Geet bend to fetch her chain from his offering hand, but as soon as she tried he pulled his hand back making her startled.

Maan..?? She was annoyed frowned at him, while he couldn’t stop smirking..

It made her more irritated as she again tried but got same response, Maan Sir dijiye na…

“So I am giving you, but you are not trying enough, ” he was again playing with her, but she too wasn’t ready to lose today,

Take it yourself, or I will made you wear it..

His words made her gasp..she twisted her lips making him chuckle and this time tried enough to grab his palm , he had his first tightened clutching the chain,

“Chodiye ise..”

Maan was enjoying, seeing her fighting for the chain, then her pouting lips, cute frown on her face, making her look adorable, he couldn’t leave the thing which was giving him chance to play some more with her.

Next moment, her face brighten with smile, holding the chain but that was for short while as she found herself being pull towards him, she slam against his chest falling on his lap as he jerked her holding the other en on the chain from her hand.

He grabbed her waist before she even move, her hairs falls on his face , he pushed them back, caressing her cheek…then moving down.

She tremble badly with the sinful touches of his cold fingers against her warm body, tried to get up but he only held her tight..his face dipped in the crook of her neck, smelling her fragrance, while she was breathless.


What plz darling!?? He whispered rubbing his lips to her warm skin sending shivers to her spine,

Plz let me go, she tried to peel off his hands from her waist, but he couldn’t leave her.

She felt something cold touching her , soon she realized , he was clasping the chain on her waist, as hooked it around her tummy, his fingers shamelessly move there teasing her to no extent..

Plz…she shook her head denying him again, with pouting lips, while her hand held his on her waist,

Why are you always in hurry to run away from me, Geet!?? He asked huskily but her reply was as if tight slap across his face.

Because, what you are doing is wrong.. aur hum shadishuda hai..

Seeing his hold losen, she quickly stood up, it’s better you stay away from me, hum…

She was abruptly stopped by his hand which he show to her as if saying ” it’s enough”.

Before she realised, he was walking out angrily not paying attention to even her one call.

Sir.. rukiye..

I think I should have told him in another better way but what would have been more better than I said, ..!?? She was so confused

She couldn’t have more time to ponder on this, as Adi & Sasha walked in for a meeting with respective client.

Geet, Maan sir kaha hai?? Adi asked as soon as he walked in..

That’s when Geet realized what blunder she did, her eyes widen while she stammered badly, Maan sir…woh ..adi sir..

If you would stop stammering and tell us where is Maan sir , as mr. Khanna is waiting for him, Sasha blasted on her in low voice.

I don’t..know..

What do you mean, you take care of his all meetings schedule and you don’t know..

Sasha ..Sasha..stop it.. I will call him, till then you take care of meeting..

Adi was trying his number but he want picking up, Geet looked at his face with tension written all over her face, she was literally biting her lips in anxious.

The meeting started with adi and Sasha heading it but there was no Maan yet.

Geet was already scared to face the aftermath of her stunt but now her tension only arises seeing Khanna’s nephew only staring at her, she was getting restless, the way his eyes moving on her body, with dirty smirk on his face, she couldn’t concentrate on the meeting.

She knew..very well what was his intention seeing his gaze not even moving from her face,

After a while maan walked in taking the hold on a meeting, Geet took a sigh of relief, as he took his chair which was beside her, blocking her sight from Rahul’s eyes( I can’t come up with other name than this


Maan didn’t know what effect he was having on her nor he was aware of how much she was relieved just finding him closed to her, just his presence was enough to her to keep her safe from dirty eyes.

Unknowingly smile slip from her lips, she was looking at him without anyone notice but that was caught by Rahul . His smirk only deepen thinking something.

Okay Mr.Khurana,.. we will finalize the things in next meeting.

Maan only nodded curtly.. shaking hands with both.. He guided Khanna out, while Rahul stay back deliberately.

As everyone started leaving, Geet too was moving out to catch Maan, I should talk to him, woh toh narraz ho Gaye..

Her voice was audible enough to be heard by Rahul, who walked near her, koi baat nahi, Mrs.Khurana , woh naarz ho Gaye toh kya, him toh yaha hai..

Geet gasped turning around, she was startled facing him close to her, she took a step back but Rahul held her wrist making her shock and terrified, she glanced around and her fear only increased finding herself alone with Rahul Khanna.

Chodiye Hume…she was struggling but he only smirked in return, why are you acting now, Mrs.khurana.. I know well what type of girl you are, ..

Photo Editor_XYP8qP

Kya matlab hai aapka. Leave my hand, she muttered angrily, still vulnerable but she couldn’t show him.

What I mean is that, when you can warm your boss’s bed, why not me..

Geet was furious, she pushed him hard that he left her with sudden jerk, without wasting a minute she just ran out from there for she knew it’s not right time to answer him back, he would take full advantage finding her alone in the room.

She was walking fast , her mind was hazy that she bump with Maan straight who was coming there talking on the phone.

What the hell…

He blasted in frustration on the careless person who just bump on him. But next moment he found the same person crushing into his arms, her soft body clasp on his broad chest, she hugged him tight as if holding on to her life.

Geet…he was astonished seeing her state and them her sudden hug, he tried to pull her apart but she clutch him tighter as a reflex, don’t leave me plz.. he heard her soft muffle.

Geet.. he thought for a while, then look back towards the conference hall, there was no one,

Geet..he again tried to break free from her but she wouldn’t budge, having no option he forcefully jerked her apart making her gasp loudly.

Hosh mein aao..what are you doing!?? He shook her hard, she was sweating badly, woh ..I…waha..she stopped suddenly realizing what she was doing, it’s right to tell him..

Geet..what happened!?? He jerked her holding her arms,

Nothing.. I just..

You were scared..

Woh..hum bas waha akele rah

You are just.. he shook his head seeing her over reaction, and took his cell phone which was on the floor..

Geet looked on sadly hearing him, then at his broken cell, sorry..humrare wajah se ..

You should be sorry, Mrs.Geet for every damn thing..he muttered angrily before walking away from there.

Geet couldn’t help but felt broken as she walked behind him.


Geet walked back and forth in her cabin in between towards his cabin making sure he was there, she couldn’t yet take out the fear from her mind. She shivered with the thought, and decided to tell him, atleast he would take care of the problem, she can share it to him as an employee of the co.

Thinking so she walked in to his cabin taking his permission,

Come in, Mrs.Geet..i was going to call you. he was so professional that somewhere wasn’t approve by her heart but she ignored the feeling.

I want the details of the meeting from you!!

And that was a terror shock for her, as she knew he would not tolerate this time, but it wasn’t her fault today,

Sir, I want to tell you something..

But he broke her ruthlessly, Mrs.Khurana, the details..he forwarded his hand..

Sir, listen to me please, woh Khanna…

Geet!!! He raised his voice so as his furious eyes to glared her, Geet gasped jumping on her place, I ..don’t have.. she stammered.

Maan couldn’t control his rage, he was already mad with her, his ego was badly hurt hearing her words back then, although he knew she was right, and he too couldn’t force anyone , but with geet, he couldn’t held himself..he was only enjoying teasing her.

And now, it was something related to the work, he couldn’t tolerate it that he blasted on her, enough of your ignorance, Geet!! Enough of your nonsense!! I can’t dammit let my work suffer because of your carelessness…this is not just now but happening constantly. .

Geet was so terrified and ashamed that she broke into tears just standing before him, her head bend down not able to face him.

Get out!! Just get lost!! He shouted in fury.. not able to decide what should he do with her,

She couldn’t stand anymore there, just rushed out of his cabin, with tears streaming down her cheeks.


Precap :

Remember Geet?? You asked me to stay away from you!! So that what I am doing now..

Her eyes widen in terror and disbelief while she tried to fee herself from his harsh clutch who in return only smirked devilishly..


20 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 16

  1. Sun4u on IF
    Thanks for update. Its really awesome. Starting maan teasing geet and geet somehow managed and shown reality to maan which he could not bear and now angry. Another problem for geet in form of Rahul kannada, poor she. Neither she can explain herself nor she trust anybody as well so don’t know how they will become maaneet and what will happen to kunal.

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    Well I love your stories never stop your passion will Always support you by reading it ❤️😍

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    Whatever she said to maan… he became angry.
    Precap is nice.
    Update soon dear.

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  4. Nice update n maan is just teasing her n she gets irritated n in that irritation she told him that she is married n this not right n stay away from her n it hurts him n his ego n then she realised what she told him n she hurt him n rahul miss behaves with her n she thought to told this to maan but his is angry with her n didn’t listen to her n asked her about meeting n she told she didn’t know anything n he gets more angry on her n thnxx for pm me

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