Don’t push me away..please..I am sorry..

Maan was shock with her move, at one moment she was making faces to even with his touches & now herself clinging to him. Is she really scare of darkness or taking advantages of the situation..

He was lost in his thoughts, when felt her shivering in his arms, she was clinging him so tight as if her life depends on him


Maan, on his own pulled her more into him, hugging her tight, his hands touched her bare waist burning his desires.

He couldn’t stop wandering his hands everywhere on her body. Geet began breathing heavily, even she couldn’t stop moaning with his sinful touches which rising new feelings in her otherwise dead senses. Her senes were alert to his touches because of her close eyes in the darkness.

Only his touch made her fear forgotten as she snuggle in his neck feeling his aroma.

Geettt….he groaned , pushing his palm inside her blouse feeling her softness as her knots already hanging loose..he slowly opened the hooks trying to feel her skin,

Geet bites her lips feeling his face hiding in the crook of her neck, he was smooching her madly quenching his long time thirst taking sweet revenge from her for her every struggle and push to him.

He slowly pushed down her saree, revealing her half nude assets to him.. although he couldn’t see much in dark but her skin was glowing attracting him further.


She pushed his head more on her cleavage as he continues to tease her there by his lips and was making her insane, she forgot everything and just his sinful touches took lace in her blurry mind.

Maan was turn on , he could have take her then & there, nothing have stop him one nor she herself ..

He pulled up and faced her, her eyes drooping, she felt his hot breath on her face, and started closing the distance to be kiss by him.

Maan smirked seeing it, he grasped her close crushing her small waist, her waist charm came slipping down sticking into her open saree. Maan was loving it.. the play in the darkness with his prey,.. her soft skin against his rough hands, her aroma driving him crazy..

He touch her lips , about to kiss her & fulfill her wish but just then…..

Suddenly lights came on , elevator started moving making both jerk back to senses.

It was Geet who was horror stuck, she looked at him then herself, she couldn’t comprehend anything, hugged herself to hide her modesty.

Maan’s smirk died seeing her face, she was broken, although she didn’t cried but her soulful eyes give him msg of her inner state.

He turned his gaze away not regretting about the happenings, she was the one who cling to him on the first place,

Achcha bahana hai Geet , to come close to me & act innocent.


His words only made her feel worse.

I…I.. didn’t..she couldn’t explain, she couldn’t do that…it was what lacked in her ,

Maan took step to go out, as the elevator reach at the floor, but soon he realized her condition, he instantly close the door before anyone come and watch her in that condition.

He turned around to see her crying & trying to cover herself..he sighed..why did she make him feel guilty always which Maan Singh Khurana never did in whole life .

He reached to her hooking her blouse, she snapped his hands away angrily, you..have..done..enough, she hiccups badly, feeling miserable,

Yes I have done let me fix it.he declare with authority.

However she struggle, he ended up fixing her, she wiped her face with saree & opened the door hurriedly.

Maan kept watching her running form, till she disappeared, just then security rushed to him asking sorry for the elevator thing.

Maan blasted on them, taking out his anger on them, the damage had already done, just Get lost.



Geet was furiously crying, couldn’t stop her tears after what she did..and then his words, how could think like that about her but then her mind console her, he never know about her, how could she expect him to know her, it’s only two days and there is no relation between both apart from professional..

But in those two days, she had come to know much more about him. She again cried, her eye sight became blurry with tears, few vehicles passed but no transport was in sight.

One taxi passed but she fail to notice in her condition. She took few steps wipping her eyes…

Few goons passing by noticed her and exchange evil smirk with each other before following her silently.

Geet didn’t realize where she was walking, wiping her rolling tears,


Maan sat inside car, still couldn’t wiped those images of her, mostly her crying face makes him restless, making him angry, however ruthless he was mostly to girls, he used them for his own satisfaction, hates their attitude and wicked minds,

And had assumed Geet to be one among them but today’s incident, her painful crying eyes, he couldn’t fathom.. he was lost thinking about her , and pulled out his car, that’s when he notice the surrounding and the darkness of the night.

Geet.. he murmured her name, then turn back his car to the security, inquiring about her, the information he got made him worried for her,

She was walking by road,!?? crazy woman.. he muttered and drives back his car on the road , now his eyes trying to locate her, she even know, how risky it can be for her to walkers the night like that, this route was dangerous one , specially for the girls to walk alone without any vehicle.

Geet was jerk back to reality when she felt push from behind, not soon she was corner by all three goons.


Scare, was the only small word, how and what she felt at the moment as the realization dawn upon her where is she stuck because of her stupidity of crying.

Maan halted the car, hearing crying sound and then his eyes follow the most horrible scene in his life, yes it was horrible for him to see her in that condition. His fist tightened on the steering wheel, he pressed the break hard in anger , making loud screeching sound, alerting the goons and Geet too look at him.

She doesn’t know it was his car but she felt little relief finding someone to her rescue.

Help me..her voice died.. she could only scream in mind, but kept sobbing hilariously

Maan furiously walked out , scaring all only with his furious eyes, they compose although and attack on him altogether.

Geet gasped seeing him on the first place & then seeing their attack, she screams out in terror..Maannnn..

Maan who had pushed all from his body, looked at her for a while, the way she screams out his name, her face was horror stuck, crying..he couldn’t bear to see, and his anger rushed back , he pushed all of them furiously as they again launch at him..

He was mad with rage seeing her condition, her blouse was torn from shoulder, and he saw few bruises there.his anger reach to pick .

How dare they..he attacked on all furiously breaking their bones, making them cough out blood,

Geet was shivering like hell to see the sight, she couldn’t stand her own blood & the violence was making her feel dizzy.

Maan left all of them partially dead and turned to looked at her, he rushed towards her angrily, jerking her from shoulders, can’t you scream, dammit!! He shook her hard.

If I would not have seen you, do you know what would have happened!?? He blasted..

Geet cried hearing his words, next set of words from his mouth just shook her whole,

Those bastards would have r***ed you. Kisiko pata bhi nahi chalta. He dragged her to his car, on the way kicking all three again in the stomach who were lying on the floor unconscious.

to be continued….


Just thought was enough for her that ” he saved her dignity today” not just that but he saved her life, or else she has been dead by now, that made her hugged him tightly. She buried herself completely in his broad body, trying to hide herself in his securing arms.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

24 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 10

  1. Nice update !!
    Maan and Geet romance carry on with the fact that both of them were lost in each other until geet comes into reality Geet keep going in lonely place and met with goons thankfully Maan came at the right time .

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  2. SUN4U ON IF

    Superb update. I was really wondering if geet really aware of what she wants. One moments she is really in maan and other time she dispose off like anything. She is not even comfortable in intimacy with her husband kunal but she always get lost in maan’s touches like if she would not have been married to kunal then she would have no problem with maans closeness. maan is also getting confused with emotion evoked by geet in him. Oh at last its maan who saved geet from goons. Hopefully the things will get sorted soon between maan and geet and kunal can be kicked out by hook and crook…..

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    1. Nice update n geet is so confused with her feelings towards maan n she likes him but didn’t want to accept n maan once again save her n thnxx for pm me

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  3. Wohooo so their passionate moment was disturbed by lift…the way maan protect her in lift was nice meanwhile he was worried for geet in late night too…he was full of rage while beating those goons…and saved geet… waiting to read more ❤️😘

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