His Precious Possession -His Maid Part 42

Maan stumble few steps as he entered inside his mansion. he was drinking and drinking continuously trying to forget her. But that was not happening. He was not able to stay away from her thoughts. How he has to forget her when she will remain half of the day with him behind his back .

But he have to … For god dammit he just lost a tender because of that shit of maid. He is furious beyond his control…literally shivering with anger. Maan Singh khurana never loose anything even if it means small things . He never get down in his business.but he have always been successful in his business. He have bash on his staff today taking out his frustration almost fired half of the staff for that little mistake they did,,then who is she  . A mere maid. He was gonna sure fired her also.

He stumble again feeling dizzy in his high  drunken state.her soft hands held him saving from any fall. He smirk as he look at her hold on his arms. She is saving him from fall.she , who herself cant take care of herself with hr fragile body. when she herself kept on banging herself to him, even that now he finding suspicious now. Isn’t she doing that purposely till now, the act of distraction.

His frustration of loosing tender come up with such force that reflex in his push to her. His eyes was red.he is fuming to no extent.  His business is his passion.  He will not tolerate anything against it. It’s his and his dad’s hard work. He will not let anyone destroyed it.

You just stay away from me.,, You..he cant say further, don’t know it didn’t come out of his mouth. 

He climb the staircase to reach his room furiously. Here geet was too shock with her saheb’s anger , she didn’t saw him this much angry before with her. Before also it’s for her only but today he seems way too much angry and she knows she is the reason for this. But don’t know how.and her main worry is her saheb is too much drunk today. Yes she is used of this habit of him. But his condition worried her. He is stumbling on his steps. He maybe in some worry. She has somewhere feeling something terribly wrong is going to happen , that feeling scaring her but more than that her saheb condition is making her worried . He looks like he have some kind of tension.  That the reason maybe he is drunk also. Unknown of the fact it is her only her saheb is making her reason of his all worries. She take step to go to his room as he needs her now. Not knows how he is managing alone with his drunken state. It was midnight and all family must be sleeping. She was waiting for her saheb. He was way too much late today. She was worried here waiting for him with her sleepy eyes but her all sleep is gone now with sudden happenings and now her hazels are reflecting the pain he cause her , she thought unknowingly. She couldn’t bear his anger and his this rude behavior towards her.

As she take step forwards she felt sudden pain coursing through her leg. She just realized it’s her toes hurt badly with the table with her saheb’s push.she felt her tears dripping remembering his ruthless behavior. It hurt her more than her toes. She somehow reach his room leaving blood stains behind her of her injure.

Geet step inside his room .he was laying lazily on his bed with his shoes on. He didn’t change also. How is he gonna with his recent condition. She reach to his bed hurriedly and take off his shoes. He seems to be in deep slumber. She kissed his forehead with all her love outing out of her each gesture. She thought to go out now covering him with blanket but as soon as she stand up she felt sudden jerk and landed herself on him. And her eyes got widen to see her saheb is didn’t sleeping but his eyes is open and staring at her with great intensity. He snake his hands on her bare waist and brought her more closer holding her tight to himself. 

Geet gasp to take as much air she needed with his close proximity. Her chest started to heave up and down getting maan’s attention. He stared at clear view of her curves his eyes getting red with passion. Alcohol doing his work on him with great effect he started to feel arouse

His hardness poked her lower. She felt tingle all over her body. Lost in his passionate eyes. Don’t know what is it poking her lower parts. It’s feeling somewhat uncomfortable or she wanted more of it. She didn’t understanding it’s feeling.  She unknowingly started to rub him to get ride of this but even it become more worse with her this innocent act. maan groaned in pleasure with her this act. His desires got worsen and he at once brought her below him.

Saheb. .she gasp coming out of her desires. She stare at him with her fearfully eyes at what he is doing . She remember the previous nights when he was drunk like this. More fearing her is her self . She always gets lost in his arms.  aah. She let out a soft moan as he bite her on her neck and goes downwards kissing on her bare parts till he reach her stomach. He left wet kisses on her tummy.

 That’s when she realized her saree is all on the floor and she is laying there in her blouse and skirt.

As a reflex her hands cross on her chest hiding her modesty. Though she loved him so deeply but it’s her act of any women or girl.

He pressed her waist hard getting angry on her hiding herself to him. Just then windows crash loudly with wild winds and broke his trance. Even after knowing what he is doing now he would never let her go in other times like previously he had done. But that he had done the biggest mistakes to let his desires to control him. And he had just lost a tender. 

He never felt the loss before in his business that’s because his concentration full was on .on his business. His work. He was punctual. But because of this girl he got late today and all that happened . He clinch her waist ruthlessly giving her unbearable pain. Her cheeks get wet with his ruthless behavior. 

He never felt the loss before and now feeling that all of a sudden .even it’s a small.he can’t able to tolerate it.  It’s get more prominent than his desires or his feelings for geet. And his anger misted his all positive thought other than his loss.

What are you doing. Didn’t I have told you to stay away from me.

He press her more tightly almost piercing his nails on her soft skin. She now started to sobbed hardly.

He leave her finally. Don’t know what is happening to him. He just bang his hand on Wall frustratingly  and his previous wound started to bleed again.

Just leave geet. He shouted angrily.

Geet already crying got startle hearing him shout.

She got up quickly wrapping her saree somehow reach to him. He had his back towards her still fuming.

Saheb. . Aap …

She was going to ask him.  If he is fine but before she asked more he turn in swift moment grabbing her from her hairs.

Aaah.. Saheb. .she gasp with pain at his sudden ruthlessness.

He leave her at once and grab her from her shoulders pulling her closed he said huskily. .

Dont you dared to bring that tears infront of me geet. Don’t you dare he warned her narrowing his eyes on her face.

Chali jao yahase ..he again said her to leave. He again turn his back.

She stand there still worried for him. Her saheb is surely in pain. She knows that . She cant leaved him .

Geet .just leave.. he shouted .she was breaking his patience now.

He frustratingly turn to her to give her piece of mind now. But she was not there . She is gone. Why. How could she. Why she goes leaving him.. his heart asked but mist of anger and of his loss still was there that didn’t let him to hear his heart. He entered in washroom slamming the door frustratingly.


Geet just cried and cried for saheb’s behavior or more for him and his pain But she knows he must be in pain or some kind of tension.  She wanted to be there with him. But he pushed her out of his room. And his behavior today that scared her and pain her innocent heart.

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