His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 46

Geet look at herself in the mirror shock at her reflection. She is not her.


there in  the mirror standing different grown up woman looking all different to catch everyone’s attention. Even she feels shame herself looking at own reflection in mirror. Her cheeks burn red in embarrassment. Tears fall from her hazels.
What they has done to her.where is she.they have completely changed her appearance. She is not liking this. Instead of her resistance they made her wear this transparent saree from which her body showing up along with her femininity being prominent .it’s all making her cried out in shame.
Ye ladki,ab rona band kar, Sara make up kharab kar diya isne. Shila, are Iska make up phir se thik kar le.the head of Chawl heera bai asked the other women getting frustrated on geet for ruining her make up ,they had to prepared her properly to present her infront there client.the more women will look appealing to them the more they will give money and price.they are going to sell her.yes.where she is now.
Geet now started to sobbed hearing the lady.she never came face to face with situation like this before and now suddenly facing all this making her vulnerable. Her mother maybe rude to he but it’s all different and she is her maa.not this lady..
Ye ladki, ab chup kar, varna ek laga Dungi. That lady again bash her clenching her hand rudely giving her unbearable pain.
Geet muffle her pain closing her eyes as her dadima’s face come to her eyes .her care her love.


Pata nahi.humari bacchi kis halat main hogi.dadima cried silently making all mansion dull along with her.all servants was also sad seeing dadima like this and other reason is as same as dadima’s. They also feeling bad for geet.they knows her as sweet smiling face.her innocent nature,.
Sasumom, ab bas bhi kijiye…kitna royengi. You will fall sick.sumitra try to console her sasumom who was crying like child.oh God. Can anyone had cry like that for there servent. Maid.but here is big example. She looked her feeling bad for geet as well as her sasumom. Like this she will definitely gonna make her health to go down.she till now come to knows how much geet mattered to her.or other way around.


Dadima ka dawaiyo ka samay ho gaya hai, bata nahi, dadima ne dawayiya thik se liya bhi hai yaha nahi…he babaji. .
She thought looking at the watch hanging on the wall forgetting her own pain or where she is now for the time being .it’s all matters her or worried her is her dadima. ..
All silent mansion buzzed loudly with the ringing of the phone.
Hello, Nakul pick it up…

Geet Bitiya. ..aap kaha ho…

Geet b..
Hello geet, humse baat kijiye bete…dadima snatch the phone as soon as she heard him.
Dadima, geet cry out…she with very difficulties had find the phone in her room where she is kept. Though that was hidden behind cupboard maybe they have intentionally done that. But she have got it… dadima had tought her how to dial up or receive the landline and here she is now talking with her dadima.
Geet.aap kaha hai bete. Just tell me once..she urged her again.
Geet…he at once keep it on speaker hearing her name.
Maan aap…dadima called out..
Geet gasped with unknown happiness rushing through her whole body.she once wanted to hear his voice. don’t know maybe it turn last one..she is feeling this..she sobbed silently.
But whole mansion could hear her silent cries.


Maan closed his eyes to calm his anger and agony he is feeling right now in his heart.its paining very much..damn..
He Snap open his eyes which is now red burying his all pain and anger inside.
Geet tell me fast where are you? He shouted in landline.
Geet bete , aap ko bata hai aap kaha hai..wo aapko kaha le gaye hai ? Dadima asked calmly from her seeing maan angry.
Dadima aapko pata hai…she asked from her holding her tears
Ha bete hume bata dijiye. ..aap kaha hai..
Dadima wo hume nahi pata dadima. .yaha sab andhere hai.she finally let out her fear infront dadima as it’s night now.

Geet muze batao tumne kuch aas paas kuch dekha hai..jaha wo tumhe le gaye..
Maan asked patiently, it’s making him made to hear her cries.he just wanted to be there near her, take her in his arms and wipe her that damn tears.
Humne. Ha…humne ek barat Dekhi thi. Jab wo hum..hum behosh ho gaye aur phir. …
Dadima gasp at the info..her innocent child had already suffered so much.
Maan clinch his fist tightly…
Dadima hume yaha bahot dar lag raha hai..dadima hume…wo bahot gande log hai..wo aurat ..woh..
Before she complete her sentence she felt pull on her hand harshly. .and tight slap fell on her cheek.
Dadimaaa. .she scream in pain.. and phone got dead.
Geet…Geet…Both maan and dadima scream in the phone but that was long dead. Maan slammed the phone angrily.
Maan Geet. .humari bacchi ko le aaiye. ..
Dadima Broke up as vulnerability take over her. ..
Sasumom. .sumitra come up…and support her.she had first time saw her this broken.and for that mere maid.she really had blown up by her innocence now. Her heart have almost cry in pain for that girl..as she is also women having girl child as well.

Maan just called the police now.dadima come on conclusion finally. 

No.it cant be done dadima. .it will complicate all things more.it will be not good for our reputation nor hers also.

Maan try to make her understand as calmly as possible. 

What do you mean.you are more worried for that than my poor child .her all fruition burst on him.she can’t imagine geet being there with don’t know who is the persons. 

Dadima,  wo koi kidnappers nahi hai. didn’t you hear what nakul told about them.

Mom.take care of her.

Maan, you are not doing right nor you did .
Adi..just get the info now…they heard him shouting on phone..
He storm out of mansion yet again now whole determine to find her.she is his.only his no one had the right to touch her or even keep her away from him.he will now make sure to show all of them hell even worse than that…


She crumble backwards scaring to extent as her lips oozed blood eyes crying out her agony.
Hume aur chidane ki koshish mat kar.uska anjam accha nahi hoga…
The woman jerked her harshly from her hairs .geet scream in pain..
They goes leaving her in her tears..closing the door behind…
Darwaja kholiye, hume andhere se dar lagta hai. She patted on the door vigorously. .darwaza kholiye…kholiye na…

she sobbed loudly going on her knees she sat there sticking to the door .she is really feeling scared now of this dark…they never on the lights also. it’s dark from all sides making her gasp in the need of air it’s making her suffocated.

Sabki baaratein aayi doli tu bhi laana
Sabki baaratein aayi doli tu bhi laana
Dulhan banake humko rajaji le jaana
Sabki baaratein aayi

[Everyone is getting married
Bring the palanquin as all are getting married
Bring the palanquin as all are getting married
Make me your bride and take me from here]

She hears someone is singing outside.she can still see that barat .she smile in her tears, remembering her Saheb. .
Saheb. ..she murmur silently remembering there previous moments. .


Maan drive furiously speeding up his car.her cries of pain, her agony , her heart wrenching sobs still buzzing in his ears making him more and more frustrated. He speed up again.he is hating it.very much..why it’s happening with him and what.why he is feeling her pain his heart thumping in his chest in pain.its not letting him think rationally.
Maan, you wanted this only, didn’t you?
You wanted her out of your life and she is now. Then why are you going again to bring her back to make it mess like before she done..his mind fake a question at him.
No he never wanted her like this landed in that situation. He never wanted her to be in some kind of danger.his heart backfired at mind angry on him .
His heart get scared at thought of her hurting.
Nahi geet ko kuch nahi ho sakta.i will save her.use kuch nahi hone dunga main.


Chaha tha maine, socha tha maine
Kya kya the armaan dil-e-nadaan ke
Aankhon mein aansu aaye
Ho aankhon mein aansu aaye par koi na aaya
Ab toh kisi ko bhi apnake hai bulana
Sabki baaratein aayi

Her Eyes started to closed up but she try to keep them open. Fearing from dark.
Maan break his car hard as his phone buzzed up.
Ha adi.speak up..

Ok..he hang up the phone.speeding his car yet again now determine of his destination. .

In aankhon mein thi ek raat saji
Haathon mein kabhi choodi si baji
Par aankh khuli toh aaya nazar
Na raat saji, na choodi baji
Mera toota tha dil, uski jhankar thi
Saara woh rang tha mere khoon-e-dil ka
Yeh toh hai rona dil ka
Haan yeh toh hai rona dil ka
kahe ka tarana
Ab toh kisi ko bhi apnake hai bulana

She snapped opened her eyes and there was only darkness.where her dream was better .she saw her saheb was there beside her…but he will not come here.why would he when he is angry on her.her heart pain at the thought.
She crumble backwards as door get opened suddenly scaring the hell out of her.that lady come again making her flinch in fear.
Chal humare sath..jaldi kar.other two women literally drag her from room.
Hume chodiye.please.hume …jane..dijiye ..yahase…hume…she pleaded but no one hear her cries.instead they drag her mercilessly.
Chup kar..aur tuze Samaz nahi aata…make up kharab mat kar apna…aur awaz nahi chahiye..samzi.
She threaten her dangerously making her quiver in fear..
Aur Sun. .tuze achchi tarah se us client ko satisfied karna hai.ye sari nikal yahase.
She open her saree from one shoulder which geet have cover on her back making her all bare back visible. Ha ab a woh aadmi(man) tuzpe lattu ho jaega. ..
As her words reach geet her body get numb realising now where she is.and her meaning. She felt now she will dead for sure.no one will come to save her from this hell. She stop dead on her place in shock.. they drag her numb body further not caring for her injured heart which only wanted to see her saheb now just last …but he will not come she knows.didnt he scold her in morning. ..

Chalo joh bhi hua, woh khoob hua
Ab har koi mehboob hua
Hai sabke liye yeh raat meri
Ab toh hai yehi aukaat meri
Haske bheege palak chamkana hai
Sooni baahein ada se lehrana hai
Gham khake, aansu peeke
Ho gham khake, aansu peeke mehfil mein gaana
Ab toh kisi ko bhi apnake hai bulana

[Whatever happened, happened for the good
Now everyone is my lover
Now my night is for everyone
Now that’s my status
My eyes have to smile even with the tears
I have to sway my lonely arms in style
Bearing sorrows and tears
Bearing sorrows and tears, I have to sing
I want to make someone mine and call them]

As she heard lines of song the lady singing his words come to her banging in her ears yet again.
You gawar, ladki.apni aukat mat bhulo. Apni aukat main raho, samzi tum.
Now she knows he will not come at all. Who is she to him.no.one.just a mere MAID..

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  1. Nice update n geet is so scared seeing place n that place is not good n they made her ready n she called dadi maa told her n maan got to know where is geet n she thought about maan n then thought what maan thought about her just mere a maid n thnxx for pm me

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