Part 52

Geet scream out his name and hugged him with all her might for her dear life. maan engulfed her shivering form.

Damn ..hows this happens all of sudden. First she scared for this very much.

He take out his phone and first thing he do to on its torch and relaxed her .

Geet …relax. .it will be fine in few minutes.

She didn’t in the condition to heard him or anything. He mind goes blank .it’s his warmth only she felt at her moment apart from this life taking darkness.

Maan on the other hand don’t know how to calm her as she is not relaxing in this torch light also. He try to called anyone or security atleast but there was no network on that closed place. He frustratingly bang on the lift door.

Shit. ..geet shiver more hearing sudden sound. He caressed her back .

Geet aankhe kholo.dekho yaha itna bhi andhera nahi hai ab..Geet..

He called her again but she was not ready to take out her face from his chest ,hiding herself completely in him.

Geet..he tried to pulled her forcibly but he heard her sobbing sound.

Good .ab yahi rahiye gaya tha. murmured not wanting to make her crying now but finally she did .her best hobby.

Ok fine. He sigh as he hold her again.

Don’t cry now..geet..he try to calm her combing her hairs. Didn’t get when her weight fall upon him.he looked at her face pulling that apart fearing from if she fainted..

Geet..open your eyes..geet…he patted her cheeks continuously sliding her hairs behind her ears.

She wriggled slightly giving him some relief. Ummm. Saheb…she moan in her sleep.

Geet..he called her again seeing her opening her eyes slightly looking at him.

Hume Neend aa rahi hai..she whisper forgetting her surroundings or darkness.

Maan at once patted her again keeping her head on his shoulder in fear of she will get again scared and start her crying session. It’s better she sleep like this till the lift got to work again.which he don’t know when will happen. It’s suffocating here in all closed doors.they need to got out of this doors soon.he thought wiping his sweat from his forehead he seat beside her adjusting her near him.she us sleeping like a baby cuddling in his arms forgetting her fear for darkness.


Tasha, where are both of them.sasha asked her not seeing that behenji nor her MK.

Wo mam.woh to muze bhi nahi pata. Tasha reply to her pulling her pony.

Sasha fumed from inside thinking on the possibilities.

Are maan sir ko kuyn jane diya us lift se. don’t you know about it being in repairing condition. It could have  anytime get closed. One of the security man comes running in office premises scaring everyone there for there dear boss.he has that respectful place in everyone’s heart despite his nature.

What.how could you guys being neglected towards it.sasha burst on everyone worried for him.

Maam.the lift which through maan sir was gone that had got stuck in mid floors.that is 7 and 8th floor.

Other security come huffing shocking everyone again.

Let’s go.we have to get it started quick.lets move guys. Sasha order everyone.

What are that men doing till now with lift that still didn’t get to work stuck in the mid. Adi question to security men.

They were trying to caution maan sir.sir.but he seems to lost somewhere that didn’t listen to them.


Maan heard the voice of door and he woke up from his small nap of half an hour it’s seems. He felt the elevator shaking.he look at his side to her opening her eyes slightly holding on to him still.as she opened her eyes full she come face to face with this darkness again as his mobile is dead because of its battery. She flinch snuggling him tight.

Damn.its going to open now or not.

Sasha fumed bursting on the men repairing the lift.they are doing there work in proper way .it’s take time in electronic work but she is not having that damn time .

Ye awaz to..woh…geet looked at his face in darkness trying to locate it out.

Ha we Sasha hai.kuyn ..kya hua. Geet.

He called her..lift abhi open ho jaegi.you relax. He caressed her cheeks feeling her in darkness.

Geet, Sasha ne tumse kuch kaha…I mean..before sometime jab main wapas aa raha tha tab..he asked her remembering her behavior in cabin.

Listening his question she again remember there info they give her about her saheb.  She shiver in her miseries, tears rolled down from her hazels touching his palms which was on her cheeks.

Geet.he gasp. What happened. Tum thik to ho. He knew now something has terribly wrong they both had done .he is definitely gonna see them in his own way.he tighten his hold on her body as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. He knows now she is not going to said him what happened exactly on that this is not the right place till talk on that matter.

Geet.apni saree thik karo.he order her standing along with her. He don’t want anyone to see her like that.

Par itne andhere main hum kaise…hume dar lagta hai..she is not ready to leave him.

Geet.jaldi karo. Tumhe apne aap to ehsaas hota hai na…Dekho lift abhi open ho jaegi.waha log honge bahar.tum sun rahi of na bahar ki aawaze.  He make her understand as her saree  definitely would be in mess state after her sleeping like that.

Geet could heard outside noises, she hmm.and let go of his hold slowly still fearing.

Geet kuch nahi hoga..maine yahi hoon na..you make it fast.he try to calm her feeling her still shivering in fear.

She somehow make it neat still trying to hold him with one hand. Maan just sigh in frustration of her antics. Here he is getting high on his desires on hearing her each moments on darkness. And she is..

Geet…Geet.. he called her as he felt her weight again felling down on him as if she fainted.

Geet…he patted her cheeks now fearing for her. Geet .what happened to her suddenly. Before few seconds only she was all fine.

Damn..Maan what was need for you to make her do that..she was all scared despite that..

Geet.aankhe kholo..maine yahi hoon.dekho…

As the elevator door open and all staff stood frozen at the sight infront them.there rude arrogant and casanova boss was standing taking an unconscious girl in his arms. Where he didn’t care for anyone before to take her in his arms despite his Casanova self.he always use and throw them like tissue  but here scene is poll apart from what happening till now before she come. She.. she is the same girl who had come in the office before few hours .she is in his arms unconscious her saree was wrap around her body like a shawl hiding her body from anyone eyes. He was looking very much worried for her.who is she. What relation she is having with MK. And her condition. What might be happened in the closed doors of lift. That thought come into everyone mind owning to there boss casanova persona.

For God’s sake ,give me space to put my feet .he shouted in frustration seeing crowd on the door of lift.

He sigh the breath of fresh air as soon as he come outside.

Adi..Adi..he shouted.

Adi come outside through crowd..fearing for his job..

Yess. .Sirr… he stammer standing infront him finally. .

Adi.just make sure any thing here happened not goes outside this premises. He order him in rough high pich of voice heard to be all of them present there.he darted glares on everyone daring them to open there mouth and this will be last day of there life.

Am I cleared. He asked again, making everyone to nod  there  heads in agreement to there boss. He storm from there leaving them to whispered in them self’s about what happened .

Maan come outside in hurry worried for her. She still not opening her eyes.he asked the driver to take to khurana mansion directly. Driver obliged his order and took the speed.


What happened to her..dadima asked worried as soon as he step inside an outhouse.

What are you doing here.he asked in fury.not wanting see anyone  now .

What type of question is this? Leave it. You are not gonna improve.

Tell me what happened to her. She seat beside her caressing her forehead. It’s all sweaty wetting her hairs. It’s. .she looked at him for answers.

Didn’t I had told you ,that don’t send her outside when she needs rest he burst on dadima spitting fire through his red eyes.

She fainted in that closed lift fearing from darkness.

Dadima gasp keeping her hand on her heart as he narrated all what happened excluding saree part.

Oh.my poor child.her eyes got moist. Unintentionally she herself make the reason for her miseries.

Good afternoon Mrs. Khurana. The lady Dr. Whom Dr.Shah always send for geet come inside with nakul as per maan’s calling.

Dr.Gupta.got shock seeing the patient being again geet. She knows her now well being sweet innocent child.again being in troubles. As she continued to check her ,her anger in raising from inside .

It’s high time now Mrs khurana. Didn’t you are taking care of her. She fainted because of ofcourse her fear and sling with that she is tress to her fragile body.she didn’t eaten anything from morning. On that her body is so weak .it needed nutrition. She bursted on dadima seeing her condition as a doctor she is worried for patient and beside that geet.she knows her being innocent and MSK also. She gets worried for her as like her daughter owning to MSK nature.

Dr.Gupta you are rude to my grandma. Behave yourself. Maan blasted on Dr.seeing her rudeness towards his dadima which he cant bear.

And you are rude to her.she pointed towards geet laying there unconscious looking pale.

Maan bte. She is right. It’s our responsibility to look after her also. Woh bechari to apna kaam karne main busy rahte hai. Dadima sigh painfully looking at geet’s pale face.

Maan calm himself  hearing dadima . he look at her sleeping pale .his heart pain seeing her like that lifeless whereas in the office only she was laughing whole heartily .

dr.gupta. you don’t worry, will take care of her, when she will get back her conscious, dadima asked from her. 

she will wake up in few hours mrs. khurana.

dr.gupta can see the genuine care in her eyes for geet. so she let go to this for the time being believing dadima’s word, she prescribe her medicines and diet chart for geet, take a leave from there leaving both of them alone with geet.

maan ,you can leave now for office , i am here to take care of her. dadima told him knowing well he cant ignore his work for anyone. but maan was not ready to leave her side today , when she is still unconscious. 

no, dadima, you also need rest and not this stress, you go to your room and take rest , i am here. he told his decision. 

dadima knowing his feelings well knows he will not move owning to his stubbornness. 

no, son, i am telling you can go to office, i will called nakul as well. she try again.

ok fine.he rushed from there not wanting to make dadima suspicious. he speed up his car in utter fury towards kc.

here dadima chuckle on her grandson’s behavior, she well aware that he wanted to stay here closed to her but not wanting to show her. but MSK you forgot ,i am your dadima. she smirk.


Whole office shook in terror of msk, as he seems to be in utter fury, almost fired an half of the staff with small mistake of them. 

adi dialed dadima’s no. to fill her with the info of devastated office.

dadima laugh heartily shocking adi, he look at the phone in confusion of why she is laughing like that, here he is serious, like maan sir something happened to dadima as well, or maybe i am going mad in this due.

adi.. adi… are you there… dadima asked controlling her laugh. 

ji dadima… aap has kuyn rahe ho…

kuch nahi adi, you dont worry , i will called him now. saying this she keep the receiver down , dialing her grandson.

maan was in so much furious stat  that he cant be stay beside her, he is getting here worried for her seating here doing nothing but only to think about her. 

as soon as dadima keep the phone on her ear she heard his worried sick voice.

is she ok now, hosh main aa gayi kya, dadima kuch to boliye , aap chup kuyn hai. tell me is she ok now and di she eaten something now.. and..

maan..stop this, let me speak also son. dadima said controlling her laughter.

she has get back her conscious and she is.. maan maan.. she called his name out feeling dead silent on the other side.she nodded her head in disbelief, her grandson is head over heal in love with her lotus but will not accept this fact soon. she has now no doubt in this nor his intentions.


maan rush to outhouse as soon as he got the new of her woke up from unconsciousness. 

as he step inside her room saw her alone there seating on the bed pouting at the milk glass not wanting to drink that. he chuckle on her tantrums, she is not less than small child. 

 he come close to her seating infront her , geet who was waiting for him desperately as soon as she open her eyes, her yes delighted seeing him infront herself. 

saheb,aap.. her cheeks burn in shyness to fine her heart desires infront her own. 

geet doodh pilo( drink the milk now) , he asked her taking the glass in his own hands. 

nahi hume nahi pasand. she make a face eyeing the glass.

geet, pilo jaldi se, you have to be strong geet. doctor ne bhi kaha hai tum bahot kamzor ho. so drink it now fast.. he order her again.

nahi , hume nahi chahiye,  she threw her tantrum again making him angry.

geet.. he glared her to which her eyes turn moist . seeing this he calm down at once.

ok fine.. mere liye to pilo , he asked her after sometime..

and she just grab it form his hands and gulp all that in one go..

he gasped with surprise at her sudden behavior, geet.. dheere,, aaram se.. he patted her back as she coughed slightly..

(s.t. If you asked me to drink the poison even that too i will drink without any second thought for you, then this milk is nothing) she looked at him with all the love in this world for him residing in her hazels. but that soon turned sad at the thought of his with someone.

(but seeing you with other women ,is not less than poison  for me)

maan looked at her sadden eyes and turned worried. 

 kya hua geet.. he asked her keeping his hand on her cheeks,

kuch nahi, saheb.. she tried to hide her pain taking his hands down from own cheek.

chalo aaram karo ab.tumne dawaiya li.(lets, take rest now, did you eat those medicines) he asked her.

ji, dadima ne hume khila diye. 

dadima kaha hai.. he asked   her as when he step inside her room that time also she was not there, geet was alone. 

wo chali gayi mension aap ke aane se kuch der pahle hi.

(she goes to mansion, just before you came)

maan nodded  and try to make her lay on the bed but she jerk at once remembering something.

ji, ye aap kya kar rahe hai, hume mension jana hai, bahot kaam hai. raat ke khane ki tayyari bhi karni hai.

(what are you doing, i have to go to mansion, as need to prepared for dinner as well)

saying so she rushed to outside to go toward mansion. and behind her maan run to stop her.

geet ruko.. geet, you are not going anywhere, just take rest now. geet, 

but she is nowhere to stop, he run behind her aswell.

dadima came from behind the pillar she was hiding, she was truly happy now this time. God had give her the most precious thing in this world today, 

she saw and heard every little word of them and she is sure now of both of them feelings toward each other, both love each other but didn’t confess yet, 

behind her back both of there romance was going on ,she didn’t came to know till now, even her sweet innocent geet as well, now both of you have to face me now, she smirk


It’s been nearing two weeks now, Geet had started to look much more beautiful and pretty owning to dadima and her saheb’s care.attracting everyone with her beauty .

Maan and dadima never leave her without filling her stomach with much needed nutrition and the food as per diet chart given by doctor. new glow come along pink shade her skin making her look more Beautiful. They take care of her like a baby much to Annie and sumitra’s annoyance. Annie was burning in jealousy to see this where as sums was unknown to all this was getting angry for giving so much attention to mere maid.

Geet on the other hand would pout now and then for all unwanted care from the due. She felt so much uncomfortable to get this care  from both when she is a mere maid here and she is not habitual to this.

Maan on the other hand  was trying to keep distance with her for her betterment only but it’s giving him pain to stay away from her though he will look after her diet with dadima but keeping fair distance and would always come to visit her at the night  after she goes to sleep where as at the beginning she would always woke up screaming in her nightmare of her kidnapping. He would console her taking her shivering body in his arms but as soon as she get to her sleep he would fly away from her sight. geet would thought it as her sweet dream after nightmare where her saheb was with her which was not possible as he was going far away from her. She would cry with the thought of his behavior but never try to ask him once. With what right she would had asked him.

He had again beaten up all the men to his heart content going into police station.taking out all his anger on them for giving her pain. Knowing him no one was able to stop him.

It’s was morning and she came to mansion for her daily works.directly entered his room to give him his morning coffee from inside all happy to see him.he would always been hurry from last 2 weeks ,she never got a chance to see him once peacefully. But today nakul kaka just inform her about him still at mansion. She had happily ran  to his room to meet him.

Geet stand there feeling conscious as he stared at her sipping his black coffee. He not wanted to miss this chance to lock her in his eyes.its been 2 weeks now .he was always in hurry trying to stay away from her but now he is tired. Wanted to see her day an night to his heart content. Didn’t know from where this feelings come to him which he was ignoring. She is looking more beautiful and glowing after the Dr. Last visit but that not needed again fir her as he and dadima had take care of her well. And that is what result is before his eyes. He saw her blushing red in his stare playing with her saree pallu.

Geet.he called her softly with the hidden love in his voice .

She at once jerk her head glancing in his love fill eyes. Is that what she is thinking.  Her hazels glittering with happiness hearing her name from his lips after long time.

But soon their moment was broke before it started with his mobile phone.  And he come out of his reverie take the Call and rushed out of his room not even glancing at her fearing he may get lost in her again.

She stand there devastated again tears rolled down her chubby cheeks. She run to kitchen way in a hope to catch his glimpse before going to office and she saw him going outside mansion finally. He didn’t even had his breakfast. She thought painfully.

 it was late night, he again came drunk lost in her thoughts, stumble upon  his steps to reach his room. she gasp with shock as she rushed towards him to help him, he looked up to her beautiful face which is glowing more now a days. she kept his hands on her shoulders to support him till his room. as they come inside his room,she make him sleep on the bed.

aap kuy itne sharab pikar aate hai, she asked him worried for his health. 

(why do you always drink this much)

he smirk at her question, the reason only her ,but she asking herself.

because of you jaan, he reply string at her with his hidden passion. on which she stared him confused.

woh, i forgot,, i will tell you in your language only, he pulled her on himself clasping her bare waist in his hands, she shiver with his touch.

tumne muze pagal kiya hua hai. maine bahot koshish ki ke tumse door rahoo, par nahi ho raha hai, its not happening, tell me,, why, its not happening, he brought her more closer eyeing her beautiful face,he slide her curls behind her ears,cupping her cheeks.

(you have made me mad , i have try enough to stay away from you, but its not happening)

she was shock with his revelation widen her eyes as she asked him,

aap muzse dur rahna chahte hai par kuyn,she asked him all confused at his strange behavior ,finally will get answers now for her questions.

(you want to stay away from me , but why)


because ,i have already told you a reason, you have make me mad, tumne muze pagal kar diya hai, tumhari is khubsurtine,(your beauty has made me crazy) your scent that make me crazy, main bahot ladkiyo ke sath tha geet, but its you who have snatch my all peace, its your lips i wanted to  taste all night and day.he pressed her lips with his thumb holding her nape. she hiss in pleasure.

its your innocence make me crazy to have you ,he looked at her staring him lost.its only you, all you,sirf tum geet. its all because of you. 


main tumhe apna banana chahta tha geet, he whisper on her lips, main wahi karna chahta tha tumhare sath jo main har ek ladki ke sath karta aaya hoon, you understand it jaan. the thing i do with my every girlfriends, but you are innocent jaan, you are too innocent for this things, i never wanted to snatch this innocent from you. 

but she heard nothing that come later, she stop dead her moments as he utter those words,he thinks of her like other girls who was on his bed, her tears roll down,she didn’t believe on other words they used for her saheb, but he himself prove it, told her his intention, she was till now in darkness of his care but today he himself light it with his true colors, he never care for her also, its only his lust, her eyes widen in shock of reality she just face now. she pushed him from her and run from the room  crying furiously.

jaan,, jaan.. ruko, he stumble on his steps standing the bed, but fall again, its too much for him today.dont cry please, dont cry. i cant see you in tears, i cant..  i love you jaan, yes i love you. that’s why i was staying away from you geet, his heart finally utter the truth  which he was ignoring till now.he frustratingly bang his fist on the bed. why he cant keep quite, she get it all wrong, dammit. 

how much she can cry, today her tears were not stopping, its hurt her deep his lust, all was his lust, she thought it all wrong before, she was in great illusion of his care, he touch , she felt shiver now to remember it now, she felt disgusted today to be touch by him, she..


Geet all of a sudden stood and rushed to washroom and stood in the cold shower ,started to rub his touch from her body, but its not happening, its not, his palms, she can feel roaming on her bare waist, she rubbed it, more and more, but its not going, she felt his thumbs pressing her lips, she rub it furiously, blood oozed out from it but its not going, his touch, her feeling that she harbor in her heart for him, that was not going, she not wanted this, don’t wanted, but its not going, its making her vulnerable,she cant stop loving him, she cant, she not wanted to get away from his touch, she never wanted, she sat on her knees feeling defeated in front her own feelings, its hurting too much to her for loving her SAHEB.

to be continued…


  1. Omg loved the update so geet is already still disturbed by Sasha’s words so maan felt something is wrong with geet and was suspicious with Sasha…daadi took care geet very well and made her eat maan kept on tab about her food by being distance with her geet was upset by it poor girl only listened half the truth and started worried about her being betrayed by her own saheb… waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome update n geet n geet both stuck in lift n geet is getting scared of dark n maan trying to make her relax n sasha got to they stuck in lift n she get angry n geet get faint n doctor told them that she is very weak n take care of her n dadi n maan both are taking care of her n dadi know that both are in love with each other n maan told geet that he wants have her like his other girlfriend n she get hurt listening this n thnxx for pm me

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