Maan looked at the woman stood before him who seem to capturing his mind from the time he led his eyes on her.

Geet was busy scribbling down the notes asked by Maan, suddenly he was lost in her..


his sat watching her, her each antics, the way her lips pouted, then her chewing on the pen, wished it could be his lips instead of that stupid pen.

Geet realized he is not speaking, she looks up to see him lost.. lost in her..she blushed furiously, adding beauty to her by her red cheeks..he wants to bite them make her moan his name.


Wait a minute, did she just said his name, he looked at her, to find her confused, with that cute pout of her pink lips.

He gulped hard, his private part already reacting to his wild thoughts..

Come here..he ordered and she stood up walking near his chair.

His breath stuck in the throat seeing the magnificent view of her bare waist, & tummy which was adore by thin waist charm..

He instantly grabbed her, his palm pressing on her waist, in one jerk he pulled her on his lap..

Sir….!? Geet was hell scared, she tried to get up but he held her tight.

Sir chodiye Hume…she struggle in that her sari come off revealing her chest which has hidden behind her tight blouse.

His gaze got stuck to her moving up & down chest, he looked up at her face to see her gasping against his face, her warm breath left him hypnotized..

He breathed hard in her fragrance & buried his face in her cleavage..

Maan sir….she moaned trying to pushed him off but he was nowhere near to stop, her clutch on his hairs only provoke his desires as he continued smooch her soft skin going up to neck, then jaw line, he bite her cheeks ..reaching upto her lips.

No…chodiye Hume..she turned her face..but he hold her forcefully, before capturing his lips in his mouth with close eyes, trying to suck her mouth..

But next moment, something made him open his eyes & he jerk back to reality.. finding himself on the bed , he turn I the lamp & his eyes widen to see the condition of his pillow..

He turned his face in disgust, brushing his hairs back frustratingly..

Geet Khurana is driving him crazy!! He concluded rushing to cold shower yet again in the mid night..


He pulled her shivering body in his arms, trying to give her some of his warmth as all of a sudden she has began to feel restless, she moaned & breathed hard, clutching his vest tight.

Leave me…please…she whispered hiding her face in his neck.

Kunal was having great control on his feelings to erupt them on her as he never want to lose her innocently or her just because he couldn’t control himself.

Geet…Jaan.. open your eyes..he rubbed her back trying to sooth her, thinking she must having bad dream.

Geet..!?? He patted her cheek seeing her sweating suddenly, as his fingers ran over her forehead wiping it.

Um….she left a sob before opening her eyes,

Are you crying…!?? He was concerned

Kunal. Aap… She looked at him then around, realizing she was dreaming..dreaming about him..Maan was trying to force her..she gulped hard, her throat turned dry with the thought.

Kunal offered her glass of water.. here drink some…

No..Maan can’t do something with her.. she thought sipping water, he was holding the glass, she looked up at him, he still worried.

Are you fine now..

She nodded.. I am sorry..I broke your sleep.

Geet please … Why are you saying sorry.its not your fault dear.. now have a good night sleep.he pushed her softly on the bed wrapping blanket on her.



Geet woke up with a startle to find herself wrap in kunals arms. She wasn’t please at all as she struggle instantly to get out of his hold.

This broke kunals sleep as well..he rubbed his eyes to see his struggling wifey, one look at her teary face & he freed her.

Geet rushed to washroom as soon as she was freed, he looked at her running away from him again that hurt him deep but he couldn’t stop cursing himself either for his folly.

Geet threw the water on her face yet couldn’t stop the tears welling down her cheeks.. she cried her heart out, feeling miserable.


At one side she was guilty for doing that to him when it’s his right but other side, she couldn’t still managed to do so.. her heart & mind both couldn’t help her to move further.

Feeling aching to her hand, she realized her wound socking wet, Now what to do??

Geet.. what are you doing inside, don’t wet that bandage.. come out now..

Geet was flabbergasted, she tried to control her tears & got up wiping her face hurriedly.

As soon as she opened the door of washroom , she found him waiting for her desperately with worry written all over his face.

Kunal didn’t say a word knowing it would only make the situation worse.

He rushed to fetch the first aid kit & dragged her towards the bed, she willingly follow him ..least wanted to make him angry.

He silently replace her bandage removing her wet one, she winced with moisten eyes.and looked at him, seeing him looking at her, instantly look down.

He wanted to smile seeing her antics but he was angry couldn’t show her.

Are you angry on me!??


She asked unsure in soft voice.

He didn’t speak a word, just ignored her.

Geet felt bad, as he turned his back to her, she held his wrist..I am sorry..

Enough Geet! He blasted suddenly turning towards her making her gasp in shock.

Enough of your sorry.. did I said that main gussa hu tumse..

Stop assuming things always..


He was walking towards her while she moved back.

Yes I am angry on you today, because you are careless, just yesterday you came sick home with this bandage hand, you should be careful but na madam ko na khudki parwah apne pati ki..


Geet shook her head to denied the accusations .

Kya nahi…tum janti ho Geet, it gives me pain ..tume dard mein dekh ke muze takleef Hoti hai..


Both turned to the voice to find the maid standing on the door..she had just walked in the house,

Kunal closed his eyes when he opened it look at his hurt wifey, who was giving him accusing looks..


Maan restlessly check the time again, then her cabin , but madam was no where to seen. He gives murderous glares to Adi who was again at his boss mercy.

Adi was there to discuss project with him about which files were with geet , without which they were stuck at one point.

Maan’s anger was on pick .. he even forgot his dream, or yesterday he couldn’t tolerate it when comes to his work.

Just then they heard a meek voice, may I come in sir,

Looking up he found her peeking from the door.

His one furious glare was enough for her shiver like hell..she forgot to move ahead even.

Come in . He muttered behind his grinding teeth to control his rage.

You are two hours late, Mrs. Khurana!!


He blasted.. I don’t expect this kind of behavior from my staff.. specially you ..

Geet gives him one tearful glance,


quickly looking down..tears began to flow down her cheeks being humiliated .

Adi gives her pity look before hear Maan’s blasting voice, Adi.. asked her to bring those files.

Ji..ji sir…adi stammered before turning to Geet who has been crying now silently.


She just rushed out of his cabin and into hers followed by adi.

Geet , are you alright!?? Adi asked worried seeing her wiping her tears.

I am fine, she muttered meekly, fetching the files from drawer she handed him.

Just when Adi rushed out, her intercom buzz , hello..she received it to heard his bossy voice.

Come to my cabin…

Sure sir..

to be continued…

© Mugdhaa M. All Rights Reserved.

Precap :- Stuck in the Elevator with Naughty Boss ; )

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  1. Good update so maaneet are having weird dreams of eachother ❤️…geet is upset seeing Kunal near her.. maan is worried and gets angry because of geet being late.. waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Sun4u on IF
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  3. Nice update
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