He have heard her musical laughter,that’s first time he heard or saw her laughing like that with her whole heart,his lotus was all blooming in happiness. what could be the reason for her magical laugh as before day she is injured with her heart,from inside and outside.

 but his all burn to see the sight ,as all men employee in the office staring at her ,his blood boiled at the sight. he at once take fast steps towards and pulled her harshly with him towards his office/cabin,making all the office staff gasp in shock.

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Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam

[Just beacuse I love you so much, Will you take away my life?]

geet didn’t get what just happened in few minutes as she felt herself drag towards one of the room as per her knowledge. as they come inside his cabin she gasp with happiness and shock to see him after whole one day,but its seems like ages to her. didn’t he missed her, she thought as she is going to hug him but stop herself as the thought acure in her mind

Hamaare dil ki tum thodi si kadar kar lo 

Hum tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo

Fikar kar lo

Maan look at her face wanted to keep that in his heart forever and ever, he missed her so much in this one day only.  He cant tell how its goes this day without meeting her. Its felt he gets habitual of her presence now around him 24 hours, her sweet perfume,her innocence or her that calling him SAHEB.

Tune o jaana deewana kiya hai 

Deewana kiya is kadar

Deewana kiya is kadar

Chaahat mein teri bhulaaya jahaan ko Na dil ko kisi ki khabar 

Na dil ko kisi ki khabar

[Beloved,you have turned me mad such that 

I have forgotten the world in your love 

My heart has no idea about anybody else]

He saw  changing expressions on her face as she too continue to stare at him with same intensity as him. Geet, he broke her reverie cupping her face with one hand. Before he or she could speak more they heard the knocking on the door. Geet at once take steps far from him standing in the corner of room still thinking about missing thing.

Sir your meeting is schedule now, adi inform him. He did know about geets visit ,glance at her to see who is the girl maan sir drag to his cabin whereas he couldn’t take anyone in his private places other than his family. As he glance her way he was spellbound for a second by an innocent beauty standing there in corner wearing simple saree with her long curls cascading down her waist.she is truly a angelic beauty.he murmur to be heard by maan.his sharp ears catch it.His fist tighten,muscles become prominent. He clench his teeth tight to control his anger bursting through him.his eyes spitting fire on adi to see him gaping at his lotus. And that words.his mind turn misty red to hear him.this was only his right and no one else.

Get lost.he shouted on adi from the top of his voice startling him out of his staring session along with geet who shiver to see him so much angry and his voice.its strangle her all insides to see his anger.she take steps back and stumble falling on the sofa behind her getting his attention. Geet…he utter seeing her scaring like hell.

Adi get out now.before I lost my all patience. He husk in dangerous way loud enough to be heard by adi.

Adi at once run from there even not caring why he is so much angry.

Maan lock the door and turn towards seeing her shivering in fear.He rushed towards her seating beside her whereas she cradle far from him fearing from him.

Geet. he gritted his teeth to see her act.here he is worried for her and she is going away from him.

Geet he called her to which she turn towards him fearing for his outburst as he was really looking angry.

He try to calm himself closing his eyes.

Tumhe ghar main aaram krna chahiye tha. To tum yaha kya kar rahi ho.he try to make the conversation to reduce her fear .

Ji..she looked at him confused coming out her lost state.

Tum yaha kuyn aayi ho.he asked again staring front.

Geet at once turn sad getting all negative thoughts…don’t know from the time he is not in her sight last day.she is now thinking he is avoiding her.that thing hurt her.what she had done to be avoided by him.

Ragon mein mohabbat ka ehsaas zara bhar lo 

Ham tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo

Fikar kar lo

Fill the feeling of love in your every part

She looked at him,there was pain residing in her moist hazels.kuyn.aapko achcha nahi laga. She asked innocently.

He snapped at once towards her getting her meaning. No.geet.its not that. Par tum abhi abhi recover ho rahi ho. Tumhe aaram ki jaroorat hai.

But she didn’t get his first words he said in English still remain sad.

I forgot to ask .are you OK now.tum thik to ho .tumhare pairo ka dard thik hai. ( your foot injury is fine or not )he asked her out of worry for her.

She just nodded silently and he is unknown to her inner turmoil thought her silence is because of his anger.

He heard the noises outside and stand up in fury to see all staff  standing outside his cabin ear dropping there.

Did I give you salary for this he shouted yet again opening the door and all of them run from there.

He furiously bang the door and pick up the remote to closed the blinds not caring about anything.

Ye dekhiye, Saheb. She quiver fearing seeing the blinds closing on its one unknown to maan’s doings.

Wo..wo  khidkiya. ..

Maan took her in his arms at once seeing her getting scare again and again.

Shhh. Geet.it all right here. Wo new technology hai.wo apne aap band ho jata hai remote se (it get close automatically with remote)he try to explain her.

She looked at him innocently not knowing what is this technology.

Teko Teko. .wo kya hota hai.

He looked at her surprise. She really didn’t know anything. Why…its understandable that she don’t know English but this much and she knows nothing.

His Phone ring breaking there conversation. Geet make distance between them going red .maan smirk silently picking his phone.

Sir .it’s urgent meating schedule with Miss. Kasturi. .its urgent sir can you please .sir…

Adi try once on the phone fearing to go infront lion.

Ok.i am coming. Maan keep the receiver down glancing at geet.

Geet you can seat here…main aadhe ghante tak aata hoon.tum yahi batho. Bahar mat jana. (I am coming in half an hour.you seat here.dont go outside.)ok.

Par aapka khana ..she asked remembering her reason for coming here.fearing from inside to stay here alone.

Main wapas aake dekhlunga uske bare main.tum yahi par baitho.main aata hoon jaldi.saying so he rushed from there not listening her further.

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain hum

Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain hum

Her heart broke at his behavior. She take it all wrong. Thought he is running away from her.few tears spilled from her hazels.

Why and what are you expecting from her Geet. first time her heart question her.he didn’t love her,did he? Her mind asked.she gasp as the realization dawn upon her .No.he isn’t. Didn’t he either said her like that.but you too didn’t either said him your feelings.so how’s he going to know that .but he didn’t care for her.Yes.her heart fill with happiness. But that care not described his love for you,did it? Even dadima also do the same,didn’t she?

Geet sat back on the sofa..thud. she never think on this all lines.just now as things as if going into places but it’s not her desire .not her wish.soft sob escape from her mouth. She was lost in her own dream world of her love .her saheb. But never try to see the reality or ignore it deliberately in lost in her new found love.

Tumse hain saansein tumse hain dhadkan 

Tum hi se hai deewangi 

Tum hi se hai deewangi 

Rabb ne hamein di hai tumhare liye zindagi 

Tumhare liye zindagi

[My breathing and heartbeat is by you

My madness in because of you 

God has provided me this life for you]

But inside her heart she knows he is hers only.as she remember his care for her apart from others. Small smile comes on her lips ,eyes glisten with happiness again.

Don’t know when she goes to sleep on the sofa itself in her miseries.



Its an hour .what is that behenji doing inside in his cabin.how he could allowed her for that,when he didn’t to anyone before. Sasha fumed on geet.

geet6feb (500 x 351)

Sasha. .I mean  ma’am. .who is she anyway. And how did she come to office. Tasha asked her as they are still unknown of her identity.

Let’s go asked her directly. Now I can’t more stand here and see all this.she rushed to his office in furious way.

She banged open the door as maan didn’t lock it in hurry to reach for meeting.

Geet snap opened her eyes hearing sound and looked at the source to find that two dangerous girl standing there. One of them who have bash on her before sometime was seems to be in some much fury.


She frighten standing there tightening her small fist on her saree pallu.

So miss behenji. What are you doing here  in MK  cabin..she asked with her gritting teeth.

Ma’am. Asked her in Hindi only.you forgot. Tasha giggle…


Tasha…she scolded her as she is in really bad mood today because of this behenji . She turn towards her to bash again but saw her looking at something very intently.she looked at the direction to see MK standing there with there client And they are hugging now little smiling as the gesture in the intention to bid a bye as it seems now meeting ended on a good note but not for geet . Sasha smirk as she see her paining eyes glancing the scene. That for sure to happen with her.how has she knows MK life or his changing Girlfriends.she smirk with victory. She need not to do anything. Here this behenji got trap herself in her own stupidity.

So behenji. ..ab pata chala. .Maan sir kaise hai…aur unhe her ek din har raat ek nayi ladki chahiye ..you knows for what…tumhe to pata hi hoga…haina Geet…she clarify with more sweetness in her voice..

Geet on the other hand stumble few steps back in utter shock.how she could forget this reality of his life.

Her face expressions turn horrified  with the thought to even think of him with another women or girl…that means…means…he is doing the same thing with her too all this long period…his care or all that…his touch..she felt conscious suddenly with he surroundings look at the two women’s standing before her. no, her saheb cant do with her like this, she have faith on him.

nahi hume aapki bato par vishwas nahi hai. aur hume pata hai humare saheb aisa kabhi nahi kar sakte. she told with her belief and pure for her saheb glistening in her hazels although she knows all this is true,but how could she let her saheb down infront other people.

aur aapko koi haq nahi humare saheb ke bare main aise bura bolne ka. o aapko paise dete hai na yaha affice(office) main kaam karne ke, to ap unke bare main aise kaise bol sakte hai. she blabber now defending her saheb.

both the girls stand there bewilder sometime before they burst in laughing.

what you said ,,saheb.. what that word and for what or whom.. tasha make fun of her yet again.

and you behenji..sasha continue..

what are two doing here laughing, maan blast from the door seeing the sight.

both girls just run from there saying sorry to MK.

maan let it go for sometime seeing geet getting all nervous and scared yet again. but now there was sadness on her face ,she is looking lost somewhere. did both of them say something to her.

geet , unhone tumse kuch kaha. maan asked keeping his anger in control.

geet… he called again seeing her lost .

geet ..he finally hold her shoulders calling her name loudly this time.

GHSP 169_8993

she flinch back with his touch remembering all the words. now it is making her feel like other girls he maybe having closeness, she quiver in her all sadness to think on this line also. why he did this..

maan on the other side turn shock at her sudden behavior . what happened to her suddenly .

geet what happens. she stand there devastated.

geet tumne khana khaya.. he asked seeing her state.

main kaise khana kha sakti hoon aapke bagair.. her heart said the words through her mouth..

he gasp in surprise.. to hear her.

Vaada sang jeene ka tum jaan-e-jigar kar lo 

Hum tum pe marte hain thodi si fikar kar lo 

Fikar kar lo 

lets go to home, waha tum kuch kha lena.. he hold her form her hands and drag her outside yet again leaving everyone shock in the office.


she did try to clasp off his hand from her but it didn’t happening .her heart was not letting her to do so.. her throat burn with her unsaid tears making it unbearable for her.she close her eyes as few drops fell down through her lashes.

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham 

Kya jaan loge hamaari sanam 

Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham 

she opened her eyes to see her surroundings and gasp in fear to find herself inside that magical door. she hold him close at once scaring like a hell.

maan looked at her surprise at her fear now, now what happened to her to scared like this, this girl is impossible,her mood changes in swift moments.

saheb. hum yaha kya kar rahe hai. she asked from him in fear. clutching him tightly for her dear life.

matlab ghar ja rahe hai aur kya.he said frustrated on her silly question.

par ye to wo chamatkari darwaja hai na. (it is magical door)  she innocently said him

chamatkari.. form where you find this words.  aur isme chamatkari kya hai..  he asked confused.  this girl is really mad.

ha.. humne dekha, us waqt hum jab aapke affice (office) tak aa rahe the tab .. and she describe him all thing she saw and thought it some magic in her own language making him blast in laughter which he didn’t do before ..

geet.. you are impossible.. he said in between his laugh. making her fume suddenly on him for making fun of her. she forget her all fear sometime..

aap has rahe hai humpe ? she pouted.

geet.. ye koi chamtkar nahi hai,.ye life hai jahase hum humare destine floor par..

before he continue the lights goes off in the lift making the lift stuck in between two floors.

SAHEB… she scream…


  1. Omg di it’s not like that.please di it’s just I am so busy recently and data is also slow so that’s why didn’t updated it here just have draft and not getting time to post it.just wait till tonight di.I will post all parts .it’s just comments also i am not getting here one comment also i nor getting here di😢it’s feels so bad if I am in so much struggle posting my story and if anyone didn’t response or wrote there reviews of how it is.so it’s demotinvaded me to stop from posting also but I will for you only now post all the parts.don’t worry.just comment one word atleast.it’s only my request di😊😊sorry for making you so wait😐😐


  2. Nice update n geet is sad bcoz she thought that maan doesn’t love her n sasha n tasha both make it worst by saying maam change his girlfriend n he doesn’t love any one n listening this geet become upset n thnxx for pm me

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  3. Wow I loved the way maan spoke to geet.. poor adi was caught for staring his lotus..I love this possessive maan❤️😍 maan rushes too meeting..geet thinks he ignores her deliberately more over this Sasha and Tasha spoiled her mood by telling about maan and his girlfriends ufff..now what will geet decide.. waiting to read more ❤️

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