Part 44

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She stared at the butterfly roaming freely in garden enjoying it’s freedom. She smile with tears, why can’t  she live like that her life. She too wanted life like that. Soon her smile disappear and fear took place instead seeing it struggling for it’s life, it’s freedom? It was in trap on trees.

    She hurried her steps towards it not giving attention to her foot injuries or its pain. She rescue that butterfly softly and it fly in the air relishing it’s freedom .she looked at in some thoughts. 

      Her thoughts again back on her saheb and his behavior today…his words. It’s still paining there in her heart. Maybe that called love. She thought. His words had made her innocent heart ached. But that love thing pained much more her today. 

      She almost forget her place in this mansion or his life. She forgot that she is a mere maid here. And loving to her saheb is forbidden thing. How could she forgot that…he is prince of this big palace and she a mere maid who’s living didn’t mattered to anyone in this world not even her SAHEB.  she thought painfully.  But all was his care, his gift.


Her heart smile in content remembering his care for her. But soon mind push it ..its all  illusion. Nothing else. He is her owner and doing her favor like dadima. No. Dadima can’t be like this. She truly loved her. Yes. Her Dadima.  But her innocent heart who had badly ach by his rude words now not believing her dadima’s love also. 

      Geet was in her own pain didn’t realized. She had come outside khurana get and walking on road.  That one was deserted. Two goons saw her and smirk evilly getting there pray.

Goon 1 : look man, she is too beautiful,  chal use pakad, wo akeli bhi hai.

Other Goon looked at her and he too get the lusty feelings seeing her but one thought cross his mind .he reply to 1st one.

Goon 2 : are nahi yaar, hum ise heera bai ko bejte hai. Wo bahot khush ho jaegi.  Aisa phataka maal dekhke.  And will give us big reward. he spoke his idea to him rubbing his cheek with smirk on his evil face.

1st Goon agree to him and both rushed towards her in sneaking way and without her notice she was under there evil clutches, struggling for freedom but her fragile body didn’t make any efforts . They pushed her inside their vehicle before anyone come. The road was deserted .no one was there apart from them to rescue geet.

     She was crying now getting in this condition.  They look so creepy even more scary than her brother. She looked at them and scream her lungs out facing towards window but that was closed and sound was not going outside. 

One goon clutch her mouth tightly preventing her from screaming again.  She bite his hands to let her go. He became frustrated and slap her hard across her face blanking her senses for few minutes and she blanked out ..seeing the barat was going before closing her eyes…

SAHEB… she utter in her unconscious state. Blood oozed out from her corner lips.

Maan snapped open his eyes hearing her. He looked at every side of his office frantically. Did he hear her. He thought unsure. . He thought she called him, painfully called.  

 Why he was thinking of her anyway he brushed his hairs backwards getting frustrated again remembering a morning incident. He ignore all his heart giving him signal of something bad going to be happen or happened already. 

Maan , aap yaha…dadima asked seeing him this early infact it’s only 2 -3 hours he had gone to  office.  

Kuch rah gaya hai kya. .she asked again ..

Nahi.  Dadima. Just forgot some file. 

He replied but he wanted to see her one time only though he is angry on her but don’t know why his legs brought him here. He Himself don’t know the reason of his arrival here. 

Maan bte,  wo. Geet. .she clarify him but he stop her like morning. 

Dadima I am in hurry. It’s urgent meeting he said and hurried his steps towards stairs but soon his steps stop on his track froze along with dadima who also increase the volume of TV and heard what news was being shown.

“Mr. ***** who was known as foreign Returner, he has get Caught in fraud and now has arrested and in police custody. And the people who is with his contacts have been also going to get police inquiry. ” 

As the news ended dadima stand and come close to shocking maan. Who was standing rooted on his spot. 

Did you listen the news son? Didn’t it your important deal son .tell me now will you asked forgiveness from her or scold her more for the mistake she did in her innocence. 

Maan was thoughtful after dadima goes.

Part 45

Geet look at her surroundings as soon as she opened her eyes. it’s creepy like the goons. Who was not there now instead she found herself alone in the room with dim lights it’s evening now. She look here and there scared .fear was residing in her hazels.
Where is she now? hey babaji ye hum kaha hai.  Unhone hume kaha laya. She stand up with difficulty holding her head with both hands .its  feeling very heavy with crying or her emotional turmoil.  She stumble few steps…Hey babaji. ..
This room giving her creepy feeling and it’s making her feel vomiting. Did they kidnapped her as the realization made way in her mind she gasp with horror .nahi…hum…ye kaise ho sakta hai…hum to waha…bagiche main  …then she remember she was thinking and then didn’t know when and how she got stuck in this situation. She gulp her agony as soft sob leave from her lips. Doesn’t her having enough pain that she is here now.


Her stomach grumble with need of food .which nothing new .she thought painfully. Dadima is not there to feed her .she thought with her painful smile as tears again made their way through her eyes. nor her SAHEB. .



He threw all things on floor breathing heavily in anger. How could he just got fool like this by That client. He…The MAAN SINGH KHURANA. How could he.  It’s all because of that maid. ..yes it is.. he bangs his hand on the wall. He is not going to say that damn word to her.  has dadima  gone mad or what…she is asking him to say sorry to her that.maid.  who is the whole root of this problem. he is not gonna. The Maan Singh khurana .never ever use that word to anyone instead its other way around.  He is furious. Very much furious on all the happenings around him.and it’s all cause is that mere MAID..he will just throw her out now and all problems will be gone forever and ever from his life .he thought ruefully.

Geet…Geet…he called out angrily. Sumitra and dadima come out hearing him shouting angrily.
What happened son.sumitra asked quizzed at his anger?
Geet kaha hai…

he asked angrily…
To which dadima reply thinking he was going to ask sorry from her.
Wo outhouse main hogi beta. Ap unhe…before she complete he was already gone from there sight.
What happened to him. Sumitra asked
Nothing bahu,and she narrated her about news.
Yes Sasumom i have known about that news but it’s this client Maan was going to deal with..she gasp with surprise.
Yes sumitra, but now he is going to asked sorry from her. She reply with smile.
Maan and sorry.sasumom that was poll apart things, my son is never gonna asked sorry from anyone…she said proudly not liking the fact.
It is going to be bahu…
Never and he is in angry mood right now, didn’t you saw this sasumom, he was shouting furiously before sometime.
What? .dadima surprised at the information. She thought…she rushed towards outhouse only to hear him shouting for geet.  His voice sounding angry.
Geet nahi hai yaha? She asked from him little worried at where she gone…she was badly hurt and she thought to give her time to herself. She can be fine soon but now she is worried for her innocent lotus.
Nahi hai.bata nahi .kaha gayi yeh ladki. He replied rudely combing his hairs frustratingly.
Kaha gayi meri bacchi. .maan aapne thik se sab rooms check kiye na? She asked worried.
Ha dadima, I have check all outhouse but she is not where.saying so he rushed to go towards mansion.
Aap kaha Ja rahe hai…
Wo waha bhi nahi hogi beta.wo yaha hi aayi thi.ab kaha gayi meri bacchi. .already she was very much sad at what happened. .aapko aisa nahi karna chahiye tha..she is really hurt.
Maan’s heart pained suddenly remembering the morning incident. Did he hurt her  this much..now he is thinking as he look at dadima’s sad and worried face. Did he done the right thing.
Ye blood..dadima gasp..meri bacchi. ..
Maan remember when and how he have misbehave with her.her foot was injured due to his rude pull.he felt the knot in his heart as he remember her crying face.JUST Close HIS Eyes IN PaiN.
Dadima Dadima,  Nakul come running inside…

Dadima wo geet,  geet ko. .
Kya hua geet ko..maan at once asked from him getting impatient. .
Maan baba, wo geet ko kuch gunde uthake le gaye, wo..
Kya…Both gasped in horror. .
Nakul just tell me fast tumne kaha dekha..maan further asked really worried for her now.
Kaise hua…dadima asked frighten at thought..
Dadima wo …he narrated how he saw them pushing her inside car .he try to follow the car but they was fast that he not able to catch them but he did know them and their contacts .he is that clever and socialized.
Maan’s whole burn in anger, how dared they touch her..she is his …he get the info about them whatever nakul knows and storms from there not even waiting for dadima’s called.
Hey babaji,  ye kya hogaya. Meri bacchi. Dadima almost cry for her innocent child.
What she had done wrong to anyone that all this happening with her.
Dadima,  sab thik ho jaega,  aap chinta mat kijiye,  Maan baba dhund ke layenge  humari geet Bitiya ko…he try to console her as well worried for geet.



She took steps back frighten as the door suddenly snap opened breaking her thoughts.
One woman walked in , having over make up with her other one little young from her.
She looked at them confused along with frighten as they look really scary with their appearance.
Issey tayyar karo jaldise, chaman aata hi hoga.
Ye ladki., jaldi se tayyar ho ja.tuze Client ko satisfied karna hai.so bina nakhre dikhaye tayyar ho ja.samzi .she literally threatened geet rudely.
Geet now started to shiver with fright. What that lady was threatening her about. Where is she. What is this place. her innocent mind asked her unknown of outer world as she never step outside of her house to knows this things.


  1. Omg maans contact foreigners were fraud but still maan blames geet and all set bash her again..geet was kidnapped thankgod nakul saw hope maan saves her and asks sorry for his behavior waiting to read more ❤️


  2. Sad update n geet is thinking about maan rude behaviour n she thought she has nobody n she has no place in his life or this mansion she is just a mere maid nothing else n she has no right to feel anything for him n thinking this she went out of mansion gate n there is kidnapped n sold to Heera bai n Nakul saw all this he told about it to maan n hope nothing goes bad poor geet is already in pain n please update nxt part soon

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