Maan angrily storm towards his cabin but his feet stop on the entrance and he turned to walked towards her,

She stood wincing holding her wrist, feeling his presence she looked up to see his angry face.

Put the bandage on & get back to work fast..he was rude, blinded by his anger and ego failed to see her condition.

Adi gives her pity look before following him inside, Sasha smirked blowing her nails, she too disappeared after him leaving Geet confused, she didn’t get why Sasha gives her that smile.


Geet managed to bandage her hand, and rushed to his cabin..asking permission from him, after getting his sharp reply, she was inside.

Adi & Sasha were exposing him about the status of company.. while his gaze got fix on his new assistant who wasn’t in very good state, but still then he couldn’t removed his gaze from her.

Geet who was looking at both felt his burning gaze on her, she looked at him, and gulped hard, her cheeks warming up without her notice just feeling his gaze touching her from head to toe.

Obeying his orders, Geet had just rushed to his cabin, ignoring her own state, she didn’t even washed her face nor fixed her hairs nor fixed her sari.

Now her eyes widen realizing something, she looked down herself following his gaze, her stomach felt open, it was wide open for his eyes, giving him pleasant view as he smirked devilishly watching her reaction, then her tummy..

She pulled down her pallu hiding her bare parts cursing herself in mind for her clumsiness.

Unaware to duo, Sasha burned with the sight, she couldn’t bear MKs eyes on this new girl, although he was Casanova, even she was closed to him but now seeing him just looking at Geet hungrily but not her , it couldn’t go well with her .

She gritted her teeth in fury, giving Geet filthy looks,

After a while, Maan dismissed both giving them respective work, his eyes went on geet who was ready to walk out as well behind both.


Her whole shiver hearing her name being called by him,

If I am not wrong..

She turned wrapping pallu on her shoulder, hiding her whole,

Ji sir..

Where are you going?? As far I remember, I never asked you to leave, did I ? He twitched his brow with that trademark smirk on his face.

Geet gives him quick glance before looking down again,

Her antics left him amused as he went through her resume, it wasn’t his task but he seem getting interested in his new secretary.

The information surprised him, “Kunal’s wife”?? His distant cousin. Why did she need to do the job that too somewhere far as he knew and remember, kunal’s company was doing great..

There was urge to asked her but MK never did this.. then why today..why her?? However he though to ask in any other way..

But when he look up, he saw her swinging on her place, Geet suddenly felt dizzy & held the wall for support.

Are you alright, ??


There was no response, as he stood up and rushed forward to help her.

Hume aapki koi madad nahi chahiye, she pushed him off away, reminding about his harsh words.

Maan was furious, none the less, he pushed her on the couch, & called the doctor.

Her wound open again & started showing blood spots… Her whole shiver seeing her own blood for she couldn’t bear the sight of blood, she closed her eyes breathing heavily.

Geet.. he went near her with a glass of water, making her have few sips.

She put her head on his shoulder in a weak moment, clutching his shirt tight.

Maan stopped for a moment, realizing happening, her feminine scent driving him crazy, he looked at her face closely, nonchalantly his fingers trails on her forehead, pushing tendrils of hairs behind her ear, he caressed her cheek softly lost in her, Geet clutched him tight as a reflex.

Hume..kuch thik nahi lag raha hai…she murmured in her subconscious state trying to hide herself in him, fetching his warmth.

Geet tumne kuch khaya hai, subah se?? Maan asked pulling her closer, suddenly feeling protectiveness for her.

Um..Geet couldn’t think of anything since her mind going blur..

He saw her pallu slipping from her body, he fix it on her body and took her in his arms, Geet opened her dizzy eyes, aap kaha ke kar ja rage hai Hume.. ( where are you taking me?) She asked in groggy voice

Maan gave her one glance and looked ahead walking into his private room, he led her there putting blanket on to hide her modesty.


Mrs.Khurana will be conscious soon, he addressed her thinking to be MK’s wife.

Maan only nodded at doctors words, but inside he waves of emotions hits him as he give sleeping Geet one glance.

It seems she hasn’t eat anything from last 15 hours… I have bandaged her wound. It will recover soon. Do feed her first as soon as she wake up along with this capsules

He prescribed some medicines and exits from there.

Adi walked back with medicines, he handed it to Maan,

Sir Woh..Geet .

Maan give him stern look.. let her be here till she herself wake up, and nothing should go out ..I hate gossips..

Sure sir.. and adi rushed out leaving Maan alone with sleeping Geet.

to be continued…

Precap :- ?????

i hoped it had come out well.. as i was stuck to proceed this chappy.. i want to build the past in proper way. thoda passion.. thoda romance. thoda love.. thada innocence.. thoda anger.. ; ) that’s why asked you guys to suggest me scenes to add into past..

let the characters to show their own colors as the story proceeds further..

do plz like & comment lots .. seeing few amt of comments I feel my mood going off to type next chappy..

22 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 6

  1. Awesome update, write the way you always write which is Mugdhaa style which has fellings, passion and your magic which there cute fight between Maan and Geet

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  2. So maan was attracted and was protective towards her and took care of her too.. lovely 😍❤️ U can add scenes like maan saving geet often
    based on situation u add scenes were geet was not that comfortable with Kunal and maan about knowing it..

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  3. Superb update…
    That was their first meet,he was not aware of the fact that she is kunals wife,
    This will be more interesting as the story progress…
    Looking forward to further…

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  4. Sooo Maan is a Casanova and now he is attracted towards Geet but least he know that this attraction would prove to be a fatal one for his Casanova self and he would fall hard for this new beauty in his life and will turn into a lover boy… eagerly waiting for more updates

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