Geet slowly opened her eyes, holding her head, as soon as she was up, she found worried pinky at her side, geet.. kaisi hai tu..?

pinky.. she gives her confusing glance and look around herself.. yeh room..?

this is maan sir’s room. tu behosh ho gayi thi.

Geet then remembered about it, and tried to get up still feeling weak..

Geet, what are you doing dear, don’t hurry.. you are still weak..aur muze pata when did you last eat anything..pinky continued with her blabbering holding her arm.

Maybe .. last night..

What !?

Mean, you hadn’t have anything today.. you are so careless, Geet.. when I asked you to accompany me for lunch, that also wouldn’t happen by you..

Geet smiled adoring her cute scolding. ..

Pinky, now can I get something to eat, bhook lagi hai.

She patted her tummy pouting lips, stopping pinkys blabber.

Arey…ismein puchne ki kya baat hai. Stay here, I will bring something for you.

Geet held her hand as she got up, not here, she gives a look to the room, i want to be out of here.

Geet but..

Why..what is the problem here??

Both stop and turned to the booming sound , only the find Maan sir standing on the door with his trademark style.

Geet instantly looked down, almost hiding herself behind pinky..

Maan was yet again amused by her behavior, he quizzed his brown walking inside giving pinky one stern look that was enough for her to make run out of there.

Pinky..her voice died finding him walking closer, his intense gaze again made her head down,

I asked you something, what is the problem here..’s your room..

How do you know?? he wanted her to speak to him looking into his eyes but she was against it.

Pinky…told me..

Look at me..

Geet shivered with his tone and look up, everything stop then & there for both of them.

Maan was again hypnotized by her bewitching eyes, which had kohl spread giving her sexy look..her pink lips parted, dried, his gaze move down to her long sexy neck which could make any man go crazy..then he is not a saint..but Devil..

His eyes enjoying the sight followed down to her half open cleavage, it delighted with the view…his throat turned dried, he moved ahead in intention to touch it.

Geet , who has been lost in his eyes as well, realized where his gaze moving,. and as a reflex hide herself in a blanket pulling him out from his not do innocent thoughts..

Her wedding chain shined in a process before getting hide .. he looked away then again back at her, no he noticed her forehead which had sindoor (vermilion) spread in her hairs..

He gulped his all irrational thoughts, fisting his palm…

The awkward moment was broken by again pinkys entry..

She knocked on the door , Maan left from there giving both privacy.. although he couldn’t accept anyone present in his room.but knowing Geet needed her friend at the moment, and about Geet..he couldn’t think on why did he decided to put her there in the first place, why he felt responsible to hide her modesty from others eyes..and what about his own eyes which always find a way to look at her, aching to see her hidden secrets as well..his evil mind taunted making him jerk back.

It’s been only few hours and he is getting strongly attracted to the woman.although..he has spend nights on the bed with umpteenth..but this lethal attraction he never felt for anyone..

It’s matter of only few hours..and she is married..the thought made him again furious on own self and the reason behind it, Geet..


Kunal rushed to home, little early to surprise his wifey but there he himself got surprise on reaching home.

He step inside to find the house empty, do quite..he thought reaching near kitchen getting the smell of food but it was different..

Where is geet?? He asked from the maid who was cooking today instead of Geet. He didn’t liked the fact but next moment he became worried finding her absence.

Geet mam isn’t well. So she asked me to cook today..

Just hearing this, he rushed to their room, to find his wifey sleeping on the bed with blanket on.

She was clutching it tight to her throat as if feeling cold, he turn off the AC and went to her.

Geet looked at him, and tried to give smile but couldn’t success..

Ac band karna tha.. when you feeling cold, he check her forehead, which was warm.

Nahi..I am feeling hot as well.. she explained cutely making him chuckled..

Geet frowned seeing him smiling on her condition..

I am sorry.. you take rest, did you have your medicine, and what happened today in office that my wife came sick home.. he was talking striping his cloths off..

Geet hides herself completely in blanket seeing this, Kunal chuckle & shook his head walking inside washroom , not to make her embarrassed

Geet cursed her hubby inside blanket, it’s not his fault..

It’s all his fault, it’s been only two am I supposed to …her thoughts halted suddenly going back to office..

Her heart began racing manically, eyes moistening thinking something.

It’s all complicated, she couldn’t step back nor ahead, badly stuck in her life.. she cried for a while, then hearing the door sound instantly wiped her tears.

Peeking out from blanket to see Kunal only watching her.

Tumne medicine li..

She nodded,

How are you feeling now..


Just okay..

Hum thoda sa headache hai.. body ached..aur..

Ek minute..he noticed her wound and rushed to her..

How this happened?

Geet was stuck gaped at him , as the memories rushed to her, keeping her emotions in control, she said, I was stuck in the storeroom..


Probably, khoon dekhke, you must have fainted in the office..he became frantic, God, should have called me , in did you managed.

Geet kept watching him, his sweet it really..or he is just acting..

Bad Geet..very bad.. you shouldn’t thought about your hubby like that..if it’s acting then also, he is asking about you..he is showing least fake.. unlike someone..her thoughts drifting back to the person.but it was brutally broken by kunals jerk.

He jerk her from her shoulder, seeing her lost, Geet..Jaan..are you okay.. Abhi bhi Dard Ho raha hai.. he asked concerned cupping her cheek.

Geet then realized how closed they were, she became restless and Kunal guessing it parted, shall we go to hospital,

No..there is no need, I am feeling fine now..till Tomorrow I will be completely okay..

Are you sure, he was still not convinced.

Geet nodded and find him holding her wrist delicately in his palm, checking her bandage.

He couldn’t help but bend down and peck her wrist, Geet shuddered and felt touched with his gesture.

You know, I can’t bear it..

Kunal chot toh Hume lagi hai, but you …she left the sentence incomplete admiring him silently,

Yes, I can’t bear your hurt.. he confessed so openly, making her startled, making her to doubt on him again..but she couldn’t show it on her face, she only stared trying to find his eyes, which were soft, concerned..

You must be hungry..go & eat something..seeing him looking at her she added, do you want me to serve you?? She already getting up.

Geet..he raised his voice, she shudder..

You need not to worry about me or any other work, you should take rest, he softly said, cupping her face,


Sit here, I will bring our meal here..

He pushed her on the bed softly,


She..he out his forefinger on her lips shutting her.

I told you, kabhi toh meri suna karo..

She nodded and relaxed on the bed.

That’s like my Jaan, he shuffle her hairs affectionately like father do to their kid bringing sweet smile from her lips.

He was sweetly surprised seeing her smile after a while now, it’s difficult to watched her this free smile , she was always shy to even smile freely at him..

But today, it makes his day and rushed to fetch their food from kitchen and give a leave to the maid for a day.


Maan walked inside silent Mansion after spending night somewhere,..

He removed his shirt and got a glimpse of red spot on it.. his brows twitched … thinking for a while, where did he got hurt, then it click it , it’s her blood.


All the events of a day followed in his mind..her face danced before his eyes, her hazel eyes which has fear, passion..there was pain …& Something more, he couldn’t fathom..

Her antics, her red cheeks..and her sari..

He got a flashback of those incidents again as he stood in the cold shower soothing his senses..

But it worsen as he closed his eyes, only getting her images.. her smooth white Milky skin, he wants to touch her.. he fist his palms, banging it on the wall.. opened his eyes furiously..he couldn’t touch her, couldn’t dammit..she is someone’s wife & then he couldn’t force any woman..they come on there own will..

Soon..smirk appear on his M shape lips, as he wiped himself walking out of shower, yes, they come on their own will, being pulled by his charm..and that what will happen ….

to be continued…

What Maan gonna do…smiley2smiley15

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  1. Good update so geet doubts on Kunal and his care and feeling he is thinking about maan she feel affected and started crying thinking about her life neither she can move forward not backward…maan there seeing her married thinks he can’t force her … waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Nice update
    Ma is getting mad in Geet beauty
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    Geet remembered Maan
    But what their three future is hold let see
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  3. Nice update n maan is cannot forget geet n he is going crazy for her n geet also remember maan n Kunal get shocked seeing her hurt n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Superb update.
    Dono ekdusre ki aakho me kho jate hai.
    When she realized the position of both. She pushed him. Maan gave her privacy and leave the place.
    Geet was frightened whatever happend in the room.
    Geet and kunal are married.
    But from geets reaction it didnt look normal. After two months of marriage, there is no relation between them.
    The way of attraction she feels for maan, she couldn’t feel for kunal.
    Its strange !
    Maan also feel attraction towards geet.
    What will he do now?
    Please update soon.

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