Geet was numb for a while before she again struggle hard in his clutches and this time got successful in freeing herself, next she storm towards Maan in rage & found herself raising her hand on him, I hate you!!!! She scream furiously, while both stood rooted with her bold step.

Maan was waiting for her bold move but not this painful slap , he held his cheek , glaring her with rage.. his eyes instantly soften seeing tears streaming down her face, her face reflected pain , hurt and what not ,

He twisted his jaw a little , his thumb press at the corner of his lips, gazing his own blood drop on the thumb, “don’t you think you choose the wrong person to attack on wild cat!?”

Hu..!?? Geet was terribly confused, tears, pain long forgotten..only thing needed to look after was his words, what’s that??

He clutched her wrist dragging her towards Rahul, all the while, Geet was getting mad seeing audacity of the man, she kept trying to free herself, he brought her before Rahul, ” you asked me stay away from you!! “

Geet & Rahul both just kept watching him, while he continued angrily, did you asked him the same…

I told him.. Geet began only to be intrupted by Maan,

Did you tell him, you are married, !! He blasted making her flinch..

Geet nodded..

No!! You didn’t.

Both just gapped at him like a fool..

You didn’t try enough Geet!!

Hu….!?? Geet was only confused..

You didn’t show him, how much power you own, next Rahul was thrown back with such a force as Maan hit him strongly in his stomach making Geet gasped.

Rahul got up and marched forward to fight but he never got a chance as Maan punch him right on his face, breaking his nose, aahhhh…

He grabbed his collar dragging him towards Geet, batao isse.. acchi tarah se … Tell him..he blasted making her jump on her place, she looked at him to see him blazing him fire, as he dare her again with his eyes only.

Geet was encouraged, as she collect her all strength slapping across his face, long painful cry errupt from his mouth giving Geet satisfaction… She hit him on his chest with her broken bangles piercing his skin,he hissed in pain.

Now you feel pain!?? She muttered angrily, pushing him back straight on the floor. Maan was not enough of him, he marched to him furiously kicking in his stomach, you dare not again step inside my Company let alone messing with my Staff.. and he kick him nonstop still Rahul vomits blood.. maaf…kar do..he mumbled..

Geet flinched with the sight, she felt disgusted and bad for a while to see him in blood but then as the memories flash of him forcing her, then his words, she couldn’t be more happy seeing him in pain.

She turned to look at Maan, who was breathing heavily, still darting furious glares to Rahul. She walked softly towards him & touched his bleeding lips softly, he hissed & turned his face away, still mad at her.

Next , Maan found her body crushing into his chest, her body vibrating with hard sobs, I …am….sorry…

He hugged her back instantly, rubbing her back, you thought I will leave you to that bastard, his hold only tighten on her saying so, Geet hugged him tighter shivering with a mere thought, what if he wouldn’t be on time, he again saved her, even encourage her today to fight for herself, she couldn’t help herself for falling for his each shades everyday.

“You thought, I will listen to you!!” This time his voice was husky, as he roam his palm on her bare back, telling her the meaning of his words.she shudder, hiding herself more into him, her lips rubbing on his neck giving him pleasure.

“No one can say MSK, what to do or what not!!” He said with pride, “I do what pleases me.” His hands playing with her body, he cupped her bosom making her moan in response, she didn’t hear what he spoke further being lost in his sinful touches.

Then he pulled out her waist charm from his pocket, hooking it around her belly, Geet arched her tummy inside as his fingers played around more than necessary.

He parted her pulling out his coat , then unbuttoning his shirt, Geet stood dazed not in a condition to think further, suddenly felt him wrapping his shirt around her, she watched as he took her torn saree from the floor, dialing some numbers on phone.

Just in a moment, his security guards walked in, and as a reflex Geet pushed herself closer to him, he wrapped his arms around her, hiding her in his arms.

Take his body out, hospitalized him & make sure he never put his step in my company again , or if I see him again before my eyes, then it will be last day for you guys on this earth!! He warned dangerously to each one who in return shuddered in terror, already pulling Rahul’s unconscious body out.

Geet hides her face in his neck, clutching him tight. She could hear him talking on the phone again, ordering around…

She looked up at his face admiring him silently, Maan cut the call and asked her through his eyes, she shook her head saying nothing, when he grabbed her wrist only to hear her moan ..

He looked at her wrist which was bleeding, then looked back at her, I am surprised you still awake , since I thought you will be sleeping dead with this blood loss. He taunted much to her annoyance.. she pouted and pulled apart only to get back in his arms with a jerk, she hissed in pain, eyes already filling up.

Next, she moaned in pain & pleasure feeling his lips on her wrist, he pulled out the piece of broken bangle, spitting that out, all the while giving her passionate gazes.

Geet couldn’t help but blushed furiously, although her fingers move towards his lips, softly blowing on his dried blood, he hissed with her innocent moves, her warm breath was teasing his senses. As a reflex, he jerked her even closer, brushing his bare torso with her bosom,

She gasped, eyeing his lips which were so closed to her, their noses already touching, won’t you heal my wound same way I do to your!?? He asked huskily anticipating her move.

Geet shied, she looked down not able to meet his eyes, but then one look at his face, she cupped his jaw, then eyeing his wound, the flashes flash before her eyes, making her guilty, “darling, I am waiting!!” She heard his husky voice dipped in yearning..

She hesitated, then put her warm & soft lips on his corner of lips..just as he was about to fetch kiss from her offering lips there was knock on the door.

She gasped with her eyes widen, Maan quickly pulled her at side hiding from the intruder, for he didn’t want anyone to see her in that condition.

Wait here..he said her before walking towards the entrance of the hall.

After a while, he was back with some packet in his hands, Geet looked quizzically at his hands then at him.

There is some cloths inside for you, he clarified…leaving geet in awe, he cared for her that what’s started roaming in her heart. Small smile tug at her lips, as she fetch that from his hands, thank you!!

Maan watched at her, as she excitedly open the packet, her brown eyes shined sometime then she components herself quickly not getting carried away..

Change here , I will stand outside.

Geet nodded and both turned apposite direction.


Maan turned to watch her, the suit was looking absolutely amazing on her, but was oversize…he chuckled concluding she was looking non less than cutest Doll.

Let’s move, I will drop you home.

Geet nodded again having nothing to decline, for now she wanted be safe at home.


As the car stopped at the destination, she was dozing on the window, while Maan kept stealing glances at her now & then trying to give the name those emotions surfing inside him, he was so mad at that guy who dared to touch her, he was so concerned seeing her in that condition , then he was determined as well to let her fight for herself, what would have happened, if he wouldn’t have been there on time..just the mere thought set him on fire, he couldn’t bear the thought something happening to her, why?? Why her!?? Why this protectiveness and passion for the only woman, the woman who is married, wife of someone else, that else was no other than his cousin.

He pressed the break, looking at her, she trying hard to keep her eyes open, and when she did, she found the place different not her home. She looked at him, he was already getting down.

Where we are!?? She tried to locate the place in creeping darkness.

At hospital, you need to aid your wounds. He offered, dragging her in, Geet was uncomfortable with her loose suit but she let go of the thought, following him inside.


Geet slowly got down from the car at her house, she looked back at him again not ready to leave his sight, today her all emotions surfacing, her face clearly showing turmoil , she was ready to cry any moment, bye..she whispered in low voice ,

Maan gives her small smile,” take care” were his last words before turning on the engine, he turned his car on the road before his heart could take over his senses.

Geet ran inside clutching her dress to herself, just one thought giving her ray of hope, that ” she will see him again tomorrow at office” yes..she just have to wait for the night to be over,

Thankfully, her hubby wasn’t back yet, she couldn’t face him at the moment, the only person hover in her heart and mind at the moment, that was MAAN.

Precap :-

Again in Trouble


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  1. Woww that was super twist so maan triggered geet’s anger and made her fight for her own…awww that’s our maan❀️😍 completely in love geet feels happy seeing his care..she was super happy getting the dress from him so what’s on hold next… precap is curious waiting to read more ❀️😘

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