He couldn’t concentrate on the meeting going on, only her hurt face flashing in his mind, making him guilty for his outburst.

Finally excusing himself he walked out of the meeting, dialing her number..

Geet was busy in scribbling down the points as both adi & Maan discussed the project.

Maan’s eyes in between wander to her, her beautiful face.. then her sari..his gaze wander down towards the waist reminding about his dream..

And next his breath stuck in his throat catching the sight of her waist charm..the chain was different though ..

His trance broke with her sweet voice, Sir..

Hmm. He looked at her then adi ..both eyeing him confused.

Sir ..aapka phone..

That’s when he realized his cell ringing…. He composed himself and asked adi to go.

Geet was restless as she waited for him to say same to her but that never happened..only thing she heard was banging of the door, she turned around to see him existing the cabin..


But he was already gone without a word to her.

Geet stood for a minute not knowing what to do.. she took step to go out but her hands stopped on a knob, nahi Geet..woh pahle hi gussa hai humse.. he has been calm till now but never know when his anger will rush back.its better I wait will take few minutes for him to finish the call..

Ha yahi sahi hai.. thinking so, she check her notes again.. rectify them, getting bore after a while, she got up and stroll through the cabin, then her eyes fell in the stack of files spread across the couch.

She walked up to it and started arranging them in the cupboard in his cabin..

That’s how Maan found her, he slowly lock the door behind, she has been so lost, fail to hear the sound, or his footsteps which was reaching her closer.

His eyes turned dark feasting upon her back as she bend down to took one file which was fallen from her hand, her silky hairs curtain her face, but revealing her waist.. her waist Chain chimed making him restless.

Geet was so busy pouting her lips, forgetting the numbers she just counted on her fingers,

Her trance was broken with a sudden touch of Maan, who just grabbed her waist from behind sending her into horror shock.

She gasped as he briskly turned her around to face her angelic face which had fear written all over.



Geet couldn’t fathom his behavior, why he is suddenly holding her, she struggle seeing him not doing any attempt to leave her, infact he was holding her close .

What are you doing!? He asked still lost in her, his hands began to wander on her waist, then tummy..he began playing with her belly button..

Geet muffled the moan, pressing her lips tight,..there was fear inside her thudding heart yet she felt captivated by his charm..

Don’t do that..he pulled out her plump lips from the clutches of her teeth, rubbing it her intense look.

Geet shivered not able to bear so much intimacy with him.. she even never allowed Kunal to touch her that way..

And now Maan was touching her so intimately, she thought..with her blurry mind, as his hands began cupped her curves on her blouse, he stroke the hard nipple..

She was quivering now, tried struggle in his hard grip, Hume chodiye…

Photo Editor_XYP8qP

She pleaded with her innocent eyes stinging silent tears..

He left her instantly not before trailing down his long fingers on her waist Chain, giving her shivers whole body.

Geet stood rooted on the spot for a while, trying to calm her uneven breath.. while Maan took his bossy chair.


So what was you doing, Mrs.Khurana!?? He added with double meaning ..

It took her while to realized, she gulped and looked at him to see his devilish smirk, how could she forget his image, still she was trusted him , he wouldn’t do anything of that sort with her.

Her heart cried for some reasons, she ignored the pain and answer him in broken voice, “I was arranging your cupboard..” all the while looking down.

Did I asked??

Hu..??? She looked up confused, then seeing his eyes.. again look down.

Now you will do this work everyday..

Her mouth fell open as she gaped at him, little fury rising in her.

Maan smirked ..he loved to see those reactions coming from otherwise silent her.

It’s not my work..she argued, twisting her lips.

Maan groaned inwardly eyeing her pouting lips, then why did you do it on the first place.

His voice turning bossy and angry now.

She compose herself, and said an yes..twisting her lips yet again,

Stop doing that..or do you want a kiss from me, Mrs.Khurana..

Geet’s eyes widen in shock, she glared him , feeling the sensation in her heart hearing her name being called by him as if he owned her.


Then his remark, how shameless..he is.. have heard & seen his tail from far but today .it’s reality she thought ruefully before pulling back from her thoughts yet again by his not so decent remark

I think you need fix yourself..

Geet turned around to see his gaze moving shamelessly on her tummy which was bare because of uneven saree.

She turned beetroot red and turned to the door when his voice again stopped her

Where are you going??

Woh…I..she was embarrassed to answer him, didn’t he just now asked her to go..

Use my room..

Geet was not ready for’s fine..I will just go..she didn’t turn back yet.


Geet shivered and nodded silently before rushing to his room.

Maan rested his head on the head of chair with close eyes, thinking deeply on the happenings..however he tried, he couldn’t hold himself, he didn’t wanted to force her but he ended up bringing tears in her eyes..those innocently pleading him..

How could I force her dammit..!! He bang hard on the table.. just when Geet walked looking fresh..she seem calm and compose.

Sir .she stammered seeing his anger..

Maan didn’t answer, as he was angry on himself, he even didn’t glance her once in case he again hurt her.

Do you need anything??

Geet go ..

Ji….she didn’t hear him properly as his voice was low controlling his rage.

I SAID LEAVE!! He blasted and she jerked up, breathing heavily..before he could look at her, she was running out his cabin.


Geet compose herself, thinking to forget the incident.. unaware that this will follow again..

It must be by mistake Geet..don’t think much..he is like he .. she was trying to make herself understand when her cell buzz.

Seeing kunals name flashing, she was reminded about morning incident again & she kept looking at her ringing cell for a while.. after a while it went dead..she left a sigh of relief but it was for short while as her phone starts ringing again.

She frowned and cut the call..not in a mood to forgive her hubby today..

He should have thought before scolding me before the maid…she twisted her lips and get back to her work..keeping her phone silent.



Geet step into the empty lift to go home . As she waited for the door to get close, her eyes widen on seeing him popping up from somewhere.. she silently prayed for the door get close before he reach as she couldn’t do that on own since he was just watching her.

Maan was fast to reach with his long strides before lift door close , as it was about to..he step between close door, making her gasp.

DlWktIZX0AAGeye (1)

Agar lag jati toh..she was scared seeing his stunt & muttered to herself which was heard by him & he chuckled silently.

Geet was counting the floors as he elevator moving down..making him irritated & next moment he jerked her closer making her gasp.


He lost for a while hearing his name being call by her, it was mesmerizing, her struggle made him angry again, what’s your problem, ha??


He hissed, do you know girls die for my one look, to share my bed.. and here you counting floors to get away from me..

She turned her face away in disgust hearing his words, it pinch her heart, the pain was hidden inside, no one notice nor he..

It hit his ego & his anger was reaching peak…he just let go of her to jerk her away furiously.

Just then lift got stuck in between two floors, making both gasp, Geet instantly clutched his arm in fear of darkness.

Maan pushed her off reminding about her behavior sometime before.

Geet stick to the wall behind scared of dark, as she couldn’t see anything, it was only black all around.

Maan being frustrated on her thought to trouble her & didn’t even pulled out his cell knowing his security must be checking on the problem, it will start anyway in next ten minutes.

Geet slowly neared him & clutch his arm again, hiding her face in his chest, please don’t push me.. please..


Maan was dumbstruck with her move..

to be continued….


15 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 9

  1. Aww so geet is in dilemma she cannot her feelings towards maan and one side guilty and feeling disgusted…maan is hell angry on the way seeing geet moving away from him their lift scenes are awesome waiting to read more ❤️😘


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  3. Nice update n geet is upset n guilty bcoz she is feel attractive towards maan n she is married to Kunal so should not do this n maan get’s angry on her bcoz she is going away from him whenever he tries to get close to her n thnxx for pm me

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    1. Aww feel sorry for geet. She attract to maan but married to kunal Maan is in guilty this thing shows he will never forced her…. Waiting for lift romance❤


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