came out already.

But those b******. He tighten his hold on her securing her in his arms.

She sleep in his arms with her dried tears on her cheeks. He make her lay down on the bed he himself seat beside her .she is not leaving him holding his hand tight.

He looked at her pale and tired face .she had bear enough.now no more jaan. I will not leave anyone who is reason behind your each pain and torture you have gone through. I will protect you geet from each and every small hurdles even..I will be beside you always. It’s my promised to my jaan.my love.my life. .my Geet.

He kissed on her dried lips softly sealing his promise to her.


Sehme Sehme Labon Mein

Ghul Gayi Hai Dua

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara

Hey… Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara

Aaj Khamoshiyon Se Aa Rahi Hai Sadaa

Dhadkane Hai Deewani

Dil Bhi Kuch Keh Raha Hai

Sun Zara, Soniye Sun Zara

I’ll kiss you and steal your sorrows away.

I’ll bring you every happiness,

Will hide all my restlessness deep in my heart,

Focus all my desires onto you.

My prayers have melted on your frightened lips.

My heartbeats’ going away; my heart’s saying something to you.

Just listen…


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  1. Awwww finally some realizations struck him and he is in love with his lotus loved the part alot maan promised himself to protect his jaan here after I m waiting for his confession to geet now ❀️😘

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