Geet looked at dadima who seem to be in too much worry for her,but that is not needed and beside that it  will affect her health only.but when did she listen, she is stubborn like her grandson, SAHEB. where is he..?

she remember last night happenings. did she upset him too much yesterday that he is nowhere to be shown now. he had made her sleep last night, and she was drifted to sweet sleep in his arms, she blush silently unknown to all standing in the room. but then when she opened her eyes in late morning he was not there .maybe she had hurt him with her words, there was no fault of his, he is her owner only, it’s his right beside that it was her fault to keep his mobile silent when its important for his business, she should ask sorry from him. but also that was for his health only, wo kuyn nahi samazte, aise der raat ko sokar aur sirf kaam kaam aur kaam(why doesn’t he understand, like this late night sleeping and just doing work and work always)he pouted on his behavior.

kya hua bete, dadima asked seeing her pouting.

aah, kuch nahi dadima,, hum, yuhi ba… she replied coyly getting caught by dadima.

she look at the doctor prescribing medicines for her to rajeev saheb. it was in the morning when she open her eyes, didnt find her saheb and all the khurana family entered inside her room followed by dadima. she was so much flabbergasted. 

dadima almost was having tears in her eyes for her.she was so much touch with her worry for her.she had misunderstood her care last time.but now she can tell its true from her heart she is so much bless to have that old lady’s love for her.

Geet bete aap aaj kaha khoye khoye lag rage hair.dadima ask caressing her cheeks.all other members of family goes from there leaving both alone.

she just looked at her not finding any answer for her query.

How she could tell her that she is lost in her saheb.he had aid her wounds on her foot which she herself was unknown but how he knows everything about her.but he was silent last night from the time she have ask him.he must be upset with her for asking him questions. Her good luck that he had been there on right time.or else she don’t know what would happen with her.she felt shiver running down her spine remembering that women.her tears rolled down without her notice as she remember her all bearing there.thought it was the same little more from her home but it was outer world. and the beating from her mother to which she is habitual and she is her mother only.
Geet bete.roiye mat.ab Aap yaha humare paas hai na.
Dadima wiped her tears but geet break down in her motherly warmth.she really you needed that this time.
Maan looked at her standing at the doorstep.his anger rose again seeing her condition. He have tell adi to give them the torture of there own way.he would not be in peace till the time he get called from him hearing his desirable reply.
He storm from there not wanting to hear her cries of pain more. It’s piercing his heart don’t know why and how.


Kaka.Saheb kaha hai.geet asked to nakul as she didn’t see him from last day.she had strictly having orders from dadima that not to get out of bed the whole day.but she cant forget her place here.nor his his words not hurt her remembering it .its the truth behind it hurting her.its her whole fault that she got attached with this family to this extent that she cant think of a day without her dadima nor her saheb.Saheb.How could she forget him.he is her love.she cant seat in her room without seeing him.she had done the half work of household than she everyday does against dadima’s wish.
But he never come in her eyesight.did her words upset him this much that he is not ready to meet her also .he didn’t once come to meet her  also in outhouse.
Geet Bitiya, wo to office chale gaye.nashta bhi nahi kiya.pata nahi kya hua tha wo bahot gusse main the aur naraz dikh rahe the.
Ye sab humari wajah se hua Hai. Unhone nashta bhi nahi kiya.she was lost in her thoughts .
Bitiya aap to thik ho na?he asked from her worried for her.
Ji.hum thik hai kaka aap chinta mat kijiye.


Hum…hum kaise jaye unke office main,dadima. Saheb to gussa ho jaayenge. She turn frighten at the thought of leaving mansion…that incident had definitely made her more vulnerable.
Dadima,  aapko to bata hai na,hum aise bahar kabhi nahi gaye Akele.
She try to reason her.
But dadima had all answers this time.she too wanted to get her fear out from her innocent heart.she knows what must be going on inside her mind.
Nahi bte,  aap Akele kaha jayenge. Driver hoga na aapke saath.she convince her caressing her cheek.
Par dadima,  hume..
Par var kuch nahi geet, aapko jana hai matlab jaana, jaiye jake lunch box ready kar dijiye. She reply sternly and push her inside kitchen.
Geet didn’t know how to felt. It’s happiness inside her for seeing geet her saheb after the whole day along with so much fear for his anger and the incident playing inside her mind.


Geet quickly seat inside the car frighten to the core at the thought of going out.driver speed up the car once on the main road.she is sweating literally now seating on the backseat. Her eyes turning round and round looking at her surroundings scaring like she saw the road where she got kidnapped her all strength gone and she turn numb seeing all the happening infront her eyes..
Nahi..nahi…hume chodiye…Saheb..she scream..resulting in cat stopping. .
Geet Bitiya. Kya hua…tum thik to ho.
Driver aka ramu kaka asked from her worried.
Ji Ji. ..hum..thik hain kaka..she reply coming to her senses. .
Ye lo pani pilo.he offered her water.
She drink all in one go..
Kya Hum wapas chale agar tumhari tabiyat thik nahi hai to.he asked again
Nahi.kaka hum thik hai..she reply as quick as possible not wanting to upset dadima because of her. 


What, are you gone out of your mind, how could you do that dadima. He barked at her through phone.she is really not had any work in this old age and doing  something out of senses.
He was here trying to be far from her to not to harm her with his presence also. She was already hurt with his words or behavior. He no more wanted to hurt her innocent heart or mind with his devil appearance. Yes.he is devil. Where as she is an angel with pure and innocent heart of hers.first of all she was already too much bear there in that hell and last night her questions made him realized her condition and the hurt she was bearing till now.its all her suffering he not wanted to add more now.its enough now.
Beside that he will get any girl on his fingertips for his desires to get full filling. Why he is behind her to add more miseries to her than already she is having.he will stay away from that he can’t able to touch her hair also.she is pure .he will not make her dirty with his touch. He had finally understand now the truth..
Dadima speak through phone breaking his thoughts.. need to scream on me.its for her own recovery. She will be out of her fear that way once she will goes out.
Dadima. But what is the hurry for you to do that now.she is just yesterday had wake up from that incident and you..what you did Dadima. He said all his worry , frustration come out surprising dadima. A thought come in her mind making her happy.
Why this so much worry for her maan .Didn’t she is the mere maid for yourself had said that.dadima asked wanting to get more from him which she desire.
Dadima please. He said .all the pain  he was hiding inside heart come out through that words.but soon he recover.
What the heck. Are you asking dadima. It’s not my worry.
Maan bte hum bhi aapki dadi hai.i just have caught you now.its your love son.
Maan turn shock at once. Love no.not this word.he hate that word so not be.he is not in any love or with anyone. No.his mind scream frustrated at the happenings against his wish.
Dadima it’s enough now. You very well know me.i didn’t believe in this fake emotions or all this drama. If she is coming fine .I don’t have the problem. let her come and face the fear herself.
Saying so he cut the called .sighing in frustration.


  1. So after geet asking him about his words he started maintaining distance with her…poor geet was worried for saheb and felt bad for asking those questions to him…daadi sending geet too office…maan worried for facing her so daadi is aware of their relationship ❤️😍 waiting to read more ❤️

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  2. Awesome update n geet sad not seeing maan n thought he is upset bcoz she asked questions n dadi sent geet to his office bcoz she wants her to come out of her fear n maan is worried for her n thnxx for pm me

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