She stroke his cheeks which was adored with his subtle. It’s sending goosebumps in her whole body. She smile looking at his face. He looked so calm , seems to be in deep slumber but yesterday also he was in deep sleep and then what happened,  her cheeks get red remembering yesterday’s there moment but her eyes got moist with the thought of his rude behavior towards her. Why he was so angry. He seems to be worried for something.  She have been so worried for him all night. Couldn’t sleep whole night in worry of him. She was waiting for morning to come soon and here is she now all ready close to her saheb as soon as morning rays started to shown up.

Geet look at his hands which was bleeding yesterday. She took it in her hands softly. He stirred few times before going to sleep again. She with her battle breath kissed his injure softly and quickly apply some ointment there. It’s now all dried up. She was going to go out his room but stop in her tracks hearing his mobile. That was soft but it can break his sleep. He was already tired yesterday and in pain. Now sleeping like baby after so much days. How can she let anything break his sleep.

And she did a big mistake of taking mobile outside with her. As she didn’t know about operating it. So she thought better to keep it with her or said to dadima. Thinking so she goes towards dadima’s room  unknown of what storm she have invited her way with her this act of innocent or her love for her saheb.

Dadima kya Hum andar aa sakte hai.

Ji beta. Aapko puchne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai . Dadima gestures her to come inside.

Geet kya baat hai bete , she asked from her seeing her in worry and restless.

Oh dadima. .woh…

Geet .boliye. ..hum Sun rahe hai…

Dadima hume Ye KAHNA tha ki.

Geet bete Ye phone kiska hai.she asked in wonder seeing the mobile in her hands. From where she get it. She never used one. 

Dadima  woh saheb  .. mera matlab hai. Ye saheb ka hai . She stated fearing from inside of dadima scold her. But next moment she heard dadima’s chuckle she looked at her in wonder.

(Geet from where you get it and how maan let you get it.)

Geet aapne ye kaha se liya aur maan ne aapko  leke diya. She asked between her soft smile surprised at the thought of her angry grandson’s mobile in geet’s hands.

Woh dadima. ..geet said her about him in some tension and tired so she let him sleep and take his mobile because it was ringing continuously. 

Dadima hume wo mobile band karna nahi aata to Issey hum Aapke paas le aaye. She cleared everything innocently.

Dadima looked more surprise with her revelations. She was worried for her saheb so much that she come with his mobile so that he can have peacefully sleep. After his rude demeanor all the time how she managed to worried for him and take care of his all things. She is now happy with her decision of making geet his personal maid .she is taking good care of her grandson more than anyone but dadima fail to notice her innocent love in her eyes or what her decision had impact on her innocent heart.

Bete Issey silent kijiye phir ye maan ko sunayi nahi dega she advised her unaware of her little advised will crush her innocent lotus.

Dadima still didn’t knows about his tender loss. And she her grandson always busy in business she too wanted him to take some rest. And he never get any called in morning other than adi’s . Who just always called him before office foe his schedule everyday like he is not going to come in office.  She sigh as she looked geet’s retreating figure. She turn so happy at the thought of her saheb is gonna have good sleep now. Her innocent child.


He broke all the things in his room making it all mess up. His eyes buying red looking furious .he glance at the door to find her shivering with cup of coffee in her hands. He try to control his anger but that was not possible now .his breathing is furious just as his anger.

Geet muze batao kisne mere phone ko hath lagaya tha. Geet tell me fast.

He asked her as much calmly as he could. He knows only she comes into his room apart From nakul but both of them ask his permission. But anyone not even his family dared to touch his things. And here someone dared to silent his phone. That was important called. It was of some foreign client who was interested to do business with him and it was golden opportunity to mingle with them. It’s was crore deal and KC was going climb stairs of success yet again but everything is now messed up.

He somewhere suspicious it would be geet only. But wanted to be sure of this.

Just tell me dammit. Who didn’t this..

He roar only to frighten her more and coffee cup fell from her hands breaking it into pieces just like her innocent heart.

But he not cared now. What he cared for is his business which getting suffered because of this maid. Yes MAID. That so called maid of his Dadima.

He storm to her and pulled her inside not caring her foots got hurt with pieces of cup. She screamed softly. But his ears got block towards her with his red mist of anger.

Now tell me what you done and why.

Geet continue to cry bearing so much from her saheb. 

Hum..hum  .. she sobbed furiously.

But maan ignore all the effects she was doing on him.he simply ignore his heart.

Kya kiya tumne batao muze.

He scream furiously shaking her from shoulders.

Aap so…rahe…the…to..to…humne…so cha…aapko. ..takleef. .na ho…isliye. ..

Maan’s pacience was breaking as he getting the fact.

Humne …aapke phone…ko…silent kiya…

She gulp hard looking at his scary big eyes…

And it did…his all patience broke with her reply.  God…dammit. She silently his phone. How did she managed to get his phone and silence it? He had thought about her wrong. He thought her to be innocent but she never was. He turn furiously and bang his hand hard on the wall.

Saheb. ..aap ki chot..she got petrified seeing him hurting himself again… she by now know she did a big blunder of silencing his phone..

Just shut up…you gawar. ..tumhe Ye bhi bata hai tumne kya kiya hai..  just because of you I lost the deal today …

How can you know the importance of this. .

Geet stared at him innocently and hurt.

Ignoring he continued to bashed her pulling her from her shoulders harshly.

Tum shayad apni aukat bhul gayi ho. Hain na geet. Just don’t forget that you are here   as just a mere maid.

Tum sirf ek naukrani ho aur kuch nahi  . Did you get it.apni aukat main raho. 

Maan..  Dadima gasp at his rude behavior towards her lotus…all family just come up hearing his loud voice.

Kabhi mere kaam main dakhalandazi mat dena samzi tum.(never interfere in my work do you understand.)

Get lost…he pushed her harshly and dadima Caught her.

Maan this is not the way to behave with her. .

Dadima please. I am not in a mood now. He turn to go. Ignoring the pain in his heart cause by his behavior towards geet.

Maan. Wo phone  ..

But he never heard he was gone already.

Dadima looked at her lotus. She gasp as she saw her fainting in her arms. 

Geet…geet bete  .. she patted her cheeks softly .

Rajeev come forward instantly..he not like his brother always behave with his sleeping beauty.  She seems to be too fragile and he always rude to her. Today he was so much angry on his bro.

Bete inhe humare room main le chaliye.

Again a drama.. annie sigh in disgust.  She was happy the way today her bro blasted on this maid and show her real place.  She smirk and goes from there.

sumitra standing there confuse with the turn of events.  She was shock to know what geet did. Did she again misunderstanding her to be innocent.  She just take his mobile without his permission. How could she. She is unknown of the reason but her fainting. This was not an act.

Thinking all this she follow in dadima’s room.

Doctor was checking her. It was not Dr. Shah but lady Dr.  Shah not able to come because of urgency. 

She is fine Mrs khurana. Just little bit tress and she seems to be too tired that’s all. Only she need little rest and no worries to her mind.

Dadima sigh thanking Dr. 

Sumitra looked at her innocent face that was surely pale. That was rude his words to her. Whatever it maybe. That’s not the way to talk to this innocent child. She knows her son but didn’t know why, she is not agreeing to his behavior today .Maybe she trapped her in her innocence just like her sasumom. She is not liking her pale face. She has swap her how she was always chirpy answer smiling with her sasumom mostly.

She surprise at her own thoughts looked at her sasumom for answers.

Wo humne hi geet se kaha tha sumitra to silence his phone. She have come to me with his phone to…

Before she complete sumitra gasp with shock…

What sasumom. .she come with maan’s mobile to you.

How dared she…

Sumitra. Dadima’s voice became high..

Listen to me first…

She narrated whole thing making sumitra surprised with her innocence. If before she have come to know this maybe she have Turn suspicious towards her but today she never because she knows her innocence she have seen it till now.

She looked at her innocent face thinking. How can be someone so innocent with golden heart that care for everyone?

And maan just take it in wrong way maybe.


Geet opened her eyes and try to look her surroundings. It’s dadima room she grasp it.

But as the flashes of what happened in her saheb’s room come to her eyes …her eyes turned moist…

She got numb as his words hit her ears loudly.. his screaming bashing her. ..his rudeness. .

Tum apni aukat bhul gayi ho… tumhe sirf ek naukrani ho yaha…

She closed her ears with her hands not bearing so much humiliation if hers.. its really hurt.  Cut her heart…his words. . Her saheb. .he too became one of them.  She bear so much pain from her maa or brother..or this house or this world  but never thought her saheb also will be in this to give her pain…

Bete .. aap thik hai.. dadima asked her caressing her forehead. .

Geet look at her with her blank eyes that scared dadima. ..

Bete kya hua..  aap maan ke baton ka bura mat maniyega. Hum unhe samza denge bete.. unhe galatfami hui hai..

She took geet in her arms to sooth her but never get any response from her. She didn’t hug her back..

Tum sirf ek naukrani ho …apni aukat Main raho… his words come again seems like they made place in her mind permanently   got hooked in her heart. 

Dadima hume bahot kaam hai.  Hume niche jana chahiye. . She utter softly…

Par bete kuch kha lijiye pahle. ..she asked her but today geet not listen her she just flied from her room.

What did you do son… hume maan se baat karni hogi. Unhe pura Sach malum nahi hai … she thought looking at running geet.


  1. Omg poor geet was only worried for maan’s sleep and here she got a big blow.. and his words completely broke geet hope maan will sure gonna regret badly knowing the whole truth waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Sad update poor geet how much she is going to suffer n she got little happiness but that also snatched from her n she loves him n always obey him but what he did he broke her heart just to satisfy his ego n his angry he didn’t care of her n she is broken from his rude behaviour n thnxx for pm me n please update nxt part soon please waiting for next update

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