Geet tried to concentrate on the work and not to think about the mishap that took place in the afternoon but however she tried, she couldn’t..her heart has been restless, she was feeling scared for the consequence now..

It’s her uncle who had helped her to get this job, after lot of struggle, taunts from everyone.. she had managed to grab this job.

If it wasn’t for her uncle they would be on the street by now, he was an Angel for her family in the form of Human…

She wanted this job badly, even couldn’t imagine her condition, from which phase she was going through..

Even after marriage with Kunal, she couldn’t leave it, for the sole purpose that is to endure her family (maternal) expenses..

And then it was her baba’s (father) dream to see his daughter to do something in her life, stand on her own feet.. she was and is boy for him. She chuckled through tears which threatened to fall from eyes, remembering just how everything crumbled down in a blink of moment, she was her baba’s princess..

She had taken into KC on her uncle recommendation

Offcourse she had to go through interview first,

And it’s her hard work from last Six months which had given the reorganization in the office. She had never shown laziness in her work.. but her aloof nature had not let her make friends apart from pinky in the Office.

Everything was going fine, Until he step into the office just two months back.. offcourse he was the’s his office but he was busy with handling other branch not the one now she joined.

And that day..

Pinky came rushing into her cabin, informing about MK’s arrival..

Offcourse she knew who is he ?? She felt her whole world stopped that moment, she was numb for a while, for she have completely forgot about him.. she was going easy with her first and new job.

But just the news of his arrival and she felt her strength going down, she shivered after Pinky’s call.

Geet, are you okay dear? What happened to you?? Tumhare bhi hosh ud Gaye na.. offcourse it has bound to happen.. like every girl here, anxious and waiting for his arrival..he is the dhak dhak..

Pinky went on blabbering not knowing of the effect of her words on geet.

She was busy in her own thoughts, how would she manage this whole situation now. She was sweating literary.. yeah she was scared of him unlike other girls but one thing anyone don’t know why ??

Her job was to assist Rajveer Khurana, but now he was on a leave giving control to Maan again.


Maan paced restlessly in his cabin, giving angry glares to the empty cabin of his so called secretary..

Adi looked at his angry boss, himself was scared to hell… Why did Geet have to disappear just now only at this moment.. knowing well about her boss arrival..and when comes to work he was very strict and punctual more than Rajveer Singh Khurana.

One glance at Sasha and he knew seeing that devilish smirk on her face, she is the one behind all this..

Did you do something again..?? He whispered to her giving her disappointed look while stealing his gaze to angry Maan who’s attention was still on the empty cabin of Geet.

Why I need to do something when your so called poor thing has her own way stuck into problems.. she scoffed back in low voice that could be heard by only adi.

Adi!! He roared. “Where the hell is this assistant of mine gone..”

MK, relax.. she must be bringing those files from store room.

His one furious glare was enough for Sasha to stop.

And next moment both saw him barging out if his cabin angrily..

Maan rushed to store room to give a peace of mind to the girl who dare to infuriated him making him wait.. did she know with whom she is dealing..

People wait to get his appointment and here she is making him wait.


Geet was stuck badly in between racks…she tried to calm her fear and get way out of it but after a while she realized it’s impossible. She was badly stuck in the darkness around, she felt her wrist going numb getting pinned between those hard racks..

She remembers she have to report to her new boss..she was ready to faced him today when Sasha mam barge in asking her to get those files from store room.

She looked around, nothing to see..only the darkness then the door was closed, she tried to scream when her brain asked her but that also didn’t worked…she coughs because her throat dried with continuous screaming.


Maan barge in angrily in the dark storeroom, bringing light inside.

He could hear the girl’s sobbing, silent muffling.. he followed the voice and saw someone stuck in those large stake of racks.

Getting closer, he found the woman wearing sari, her face was downcast, and she was crying.. he guess her to be his secretary,

“What the hell are you doing here, in between those racks?” He blasted scaring the hell out of poor girl.

She jerked up to looked at the source of voice, and everything stopped at the moment…

Geet, who was numb with shock of being stuck in that dark storeroom, suddenly came to life with someone’s present, and here Maan was standing before her.

She didn’t blink her eyes nor Maan, who has been lost in her for a while,

Beautiful!! His mind muttered but Brain warned him to make move, to save the girl.

Getting back his composure, he tried to pull the racks away from her, it was hard though he managed & pulled her to himself leaving the rack to fall back making hard sound.

Geet flinched and hide herself in his chest, Maan didn’t know how to react to her sudden hug, he would have blast on the girl for her reckless behavior, then being stuck here in this situation on the first place.

But her shivering told him how much she was scared, although gently he pulled her apart, holding her wrist & saw her wincing in pain very softly.

Maan looked at her delicate face then his hold on her wrist, & instantly let go of her hand, she clutched her wrist tight in palm, trying hard not to cry but at the end painful sob erupt from her mouth.

Hume yaha se bahar le chaliye , plz.. she cried holding her bleeding wrist.

Offcourse, why not.. you girls can’t do anything on own. Always need someone to help you out.. he mocked very rudely.

Geet was hurt, she gives him accusing look & started walking out leaving him behind furious.

It’s her fault to hope from him.. you need to focus Geet.. she cursed herself umpteenth time for making that blunder to even asked for help from him..

Her eye sight turned blurring watching her own blood, that’s why she asks him so..henceforth she would keep this in mind to not to ask help from anyone, they would just mock you for your helplessness.

As she put step ahead reaching near door, she stumbled hit herself on the wall.

Heyyyy… Maan screamed rushing to her, he has been really angry on her attitude, when saw her going to fall , he support her shoulder, are you alright??

Geet pouted angrily and shove off his hands from her shoulder, freeing herself she walked out.

Maan kept watching her retreating back, couldn’t understanding her behavior, nor his ego could digest it..that some girl dare to show her back to MSK.

to be continued….

Precap :-

The Game begins…

“Put bandage on & get back to work fast..” he was rude


16 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 5

  1. Amazing update… But one question why geet so scary of maan in the past even without meeting him… Waiting for mystery to disclose….. If you want to write any story then write something different like detective type or old era princess king 🥰

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah.. mystery is going to disclose..
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      Although yeah.. will post that old era story soon.. 😁
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      1. Nice update n geet lost in their past n they meet n why she is scared of him n maan have some feeling for her n he knows she is married but he didn’t change his feelings n thnxx for pm me

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  2. Nice update
    Poor Geet got stuck with devil
    Maan help her with this he also taunt her
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    Let see what will Devil do with his angel
    Protect her or destroy her
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