It’s been two days, both avoided each other for different reasons, Geet was really hurt & upset , she was angry on him at first later realized it’s not his fault but she was at fault at the first place to ignore her work.

It was lunch time that day, Geet received the msg from her hubby to join him for lunch a resto near her office.

However Geet was in denial mode from inside, she couldn’t refused him, so she have to agree at the end. Why she wasn’t able to move on, however she tried, she wouldn’t..she knew the answer, her heart screamed out.. holding back is so painful, won’t give her anything but that same heart ach which she was having from years.. knowing all this, also then her all attempts going in vain.

Just then, pinky barge in breaking her from her thoughts, seeing her ready with her bag to go somewhere, she asked..

Pinky,..woh I am sorry but I can’t join you today for lunch..woh actually..she was hesitant while pinky waited impatiently

Kunal asked me… before she could even complete pinky jump in with wide eyes ..

Woh so Mr.hubby is taking his wife out on lunch date.. that’s so sweet of jij.. she chirp up much to Geet’s disappointment.. she couldn’t fathom why would pinky show this much excitement, instantly her other mind replied .. it’s obvious she found them ” so in love couple” if only she know it’s one sided from her hubby..

Where you lost madam, abhi jij me bulaya nahi..Abhi unki sweetheart wife lost hui unke khayalon mein..Haye…how romantic..!! She cupped her cheek with dreamy look on her face.

Pinky plz..I don’t like all this.plz stop teasing me.. Geet was serious making pinky pouted.

I am sorry..hum..

You shouldn’t be Geet, it’s okay I understand, some people don’t like it.. so boring like my crazy friend..

Pinky..this time Geet pouted and pinky laughed out making her smile as well.


Maan flinch at the sight as he saw her hugging Kunal, then he peck her cheek. It was all making him restless, he wasn’t aware why his heart burning or there was heart even..he was oblivious.. tried to divert his attention but unknowingly his eyes went on the couple again making him clutch his cell tight in a fist.

He was out for some work, deliberately avoided taking her with him , but now how badly he cursed himself for his decision, if she was with him then she would have not been with Kunal at the moment.

His eyes only blazed with fire, as he saw her husband helping her with burger, his finger might be touching her rosy lips, the thought was unbearable as he fist his palm to control his rage, which was irrupting inside without his own notice.


Geet wasn’t comfortable to have that huge burger, she dislike the most was bread.. the content inside was delicious offcourse, but the big fat bread was hard to digest for her.

Kunal she tried to stop him softly as he forced her to eat it..

Like this, he showed her one eating himself..

She hesitated, turning it around, confused from where take bite next..

Don’t think so much Jaan, have one more bite..

It’s not like that, you don’t know I don’t like it.she confessed irritated for a while , you don’t know me, do you!??

She pouted angrily.

Yes, I don’t know you but like to know you more..his eyes romantically bore into her face.

Geet sighed, her cheeks turning pink with his gaze, it’s not blushed but her own sensitive tendency.. he looked hopelessly in love with her, and undoubtedly romantic but she couldn’t bring those feelings in her atleast not with him. She couldn’t let him know that either..


The meeting was scheduled again with khannas, Geet was highly restless, frighten.. she couldn’t even share her thoughts with anyone, couldn’t share this fear with her hubby, not knowing how will he react.

As soon as he walked in giving dirty smirk to her, how she wished to give him tight punch straight on his nose, babaji, just take him up so that he wouldn’t giving those dirty eyes to me or any woman, just make him blind or someone just just hit him to death on my behalf, yes..that’s better, lost with her cursing to the villain of her life at that moment, she fail to notice Maan was calling him.



Will you keep standing like that..on my head..he practically shouted before everyone, before the client..



No..I mean..she stammered

Would you mind taking your seat!?? He mocked

Geet fights to stop tears, as she cursed him in her mind, second villain of her life, babaji..she give one look upward before taking seat beside him with pouting her lips.

Maan composed himself, and the meeting began.

Geet, however was angry on Maan couldn’t help to slide more near him unconsciously , for she was so frighten seeing his gaze not at all moving from her,

Maan was distracted feeling soft palm clutching his thigh, he groaned inwardly then looking up glared her to death for her stunt..

Geet couldn’t think much at the moment, scared to death, she would bear his anger rather than those dirty stares.. thinking so she clutched his palm below the table making him shock now.

So that what you want, he smirked angrily trailing his fingers on her bare waist line, her eyes pop out, she muffled her moan with great strength., trying to remove his fingers instead he pressed his palm on her tummy, playing with her soft skin..that waist chain now seem to be hurdle in his pleasure.

MK , are you listening!??

Both pulled back to reality with a startle and broke apart awkwardly.


What was that!?? He pinned her to the corner as soon as the hall was emptied.

Geet struggle in his hold, but he was in no mood to let her go today, first you show me attitude and then do that stunt in the meeting in between all people.

Geet was reluctant to open her mouth, angry on him, she kept struggling, giving him wet glare , chodiye Hume..

Not until you answer me..

What’s there to answer..

So much..

He whispered on her lips, licking it in the process. She shivered,her hands cupping his nape lost in a moment, she closed her eyes, then buried her face in his neck, feeling finally at the right place to be hold protective and secured.

Maan was taken a back with her move, he tried to pull her apart for he knew, later on she will be the one to regret it and he would be the one listening her bad words about himself.

Plz listen to me, I have to tell you something.. she muttered pulling apart, Maan glanced at her face in confusion as she looked at him earnestly with tears rolling down her cheeks.

That day… Geet began only to be interrupted by the shrill voice of his ringing cell phone.

Suniye Maan….

Geet ek minute.. it’s important. He stopped her taking the call as it’s from his Dadi.

As he turned back talking to her, Geet slowly turned around walking out defeated, there are lots of important things in his life than her, .. what she is even thinking, she is just a mere employee for him..

After a while Geet cursed herself for walking out like that from her only savior, as she found herself caged in that Rahul’s arms, she was horror stuck, as she had thought they have left as soon as the meeting was over but she was so wrong . He was just waiting for another opportunity to pinned her alone.

And here she is stuck again n danger, this time have called for it herself.

Leave me, you b***** !! Geet never know she can even curse someone like this, but the moron had brought out her bad side.

She tried to find a way to go out of this mess, this time she knew Maan is closed to her..the mere thought of his presence near her, gave her unknown strength and next moment she found herself hitting his feet with her sandals hard enough to make him wept and he instantly remove his grip on her.

She made a quick run from his arms, running alone in the lonely corridor trying to reach Maan but that was futile as after a while, he caught her pallu, pulling her from behind,

You b**** , you won’t success in running away from me today. He muttered harshly, pinning her wrist,

ahh…she yelped in pain as he twisted her delicate wrist, her bangles fell down breaking in pieces, as he pushed her inside another vacant hall.

Let me go..I beg…. She whimpered , scared to death.


Where the hell she went!?? Maan muttered under his breath after his call was finished, but found her no where ..

He thought he had enough of her nonsense .one moment coming closer on her own, at another, pushed him away.. woman & their antics to attract attention .he cursed her and walked out through the dead corridor.

I want to tell you something..plz listen to me..

her words buzzed in his head, her tearful eyes,then how easily she had out her head on his chest, hugging him..

He shook his head to get out of her thoughts but it seem impossible, since he found something under his shoes, stepping back, his eyes narrow on the shinning chain..

He bend down and pick it up, his eyes widen to see it’s her waist charm, how it’s lying here.. he wonder keeping that inside his pocket and walked ahead , getting suspicious though…

As he passed the room, his ears alerted, did he hear something!?? He stopped and took reverse steps,

Jane dijiye Hume, .. Maan sir wont leave you!! She was crying struggling in his arms, as he grabbed her arms, tearing her blouse in the process . Her sari was already on the floor making her look vulnerable..

Just one s** , sure it won’t harm you!! Rahul offers shamelessly, trying steal the kiss from her mouth.

No..she hit him in his chest, trying to struggle out but he was way too strong for fragile her.

Maan furiously bang on the door, in intention to break it, and next moment the door was on the floor , showing him the scene going inside.

Maann.. Geet felt her lost breath coming back, she smiled through tears and tried to fee herself again.

But Rahul wasn’t scared of this MK knowing his thoughts well about women, he also come in same category..he smirked, Hey MK, the woman was going on my nerve, she isn’t easy man, how did you manage her on the bed.

Leave me..Geet cried out furiously hearing his dirty words again about her,

Maan sir..plz save me..

But he stood like a rock just watching the scene, making her tremble on her place, Maan..she whispered again but there was no response instead she heard him saying,

Remember Geet?? You asked me to stay away from you!! So that what I am doing now..

Her eyes widen in terror and disbelief while she tried to free herself from Rahul’s harsh clutch who in return only smirked devilishly..

to be continued…

Precap : ???????

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  1. Superb update dear.
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    Maan is jealous. But he couldn’t understand his feelings.
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    Update soon dear.
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  3. Omg what an update geet got a courage to tell him about Rahul but maan’s call was important so geet thought she wasn’t that important to him and he will not care and now landed up to Rahul…uff that idiot is all set to own her today poor geet…that was a great twist so maan shows his back saying she is the one who asked him to stay away oh no I m sure maan will beat the Rahul to death waiting to read more ❀️😘

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