She looked at the material in her hands, and frowned thinking how to wear it, without annies help..she has been out from last hour for her work, thinking for a while, she opened yt, and came out wearing blouse and skirt.

Suddenly Maan barged in calling her name, Geet..Geet..look your friends teasing Maan again.. he complaints cutely.

Geet startled for a while then compose herself,Maan you should knock first baby before entering others room. She said softly to which he nodded his head cutely.

In between talking with him, she didn’t realized that she got stuck in the sari.

Now..what?? Kaha phas gayi Geet.. she huffed and tried to unwrap the sari when heard his beaming voice, Maan will help Geet..


Maan knows it.. he pointed to the material in her hands,

I know how do you know about this and loved to wear one like girl hai na Maan..she gives him glare reminding about the incident where he was dancing wearing sari.

No..Maan is not girl..

Toh phir..she was going to argue when heard his complaint.

Geet should not be angry on Maan, or else Maan won’t help Geet..

Woh..who want your help, you should walk out, give some privacy to the girl here, she patted her feet on the floor waiting for him to go

He turned his back to her seeing her rude behavior..

Geet tried to fix her sari but she couldn’t at all.its not her case..


Immediately he turned around beaming like before, Geet want Maan’s help??

Yeah.. offcourse baby..can you pls help me, she pouted defeated finally.

Maan helped her unwrapping her sari, then began fixing it, holding her bare waist ,then his fingers teasing her bare tummy in the process.

Geet was drowned to her dream in which she saw the same thing..

Maann… She moaned feeling his face dipped into her tummy, she opened her eyes and look down to find him now tucking plates of sari in her skirt.

Did he really kissed her there or she imagined it..she was clueless but seeing the plates perfectly set, she couldn’t help but smiled at him,

Hum aap mein kuch ho gaya

Kuch mil gaya, kuch kho gaya

[Something has happened between us

We’ve attained something and lost something]

Maan got up, his breath teasing her all the way up to her face, for a while she was drowned in his eyes, they were turning dark in passion.

He walked around her with a pallu in his hands, making their perfect plates he finished his task by pinning it on her one shoulder.

You are amazing, Maan.. she chirped up watching herself in the mirror.

Behind her Maan stood putting his chin on her shoulder, his arms wrapping on her tummy.

Now Maan want a gift..

Geet was rudely pulled back from her la la land with his cute demand.

What!?? She come out if his arms, looking at him confused.

He pointed his cheek, Geet understood the meaning & slapped his cheek, you are becoming naughty day by day..

Maan ne kya Kiya..sirf gift manga..

Gurmeet as maan singh khurana - Photos | Facebook

he pouted holding the cheek she just slapped. you couldn’t asked for anything better than kiss..

He nodded innocently..

It is..?? And she began walking him, he ran for his life, Geet chased him behind but it was getting difficult for her to run into sari.

Chaddo..she huffed & walked into her room to do touch up..


Geet was arranging diyas around the Rangoli while her friends were busy inside mansion.

Maan wants gift.. he again pop up beside her, making Geet startled, she shook her head and got busy again in her work.

Can Maan help Geet..

She ignored and turned around still doing her work.

Maan want to do it..

So you can asked for another gift.


Oh…she twisted her lips and turned around..

Seeing her ignorance he became upset, and took one burning lamp in his hands to put on right place, looking at her how she is doing, he mistakenly burner his hand, as the burning oil in it fell on his fingers.

Ouch. He threw that aside, shaking his hands, his eyes burned with pain.

Maan..she shouted as a reflex in fear, turning towards him, she held his fingers in her palm warmly, wiped his hand with sari pallu, then blew her soft breath to it.. soothing him some bit..

Kya karte rahte ho..look you got hurt.. she chided, caressing his hand softly, her eyes moistening.

Maan want gift..

He repeated same thing making her chuckle now, let’s go inside, first we need to aid this.

She dragged him inside…

What happened!?? Her friends circle them.

Kya hua beta.. dadi walked ahead watching the scene.

Dadima , where is first aid!??

Geet, there is one in my room, pinky suggested.

Dadima he got burnt his fingers.

He was trying to help me with lit the lamps. she smiled making dadi smiled as well..

Go to room and bandage him now..

Yes Dadima, we are just going.. let’s go Maan..


Geet sat beside him, blowing his wound, then looking at his face, he was wincing pouting his face like a child.

Dard Ho Raha hai.. she asked lovingly.

Hmm..he nodded

She bend down taking his hand to her mouth, she kissed his each finger softly.

Maan shivered with the contact of her soft lips, Geet felt tug at heart as she looked at him, now??

He nodded in no suddenly lost in her, her deep brown eyes, pulling him closer.

Joh chahe tum isse maan lo

Lekin suno yeh jaan lo

[You can agree to this if you want

But listen and know this]

She held his nape, pulling herself closed to his face, now Maan will get his gift, she whispered sensuously, being lost in his aroma, bending forward,

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she kissed his one cheek lovingly, parting apart slowly both had eye lock for while..their faces coming closer, breaths mingle together..

Hum tum pe marte hain
Hum tum pe marte hain

[I’m crazy for you]

Geet blushed furiously and turned to kiss his other cheek but in that moment Maan turned his face and her lips landed on his mouth.

Her eyes widen in shock…

to be continued….

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