Take care…

You thought, I will leave you to that bastard….

Geet was going restless, she smiled..blushed..just reminding his set words,

You thought, I will listen to you!?

Her breathing stopped , realizing the meaning of his words, her whole body set on fire, she got up , fetching the glass of water from side table, she drank whole in one go, just getting the flashes of their closeness from office.

She looked at her side to see Kunal sleeping peacefully, unaware about her state which she was going one knows..

She sighed, looking at her bandage ,” take care” only few words from his mouth and that small smile made her heart skips in happiness.

Suddenly she remembers something, ” he didn’t aid his wound & that happened because of me” she thought, as her guilt and pain surged through her again making restless.


Next Morning,

Maan descended the huge staircase of KM, to reach the dinning hall..

Good Morning, Everyone!!

All looked up surprised to find him there as all family members were well aware of his mood swings, today seem his mood was good that’s the reason he decided to join the family for breakfast.

Although everyone wished him back,

Good Morning, Maan!! Today something special, son!?? Dadi enquired mischievously.

Why Dadima!??

Because you decided to show us your face early morning!!

Maan’s face was worth watching, as others silently giggled on dadi’s teasing.

He put the spoon down ready to got up, I guess you guys bother about my presence here.


Your grandma is just teasing you!!

But I don’t like it dad, you know!!

It’s okay, son. I can’t tease him here but can tease him alone. Dadi chuckled

Dadima!! Maan rolled his eyes, knowing his naughty dadi won’t stop however he bickered.

Bhai, what about that mark on your face, near lips!?? Annie jump in after a while making Maan stop again.

He touched his lips with forefinger, getting lost in the memories of last day, small smile tug at his lips, nothing dear, it’s only small scratch..

Are you sure son, !? Rajveer asked

Yes dad, infact it’s healing now..

All were silent again but Dadi didn’t missed that small smile playing on her grandsons face.


As soon as Maan opened his cabin door he was greeted with pleasant sight , he watched on as she put on those roses in the pot on his table.

He was not so fond of those flowers, but the smile on her face please his heart , he moved ahead watching her caressing her fingers on rose petals, his heart only wished that moment to pulled out that rose and touched her each body parts from head to toe with that rose.

Yeh phool… He began only to be intrupted by startled her,

Please don’t throw them out, she touched his hand which was on those flowers thinking he is gonna remove them.

I know you don’t like them, but let them stay here for today!!

Maan was lost in her sweet pleading, Why .what is special today!? He thought to tease her, as he pulled out one red rose from the bunch, waiting for clarification from her,

Um.. I brought them for you..

For me.. ? he surprised, raised his brow taking step towards her.

Geet was flustered, she looked down, ” for thanking you”

Her breath caught in throat ,feeling those rose petals touching on her tummy, it was then she realized him standing behind her.

Maannn.. she turned her face to look at him, his one hand grabs her from behind, while other held that rose roaming on her tummy. The most attractive part of her, he thought, taking rose upward towards her chest, which was heaving up & down with his sweet assault.

You are breathless….he whispered huskily, rubbing his lips on her rosy cheek.

You…..I….. She couldn’t speak gulped her Saliva and suddenly giggled feeling ticklish on her neck,

Maan..plz..take that off…she broke into sweet laugh making him amuse..he stopped turning her to face him, so you are ticklish.. he teased.

Ji..ha.. she mumbled looking down,

There moment was intrupted with a knock on the door, making both to pulled apart.

Sasha walked in after taking his permission, her eyes pop up seeing flowers in his cabin, she was going to asked him knowing his dislike for the flowers but her words died in her mouth watching him holding one of red roses, and peck that flower eyeing behind her,

She turned to see, it was non other than Geet, her anger only rose, she clinch her fist tight realizing those hidden things.

Geet was so shocked with his act, she felt him as if kissing her not that rose, she littraly ran out of cabin.


Later that day, Geet was busy with Adi working on files in Maan’s office as per his order. When maan was out for his call, adi informed her about Khanna’s deal..

Geet shivered hearing the name but she compose quickly before Adi.

He was going to cancel the deal, but Mr.khanna almost pleaded him, & Maan sir agreed with one condition..

Geet gulped, playing with note pad, awaiting for adis words..

He asked Khanna to remove his nephew Rahul from the project, he wasn’t willing to work with him because of his misbehavior with female staff. He couldn’t tolerate that.

Don’t you think Maan sir took the right decision, he really cared for his staff!! Asked adi to geet who was lost watching at the entrance of the cabin.

His eyes bore into her face, finding her ready to cry any moment, he step inside making adi shut his mouth.

As soon as Adi was out he locked the door walking towards her,

You did that..for me..she asked looking at him with wet eyes.

No.. I did that for myself, for my company, so that staff can be well treated, they can concentrate on their work more..

He reached near her, breathing into her scent, his breath tingle her but her heart broke again hearing his answer,

I did it for my own benefit!! He whispered in her ear, licking her earlobe.

Geet hissed pushing him away, she tried to run out but Maan stopped her holding her hand, she felt something thrusting in her palm, looking down, she fount it was marker.

He eyed her to look at the board at right side on the stand, you need to point down the assets of the project.

Geet nodded, walking towards the board.

Uff…her walk is also so sensuous, how can she seduce him to this extent..he thought taking his chair, he went through some files, in between hearing her explaining on the project, his eyes stuck on her, the way her few tendrils of hairs move, she hooked them behind her ear, her rosy lips moving saying something but he couldn’t hear it properly since his all attention on her lips thinking how would he kiss them, suck them in his mouth biting them making them bleed,…

Sir.. Maan sir… MAANN…!???

She called out seeing him lost somewhere,


Geet pouted & again went on explaining him, only to be stopped by him abruptly.

He got up walking towards her, turn around & correct that point, he pointed , reaching near as she turned and show him with the marker.

Suddenly pen dropped down on the floor, as he neared her from behind, his breath teasing her on nape, while he moved his fingers on her back, making her arch her body.

What… Her voice tremble just like her body with his sensous touches..

Don’t you know!?? He whispered sensuously on her ear, rubbing his lips on her jaw..moving down towards her lips,

Geet instantly turned her face away, and tried to walk away but he grasped her closer, his hand pressing on her belly, making her gasp.

He held her lose braid , putting that on left shoulder while his fingers trails down on her back, opening the knot of her blouse

Plz … no….she mumbled with her close eyes as his lips follow the path of his fingers, they moved sensuously on her marble back, he moved to her right shoulder, pulling down the material of her blouse, she arched her neck giving him access.

He briskly turned her in his arms, with his face dipped in her neck,

Aap….aap…yeh…kya kare rahe..ho..she mumbled with her eye drooping down like she has been drugged with his passion.

What you are doing with me, Geet? You making me crazy, he whispered sensuously still lost in smooching her cleavage, grabbing her waist,

Her hands moved on his hairs, pulling him closer to her, as he cupped her face, next moment, slam his mouth on her to fetch passionate kiss from her rosy lips for which he had fantasize..

You are driving me crazy, sweetheart!! He mumbled on her mouth, biting & sucking her lips hungrily like a man possessed.

Geet found herself responding to him with the passion she never know existed in her, as her hands clutched his shirt almost wrinkling it in a process..

Easy darling.. he pulled off her hands hanging them on his neck, let someone see his shirt and get to know what’s happening behind close blinds..

But that jerked her back to reality, again she was so ashamed , she pulled off his hands from her body breaking from the kiss.

Maan looked at her face, her messy attired and lose her sexy look.

Tears stinging her hazel eyes, which he couldn’t bear.. something snap within him, he cupped her face, she removed it but he again did..this time firmly..

Her eyes accusing him…. although she knew there was no fault of him, it’s only her.

I am sorry…. She cried , Maan wiped her tears confused with her sorry..

She put her head on his chest, crying for a while, he suddenly felt bad for using her innocence, but he couldn’t control himself around her, she became that forbidden fruit for him which he can’t have yet can see from far.. and that couldn’t digestible for him, to watched her only from far but can’t touch her..

He get everything.. every damn thing by hook or crook … Thinking so his hold tighten on her body,

to be continued…

Precap : Same

I was fearing from the same thing & that is what happening now.. hum ab aur humare jazbaato par kabu nahi kar sakte…


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  1. Nice update n geet is in thought if maan hoe he saved her n took care of her n she feels guilty bcoz of her he didn’t treat his wound n she brought flower for him n she gets happy after knowing Rahul is out of project n he did this for her only n they have some romantic moments n both lost in their passion world n later geet feel guilty for doing this n thnxx for pm me

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  2. Hot hot hot 🙈 its getting soo interesting ya I’m hooked to it, really imagining Maaneet in it! Geet is so attracted to him rn. She brought flowers for him & he who keeps looking for a chance to get sensual with her got another chance to do it. My god they r kissing so many times like anything already. One thing I wanted clarity, all this is flashback only right which happened before Diwali episode ?

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    1. Thank you 🤗
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  5. Very nice update. Geet and Maan both are attracted towards each other but geet is feeling guilty because of her marriage. When this kunal chapter will close I want only Maan and geet as couple. Over all wonderfuly writing

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