His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 40-41

Part 40

She was all happy to meet her lotus .she would finally meet her. She smile as she remember how innocently her lotus was blabbering and complaining about her going away. Don’t know if she has managed there without her in a mid of her egoistic family .

Her thoughts broke with her ringing phone. As she pick up her called her smile turn to anger after hearing other side as all she remember is geet’s fearfully face.her tears and her fear to going home but she cant able to get who is the reason for this .she thought she will find it out. But nope..adi just said now, he cant get the info about geet handa.  Her innocent child. How she will find out about her now when she didn’t talk to her anything or didn’t shared anything with her. Her pain. Her miseries. Her worries.  She has to speak up. This is not going to be well.if she bear everything alone without sharing anything with her. This all was making her angry. How she was going to help her now. It’s really hurting dadima  to think of her not sharing anything with her.

As she step inside mansion she was welcome by her lotus who hugged her tightly like  a small child who get his mother back after long time. She felt so bliss by getting hug but her like that but as she remember her painful eyes that hiding her miseries from her her anger come back again with a force that she felt herself pushing her from herself.  No. She didn’t gonna take her silent anymore. She have to speak to her atleast. Didn’t she called her dadima. No. But in calling and feeling that relation it’s all different. After all she looked at her still as if her owner.  Didn’t she once felt her love or care first her to feel that secured to shared her worries with her. Her all thinking get blocked with the thought of her pain from which she is going through all alone without telling anyone.

Geet just too shock to react including Rajeev and sumitra. They never saw her angry this much. And now if she is angry then there will be definitely some valid reason.

Dadima,  what happened.  Rajeev finally get the courage seeing his sleeping beauty all in tears. But one glared from dadima and he quickly shut his mouth looking at his mom as if asking her for help.

Sasumom.  How are you. Aapki friend kaise hai. Is everything fine there. Sumitra asked from her softly.  She too was shock to see her in that way. She didn’t get angry for no nonsense reason other than herself. But today.  She sigh .

Hum thik hai sumitra aur baki sab bhi thik hai. Hume kisiki jaroorat nahi hai . Saying so looking at geet sternly she rushed to her room without telling anyone her reason of anger.

Nakul humara saman room main Lao. And Nakul rushed from there giving geet pity look. 

Sumitra goes to her room wondering of her sasumom’s weird behavior.

And geet finally burst in tears which she is holding from the time dadima pushed from herself.  She still cant able to get to the thought of dadima’s rudeness towards her. She is the one who loved her care for her in khurana family and now after receiving her rudeness all of a sudden she cant bear it. She is feeling so alone suddenly.  She is feeling so much pain..her heart just cry with the thought of dadima rudeness towards herself. 

Rajeev can’t see her in pain. She was almost sobbing with continuous flowing tears. He too wonder, what happened to her suddenly.  He had saw her caring for geet. Even she get angry on everyone in the family for her . But today he is upset with her, she made his sleeping beauty cried with her rudeness. 

Geet. Stop it now.  Kyun itna ro rahi hoon

dadima tired hogi na. so its all because of that only maybe, he tried to console her in all right way he think of. he just cant see her in tears at all, he don’t know why but he not able to.he looked at her ,her face was all red with continuous crying. 

geet, look at me,  geet..he held her from her shoulders and she hug him getting one support atleast , she was feeling so vulnerable now with dadima’s this rudeness. rajeev turn shock at her sudden hug.but he can understand her condition right now, she must be so broken with dadima’s sudden rude behavior towards her,

and his whole burn with jealousy seeing them hugging like that, why she hug him like that. his eyes turned red with anger, as they take the sight of his hands on his lotus bare back, his all patience broke and he storm towards them with fast pace.

geet , what happen..his voice was angry ,that was clearly shown with his tone.

and that broke there hug,and she stared at him innocently with her moisten eyes, that melted his anger at once turning his eyes soft, he did seen the scene from the time dadima has entered , he himself was shock first at what he saw but there maybe some reason behind her this behavior. and geet, she seems to be too attach with her that bring tears in her eyes with her rudeness, but now his concern is her hug to rajeev, 

saheb, aapko kuch chahiye, she asked breaking his thoughts, now fully in senses of what she did, she just huged rajeev saheb. she is feeling more miserable with the thought now, 

this turn him more angry, now she is hiding her emotions from him and before sometime she was hugging rajeev shedding tears on his shoulder, 

come with me now, he ordered angrily rushing towards his room leaving her all confused as she didnt get single word he said in English.

jao, bro aur jada bhadkenge, rajeev pushed her slightly seeing her still standing  looking lost.

she rushed behind him coming out of her lost state, now why he is angry.hey babaji, pahle dadima aur ab saheb. she again sad remembering early incident.

maan was just waiting for her and as soon as she entered he pulled her and caged her between wall and himself.

saheb, she gasp with sudden  happenings,making her eyes as big as possible.

geet tumhe dress pasand aayi, he asked her out of blue, forgetting all his anger for her hug to rajeev with her innocence.

ji,, she looked all confused with his sudden question. 

geet, he gritted his teeth, did he asked in English that she didn’t understand.

ji,,ji,,,ha… wo hume  bahot pasand aaya,  hum to bachpan se wo  fro…fro.. she stumble on her words not knowing exact word named frock..

frock.. he asked her caressing her cheeks feeling her softness. 

ha wo hum to bachpan se pahna chahte the, par hume kabhi mila hi nahi,, hume to saree ya choli pahane ne ko diya,, o hume bilkul pasand nahi tha.. lekin  meri…she stopped suddenly realizing what she was blabbering in her excitement of frock. 

and maan stared at her alarmed  at what she said, she did not wear that because someone didn’t let her wear, who was that, that was her family for sure, but that include her mother and brother, then he didn’t getting what she is saying..

geet,, bolo, aur kuch kah rahi thi, bolo,geet he urged her to continue , he wanted to know more..

she steal her eyes from him,  she was just blabbering infront of her saheb, which right she doesn’t have.

kuch nahi, saheb,, wo hume bahot pasand aaya, she stammer.

he sighed though burning with anger from inside seeing her not opening up to him.

aapko  office nahi jana, she asked from him 

kuyn tumhe achcha nahi lagta muze yaha dekhke.. he taunted angrily.

nahi, nahi, humara wo matlab nahi tha, humne bas yeh pucha kyonki aap is waqt nikalte hai office ke liye,,, she quickly reply not wanting to make him angry more.

and he just glance at watch once remembering he have to go to office, he was all ready to go sometime before but his all attention turn toward dadima’s behavior or geet’s crying or there hug. his fury again come back remembering that. but he have to now leave for kc, he couldn’t ignore his work.

he glance at her ,she is starring at him with her innocent hazels, his eyes turn soften as they bored in her almonds ,he quickly broke eye contact with her and kissed her forehead,unknown of what he did ,leaving her all red with his act.

Part 41

Geet was standing outside dadima’s room thinking of how to entered her room.it was first time she was hesitating like that. She is fearing now from her anger. She didn’t saw her this much angry before and not on her. After seeing her caring and loving side for her it’s making her vulnerable to think of dadima is upset on her. She is not able to stay in peace or do any work properly. If there was not nakul kaka do her work today then definitely malkin had bash her.

She thought to make her favorite dish to monafy her .atleast she would know the reason of dadima’s anger. She didn’t met with her from the time she come and geet wonder what has to be the reason for dadima’s anger towards her.

Dadima was seating in her room relaxing herself thinking of her push to geet. She still herself can’t believe she did it and with her dear child. How she will be feeling now. She has seen the layer of tears in her eyes. Her face was looking as if she would burst in tears any moment. But she was looking so adorable.  She chuckle. Her innocent lotus. But she didn’t like her that fact of bringing tears in her eyes. Why she cant share with her anything. How she is going to get info of her. But. It’s her decision if she wants to share or not we can’t force her, can we? Her mind argue with her. It’s her all wish if she wants to shared her life with anyone. Why would we bound her to speak about her life when she didn’t wanted it. Why cant we let her live her life as she wanted. Didn’t she have enough pain with her that we are making it more and more forcing for something which she don’t want.

Her mind make it clear to dadima. But yes. I will definitely find about her myself. About her pain if she didn’t speaking. And when time comes she will herself tell her truth of her life finding her trustworthy.

Her thoughts broke with the knock on her door. 

Come in dadima ordered sternly knowing well it’s maybe geet only. She surely come up with new plan of asking forgiveness from her for the reason she herself don’t knowing. Dadima nodded her head smiling to herself.

As geet entered inside after hearing her stern reply. She is already shivering with fear hearing dadima voice.

Dadima’s all resolve flied in air seeing her condition .she is looking so vulnerable and fearfully from HER. Did she make her so scared with her act that she is now fearing from her also. Did I goes so long that her condition is like this.which she didn’t want. She didn’t wanted her lotus to feared  from her. She didn’t had eaten anything also. She can tell it with surety.  Her eyes was red with continuous crying so was her face. God. This girl. She cant even able to be angry on her now. Dadima sigh with the sight of her lotus.

Dadima wo…before she spoke more dadima stop her showing her hand making one drop fall from her eyes.

Dadima pick up the intercom and called nakul to bring one food plate in room.

And her tears finally break the boundary of her lashes as they cascaded on her cheeks freely , thinking that dadima is ordering food for herself  maybe still angry on her that she can’t eat her dish also which she make her for her.

Geet ab bas bhi kijiye aur kitna royengi?  Said dadima seeing her started crying session like a child.  It’s now looking her adorable. 

Geet yaha aaiye.said dadima finally not bearing her soft sobbing.

As geet seat on the bed beside her she felt dadima’s hand caressing her forehead  and her all boundaries broke as she hug dadima tightly hanging on her neck  she started to sobbed more loudly wetting dadima’s neck with her tears. Whole day its making her restless with dadima’s neglecting behavior towards her.she didn’t come out of her room or didn’t speak to her. She was feeling alone whole day without dadima. Already it’s two days she was not there. Only she knows how she had managed without her support this days. But now it’s all broke in her uncontrollable tears.

Geet..geet bete. Ab shant ho jaiye.

Dadima …aap…humse…na…raz. …to…nahi … hai…na… she asked in between her hard sobs…

Nahi bte. . Ab shant ho jaiye. Itna kuyn rote hai…

Dadima aap…

Shhh. Bete ab bas kijiye…

Nakul was standing there waiting for dadima’s permission feeling happy that now dadima is not more angry with geet. He too didn’t like it that way. But now he is also happy to know everything is fine between them now. He always admire there bonding and dadima. He always admired her for her nature her kindness towards them unlike other khurana family  who is so egoistic. But dadima. She has golden heart who can love anyone even servants she treat them with kindness though little strict but that with her morals and values. And that strictness was needed very much in this century.

Nakul..dadima called him inside .

Ye lijiye bete pani pilijiye. Dadima made her drink some water and wiped her tears. She is too much with her tears. Dadima sigh as Nakul give her food plate which dadima had asked him.

Aap abhi bhi humse naraz hai dadima asked geet innocently looking at food plate in dadima’s hands.

Nahi bte,  ye aapke liye hai. Hume bata hai aapne kuch khaya nahi hoga subah se.saying so she brought a morsel to her mouth and gesture her to open it and geet silently take that still gaping at dadima in awe. She can never let her down with her care or unconditional love.

As she brought second one she hold dadima’s hand and asked her. Dadima humne aapke liye ye bana liya hai .aap nahi khayenge. .she asked innocently forwarding her new made dish to dadima.

Dadima chuckle softly. Ok bete.hum bhi aapke sath kha lenge . Aap bhi Ye lijiye.

Nahi dadima him khud kha lenge aap kha lijiye..

Nakul smile seeing the scene infront …


Maan Singh khurana. .she read the plate outside and entered inside taking his attention and his whole burn with extreme anger.

How dare you come inside without taking my permission.

Samiksha smirk and reach to him bending on him. His eyes spitting fired burning her with desires with his sex you looks.

Maan. It’s why do I need permission to be here with you..

Samiksha stay in your limits he said pushing her angrily now making her shock and angry with him.

Maan. What are you doing. It’s been so long we warm up our bed isn’t it., sweetheart?  She said huskily keeping her anger in control caressing his cheek yet again bursting his anger.

If you for getting let me make you remember one thing that is i didn’t stay with anyone for one whole day also. So why are you running behind the thing which couldn’t be yours. He finally bursted the true fact infront her angrily pushing her.

Is it that or  is that that maid who is now warming your bed. And his volcano burst hearing her.

Don’t you dare bring geet in this.and She is far better than you .he shouted on her totally red now .angry with her for taking his lotus name with her dirty mouth.

Ah. Better. She caught his word. That what I was saying maan. Now she is there for you to taking care of your NEEDS. Isn’t she.? She fueled his anger more.

How dared you SAMIKSHA. Just be in your limits. She is as pure as lotus and you are just that dirt who is making MY  lotus dirty. He bursted yet again taking in her wrong choice of words for his lotus.

She turn shock with his MY word .Did he just said her his. Nope. That is not possible.  The great MAAN SINGH KHURANA  is referring some girl..not some girl but a mere maid as his. Is he gone mad or what. She have already came to know this fact in at  KC party. But now hearing from his mouth is great shock for her along with it. It’s making her burn with jealousy. That low class maid. How dare she…she will not let her have maan..Nope.  she will not she take oath on this.  Maan. She knows he didn’t still knows what he said in the flow and that is true. He never going realized it soon. And she will not going to let that soon come ever…

Honey. I am saying it’s just because you are getting distracted from your work.  Didn’t you know that. Just because of her. You are getting to much involved with her. I can see that. She changed her toned making as sweet as possible. She very know he not like interference or slight distraction in his work because that means it will be loss to his business.

And that did. He got silent at once getting lost in his thoughts.

I just want to relax you honey. For which you didn’t come to me once .she again speak only to get an deadly glared from him.

You are now taking my patience. Just get lost from here before I do something for which you regret to come here on first place.he  threaten her with his dangerous husky voice.

She shivered with his tone.

Honey fine. I will meet you soon. Just rekax ok.

Maan glared at her.

She hurriedly  rushed from there owning to make him pay for this along with his maid.


Maan just sigh in frustration banging the chair on floor. Adi he scream on phone ..

In my cabin right now. He slammed the phone down shivering with extreme anger.

Adi come up already in fear of his boss anger.

Ji sir.. he stammer. .

Why you let her inside my cabin.

Who..ho…sir.. he stammer yet again tasting his patience.

Adi..he gritted his teeth not wanting to take that women’s name from his mouth that just insulted his lotus.

Didn’t you know…

Wo Samiksha Mam to aapki ..

What my…he glared..

Mera matlab hai aapki GF. Hai. To..

Adi.. just get the fact clear that she is no one to me nor she or anyone. I said..ANYONE he pronounced the word. Anyone didn’t have permission to entered my office or KC without my permission.  Didn’t you Know everyone had to take an appointment before entering KC premises. He slammed his hands on table waiting for his reply.

Yes. Sir…I know. .it will never happened again… he stammer making his glasses in proper way.


He broke all things in his cabin. He just lost the tender today of one of project. He couldn’t believe it. It’s not done dammit.he broke the glass with his fist. It’s not done. Because of his little late today it’s all happened.  First he forgot about it and second he did mistake of becoming late . His staff just send with some flaws in tender without his presence as time was passing. Adi also was not there to look at the tender properly.

Now Samiksha’s words started banging in his head. However that bit** women was she , she said it true. Yes. He is getting distracted from his work from his business,  which he don’t want at all.nope. he will not let her affect him. Not  at all. She is the reason of his loss. Yes. SHE IS..he rubbed his nape furiously thinking on Samiksha’s words today. 


He just can’t bear this small loss also. He had work hard to get at where he is today. He will not let go it in water like that his hard work or his dad’s. Because of that girl..and mere MAID… finally he utter those words. His eyes spitting fired red with anger.

His thinking block on only what Samiksha said in his loss of tender. He didn’t try to think on more possibilities for his loss. It’s like GEET became the center of his all thoughts. Be it negative then…

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  1. Omg geet cannot take rude behavior of daadi..poor old lady is worried for her child as she couldn’t get any information about her problems…maan is hell angry seeing geet hiding things from him…moreover this samiksha poured oil in his anger… waiting to read more of the twist❤️😍

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