Geet stared in no where sitting between her staff members in the conference room. Adi was nudging her in between to concentrate but that couldn’t pulled her out of her thoughts.

Once in mid, Maan glared her seeing her gaze not moving from his face at all..


in other moment he would have liked it but when come to his work , he couldn’t tolerate this nonsense.

After the meeting was done, Geet was being called in the his cabin.

show me the notes..


Now Geet was flabbergasted, she hasn’t written anything than only few points.. she started fidgeting with her notepad. She wasn’t able to concentrate on the meeting, not heard his any words properly, being lost in her hubby’s thoughts.

Geett..!! He slam his hands harshly on the table in front.. seeing her ignorance. He couldn’t tolerate it.

She startled jumped on her feet, moved ahead slowly and handed him her notepad.

Maan was beyond furious, he stared angrily at the paper in hands then her. He has been soft towards her, that wouldn’t happen any more, it’s time to get serious again..he can’t just get distracted by just the pretty face.

His gaze started softening, realizing next second, it’s not only pretty face..but her antics, as she bite her soft lips in nervousness. That cute frown on her face, pouting lips as if ready to cry.

He jerked back to reality, I suggest instead of crying on small thing, you get back to mend the damage you have done..

First of all concentrate on the Work!! He said harshly giving her reality check.


She was so hurt and angry, just pulled that notepad from his offering hand harshly and turned to walk out.

Remember what I said or be ready to lose your Job!!

He could heard loud gasp from shock her, he smirked at her back before he saw her rushing out hurriedly.

geet hui sabse parayi geet maan drashti dhami gurmeet choudhary gifs edits ghsp|tumblr


Geet cursed the both men in her life, who seem tormenting her to no extent recently with their strange behaviors.

It was lunch time, she couldn’t remember anything she heard in the meeting to finish her notes.. on that she knew in this basis, she have to schedule his next meeting with this new client.

Yeh toh aapki hi galati hai, Geet..aapko hi sudharni hogi .Maan sir was saying right!!

Just then pinky barge in calling her for lunch,

Pinky, did you seen adi sir!? She asked hoping to get some help from him, but her hope died the moment she replied Geet, yes, I just had seen him rushing out for some sight.

Seeing her sulking face pinky asked, kya hua Geet, why are you so tense!?

Nothing..just that, I have some work issue, only adi sir can help me in that..

Leave that for a while, first let’s go out for lunch.

Not now pinky, you know…i can’t eat anything before completing the work at hand.

But you can’t either with empty stomach.

I can..

Accha tell me, pet mein gudgudi nahi hota..!?

What!? Geet gives her frowning look.

Argh..leave it..I am going bye. She rushed out of her cabin only to face Maan sir, she gulp and ran out.

Geet looked up feeling someone’s presence in her cabin, only to find him stood there watching her intently,

Sir… Humne Abhi tak complete nahi Kiya!!


Woh notes…

When did I asked you about that!?

Then….!?? Geet fumble, looking everywhere than him..

Then what!?


Geet stood silent not knowing what to speak,cursing him in mind for making her stuck in awkward situation, as he kept gaping her , from head to toe, his eyes scanning her.

As a reflex, she hide herself behind table, her moment, made cham cham sound from her ornaments..distracting him.

Come..join me for a lunch & finish those notes. He said turning to walk out asking her to follow him.

I can’t..came her prompt reply..making him stop in the track… he turned to give stern look, I didn’t asked, I am even offering you my help to complete your work.. that should be done by you alone..

Geet shivered with his hard and authoritative tone, and as his words sink into her, she dated to meet his eyes, sorry sir but ..

Maan waited giving her hard glare, that was enough for her to follow him silently.


It’s all your fault, Geet!?? If you would have concentrate, it wouldn’t have happened..!?? She was damn scared to go out with was always Kunal..that too they had managed to go out only few times. And now walking into the five star restaurant with her high attitude boss was non less than walking on the thrones,..even that could be done happily by her but not he..

Everyone stared at them ..then her particularly..she dare not to think of them but concentrate on her boss who guide her towards his regular table which has privacy , as it was small cabin arranged for the couple.

He pulled out the chair for her, she thank him with blank face and sat with thudding heart.

Placing the order was hard task, specially when always her hubby done she was alone with her boss who was waiting along with the waiter.


The lunch was quite affair, Maan tried to initiate the conversation but she couldn’t joined .. keeping silence giving him signals of her being not interested.

He saw her playing with the her food and she ate so minimum.

He realized his folly for forcing her, she couldn’t even complete her lunch properly.

What do you want for sweets..

Choco ice cream, came her prompt reply making him amused..

Seeing his smirk and raise brow she compose herself keeping mum again..

Geet was relishing her ice cream when she notice his dark gaze on her, she stop eating and fumble, ap kuch nahi khayenge??

I hate sweets , he replied nonchalantly then eyeing her chocolate lips.. her ice cream was spread around her lips giving her adorable look.

He chuckled bending forward he tried to wipe her lips off, in true senses playing with it’s softness.

Geet was startled , her hands started shivering with his closeness, Maan hold her hands which holding bowl .

Geet couldn’t move, as if hypnotized or scare of his next move, he very sensuously rubbing her lips with his thumb enjoying the moment alone with her.

Their faces began coming closer , breaths mingling, kiss was about to happen when all of a sudden, the girl barge in..

Hey sexy…

Both jerked back, Maan gives dreadful glare to the girl, for barging into his private room like that.

His gaze soften seeing the girl behind her, Maan bhai!??

Annie was shock on finding some behenji type girl with her bro.. what happened to his taste..yuckk..she made a face, it was Dia..his one of fling , who happened to Annie’s friend caught him with new girl, and both rushed to meet him.

Geet was hell nervous, she wiped her mouth with tissue ,and give one warm glance towards the girls but only received disgusting glares from two making her look down again.

Maan watched it silently and was angry without his own will.

What are you doing here??? Annie asked no pleasant with the sight of Geet.

Before Maan could reply or asked her even back about her presence here, he was rewarded by hard smooch from Dia on his lips , forgot me!?? She tried to sit on his lap but was stop by Maan.

Dia, stay in your limit , don’t dare to pull that stunt again..he was furious that was so unlike of him, thought both he never decline any advanced from the girls like that before.

Geet was shock beyond, she couldn’t take it anymore, wanted to run out but that could have angered him more, so sit back with burning heart…tears would have slipped any moment, she kept looking down..hiding her emotions from all three.

Fearing his anger, girls rushed out not before giving Geet dreadful glare.


Annie cursed her in mind, seeing her brother’s change behavior , seeing it’s because of new woman.

Let’s move out!! Maan looked at her, she still looking down just nodded her head, blinking her lashes to stop the tears.. feeling humiliated.

As soon as they were out, Geet let out the tears to flow freely on her cheek, feeling him near, she wiped her tears quickly but they couldn’t stop.

Geet!! Maan called her seeing her back to him, he hold her shoulder ..are you crying!??

No..her voice quivered

He was confirmed now , Geet..he turned her she has composed herself till then but her red eyes tells him the story.

What happened!?? He tried to keep his voice as soft as he could keeping his anger in control.

Nothing..let’s go..we are getting late..she tried to walked away which thing he hated, as he pressed her shoulder stopping her, Geet..

Are you upset about the thing happened inside!? He asked guessing it.and she confirmed it looking up in his eyes,

If that is the thing, then it’s not new in my life, it’s normal..

Then why did you bring me here!??


Geet..he pressed her closer, her back rested on the car and Maan held her waist, pressing it enjoying her softness.

He slowly wiped off her tears, about to kiss her forehead, when suddenly there was hustle bustle around them..

to be continued….

Precap :- Something unexpected…!?

14 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 12

  1. Sun4u on IF

    Thaks for update and PM. Ok Mann is really professional when comes to work however doesn’t understand geet why she was drooling over him. she is confused soul. maan cares for her, took her out for lunch. maan is the one who undirectly giving her confidence in life. she never chose the menu but have to do with maan. Annie and dia are now upset seems not liking geet but why geet is upset. Maan kind of reading geet right but hussle in end, hope it wont create any problem for geet as maan will find his way out of any problem. waiting for nexct.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Geet wasn’t drooling on him….she was lost in her thoughts and fail to concentrate, being lost her gaze was fix on man’s face..I mentioned in the update.. “she stared at no where particular..”
      Let’s see…


  2. Loved the update as maan is hell irritated seeing geet not having concentration on work…he cannot bear that behavior..later their lunch was perfect but Annie and her friend ruined it… But one thing was positive as we could see geet’s possessive behavior towards maan which hurts her by seeing him with other girls waiting to read more ❤️😘

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