Geet was placing the dinner, walking from the kitchen to dinning hall , Kunal turned his gaze from TV to his tired wifey. He got up throwing the remote away , he was at her side..

Kunal , rahne dijiye..hum kar go and sit at table. She tried to pulled bowl from his hands which he didn’t let go.

Nahi wifey, you try to understand, I will help you..

Nahi Kunal..

I want to help..

Hum kar rahe hai…

I want to help you..

Geet was getting frustrated now, Kunal smile inwardly seeing her gritting her teeth, she glared him only to see his smile.

I am tired here, aur aap humara mazak uda rage hai..she make faces.

Now!! That what I was saying,. He widen his eyes proving his point, you are tired, and I will do go and sit at the table.

Geet was tongue tied, she kept gaping him,

Stop looking at me like that.. Kunal chuckle and went out to put those bowls on the table.

Geet smiled and walked out silently sitting at the table waiting for her hubby.

When her ears shoot up, hearing his name on the TV, she turned her attention to it & next moment her eyes widen in horror watching the news being telecast on TV.

” MSK had recently seen with new Woman, offcourse it was not new for us but the amazing thing is , it’s first time he was hiding his new fling from the media.”

Kunal had just then walked out, he once look at the screen, there was Maan’s back to the cameras and he was hugging someone so tight as if trying to hide her from the world, and the girl also look frighten , she had buried herself completely in his chest.

Seem like , he is serious about his relationship now.. I mean this girl..

Kunals words shook her whole, she looked at him with wide eyes then at the screen as he walked inside again.

“Is he planning to marry soon!?

The words coming from TV shocked Geet, she gulped hard, sweating badly,not knowing what to do, what if Kunal sees it.. it’s not good sight for any husband to watch..

She got up instantly and changed the channel, leaving a sigh of relief before he walked out.

Geet rushed to him taking tray from his hands, let’s have dinner..she hurried to the dinning table but in that her feet hit the table making her cried out in pain..


Geet, sambhalke..Kunal rushed to her, lifting her in his arms, she was crying by now.

Why are hurrying so much.. aur dhyan kaha hai tumhara..

Geet sobbed remembering the news on TV…she remembers the incident took place outside restaurant.


He slowly wiped off her tears, about to kiss her forehead, when suddenly there was hustle bustle around them..

Geet was startled finding the crowd of people surrounding them, cameras flashing all around, next moment she knew, she was being pulled by Maan in his arms, as he crushed her against his chest hiding her completely in his strong arms

Questions were popping from around, making her scared, out of fear she hugged him tightly, making Maan aware of her state. He opened the car and pushed her inside..

After a while, Geet was still scare and hiding in him, it was so new to her when she heard him asking the driver, who informed about my arrival here,!? I have beforehand warned everyone.

Nahi pata, Maan sir! Humne toh kuch nahi Kiya..he was scared to lose his job.

Geet slowly pulled out and looked up only to find his eyes on her only, are you okay!?

Instead of relying she looked at his arms bound around her , he was holding her strongly.

She patted, pushing herself away from him, she kept mum looking out of window.

Geet..he was getting angry seeing her silence.

Yes, I am alright!!

Maan looked at her wiping her eyes, he turned his face away, not knowing what is her problem, her behaviour was only making him confused and irritated,

…….flashback end……


She was pulled back from her thoughts, and saw herself on the sofa, while he was putting bandage on her toe.

Is it paining???

Thoda sa..

Hm..khana khane ke baad medicine le lena..I will give you painkiller..

Geet nodded, speechless for the care he never fail to show….

Why I am holding back, and for what?? I have no reason to ..and at the end it’s only in god’s hands, if he have given something to me, I must cherish it without holding the grudges for what I don’t have..

She felt at peace accepting the decision of God today and thought to give it a try.. thinking so she gives him one of her charming smile.

Kunals heart skip a beat receiving that smile, let’s have dinner now, I am famished.. he supported her holding her hand, she this time didn’t pull back, but grab him tight.


A week passed, Geet was trying to reciprocate to the feelings of her husband, although it was a hard task but she atleast try to befriend with him. Would do all the wifey duties putting her heart and soul.

But something was lacking still, her heart was restless, it wasn’t happy with her decision on the first place.. then her moving ahead in that same decision.

Geet, however trying hard, her efforts seem to take her no where instead pulling her back to same turmoil…as soon as she faced Maan.

He made no attempt to get closer to her in those days, keeping only professional relation between both.

But it left her in awe, seeing his working style, his aura.. or that perfection of his.. he was completely devoted to his work when in Office.

But at night.. she never wanted to think on that..still glancing at his lips, she remembered the scene she just watched before her own eyes that day in the restaurant.

Maan saw her lost in him..almost drooling on him as they were again in the meeting. He sighed.. if he would get angry on her, she would start crying..which he didn’t want to see.. he couldn’t give a proper reason to his thoughts but was sure , he don’t liked to see tears in her beautiful eyes..let them drool on him but he couldn’t bear their sadness.

He had tried to keep away from her these days, not wanted to hurt in this fatal attraction he felt for her.

But the Woman have all ways to awake the devil inside him with her so innocent stunts.

After the meeting ends, everyone started moving out, it was Geet who was left behind to collect papers and when she turned toward out, felt a hard pull from behind, she gasp hitting herself to his broad chest, and he locked the door behind.

What he is doing?? She thought gaping at him, as he dragged her towards another little dark corner , pinning her on the wall,

Still image of Maan and Geet in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

Geet tried to struggle, tongue tied and scared with his stunt.

to be continued…

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One more thing, in last update, Geet was not lost in Maan or drooling on him… she was lost in her thoughts only.. staring ahead at maan’s face.. she was actually thinking… check the update again if you still have confusion.. she was actually thinking about Kunal


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  1. So maan was protective about geet with media around geet was tensed seeing them on tv..and thought of kunals comment on it…geet gave a try with her relationship with Kunal with her heart and soul but she felt something lacking…maan maintained complete professional behavior with her which she was awed about… something coming up in the update waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Lovely part 🙂, Maan saved her from media
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    1. Thank you 🤗
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  3. Lovely part… Maan is protective towards her I think Annie and that girl called the media… Not only maan but geet and readers also confused about her feeling 😜… Kunal is over doge sweet…

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  4. Nice update dear.
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  5. Sorry for late reply. Its awkward to see geet hesitation with her own husband but very much attracted to maan. Want to know about her more. Kunal seems to be nice person but poor guy adjusted with his desire for his innocent wife. Still want maaneet in end,

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